View Full Version : Chariots And Baronets

03-19-2008, 12:43 AM
in da clouds of smoke/ poisinous vapors i inhale/
into my physical structure/
rearangin the color inside the ultimate nullifier/
atoms evolve disolvin toxic chemicals/injection i'm detectin spirits of dead men/
sickles and shadows travel like ronins/mortals roamin my grave to challenge/
thee 7 skileoton swordsmen/i be the 5th mythical horsemen causin optical illusions and mental confusion/
the unified millenium militant
catastrophic battle for infinity/
niggas aint feeling me change my affinity/its straight mutiny/
they be overdosed off ecstacy/sirens be trying to get next to me/
sexually transmit organic orgasm/phantoms i assinate evaporate/
desinergrate your mind state and deactivate/
infidels captured and locked then thrown and chop in my torture chambers/
then we in enforce mind control experiments on the spot to those that survive our rapture/
send them back with suicide bombs and a 100 pounds of anthrax/
crack the omega code/before you explode/i annilate all those who with hold they're souls/