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Johnny 6-feet
03-11-2008, 07:07 PM

My spirit's as dark as a blackbird, that's word
My lyrics spark and time runs backwards, cracks herbs
Armour piercing, razor tipped darts you're fearing
Makes ears ring, now the apocolypse is nearing
Picture the aftermath, buildings caked in shattered glass
Societies ended, all that's mattered passed

These are madman thoughts, fuck, my brains in fragments
These drugs are killing me...ahhh.....this strange detachment!
I'm drowning, jesus, in this profound thesis
A lunatic, with a thread i cling to sanity, believe this
Where's my drink? My gut aches for alcohol
My hands shake, i'm half baked, this is nothing magical

Fuckers, i blast magic, i got my craft mastered
Yeah, i'm past classic, emcees get sandblasted
Crack skulls and turn 'em into chalices, sit in palaces
On thrones of bones of enemies, where my malice is
A sorcerer slash shogun, beware when they both come
To devistate or educate, bright as gold suns

What the hell am i saying? I slap a hand to my temple
Focus on the page, it's gibberish, it's simple
I can't remember penning this! Who the fuck can relate to it?
A pain marks vomit climbing like a strange judas
I rush to the bathroom and retch my stomach empty
Tears stream down my face, yet still the bottle tempts me

My day is arriving like the march of the empires
A battery of cannons lines up and then fire
Sounds the victory horn! The land becomes war torn
Mics are deminated, best to hate it, this art form
Break out your pens and notepads, jot this wisdom
The blackbird flies free, never locked in prison

My eyes are bloodshot, my skins flaking by ounces
My teeth rot in my skull and i'm shaking on couches
I'm an addict without direction until i pick up a pen
Weave a lyrical tapestry until i bring sick up again
My freedom comes in beams of light with words that i rap, true
But all this proves it that even a blackbird can be shackled

**reaches across the desk and picks up another bottle**

God help me...

Sun Supreme
03-11-2008, 09:15 PM
I like dis shit. reminds me of bronze nazareth.

03-17-2008, 01:37 AM
That's fucken excellent. You're definitely one of the most talented writers to come through here. This is real writing here. Not just some typical hip hop flows. Great stuff. Clever and creative use of language, imagery. Very impressive writing.