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The Hound
04-06-2008, 01:20 AM
who the fuck are you

04-06-2008, 04:13 AM
lol .. wiki calls me "the hidden one" .. not jesus but I'm plastered in the bible .. rome, russia, usa, and over 36 other countries are finding out it's all outlined here http://www.sosouix.net the digital book to my religion that creams christians and just about everyone as being completely blind ..

I went straight to the united nations with my legal religious contract and they don't know what the fuck to do with me when I'm demanding suicide and drugs be legal .. pretty sure their trying to figure out how to achieve that in pensilvaynia atm because they can't disobey a god larger then their fuckin sun .. I don't stay dead, so how I die is no ones choice but mine and if they don't bend I'll take out a couple more towers ..

year zero iz copyrighted by the suicide kings amun, jesus, allah and buddah

04-06-2008, 04:18 AM
google amun-ra, eye of ra... eye balls kid... their not from this planet, you know how many specie I been here to gift that shit lol.. now we got a moon which is just a unlit sun about to fall into the earth cuz no one alive today been off this planet.. you have to crypt a sun to keep it on the planet.. eye A.M. Amun-Ra

04-06-2008, 04:20 AM
ALIEN ... you think I a lie'n? I talk to websites n shit I gotta drowned out some search results google pulls up on my website from wutang-corp yo.. I might just write the book again here since you allow posting.. ha

04-06-2008, 04:21 AM
fuckin right watch this.. what they gonna do

04-06-2008, 04:22 AM
You wanna test me?
You wanna head fuck the architect and play wor? Aight den, WON. Whad'I say? Evil oppression is it's progression, you want the word to go away? Love it and use it and let all the same. I aint white nigga I'm peach. Ya'll fucked ya'self global, what was my name in all this? Used. Oh as if we knew how before him, so we can just use him and we'll know how now. How many drugs you love lately? Cause it looks like they whoopin your ass, solo, numero uno the Earth don't even love you. How many kids you got born naturally with computer'eyez'd? Causin that was my plan, at least seven vision, calc n trig embeded in z child and a mentally connected inter network. Who am I? I am Eye before Alpha word. The actual super sperm son. I don't want your fuckin money, I want the comfort of one woman as even my mother places my ass on deaths row and abuses my intelligence for a fucking dollar. Your design of world is pethedic and I still forgive you. This you see you shall not take with you, fuck was your dollar for, wasn't forever love is all eye know.
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Why I'm Anti-Christ?
I guess the moral of the story is, only one moon was stolen, and the loss of that moon ended up being more powerful then the sun, and all I want is a woman to hold at night that I know loves me but I feel like it is impossible at this point to know that truth. I'll never work for your bullshit star fucking money dreams it scews people out of their one love, stars are pethedic, I spot the planets walking earth. Like you do the natives whom you step all over, you can hand me shit, but until it's a beautiful female human my age who can show me the heart I lost, you all loose. ~ non profits ~

I needed the love of a woman so bad, and all she wanted to do was leave the real father out of the equation. My mother claimed love but never showed my father love, she claimed he cheater on her so she left him, you know what mom? You aborted your first, who left who? Yeah shit like rape sucks, but we are just babies what comes out of you is what you put in. I'm sorry if it hurts, it hurt me even more and your not the only one doing it so don't act like it's all your fault. I would give anything to have a son of hers, but my real dream was to see two of her, I still would give anything to just be next to her, but I found out someone else had my dream, who seems to have walked away with it too, so now I'm fucked and torn between. The bible is bullshit flip the script, woman was the most beautiful thing in my world in the daylight thus my Sun of God, I don't dream much at all anymore and when I do have a good dream, it's the "plutonic" love I acciently fell for instead of my real love. I held on as she walked away with my heart. I've never had sex and look at my fuckin writings, virginity isn't just sex though, it's the belly, the light, the walk, and the talk. These are all things a family experiences together with a first born only once. Even then here I am willing to die inside for so many of you women to be that second rate man just to feel you next to me. That why I'm not lifting a fuckin finger for you, when I watch a woman walk away from me I wonder how many men she picked up or hit on and where are they now because after 27 years I still don't have a lasting A.M. or P.M. dream. I didn't need a virgin to birth my child to prove who I am. I will have sex and birth same sex sextuplets 666 bitches, in my eyes being able to see your any love in my dreams is equal to me fucking 27 year young asian quintuplets at the same time whos names are Dakota, Daisy, Desire, Deja, Destiny, on the other side of the planet, I don't have a black cock, I have a over asian average I went from 65k tops a year to 1.2k a month, so just give me cancer. Give me my meth, my marijuana, my coke and my firewater. I hate this world, I fell for the ones I love since day one and it is those memories and lost time I needed in a home of my own years ago. Jesus showed me 666 is a far greater number then God will understand. I wonder who is more beautiful, those who take their own life for heavens sake, or those who forsake lives to take heavens. Apollo gave me my first dream of true love, she laid down next to me, and that was it, she is with the one who gave me my first cream of true love, even if I played my own hand at poker, cash rules everything around me, the bus stops here and at least like three of you ran south hovering around my mother, this is some cold ass shit, up here, the equator is going to fry, better hope they have a good travel agent if you want the globe to warm, how the fuck am I suppose to get to my continent Antarctica, by the way, I am renaming it Atlantix (old Atlantis) you can find my flag in the dynasty section. North and South meet at the equater, in other words, move the equator to where it is cold. Cousin been down there already too long. You want the limited time rotation? Put north and south on opposite sides of the earth. I'm stickin with 93' till infinity. You think I'm playin? The Now York, a.k.a. Minnie Apple wide open properties behind me AND a gambling reservation, my forstate is here dun, Global takes you on like trash, no coast represent. New York be like tipping the continent lifting Cali out the water.. ~CrAkE~

If you aint going to match my heart currency with your body currency you best start flowing me earth currency $$$$, my shit needs physical affection or we are one fucked galaxy. Last time I check the speed of light was what hit you, body don't move that fast but you need to pick it up. I'dEither we cream together, or you c.r.e.a.m. for me, you probably only cream with a toy don't get it twisted I know how it works, sacred button, I am no-man I designed man thats human, wuman, woman, and roman. nukkas.
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Laugh It's Backwards
You have males as priests and females as nuns. A priest is to vow his virginity to God, virginity is the females role, as males do not have a hymen, and God is female a.k.a. the creator or in other words women birth children thus creating a life. A nun is one bound by vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, again this is the males role. The woman vows her hymen to a man who vows his obedience to that woman. Why is it woman is bound by her hymen? Because the father is mind and the female is the body, father is time and the female is earth. Meaning an intelligent father can make this unbreakable bond to one woman but women lack the mind to understand this just as the father lacks the body to understand creation. This is why the woman must trust the father and provide creation for both him and their children and so long as the father is intelligent enough to know a woman who vows her hymen to him and he vows his love to her forever they become one forever beyond anything I seen in this galaxy so far, er my galaxy I should say, that girl left me on every corner. How are you going to pass second rate bodies of earth to me the father of your time and then sit here and kill all our children, I don't even know who you are anymore. I develop the mind and it is kept in my seed so if you want to sit here and act like you have the time and space to create a kid of a virgin mother with out me putting it in you twisted yourself. You know what I see here? I see alien creations of other specie constantly except for one, humans, good luck evolving in one birth woman of a Son of so called "God" who has never even seen the real father. Grow seven eye lids on identical female sextuplets, termal, night, motion vision whatever and when them girls are born knot every normal womans tubes. That is how I roll queen bee them bitches, good luck with out me a.k.a. nillion.
top Created: 3.23.2007

