View Full Version : counter attack/outlaw pt. 2

03-23-2008, 01:14 PM
what is becoming of our country how could blair let this happen
and nothing can change now the damage has set in
these damn extremists want us dead and our next of kin
they making up bombs and secretly putting them in bins
can't they see that in any religion that this is a sin
anyway check the history books England always fights and wins
we need all these peoples historys backround checked
they talk to us in English and eachother in other dialect
if this doesn't happen there will be a knock on effect
we English people always seem to get it in the neck
please Mr. Prime Minister - tell me i'm not correct?
whilst your playing golf with Mr. Bush planning illuminati projects
don't you think its time our troops vacated Afghanistan
i'm in awe in why they were sent there in the first place man
oh yeah - of course - you wanted to please Uncle Sam!
and now the whole nation hates the powers with a damn
our country got so many problems - always in a jam
i'll see you step down at the next election little lamb
excuse my harshness but i'm sick of terrorists in my country
if they want to act like that - they can do in their own terrortory
al quada aint wanted here - surely they feel hostility
get out of England dirty filthy talbani
return to the holy land and east countries
where you set up your disillusioned training camps and armies
how dare you come to my country and take the piss
Blair took a stupid step and now we at high risk
and the results of which we are now just getting the jist
as the population grows - so does our death list
but please hear this right i don't hate muslims
just the misguided and extremist dims
they think their power's great but its so flimsy
even if you have a brain its plain to see
that these people cannot continue with these atrocoties
so people don't group all muslims in one category

03-25-2008, 12:53 PM