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03-13-2008, 01:06 AM
Post stories of tripped out situations..drug realated or not

New years last year..went to a house party,everyones doing drugs..i didn't know the people at this party i was just invited through a mate that knew them,so i was with my best mate and two other people i knew and the rest i didn't know.
So i was given a pill i dumped the shit thinking it was just a normal pill..about 30mins later or so.. i get up to go inside to the toilet,so im taking a piss feeling a lil' loose,then all of a sudden the toilet changes,the water in the bowl turns into a tongue and starts making a licking movement and it was slurrping..."I freaked out like what the fuck..(i had never done acid or nothing before this)..i then looked in the mirror and my face was morphing and i started talking to myself but my mouth wasn't moving the same as i was talking.
So i'm like man something i've taken is some trippy shit...so i walk back out to the party and everything is fucking tripped out,someone has taken my chair so im jsut standing there flippin out like wtf,i couldnt even get a beer casue i was trippin to much and couldnt find one cause every beer and spirit looked the same..my mate sees that im freakin out and says go for a walk with my other mate cause he needs to go pick up some pills from home(down the street).
So me and this dude are walking and the trip just starts to get intense,and i had never experienced hallucinations n shit before...as im walking Trucks that go past turn into Big fucking Rhinos..i felt like i was on a safari.
Then my mate next to me walking seemed to be walking funny,i just stared at him while i was walking and he looked like a Valosaraptor..he was walking like one of those raptor muthafuckas..spun me out,so im ducking under tress n shit like a crackhead cause the Leaves hanging off turned into Crab claws and they were tryna clip me as i walked under them..then i seen a spider in a web so i tryed to grab it for some reason but my mate stopped me,then the spider just turned huge..looked like it was about 3 stories high...the thing is i knew this was all just part of some trip that ive taken so it was quite fun to me(there was moments that i was very paranoid and scared)..alot of other spinout events happened that i cant recall.
Finally got back to the party and i wasnt trippin so much by then,the only thing i noticed was that that the backyard we were in seemed to be inclined rediculously to the point were i was feeling like i was gonna fall out of my chair and may need some sort of seatbelt or someshit.
..was crazy.

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ok, ill keep it short cause im drunk, I bought some Thai shrooms, when they were legal to buy here, i stupidly took them in the town centre on Friday night (if you know newcastle it can get fucked up on Fridays with violence n shit) and went drinking (was already pretty gone), packed pubs + shrooms dont mix lol i was staring at the carpet for about 10 minutes with it moving around, and the cocophony(sp) of noise of people talking, getting more and more drunk, taking more shrooms on the sly, I then tried to get a bus home, waited in a line for about 30 mins, which i found out was waiting for a coach to somewhere and the bus route wasnt running anymore , so i was walking all round newcastle tripping balls, talking to homeless people and shit for about 2 hours

i got more later

03-13-2008, 07:23 PM
reserves me a good spot here too

03-13-2008, 10:42 PM
I think rolls were pretty sweet. I had like 8 days straight where I just rolled my brains off at this basketball court where mad people chilled. It was fall so all the leaves were just starting to turn color all virbrant like and shit. I remember walking up to a leave after puking in the woods, rubbing it and feeling like I could rub off the color. So many times during that week, peaking at crazy moments and having a fucking blast.

One night I took two really good, speedy mesc type shits and chewed two more later. My buddy was fucking around in his car drunk and gonna drive at me and hit the brakes to try and freak me out. Well, he misjudged his speed and I, thinking I was fucking Weapon X, tried to jump and land on the hood to freak him out and ended up bouncing off the car and having my legs smash through the windshield. I shit you not, I got up and said, "That was fucking awesome" and I seriously didn't feel a think. It was like the coolest fucking shit that's ever happened to me.

03-13-2008, 10:50 PM
don't feel like typing right now but tomorrow.......yeah i got a story......

03-13-2008, 11:07 PM
I've had some tripped out experiences just off weed when i was younger,we use to get this chronic ass weed rom some Aboriginal dude in the neighbourhood..

One time i was stoned as fuck,we were walking up the street,then all of a sudden i blink and noticed that i am all the way down the road and my boyz are way behind me..and i'd crossed like 2 main roads with cars speedin through without even noticing....spun me out