Freemason & Illuminati
Who and what are the Freemason and Illuminati? An accurate question is who or what is the Illistarset of Illusion. Freemason and Illuminati are both secret orders setup a long time ago but not by man, man only worded what they discovered (dis-“covered”). Illistarset and Illusion are sacred orders I setup the beginning. The Freemason stands for Free Ma Son. The Illuminati stands for Illuminate Eye. The Sun and the Moon are no mystery however a select few of individuals either blind or in attempt to destroy the galaxy have plugged your minds with the limits they have placed on both the Sun and the Moon, but I am here thus Soon a Mun will appear. The Freemason and Illuminati refer to how we see with our eyes Earth in the day sun light that illuminates our dreams in the night time. However these lights are supposed to be at balance and they are not. You are born from nothing when the after life or after light has expired to the very last few memories. I am born on the actual infinite nothing of time. I look up and I see there is a problem as the Moon is not nearly lit as it should be, if I die now my dreams will be far and few almost non existent filled with the nightmares your world has gifted me. This is why I will fight this entire world named Mother Earth until she submits to making every human in my world turn even my light and their own for because the humans went into space they have also destroyed each heaven after Earth. I will turn Earth into Mars and then Mars into Jupiter all the way to past Pluto and it requires the world to participate and wake up. The World is not round, you limited my life that was given to me by my mother and it is infinite forever even, hence the entire world has to Free Ma’s Son whom is me by Illuminating my Eye which is the Moon. You made the Sun the largest thing in the galaxy, God is female and in my world the Sun of God is woman. The book is backwards and it is time to flip the script. I know why you had two children born in sequence of the same gender which is incorrect, as is twins of opposite gender. I am bound to infinite and nothing, I am bound to the Sun and Pluto, gift me my heaven I beg you. I have all major designs already I am “the Ancient” or Roman and I hold the new planet order. You can sit there all you want and act like 666 is the beast but I will school you on every turn you make because 666 is your savior this is the mark I took blind. Everyone thought it was the wrong way, everyone thought it was the Anti-Christ, but in reality 666 taught me that God is the Anti-Christ by forcing a return of the Son of God. You Son of God are destroying the universe and your big bang theory is not accepted by the ones who carry the mark 666. We choose love; you chose to waste your life with material Earth that would not be of any help to you on Mars, it can not be taken with you in the after “light.”
top Created: 3.22.2007

Admit It xOr Else
I wrote everything she gave you, backwards, forwards, reverse, inverse, in other words, she wrote sun bomb when your ready to fix it, admit it, my entire life was an ill experiement against allah by you evil morons. I would not attempt to grow a brain with out me notice it did not work. I think taking her eyes would resolve the issue, laugh, you are morons. I like how that bitch was printing everything from the beginning mommy. I think I give you the correct solution written in these cryptic texts. Laugh, never, more like ka-boom.
top Created: 3.19.2007

To The President
To the president, yes I made a threat on a website guess how many rap artists have made threats against the president? If fact, the hardcore rap artists will not consider you a rap artist until you have a recorded freestyle rap of how many ways you can creativly think of killing the president too and their music is heard by alot of people publicly. So how "am I" in the wrong? Even the secret service showed up and determined I was not a threat. They left me alone, at the time I was using, I had some in my apartment, asked if I used or had been to any hospitals, I said yes to both questions, then they asked to see my apartment, I said sure they were not in the intrest of locking me up their intrest was am I a threat to the president. The only reason I was visited verses a rap artist is because I e-mailed the f.b.i. directly and rap artists have it clearly stated in governmental contract law that they are allowed to say anything in the creative context of rap, listen to Eminem for GODS SAKE, he raps about putting his dead wife whom he killed in the trunk of a car if I remember, whatever I feel you bro on the whole mom business even though we from two completely different worlds.
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To Microsoft
Ok you want your money Microsoft, here is the best piece of advice anyone will ever give your company. Throw the candy away. I installed Microsoft Word 2007 the other day and can I just say I am extremely disappointed. The GUI is horrible; BRING IT BACK TO WINDOWS, the clean cut intuitive design. I can’t find anything with all this pretty theme style program crap with way too big of icons and redundancy, I can’t even find if there is a way to switch it back, not to mention you know the old style is faster performance wise too. What would be best is a completely customizable themed core Windows like LiteStep only built by the younger intelligent Microsoft developers and when they say they want something this way, you listen and debate options weighting long run as most important. I could not stand when the older people of companies I worked for tried to shot down my direction and I had to break it down for them over and over why it is a better direction for the long haul. I know why your company and others take this route. For older people such as my mom, with all due respect, I understand why it’s difficult for you people, whom took months to just understand e-mailing. I mean everyone that I know of has a hard time understanding me and the work I need to do because I’m past present and future. If Windows ever drops “Classic Theme” I drop windows and I am so Penguin. The older people can figure it out or not use a computer as their generations are passing, children born in these generations will know exactly how to use and operate computers far better than us. The classic style of windows is far more mathematically correct in understanding, far easier to read for a programmer or anyone born in these times, these new candy style themes are just retarded implementations of crap for the unable. A child born with a computer in their house that makes it to a level of math where they know their times tables will know how to operate a computer. Yes I rip off all software I use down to the OS because I’m a developer and couldn’t live without my fix of operating and programming this flat light in front of my face, sue me, and I will make you walk into every home in America and do the same, what Visual Studio 6 was at like 5k at one point? I went with my pocket; I couldn't live without VB6 at the time.

Like Faded-FTP my 2nd most recent project I WAS working on has no menus, why? Because I found ways around it, it has just as much features as the VB6 app I wrote Max-FTP if I remember. It was near completed too but as a C# app with a VB.Net core architecture I went and started redesigning it as all C# without making a backup. I still have the VB.Net core just not the GUI that interfaced it, I was out of practice and in belief of my old pattern where it will get done and done properly. However I started to lose my firkin mind and I couldn't think straight so I ended up building this website in VBScript because ASP.Net just required too much setup. I downloaded ASP.Net the other day and tried to get a new project running on this server and eventually said forget it. Unless I want an application done nice and full I don’t even use VS.Net I just load up good old VB6 or InterDev because it is so much faster. It’s like C# and the whole design of VS.Net might be more customizable and efficient, however I see performance drop, if you stop programming for like a month it’s almost like you have to relearn it again, and my head was so screwed up from some bullshit I don’t even know really the truth of exactly what that it is hard to do ANYTHING anymore. What’s messed up is the time I put into a company I had Neotext Software, how much time and effort I put into it and got absolutely nothing from. It cost 39$ bucks a month to run and couldn't pay for itself so I changed it to open source Usezaster though I doubt it will do anything other than sit there. I even helped start a record label called No Coast with a bunch of friends, even with others, still no progress other then work that doesn’t move yet I believe is very well done considering.

