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03-24-2008, 10:14 AM
elite forces - blindfolded masses. old back porches scatterig ashes.
reflecting on a youth that never quite passes. trying not to think about the new world facists.
smell the weed in the car. take the back roads. puffin' on cigars full of angel souls.
the cd skips at the very best part. the smoke floats like a ghost out the window - let's go of the roach. i can't put my thoughts on hold when in this close to really getting answers- shit - i mean ANSWERS.
like whose really producing all these social cancers
addiction - poverty - they fixed the lottery
to make you think today could be your lucky day
but if you're poor they're gonna make sure - you stay that way
even if you're from middle class white suburbia
the drugs are planted in your blood - they're pure enough to murder ya
it might make the evening news if your father's a politician
but if you're no one from no where, they say no one will miss ya
I'm Now Here. cause everything i se on tv - is attempted robbery - a symbolic lobotomy
they want to gain control they want to seal my fate
they'll never steal my soul - because it's never too late to touch that dial -
put em on trial. someone's really got some explainin' to do.
what are they covering up? and whose a puppet for who
already chained our brains up with poison and mindgames
to train us to igrnore what we know in the back of our heads is true
so we laugh as we pass through the teardrops and rain
never to notice - it's here to stay -
it's time to wake the fuck up - we can't let this happen
it's time to run the vampires out of this life
cause it's mine - and it's yours - we need to find out the source -
of all this misinformation - and break the pipeline -
stop the flow. this is your non-stop show. you can flip the script or just go out the way they want you to go -
backstage, nosedeep in the snow. this is showbiz kid - better grow some thicker skin
or fuckin' kill yourself so management can really cash in
CA-CHING. you'll never win. it's a wintery mix mix mix mix mx mix mix mix mix.

03-24-2008, 04:02 PM
i like it man, bring some more food to the table

03-25-2008, 03:58 AM
you got yer own thang going on there holmes...using alot of story telling techniques is good but it's not my style tbh..keep up the good work chief. :thumbup: