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03-20-2008, 03:12 PM
just please gimme your thoughts

God forgive me for my bad habit
drug habit, pass the phone i'll get the shit
the temptation is there everyday
keep doing this and be dead i just may
but when i get high all my problems go away
and i write ryhmes late at night andearly in the day
after that i make moves so my bills are payed
round and round it goes - day after day!

i say its hayfever but do they know the truth?
come on good people i wanna see ya proof
i been hittin coke since way back in my youth
to be honest its getting a bit long in the tooth
for instance it really is quite fuckin uncouth
i'd rather smoke some weed and fly right thru the roof
whoops, whats this? i just robbed some doe from a poof
i'm gonna see the man for some lines to soothe
i had an opportunity-the good or evil to choose
you know which way i went - you know i'm bad news
i could snap at any time andblow a fuckin fuse
and you'd be 6 foot deep - i win - you lose.

mothafucka i feel ready to rot
from the inside out i need another shot
ahhh, now the needles in my vain
my body seems not to feel any more pain
hey?! what the fuck man, pass the cocaine
i need to feel that shit embrace my damn brain
i'm rushin like a lunatic - trippy - insane!
the drugs stop me thinking depressed like the rain
so i sit back, light up and smell the mary jane
i love her because she the only one who keeps me sane
got to give up needles but not tattoos
its a rich life or a young death - gotta choose
who cares man - i got nothin to lose
i'm gonna be a 'G' not a 'What?' or a 'Who?'

03-20-2008, 03:45 PM
what we gonna do now we have no support
take the law in our hands and dont get caught
extremists flooding thru every Fuckin english port
it makes you wonder why our grandfathers died and fought

its not right that the population lives in fear
of these sick terrorists coming over here
when idrive thru london my eyes drops a tear
to see a spoiled city that was once so dear

and they say this is only the start of things to come
go away you sicko's, return to ya slums
we don't wanna know about ya evil plots or guns
or your taliban trained up suicide bomber sons

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4
3, 2, cock the hammer its time for war
i always have my gun when i'm in my boundary
every sun of man blazin steel in our terrortory
might as well go and live in the East countries
like iraq, iran or even ifghanistan
and get hated on by misguided taliban
no - i will stay here if i can
andwork to see that scum back overseas
because now they are taking the piss and the pee
outta you, outta him and our forefathers and me
gettin away with planting bombs in our country
their thinking is messed up, polluted and shitty
Allah dont teach that you stupid thick twats
so get with the programme get with the facts
fuck it i'm gettin down to brass tacks
you sick fuckin cowards better watch ya fuckin backs
cos if you want violence then we will wax you to the max

03-20-2008, 05:20 PM
Maybe went on a tad too long at the end, but the subject was good and the rhymes were clean.
You from England?

03-20-2008, 05:31 PM
when i was young my ma and i had beef
16 years old but running the streets
kicked out of home i thought i would again never see your face
there isn't a woman alive that could take my mama's place
always suspended from school and scared to go home
i could hear you shedding tears whilst i sat in my room alone
i was a fool with the losers always breaking the rules
but over the years getting tougher than the other damn fools
even though pops had bounced there was still plenty of drama
but being ignorant as i was i always blamed mama
i had a drink and drug problem which was going away
when i dived into my music all my problems fade to grey
spark up a cigerette and drink some OJ
sit and write some lyrics and everything is ok
'but dont you drink at all?' i hear you all say
of course i damn well do just not at the break of the day
and my moms would always moan about my detailed tattoos
but i was living for the day i thought i had nothing to lose
tattoos on my skin of religious art
some are egyptian but thats a world apart
i think about the stress i caused her it was hell
but it was always her who caught me when i fell
and who would think a cute kid in primary school
later on in life would run with stupid fools
i look back on my time and hold my head in my hands
cos i was acting like a boy when i should have been acting like a man
but i've seen the light now - i've sorted myself out
you'll never have to worry again mama - no doubt

03-20-2008, 05:32 PM
yeah man, london, thanx for the reply

03-20-2008, 05:32 PM

very funny, good job, really made me chuckle. Keep em comin.