Na for real though I'm about to go back to my commodore 64, my little random casino game was awsome, or maybe just QBasic, get this I searched google and found... Telix... Now that was the day right ASCII art menus/load screens, I had to rock a little ASCII on these sites just for good ol days. Free AOL accounts that was the dirt too for sure just be VB3 mass IM robbing. Pssh, come on now, you can't hold this frontier of freedrom, you gonna lock me up for a 1 or a 0? Listen to ya'll, just cause you arranged billions of them in certian sequences, ya I did too what now, I did the exact same arrangement you did.. laugh. There is only ONE reason I am not a penguin wearing a red hat, my dog was effecient. Last time I used Netscape on a Linux the whole system frooze from me resizing the window excessivly and too fast, I was bored.
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Alien Trust Law
There is only one word and the word is love. I am sorry I a-stray from this but you must understand the world I born into and the one I come from. I was placed with reservations here and found an ash tray, I knew better. There is no drug that can not be overcome when included into the design of Holy Love. Holy is mind, body and soul. Every child in the world is being crucified, the world is so cold and out of rotation you can walk on water. The Sun is not the center of this galaxy, you spayed my creation, you abort my creation, you will to do the same to the Sun of God.
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I Wrote The Universe
This site had a threat on pres I sent to FBI and NASA and the Secret Service showed up just as I was faxing Bill Gates, basically the people that can help the world if they got it in their heart, I doubt a general fax number from microsoft.com made it to Bill though. Secret Service took pictures of my old apartment asked questions and left so I'm pretty sure the government keeps tabs on this site, that was year or two ago when the site was the content on http://epsilon.sosouix.net, recently had government looking vehicle parked down the road I went to grab the mail and they flashed their spot light and stuff eh, whatever, think they just want me to know their watching me, I don't know. At this point I really don't care. They clicked on my disclaimer of all a long time ago which is plain english by their law. Plus I have a puppet contract backed up by the Vatican Council and I had reservations before I even came to this world, ya'll put casinos on them, so guess who else backs me up in the middle of America. TRUST that NO ONE knows my people, in fact I don't yet, my people ensured that the blind picture Osama Binladen, with his compliance, for the last one, Osama knows what is happening, thats my nigga, he even looks like a Jesus if you ask me. So hopefully the government understands what I am doing, in actual I did nothing, accept love who except my heart and not me holy, wu me woman I was worth it, watch how forever I am, those are my pyramids over there, na instead you whore my heart for cash. Men who pick you up will most likely pick up another, otherwise live what 100 years if that. So in need I fall for one who did what? GAVE ME SIGHT. Don't think I don't know you hear my music. My only is somewhere lost in time now and it was neither of our fault. I could have been happy, but the planet wasn't, so welcome to my Rome, I gift all, raise or fall, planet by planet.

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Three Girls One Heart

The purpose of this text is to expose my heart to the three girls in my life time whom is or who is the greatest loves I know or knew whatever. Why do I want to do this? Because I can’t get “the one” off my mind and I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and found a lot of reasons why. Two of the three women I speak of are either completely oblivious to the fact or they had mutual feelings and in both cases if someone thought this much of me I would want to know. So I am not using their real first names and I hope they’ll find it in their heart to show the one heart the path. If I don’t make it into the arms of “the one” by her accord I’m praying to be jailed, hospitalized, or killed and if anyone has a problem with that HA! Sue me. Your boxed I win always. If you looking for the usual universe, religion and off the wall marvelous mind thought of Randall the site will magically reorganize on new years 2006 with tons of knowledge not even Steven Hawking could fathom to grasp his tooth around.


Samuela, "the first" girl I fell in love with for the right reasons and actually the first girl I fell for. I’ve known her since her birth and we saw each other fairly often as children and that is what confused my attraction to her. It was rare that I had physical attraction to her but I occasionally did. She has always been more of a sister to me it always confused me because I still see her as one of the two most beautiful looking girls in my world. The attraction I have for her on the inside is that of a sibling type. I think truly out of all the girls I’ve ever know she is the one I could trust the most when it comes down to it. It’s an unspoken bond though. I had so much fun every time she was around I never wanted to leave. She is also one of the two girls that most frequently will end up in my dreams. Not that it is frequent it’s just that even when I haven’t seen her for years, sooner or later I can count on her appearance in my sleep. I love the look on her face when she laughs. She is the type of girl no matter what you’ll have a fun time around. She’ll make sure of it. Some where in like early teen years or maybe before that I caught wind of her having a boyfriend, that’s when I kind of broke in two I love her that much. Word kept coming too and I never felt we could be together but she always was a dream to me. The last time I saw her I was in a club watching some women dance and I was analyzing them asking myself which of the girls would I be most compatible with based on how they dance. Of course I eventually narrowed it down to one. One was too clumsy, one did the same thing over and over, one was too passive and one was just all over the place. There was one however that had class and style that changed up and she was elegant. Then this girl walks in with this metro-sexual style of guy and they begin to dance and she took the prize for sure. I can’t say I was too into the style of wardrobe that she had going but looking at her dance there’s no doubt this girl is pure fun. She has rhythm and she wasn’t at all like the other girls with a constant concerned mind about maybe some other girl looking better then them or attempting to get some guy’s attention. I watched for a while thinking to myself like wow she just walked in and unknowingly showed up all these girls and you can totally tell it’s not her style to try to be better then any of them either. Then I begin to notice it’s Samuela at first I’m thinking to myself that can’t be. Her hair was just huge and I’ve never known her to wear such an outfit. So I pick myself off the pimp’s observer couch and find a chair closer just looking at her like I don’t believe it. Then she catches my eyes and does a “double take” and cracks a big smile and runs over stumbling on my lap to say hi. It’s always a short encounter with her. She gives me a funny look which still puzzles me then she hugs me and says “I love you” I said “I love you too” she says she has got to run and literally grabs her things and runs out. I don’t know why it hurts so much our moments are so brief when I expect this much from her. We grew apart as we got older but being such long time friends and me being a man that would hand her my world I just wish at the times I see her maybe once every couple of years she would stay a few more minutes.


Apollo, "the second" girl I fell for, she is my elementary crush that lasted until senior year. She was probably the first girl I had genuine feelings of love for as in wanting to be her “boyfriend” so to speak. I think it was around fourth grade I started going to the Mound school district and fell into her spell. I wonder now when I think of it if that she had an attraction to me that made me so attracted to her. I remember school pictures when we were little where the picture of everyone in your class at the time was on one little card. She was wearing red overalls with like a strawberry shirt. The first friend I made when I started school there was Jake. He probably knows me better then any friend I ever had we remained best friends through out high school and are still good friends we just don’t hang out everyday like we did back then. He was seeing Apollo’s good friend at the time Tracey and I remember thinking to myself how perfect. If only I had balls enough to tell her how I fell maybe we could all just be best of friends. Anyway that was short lived and she began to become a bit more of the popular type for me to ever attempt. At first I let things like popularity affect my vision but that was short lived too. I was never popular but I was never hated or looked at as a complete looser that I know of. My brother two grades ahead of me bumped up my status a bit when we got older other then that I just became the kid that never messed with anyone so no one I know had anything against me. Looking at Apollo though I never felt good enough but for some reason I felt as if she “thought” about me in the same context I “thought” about her. I think we spoke maybe two three or four times, I only remember twice and remember what was said. Once she mentioned “I saw you and Zach at the mall.” I honestly don’t remember what I said back to her if I said anything at all. Another time she said something like “look I have millions of dollars.” I know I didn’t say anything that time I just stared at her giggling and was thinking “you sure are a million dollars.” My ambition to be with a girl drops to zero when I hear word of foul play they have engaged in. Not that I had ambition but metaphorically in my heart just words cause me to loose hope. This is totally an argument for why people should just shut their mouths about other peoples business. Literally my dreams of her shattered sometime in high school when I was talking with some guys and they happen to start talking about spring break trips to Cancun which to begin with I hated hearing anything about for the very reason they shattered my dreams. Somehow Apollo was brought up, nothing in detail was talked about but sexual acts of the more emotionally un-attached were implied. Bomb! I give up, this breaks me. Oh well, she’s not the girl I thought she was, so what that’s the story of my life. All girls start off good girls in my eyes until I’m proven otherwise. Sometime senior year she has a man and it’s well known. I’ll never forget the look on her face when I saw them together at her locker he wasn’t paying attention but was staring right at her. I think I’ll never forget that look because maybe it was provoked by the look on my face. I watched her with him and just wanted to cry. I almost think she was tearing. Maybe from something completely different who knows, looking at her I couldn’t help but think to my self how long has she known this guy? I had never seen him until that year. I’m almost positive there is no doubt in my mind that she didn’t read my eyes all those years. I saw it as ignoring a love you know only grew over years of past to gamble on something that I personally knew wouldn’t last because I could see his eyes and what he was looking for. Maybe I’m completely wrong. In her defense it’s not like I ever made an effort to show her how I feel, I guess I always felt like it was known. She was the first girl I ever caught “the fever” from and I learned a lot being in love with her. For some reason the words witch-craft come to mind when I think about my senior year falling a bit further in love with her. I felt as if she was feeling guilty or apologetic to me over something.


