View Full Version : Back on mics attractin fights

bad boy T
04-04-2008, 11:06 AM
Sharp shooter shoot darts to vandle tonight
Shorty picked up the chrome problem was he couldn't handle the mic
I light my candle tonight I'm gonna let it re-burn
Tonight like Rambo in the sequel I'm gonna re-turn
The game's smoking chain smoking all around the game fronting
My games open connection spoken to late the chains broken
Grab the chrome hotter than nitro domes blast microphones instrumental like xylophones
Shooting darts like an arbalest firing missles arrows and firing stones
I'm striking domes lightning frightning cause it's striking homes
Wild I'm belligerant style so significant
spitting implements battle against instruments
Ninjas linger in cold winters perpetual
The essential rap potential back clap and back stab the special with a pencil
Engraved in the grave they get slayed from the page
Games amaze caustic flames blaze up and change the stage