03-20-2008, 05:33 PM

03-20-2008, 05:55 PM
i think your crazy as was said by gnarls barclay
trying to even think you can mess with my family
get the message boy - get real far away
before you're added to the missing persons list today!
because down to rest your body we will surely lay
its fine man i grew up in an evil part of the UK
in a small section my boys and i call the TK
but now i spend my days in yellow sun rays
remember that sayin the sun shines on the righteous?
that is so true - no one ever crosses us.

so how many people are scared of our family?
i will tell you who...every damn body!
we're here..respect us..get on your knees
we're so underground we don't even walk the streets
our men only come out when its dark and late at night
we're the XLNC's but we don't want a fight
we run things smooth, yeah, nice and tight
stop us doing that, you'll be in a cross hair sight
and the last thing you'll see is a sniper fire light
and i'll drop your ass from head to toe height
there's no repurcussions, everything is ok
and the police are cheap when it comes to pay
so anything about the above do you have to say?
i didnt think so or you a visit i will pay....

03-21-2008, 02:28 PM
2 Words

Re Hab

Shit Was Dope

03-21-2008, 03:23 PM
thanks man

03-21-2008, 03:52 PM
please gimme feedback peeps

03-21-2008, 03:53 PM
please gimme feedback peeps

03-21-2008, 03:54 PM
please gimme feedback peeps

03-21-2008, 09:04 PM
im gonna merge ur threads

03-22-2008, 05:06 AM
thanks man

03-23-2008, 12:47 PM
i got a pinky ring sent over from Franco
he living in Sicily with my cousin, Nino
together they made me from overseas
now i'm ready to join the ranks of the real fuckin G'z
$1000 suits and that ring on my little finger
you see that glisten, you run! don't linger!
i'm finished pushing little bits here and there
i'm fuckin with my family now - no one else will dare
they know that we know the main family
that control this bent government and country
and its all to do with our little rings of gold
its crazy to think of the power that they hold
V.I.P.'s, killing sprees, everything is free
thats what its like now in the world i see

16 in the clip and 1 ready to blow
explosive tipped bullets just to let you know
my gun is chrome plated but its not for show
its for ending snakes lives who aint koolio
my family are G'z and real complex
with guards strapped with AK's round their necks
you see us round the city in the blacked out lex
but thats how we do - thats just how we flex
cos we XLNC's with the pinky rings
you can't touch us - you can't do a thing
i'm protected by a massive family and firm
when will you listen? when will you learn?

Gold chains, cashmere and a pinky ring
you mess with my fam and you're sure to get a sting
you shoulda chose the other path, the one that meant living
but now you're on the floor, you're ass i'm killin - KILLIN
this shit is regular for the XLNC boys
you'll never hear us coming - we don't make a noise
up on you we'll creep with a gun in the whip
you stand no chance against my XLNC click
links in Italy, Sicily and Capri
you really think you stand a chance against my family?
one look at my little finger says it all
make sure you show me respect and don't act the fool

03-24-2008, 04:05 PM
come om people i can see y'all are lookin at me stuff so at least gimme one word good or bad - i neeeed feedback ya heard - peace

03-24-2008, 08:59 PM
ok merged

03-25-2008, 12:51 PM
Good stuff..

That pinky ring sounds ill...

Keep it comin..

03-25-2008, 05:11 PM

i used to know this young girl from the hood
she used to like a smoke, she was all good
she was worth something, i knew i could
i wanted to remain friends, i thought we should
everyone wanted this queen her name was Loretta
if you ever saw her face you would never forget her
but as this chicken grew, she didn't get better
hangin with the wrong people - makin no chedda
when she came round my joint - i made sure i fed her
then she fell in love with a local coke dealer
and before long she was hittin the pipe on the regular
i could see headin for a life filled with coke and berettas

inside it actually made me feel real, real sad
she didnt have a job and her man was real fuckin bad
maybe all this shit is just a real evil fad
the whole situation was gettin so damn bad
save some doe girl and get your own little pad
then you'll see that things aint all that bad
but tryin to talk to her is like tryin to talk to my dad
tryin to talk to her is like kickin my own damn nads
i was always advising her but the info would not sink
then one day she was with me she really stopped and thinked
in london there was a chance - her mother - a link
that day when she left me - she smiled - and winked