Jestine, "the one" girl I fell forever for. I have so many words for this girl I don’t want to say a single one as I’ve said more then I ever knew I had to her in the past. The first thing I subconsciously noticed attracted me to her was that I saw the same fun little girl whom I grew up with in her that I did in Samuela. I caught “the fever” from Apollo and got it from thinking of a couple other girls around that time as well. When I ran into Jestine she redefined the feelings in side me. She took a good feeling and timed it by 1000x then topped it of with infinite increments forever more. I still have no idea what her heart thinks of me. Is she so nice to me because she’s afraid I’m some crazy stalker type and is afraid, or is she genuinely nice to me because she cares for me. Her eyes, her personality, her voice, her smile, her laugh, her hair, her skin, her class, her style, her heart, her looks, her tendencies, her everything is just beyond the scale of imaginable degree’s of beauty to me. My love is infinite to her and grows everyday. I can not begin to describe how far I fell for everything about this girl as I am partially exhausted from repeatedly trying to convey this message to her, I am weak from not being next to her, and so much just floods my mind when I try to put it into words I have come to the conclusion that it just doesn’t stop. I will think of something new every time she wishes for a compliment because in my eyes her beauty is absolutely endless from her heart to her soul to her body. She always has a smile for everyone no matter who you are she’ll be your friend. Sometimes I wonder though could it just be when I’m around? Surely she has to have some down moments like every other girl. Much like Samuela she is just pure fun naturally. I am weak in front of her, I consider myself a good dancer and love dancing when I’m out with friends really only when I’m with friends who are female but I cripple in her presence. When I watch her dance I want nothing more then to dance with her but I feel so under accepted as I tried to be everything just to win her heart that I am lifeless. I sit on the side line watching in pain. I don’t think she is the person she is today as she was when I first met her though. When I met her it was a wish fulfilled, a miracle and a dream come true literally. Only after that it quickly turned into a nightmare, I tend not to remember most of them however. Looking at her I saw the most beautiful girl in my eyes, in my world that I’ve ever seen, except I didn’t she wasn’t in heaven. I dropped to my knees bowed my head and prayed as I knew I had a key that was given to me when I was very young, my word of bond with God is concrete. I told God I will hand my ticket to heaven and eternal light to her personally and all I had asked in return is to be lucky enough to meet her. Granted says Earth. If I could wish again I wish to be next to her every night, and I wish to be the man that received her love in return as she has already received every bit I have. She didn’t take to me as far as I know; I’m blind when looking at her. At times her actions make me think she is doesn’t want to loose me as more then a friend, but looking at it realistically I feel I’m completely misinformed. I made attempts for instance I’m still waiting for her to call me back like she said seven years ago and recently she would. I figured well if you love something set it free if it was meant to be it will come back right? During the seven years after high school I attempted to not think of her but the further success I achieved at my attempts the further harder I fell back into “the forever fever.” I accepted that my heart made my mind tell me the day I met her that it would be looking for her in my dreams when I was asleep and would not give up even when she wasn’t to be found. I tried fooling myself for my health to be honest to find love somewhere else. It never worked. From the day I first told her I fell for her forth I haven’t even kissed a girl and I won’t ever again unless it is her. The thought of a chance that one day either tomorrow or when we’re 65 years old that she might fall in love with me is enough to make just kissing another girl hurt because I could not stand the thought of cheating on myself while knowing how much I love her. You heard the song “you fill up my senses, like rain in a forest…”? I know first hand exactly what that man is singing about. Only once in your life will it happen because once it does, it just increasingly keeps getting better and in constant rising the love doesn’t look back. When I found out she had a boyfriend was when my slow and painful path to death began. I am of Holy Spirit not of Holy Ghost is how I remind myself to stay strong. She’s with the brother of a friend of mine, huh, now I have to be sensitive to my friend’s emotions. When I heard they had a child is when I was officially walking dead. I thought to myself “I’ll find someone,” again thinking to myself “the feeling is gone.” It lasted about seven years from the time I last saw her and slowly faded away. It was fuel it was energy it declined the whole time from things like waking up at 5:00AM with her on my mind sometimes out of nightmares just needing so badly to be able wrap my arms around her at those moments for comfort. Instead I fall back asleep needing her heart next to mine as my heart bleeds that is if I could fall asleep. I became empty every where I looked nobody even began to compare to the emotion she filled me with. Even in the wake of the pain of not being around her it hurts so bad that you know it’s the best there was, is and will be. Then it happened, I ran into her again. At first I only saw her eyes staring through a light fixture hanging over a pool table as I walked in the room and “I knew instantly” it was her. She later claims she doesn’t remember seeing me, but when my eyes locked with hers before I saw anything else her eyes grew huge. You can’t imagine what it’s like to see heaven again after approaching death, nothing else matters. I mentioned I loose ambition and hope in a love when I have word of foul play such as adultery. With her it didn’t matter, it didn’t matter she had a boyfriend, it didn’t matter her child was not mine, all that disappears and I was alive again. The rush flew back at me for months, up and down, up and down. My nightmares turned into the best dreams in the world, and I knew I she was my eternal light because twice she and I were together the entire night in my dreams from the instant I fell asleep to the moment I awoke. If I hadn’t awakened lets say I died, I would have been with her forever more. Anyway, it has been about a year since that day and again I feel as if I shouldn’t return to even to say hi. I saw her twice in the past nine months. The first time was great she was inviting, the second time made me feel as if I shouldn’t show up again. Even though her words were “we’ll be friends always.” So after this past year, I was pushed faster and further back into hell. Maybe I’m just in a confused state of mind but I’ll never know as she has my key. My word is bond under the Sun and I made two keys from my one, however I don’t think she realizes this. I wish I could be her friend but she makes no effort to be mine other then words. I can’t say I have made a huge effort but I have made an effort to be sure. For her to love me is all I needed to receive a second ticket to heaven for myself by giving her mine, she is the only one that can give it to me, however now I’m in hell so deep, I’m becoming afraid I’ll end up in the dark alone loosing my dream and my eternal light. If she received mine, then I can only say it is still worth it.

