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03-11-2008, 12:12 AM
my octave times three saw tracks
dirty Jack i scratch pull
living the fool before i knew tarot i was magician
abusing my strange psycho pads
i be the goblin echo droppin
smokin on a crystal pipe my fantasy's wave and give me feedback when i construct
extract the 7th atom
in the cataclizm of your horror visions
i'm fuckin alicia keys slow sinister auh strings low birds and then the telephone rings
arpegg GIO 16 note gullitines decapatatin high hats
when she comes your hear her space voice
even when she vibravox
saw in saw everyone bites pegasus
''my synth effects are basic''
and hyper too
then shut da fuck up
you pink bomb i explosion
i'm not a digi clavinet
more like and lp hp organ
my hello kitty got a vibraphone beat glocken with steel drums i named this position chromatic percussions
i got the go yah bag pipe kalimba my carumba
roland versus boss,.......... by the seashore?
laser gun are you sure
bomb wind and wind, earth fire and sirens
bustin sound effects like spacey nature animal tool traffic and human
but by default i press other sound effects while the beat keeps on laughing

to bad i couldnt steal vast aire's pegasus żżż
tau stealth suit:''you cant kill what you cant see''.

samurai warriors 2 shima:''so in that sense,i couldnt see you''.

03-11-2008, 08:51 AM
oh my mistake i didnt know if i straight up said in bold letter he was(killah T)
gonna to braid her hair in my dreams and also get kindle with my cousin little.

roland mc - triangle 303 groovebox planet comic illuminati rocks blood
one white guy one black guy in the front laying on the ground dead with no wounds
and the sun is shining near the writers garth ernis and Jac3n b0rrows .3