View Full Version : For Those Who Don't Check Out the Battlefield Anymore

03-07-2008, 04:31 AM
Alot wouldn't know but my first like 1,000 posted where made almost entirely in that section of this forum. I'll always be a writer, gotta tournament battle goin on down there right now, just droppin this verse off the dome, figure I share it with those who never check that section out.

Octopus-style, coral reef piece, crush you from the pressure 10,000 leagues deep
Steep you like tea at high noon, hit you with a tsunami that would drown a baboon
Kill-a-man, n jar O's before breakfast is consumed,
you loomed in the crosshairs a bit too long, enflame you like Zepplin, you singin Swan's Song
There ain't no humanity in the pits of my insanity, treat you like BlackPanthers rollin on Sean Hannity
Your vannity is fit for a smurf, this faggot in a circle jerk with money on him cummin first
Guess you ain't know I was born bizerk, murderin yall whole crew is just a nights work
I got knife work, carvin jack o laterns in ya chest, I hand out treats leave the whole town impressed
You getting stressed for crumbs, you looked upset when I tossed a dollar to a bum
Dumb-dumb the whole world's related,
You stabbing yourself in the mirror to make sure the self-hate's communicated
My pupil always dilated, you couldn't grasp my visions
I slice nice with a surgeons percision, range from the minute to miraculouse decisions
Like should I kill you and which type of gas is best for my engine?
I feel you singein like a fork in the socket, you stuck in reverse while I'm blastin off in rockets
Got a gun? go head n' cock it so I can watch you miss like me with a 12-pack tryin to take a piss
The Southerness of my swagger can't be touched by a sour muthafucka gettin reinged on too much
I'm more than the clouds and the thunder, personal grim reaper here to take you under
It was a blunder to stick with ya confined gangsta cliches when I show the time like Flava Flav
I'm outta the maze atop a hill of purple haze watchin dogs scrap for meat cuz they ain't ate in days
I'm watchin this gerbal run in circles like an alarmed Erkel, swole cheeks you figure the dude was sippin purple
I purpose you just check yourself and stop, this gonna sting more than Samoan belly flops
Leave you hurtin more than a H-head who can't cop, and the cops don't spot crops next to crack spots
Meaning you can't fuck with the lyrics or the money
And to top it off I'm in city thats always sunny
And there ain't shit you can say that'll take away from that truth
I got a million dollar smile while you're a meth head with one tooth

03-07-2008, 11:53 AM
the battlefield used to be insane back in 2003, early 2004, but there have been just too many punks in there ever since. that's why I stopped checking it.

Ill verse, p.e.a.c.e.