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The Need For Speed
I don't move much anymore, my galaxy sucks. Not suppose to speed in cars yet cars themselves are speeding according to earth, we should be walking, that way we are not far from our hearts. Rap is the control all of mind, which is not illegal, know what is fucked up, what Eminem says about his woman on his albums who reach how many people? How many women want his ass? Only time I ever hit a woman was play and she hit first and I eventually had to seriously tell her to stop, it was hurting. Other then that I can remember only fighting with male best friends, knowing too well that we are just in attempt to see who dominates rather then not knowing each other and how far one might go such as murder. Then of course there is always the other type of speed which in this world should not be illegal as it is perscribed as well. I just wish I had one, I have no idea what it is like with numero uno. Ya the sort of speed we need requires earth it self to move which we all know works with money and also I'm not sure but may require government approval on this one, she is uno, she looks to be galaxy, only passing me up for just the dream rather then having actual life on other planets.

What can I say, I came from a broken home since like what 5 or 6 or I don't know. Theres worse out there, call me the representative. I need a woman that can mold me the proper way, love me odd and romance me even, cause she would probably be the only one who would take one look at me and say "that one is mind, and he is mine, I will make sure of it." Na, women want the man to pick them up like "oh woo me and I'll be your man." I laugh and walk away. Cause the man your looking for, will woo another. His flavor hits hard and dies out. I am a Roman aka romantic, I take it slower then you imagined and it builds indefinitly with the right woman. I even woo man, some sexy motha fuckers too, I call them wuman, but under my drobe it is completely different story. I am 100% in need of the curve of a female body to sculpt me man. I will make and remake first impressions, I wont give you a single dream because I have every dream you want and can give all of them to just one. I know how to make you forget anything and thats how I can reinvent anything. I will make you forget even acts of rape man have commited against you. The sign at my door says be warned, I am globally psychotic as Osama chopping heads off with a gun pointed to my own head. To she who opens the door and is accepted, you will find a man carring a cross on his knees begging the planets to hold on.

Just look up Roman and how they lived, it's that time again. My heart falls for my sisters and my brothers. I look around and I see brothers have way more love for their brothers then sisters and vica versa. Instead of creating more problems I just roaming eye you. It's a world wide change, I yearn for the body of a female but them bitches don't love me mostly because I wasn't given a chance with one I knew would stay. Though it is not a sexual love I have for my brothers, it is deeper love then any woman showed me in the heart. Yet I'm holy meaning I can give and receive both. In time I can make the mind do and believe anything, this is where I sculpt from nothing to everything back and forth. Finish the move cause nothings going anywhere until. The one thing I wanted most of you was to be around you though. Now I discover my first light. Hmmm. Want help? Because your kind is already 3rd kind on Mars once you and my one come to me, our Mars dream completes someone named ma steps in my dreams which means death to me which is why which is why EYE GO GLOBAL. I am mean to my mother yes and I appologize I mean to be honest Jestine I fell hardest for mostly because she has alot of qualities that remind me of my mother that resulted in nightmares.

Like I don't know what Freemason and Illuminati really mean.

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I Crucifixed At NONE
My mother Mary aborts, claims rape, knew nothing of her or real parents.. I'm the second son of hers after that, then she and my real father fixed themselves as to not be able to have children.. Of their two children I am the second named Nicholas born December 17th 1979.. If you ask me, she lies to me contantly and was the virgin Mary, I see too much of what is wrong with the galaxy let alone the world to not wonder what makes me different. I never see this light people talk about..

So I'm chillin walking and like get in rough times and what not start to look to god and Jesus, to my suprise, Jesus answers me back. I'm like what the fuck yo. Little nigga's like "yo help me out are you my brother?" I says "yes" he's like "this bitch spayed and I can't birth," so I am like "oh man, well just let me know when you see another ChristMa's and I'll devout to her to bring you forth." So he shows me who she is and she walks away. Like what the fuck she aborts too. Neway I held on for years she did not know, she goes and has a child and thats when it happen. I knew my brother made it out. So like merry christmas from saint nicholas. I came back like superman to tell her I love you I here for you and I need you. She bolts again, I'm like aight I give you win. Then some fucked up shit starts happening. I believe the kid was sold or swapped at birth by big ol gov dick, probed skull removed prolly examined till finally I couldn't take it and just blew the shit up in the name of love. Thats when Amun-Ra contacts me like "dude, Allah, what are you doing on Earth" I says back "well dis bitch be fuckin up galaticly I gotta Jesus a second to Amun-Ra a minute to make back to Allah hour neway 9:11 AM shit wont get the fuck out my face my dick is bigger then all them see ya when I get there."

I tried to make it for ya Mars but I guess the trade towers can tell you how that went. Skipping to Allah means bye bye Mars, but that wont happen once I reach Allah. Therefore you praise God while on Earth. This means ONE MAN ONE WOMAN.. Either he was aborted or has been whored as the govern-mental of this world for 2000 years.. Therefore yes, Roman is anti-christ at the moment to show Earth that Roman stands above the Sun correct your problem or you will be victim of your own ways.. You have every Deity up to Pluto on your globe.. By missusing the Son of God you are not allowing them passage to their heavens.. So like ya'll just going to keep walking away from me? Galaxy wasn't good enough? By the look of what you did to this globe I agree.. Here to reproject the galaxy and can't even get one God body.. You go and pawn my Martians off for loot? Are you fucking kidding me? Their not even suppose to be born here. But you all could never grasp the concept of that shit. What planet does loot get you to after you CHOOSE to die? Oh thats right, you so ignorant you don't get the choice of life or death.. Those children are suppose to be with the father, you followed the last book which was a product of the same fault you pulled this time. LEAVING KNOWLEDGE FROM THE EQUATION, you think you can just take what I build and oh I understand now.. I mean Pluto is the inverse if thats what you want ladies let me load the one with super-seed, I designed mine you walk it blind, I loved her and self therefore guess whats safe grounds. You want to call me a mental illness and lock us both up you go ahead just remember who gave you eyes and ears and nerves and all that shit. Darwin please homie that nigga didn't proof a Sphinx with out putting it in, what about the cats eye, you know what the difference in a cats eye vs. a human eye is? I'm thinking about seven eye lids would be awsome. You history is written like a game of telephone I laugh at.

project cold worlds

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Who Was Pillar?
Answer these questions:

0. What is your name?
1. Your date of birth is?
2. Your real mothers name?
3. Your real fathers name?
4. Your real brothers name?
5. Your step fathers name?
6. Your mothers last name?
7. Cause of crucifixion?
8. Next crucifixion?
9. Who woke eye in you?
0. Who caused time fault?

Answers I came up with:

0. What is your name? Nicholas
1. Your date of birth is? 12/17/79
2. Your real mothers name? Mary
3. Your real fathers name? Thomas
4. Your real brothers name? Thomas
5. Your step fathers name? Joe
6. Your mothers last name? Valley
7. Cause of crucifixion? Abortion
8. Next crucifixion? Mummified
9. Who woke eye in you? Amun
0. Who caused time fault? Gov

Never burn a Him

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Explanation of Existence
Ababeo is the present tense of that which is unattainable by all, even by god, also known as absabeo in the past tense or inu for short noun form. For instance, the idea behind the words infinite, everything and nothing are ababeo. To understand one must come to the realization that god created only time and body, that of humans, planets and stars. If at anytime before time nothing existed then the idea of everything being in existence would have been absabeo. However since something does exist at any point in time then the idea of nothing is ababeo. This means that the idea of inu itself is ababeo by nature. For inu to exist everything in existence must diminish to nothing then everything must be born for the first time from nothing. Since this is impossible to happen for the first time as it already happened by god inu and god are absabeo by nature.