ten days later get a call from a private number
thought it was the credit company tryin to make me glummer
answered the phone it was loretta callin fron her mama's
she had finally moved there - she was gettin less dumber
i was getting a call - one every other day
she was doing good - she had a job with good pay
i was fuckin speechless - i didnt know what to say
she was doing something with her life - loretta was doin ok
then i found out her mom's had got a new boyfriend
and that positive life came to an abrupt end
kicked out on the street for herself she had to fend
and back to the violent boyfriend oh my heart did rend

she had so much potential but her parents couldnt see fuck all
she could have been a model she was slim, blonde and tall
when she was upset - it was me she used to call
i had feelings for this girl but kept it quiet like a fool
about a month later i met a lady and settled down
she was beautiful - she was no clown
then loretta phoned - she had dumped her boyfriend for me
i didnt know what to do - i walked the streets with a frown
all my life running with hoes, now loretta wants me
wait a minute you are all hooked up XLNC
anyone would be proud to be with girl you be
but its just my luck to queens come at once to me
and i have to choose which one i want with to be.

04-17-2008, 06:04 PM
the coke song

no matter wot i do
i can't get shot of you
don't matter how hard i try
just can't say goodbye
you're always in my life
you cause me trouble and strife
i try and turn my back
but u come back - thats wack!
you come along when negative
and turn me positive
but then when you're gone
i'm left thinking this song
and sitting here with no fun
back to fuckin square one

its a sad story
to most of you quite boring
but some of you will relate
to this thing i love and hate
it helps me deal with probs i got
it makes them look like a dot
so what should i do
should i see it thru
or should i kick it in?
cos it really is a sin

like i'm gonna listen to you
i'll do wot i do
who knows where i'll end up
motherfuckin stray pup
clean up your damn act
aint that a fuckin fact
just cos i like that white
you haters can preach and damn well bite
its my problem i'm left depressed
at least i fuckin confessed

04-17-2008, 06:06 PM
i got a song about Lady Diana comin 2mw. conpiracy theory shit. stay tuned. peace

05-19-2008, 05:03 PM
this is a song about Lady Diana, which i prefer to call Her Royal Highness Diana, which she should have been known as.

Conspiracy theories, cospiracy theories
thats what i like to get my teeth into really
people around me think i'm a just f**kin crazy
but it makes my spine go seriously chilly
especially when it comes to the story of Di Spencer
when it came to looks no-one could come close to her
mistreated by the Royals - mistreated by her lover
all she ever wanted is for Prince Charles to love her
she was quite quintesentally the perfect English Rose
and had more Royal blood in her than Charles could ever show
he came from a German backround you see, thats how the story goes
and our Royal families hearts weren't warm - they were froze
on their engagement day someone asked "are you in love?"
i mean come on man theres one answer heavens above
but Charles spat out a sentance saying "whatever love means?"
i could see Diana wanted to cry a thousand f**kin streams
she was mother to the future King of England for God sakes
and ended up being shunted by a family of fakes
the only people that could save her were probably the media
and they were so negative it made her ill with bulemia
she was lost, floundering didn't have a clue what to do
whilst her children were being quietly and secretly groomed
so she helped lots of charities - all over the world she flew
and got her face on front pages and in magazines too
feted in america and loved all over the world
it looked like nothing could stop this strong young girl
all she had in her heart was love, honour and peace
and the whole time the Royals were planning her dicease
her Royal Highness Diana was loved all over the earth
but her so called family thought nothing of her worth
whilst they sat there planning and festering in their oversized home
she was left to make her own wayand roam the world alone
lonely as she was she found a friendship with an Al Fayed
and they were deeply in was reported to have been said
Diana met the man's father and was invited on a cruise
as last she could relax - how could she refuse
away from the pap and all the flashing cameras
at last God must have finally answered her prayers
she seemed so happy - the relationship looked true
i felp so pleased after everything she'd been through
then the bulletin cam through on August 31st 97
that our should be future Queen had left us to go to Heaven
i felt so desperate - i felt so sad
i knew the Royals had played a part in this underlying secret that was bad
even in death Diana was treated so very disrespectfully
Queen Elizabeth even said "her body should just go to a mortury"
d**n she was the mother of the future King of England
and in her death the Royals had definately played a hand
on her funeral daythe final outrage came for me
it was all to apparent they wanted her airbrushed out of history
no prayers or remembrance were said in the packed cathedral
i can't believe they had the audasity to act like such ghouls