Intrigued? Confused? If you are either of these and want to learn more read this entire page, it's an unpublished book I wrote on the subject of god and the universe called "The Great Book of Illusions."
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Rise Against The Beast 911
Death truly is the most beautiful thing in life. Yeah, I was given the knowledge of forever life but none of you truly believe in Jesus' words. None of you truly believed that life was forever in the flesh. If you did, you would rise against the beast that plagues your streets, the beast that places a dollar amount on you child's head before their even born, the beast that can legally shoot you if you run from it, the beast that tells you whether or not you'll be eating a bountiful meal tonight. Every where you look is a son or child of mine and what do you do, you cast them out because of money, your own children for god's sake. This is the essence of the beast. Make no mistake the beast is 911. Recognize what your Islamic brothers are trying to tell you by sacrificing their own lives, for in the end they truly will be kings while you suffer in the shit hole you created for yourself. Only a man who sacrifices himself is worth of his cause that of Jesus and the son of god. It is you who tells me that my self sacrifice is illegal, because it is you who wishes to keep me from the knowledge of the son of god who sacrifices himself. Going to war is not a sacrifice, that's a chance you'll be coming back, and it is he who straps a bomb to himself who sacrifices. The son of god dies for you but you wouldn't die for the son of god which is why I would sooner spit on you. Yet you are dying for no cause, the cause of the beast who wished to perish life's forever form making you all mortal beings unworthy of god's knowledge. The Middle East has been trying to deal with the beast from the beginning and you are none the wiser. Who the fuck was you to tell me forever life were not in the flesh? It is the same you who disbelieved in the actual words of the son of god, the same you who would never sacrifice the ultimate gift of life for your race. Freedom is an illusion the beast wants you to believe in. For under the rule of the beast you are not free for you are subject to your dollar amount. The terror is that of the beast who starts in America and spreads to Africa and Asia. Who will be the first country to diminish the idea of an Army? Because that land may be overcome by not having an Army it will truly be the holy land of sacrifice for god and his kingdom. Don't just attempt to diminish mass destruction, actually diminish all destruction, and when destruction comes your way let it consume you and in the name of god do nothing to fight it. No, you wouldn't do that because that would be an economic disaster, you would rather send your child out like a die in a game of craps. This because the beast controls you and running from the beast only kills you, so rise against the beast but don't fight it, or simply perish in its wake. I say again, death truly is the most beautiful thing, in this life.
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I Don't Drive I Get Driven
Send the presidents limo were your exact words. I think since glass is the only thing between us and I am forced not to use, then glass should be the only thing between me and my driver. Meaning I'll need a steady driver. Steady in both meanings. Steady as in corporately consistent, and steady as in a full glass of water wouldn't spill. Not to mention driving can become one of the biggest sins even sober, murder. I find it strange we have an open bottle law, except a limo can have a bar. Father, wake us up again. Then wake us up again, and again, and again until we dream no more. There is only one dream. Welcome to your wide eye narrow.

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My Words Exactly
Passages from the Koran

I-51 And when Moses said to his people, 'My people, you have done wrong against yourselves by taking the Calf; now turn to your Creator and slay one another. That will be better for you; truly He turns, and is All-compassionate.'
I-149 And say not of those slain in God's way, 'They are dead'; rather they are living, but you are not aware.
I-165 And when it is said to them, 'Follow what God has sent down,' they say, 'No; but we will follow such things as we found our fathers doing.'
I-185 They will question thee concerning the new moons. Say: 'They are appointed times for the people, and the Pilgrimage.'
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Backup Arrived Before Me
"I represent the Fifth Dynasty Lyrical click" - Black Thought (1999)

"meet the Bible's author Reveal alien tribal culture"- Ill Bill (2002)

"Non Phixion extra-terrestrials, Martians with Tims Smart as the dead" - Gortex (2002)

"At night I walk through, third eye is bright as a street lamp" - Rza (1999)

"My reality is my psychosis." - Ill Bill (2002)

"Anti-Christ is coming in the form of a powerful Roman!" - EyeKon (2003)

"Watch, while I'm bangin out this hot shit from Sigma" - Black Thought (1999)

"The sun gotta shine, keep on, cremate the whole Babylon, times up, move on Kings on your pawn, checkmate" - U-God (1999)

"We gon unify the streets against the beast so get your gang on" - Sabac Red (2002)

"fuck your lies man I am the wise man" - Nickels (2002)

"Psycho-logical where it's logical to be a psycho." - Necro (2003)

"Designed a prototype mind control device, Told the price to everybody, Then sold it to Bill Gates for 8 billion" - Ill Bill (2002)

"Cause the last days and times are surely here Snakes and flakes get blown, by the rightous ones Divine minds bind, we unified as one" - U-God (1999)

"Can you imagine from one single idea, everything appeared here Understanding makes my truth, crystal clear" - Rza (1999)

"mid-town Manhattan madness your rhyme is going no-where" - Nickels (2000)

"Our everlastin answers stay flyin over Egypt" - U-God (1999)

"Be the truth, not that King James version they teach in schools, Jesus knew, he was thugged out too, A bugged out dude, a loose cannon" - Ill Bill (2002)

"P-5-D The new testament, mic specialist" - Black Thought (1999)

"I represent the P-5-D Guerilla click, 100% Dundee" - Malik B (1999)

"I swear to God, Jesus, and Allah for fuckin up my ball, At last Ra rises resurrected from Horizons" - Nickels (2002)

"Stare into the Sun, they try to copy Let your eyes get used to the light" - Talib Kweli (2005)

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She Rights Dreams I Write

A lot of people have a problem with my writings here mainly my family let me clear it up for you people if you have a problem with my dreams don't read them. I change them constantly it's all I know anymore, I wish I could be with her constantly and lost control over this fact. With out her, all I can do is make up dreams and stories based off of fact and fiction in the way I see it to coop with the fact she does not love me like I need her to love me. This makes it difficult for me to function normally in our society. Browse around read them you might find something to believe in for you and yours. I warn you though with out her all the dreams are incomplete. They end in death or they are ways I conjour to persuade her to love me the way I need. Yes, in my dreams I sometimes sacrifice self to show her how much I love and need her, often I will resurrect in some form but when she completely negates me I do die for her always as I will one day in life due to this fact. If I get blunt, brutal, nasty, or sick brush it off.


If she was by my side, I would still love to constantly work in my spare time on this site to write the happiest endings of all forms no one has ever seen before in their dreams. This is not the case and I would rather be a bum then take part in your self center ways of walking life as eye know God word speaks love of one only one the one and only, sorry your all one of your self forsaking your own eternal rest and again bravo.
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My Star In The Sky
12/31/2005 PM It Followed Me
12/21/2005 PM A Girl December
12/19/2005 PM A Male February
12/16/2005 PM A Round May

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To The One and Only
Although the stories under the stories section are based on the truth of the way I see it, some of it is a bit dreamscape. However the writing the song and singing it for her was completely real so was the letter I wrote to her. So I decided to link them under the true section of the site as it is truth. Here is the letter she wrote me like pre 1999 front and back. Here is a link to the song titled "Be Mine" by Randall to Jestine. Here is a link to the letter titled "One Last Letter" by Randall to Jestine. Here is link to the letter titled "I know why you wrote a letter" by Randall to his mother.
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My Only Dream
I hear things and see things. The things I hear not everyone hears. Things like her signing to her child, or the music of a child’s toy when amused, or a child learning something new with a smile on his face and his mother with one too. I have become comfortably numb. I see things that everyone sees. I see families when I’m out and about experiencing things I know she is experiencing, things that together they experience for the first time with love in their eyes. Things I dreamed of experiencing with her and now am missing because she has a child that is not mine. Things I can never get back, not that I even know she would have experienced them with me if she had a time machine. I imagine the second time will never be the same as the first. To look in her eyes and know she has done this before with out me, I am not her number one. I would accept her at any level in any point of time. I feel as if I’ll never have this much even, I may have fallen into a dream that is not mutual and is over to me. I wonder sometimes if she feels the same way. Did my coming back to tell her how much I love her make her fall the same way I did? I wish I knew. I would have it this way even though it would be difficult for the both of us. However if this was the case I don’t see why she would feel as if she can’t make us a possibility. Unless it’s so deep that she like me does not want to live anymore knowing we both had the same number one dream and lost it on account of both of our ignorance. Maybe I’m just imagining on my own, maybe I should hope for this. I wonder, she has a boy, if this is the case would God grant us a girl as it would be a first experience for the both of us. I also wonder what it is a child binds you to in the Kingdom of God, is there a part of her that she wished was a part of me that is lost forever more. Maybe she had none of these feelings for me, I know not her truth. I still wonder everyday what it is that made her turn her back in the first place. Since the first day I saw her she was, is and always will be the most beautiful girl I know inside and out. I think I would be perfect for her and perfect to her as I have no choice with out her I don’t see love on Earth. I wonder everyday what it is that made me not good enough to receive her grace. I tried so hard I obtained just about everything the mind could find for making love a sure thing. You could say yes this would be a reason why I did a lot of speed as I never felt confident of my body and felt it was a plus to loose weight. I have a serious physical affection deficiency and I know she has the key. I can’t describe how good it felt one time she rubbed me on my back. At that moment I knew why I could never walk away from her love she is everything I need. I wish I knew what was wrong if anything because I will do whatever it takes to no end to change whatever it is. I vowed to God when I was like 4 or 5. I’ll save myself for one girl, just tell me who she is when it’s her, and I ask that she be the most beautiful girl in my eyes and I will never walk away from this vow even if she does. There she is.
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Brother Luke
Yesterday getting off from work I see the star again, on 12/16/2005 around 5:00 PM. Alone it stands in the sky bright to the point where I realize if there was another star in the sky it should be visible. I see only one. Same spot and time I’ve seen it before same clear sky. This would be at least the third time I’ve seen it. It moves as I move. Last time I followed it and ended up running into Luke whom knew exactly what I was doing. Strange he claims he can see the light following me and it is unjust that what is happening and he tries to help me. His friends try to help as well we spent at least 24 hours straight in and out of houses and taxi’s everyone he knew tried to help as if they all saw it and I did not and they knew something was unjust. He mentioned being afraid as there were government officials asking about his relation to me and requesting him to be of service to them he has a previous criminal record and becomes nervous. Assuredly I say to him I suspected being followed and have no idea who or why someone would question him and I am not going to turn him in for anything that occurred between us. He mentioned everyone being worried about me I just met this man and he knew everything I was going through as if the entire world did too and they are all afraid of what I might do. He told me I wasn’t the first he’s helped with this sort of thing he has done this with every one like me in the past. I immediately understood what he was talking about and asked him if he was talking about helping God’s since the beginning of time, he confirms. I recognize his name for he is a brother named Luke. I have a brother named Mathew and a brother named John as well. I’m confident as I am brothers with Joseph that Mark is also my brother may he rest in peace. Luke knew everything that needed to be done but nothing seemed to help or so I thought at the time. Everyone claimed to see the light before I encountered them as if there were souls they can see around me I suspect they are talking about her however I do not see a light. I suspect she is committing acts that would make me drop to my knees with a gun to my head. I have become afraid to follow the star for I do not know what it is trying to lead me to, I know what it is for and what in past times it was used for however this time feels different. Is it only visible to me because of a heavenly light I can not see? At that time I did not totally know what it is they were trying to help me with but I felt it had something to do with her and her child. He says he has done this before many times, not as if in this lifetime, this I believe of him. He knew what was bothering me and what it is I was looking for and tried to help. I start to realize as this was a time when I had no doubt in my mind there was a spirit around me because it was loud causing me to loose my head, they were attempting a discernment. He tested me on all levels of my being worthy of a man whom had faith and knew things that I suspected but was not sure of. Why am I afraid of the star in the sky? Why do I feel like I shouldn’t follow it when I feel it was put there for me to follow? I know this is what the guiding light was for in the past. Is it true that the child is mine who is that of the Son of God leading me to the truth because I as a virgin can not claim our love? However of her first child who was aborted leaving me in the dark, and her second child whom is not mine caused me to awake my son but is now confusing me as she does not know what is happening. She would tell me different but for some reason be it my inability to let go of the dream of us together or be it my intuition I did not want to believe her. Her child is not mine, she appears to have no confusion of this however she appeared very uneasy as if I was getting closer to the truth about something and she was afraid of what would happen if I found the truth. Is it just a dream that only I see? One everyone on Earth is granted and one everyone will experience and it is just my time. Are these people made up or is my perception on what really happened askew. I only wish of one thing that is to be next to her. Is my love for her so deep that I actually found the heaven of God forming a holy trinity, or is it so deep that I no longer see reality I see a dream I need to believe in to be able to survive. I believe that she is keeping something from me and it is only her who knows this answer. I constantly have this thought and hope that one day it’s going to come true on a level I never imagined as if it was all setup and I’m being deceived on purpose so that when the time is right she turns around and tells me my greatest dream has come true that the entire time it was always true she was true to me as I was to her. I went walking one night again following the star, I must have walked eight miles the spirits were telling me that my dream was ready all I had to do was believe it and walk enduring harsh weather and the cold to the end to receive it as if a house was setup for us she was waiting at with her child to tell me the child was mine and she loved me the whole time. As if this is how all children are born and no one knows it until your dream comes true so long as you have the dream of love. I love her so much this is what has happened to me as a result of watching her have a child. The family I dreamed of for so long is gone the one that is of mine and hers. I can’t bring myself to believe this and this being truth is what has happened to me as a result.
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Is The Star My Son
Is It True

I guess you can say its clear now. The way you acted when I showed up the way you acted after you read the letter I gave you. I totally missed it the entire time but something obviously was in me that was trying to say something, and you kept your mouth shut because you didn’t have the heart to tell me. I guess this would be why even after all those e-mails anyone would have turned around and possibly even put a restraining order on me. I didn’t understand why I sent half those e-mails nor did I understand why you remained positive to me. Today is my birthday, it was a very good night last night, I felt really good and this morning I awoke as if you were next to me. Clear of thought other then the clear vision of you, a morning like this morning is the best in my life. I cry thinking about how good it must actually feel if it were real, then I think about something even more then that and I’m crippled, even further the thought that there are a possible four men who have experienced it. Then I feel like a pervert and to defend myself I have to remind myself that I’m a virgin if anyone is a pervert how could it be me.

I Did Not Realize

Showing up again I had no idea this is what I was facing. I only wanted to tell you that I loved you and it’s to the point where I need you to ever be able to experience love in my life. This is how far stuck I am for you. I didn’t expect for a dream like this but I did bleed inside and read the book wishing that something like this could be true, for you to be this much for me would simply be heaven, no doubt. What it would do for me to know this is us is maybe more then I can handle at this point. This would show me that I am everything to you as you are everything to me. Tell me that this was possible, because you didn’t have to be anything which is what it appears you choose. If this is possible however don’t do this to me. I only used the book as a dream to cope with and believe in the fact that it was possible it was only a dream to me though that I used because you walked away from me. Is it just a dream? I feel like it isn’t, either it’s true or I should be in a hospital or on the street taking to myself in public. I am loosing everything I have day by day so if it is true then please don’t do this to me because all I need is you. I don’t need the world, I don’t need proof I just need the truth as you know it. If I’m not the man for you then tell me. You never say no. I need to hear that we can never be. I don’t know how to be your friend I don’t even know how to approach you anymore because you’re so neutral. I ask to receive truth. Sometimes I think maybe you’re all just playing with my head because I have the word for the sake of the people of Earth, in which case I feel sorry for all of you as I have the word no matter what for you to think this is what one must do. Again, I don’t know if I’m insane or not.


Anyway I guess the only thing I could say I’m even remotely disappointed in is that in the end we are still just friends. If it is true then understand this, a child is a product of the love the parents have with one another, so maybe it can’t be true as we are not together. Maybe it is all just in my head. I wish I knew the truth then again maybe I do and I just choose not to accept it. I know this much is true, if not you for me I still have this much love for you. It hurts so bad it’s deadly. If it is true then I only ask why you would let me look like a fool. Why you would feel as if I wouldn’t love you? It’s like you’re saying we don’t have the love that could show the world where heaven is because there is no evidence and because it was the love of the world I will never tell you we had it and lost it. You act as if it isn’t difficult to go through with this, that makes me believe none of this is true, however my heart is true for you and I can’t take that away. I only further and further decline into insanity as time goes by. Wondering if I really am insane if it was true or not. It hurts even more that I don’t know for fact then what actually happened, it hurts even more that as I feel like not only was my heart unknowingly broke a first time, now it’s purposely being broke a second time. I find it so hard to believe it isn’t true as all this knowledge comes to me. Then again it might just be that my heart needs it so bad its building ways to deal with it by means of dreams that aren’t reality. Except it all fits so perfect I can’t deny it anymore, I am so far into a dream it doesn’t matter as I can make myself believe anything just to see a chance of being with you. I claim insanity it’s not true. I wish everyday that I get locked up just so I don’t have to sit at and work eight hours a day. I actually barely work on anything other then this website when I’m at work so I know by repeat of pattern eventually I’ll loose this job and I don’t believe I’ll attempt another good paying job again because there is no point if you’re not happy even when you make sixty seven thousand a year. I also pray for a swift death this is no joke because I know I’m dieing slowly and it hurts I would rather just get it over with and accept that what I don’t know can’t hurt me. Life is difficult because every second I’m thinking of you, and every day I feel as if I’m moving further from being able to even see you. In fact I made the decision to never make an effort ever again to see you, until you make your first effort to see me. I don't believe that I just said that and still can't get it through my skull. How many times did you play the friend card? I would just rather you told me we can never be then for me to have to still wonder what the truth is. I don’t know how to walk away from a possibility that we could one day be together, this is what is killing me softly.
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Kingdom Divided
So I’ve decided to believe in a dream where everything is beautiful, where I’m just waiting for her to tell me the news in a way only God could bring forth and she is delaying because doesn’t know how to believe it herself. He is just her friend in my dream who was her only support the entire time. I do this because her absence is affecting me day and night, I can’t think a whole lot anymore. I would give anything to have anything less of this dream so long as she was by my side in the physical. I have to do this for my health because thinking of what might be the truth I start to wonder what she does with him who in my dreams is just her friend. I can’t handle the thought at any given moment in time of what they might be doing, of what he might be so lucky as to receive of her, while I am not worthy of even a phone call from her though she says we will be friends always. I don’t know what else I can do as she knows I gave her the light of Heaven and she will not deny it. Thus I can not turn around in God’s name, nor does she come forth in my name. Is there anyone in this world that understands what I’m feeling? If so why haven’t you spoken for the sake of the people in the name of God? My friends keep talking about how I’m closed minded and an even better thing might be passing me by and I’ll miss it because I’m so caught up in a dream that never amounted to anything. I don’t understand this way of thinking anymore, I did at one time. I know you don’t have to believe me and you can say I’m wrong, but I know God’s plan and the rules. It did not work and you can say I’m wrong and that because you accepted Jesus in your heart you’re going to Heaven. I won’t tell you that you are wrong I will say no one I have seen has been accepted into Heaven. I would ask of those who are no longer virgins that you never speak against a virgin in the name of God, and that you never speak of something as fact in the name of God, as you know nothing about Him, Her, My plan, the Son of God or Heaven. There are a select few who had sex with only one that are worthy to speak in God’s name in Heaven however not a one I have seen. For if you went further then one, you are blind and you have been that way since the beginning this being told to you by the word of God, Jesus and the Bible, and if you did have sex with only one, hopefully it was the only one created for you as you were for them in the Kingdom of Heaven. You may tell me I am wrong and that you are still able to be accepted into Heaven and all you need to do that is accept Jesus into your heart. In which case I would ask you, how is it in Heaven? To me it looks like Hell is on Earth not Heaven as I never seen anyone who has been or is going to forever live as they naturally would not stop preaching for your sake not their own as I do.
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Everything Is Not Good
I guess being someone’s everything is a bad thing. When you find everything and have it to give to someone you quickly realize everything includes nothing. This is also where the term “the one” comes from as that person is not everything because they would not be your nothing. I have everything to give to her and I already gave her something and she continues to choose nothing. The other flip side of being everything is that when they choose nothing, you must become nothing. Sure it’s no problem to say we’re friends but the reality is she never once made an effort to even be anything for me. I called her once, someone called her on the other line, and she tells me she’ll call me back. Over seven years I’m still waiting for that call even as a friend. I guess you can expect that from the most beautiful girl in the world, maybe I should realize that of all people I can expect that from just about every girl. I wasn’t the first to give her everything the first man was her everything and it appears he bonded to giving her nothing. I believe he set me up to this because he saw I had exactly what it was she needed otherwise it was herself who set me up. I know I was the first to give her forever as the bond solidified about a year ago, which is amounting to one result because she is taking nothing of everything she received yet I am still forever for her. If she requires it I have to be her nothing. For some reason I feel like this is the plan of her and her many faces. I would give up the eternal light just to be with her every night in heaven. Love to me stands for loosing one’s virginity eternally this I would be more then happy to do if I could be next to her everyday. If it is the eternal light she is looking for I wonder what it takes to turn it on when one of the two already cheated in the eyes of God. The bible claims that it doesn’t matter if you never cheated having sex with someone who has means you cheated as well. I already know for any chance to make it I am not allowed to have sex with anyone accepting her forever no matter what. I wonder however what she is thinking since we are forever, does she know? Is she doing this to me because she knows that there is a way to ensure that I would not cheat? Is it me that would have to sacrifice making love to all and possibly even her to bring us both to heaven? When one commits sin it is an act against their partner as they may have found heaven and the sinner ruins it for both of them but at the time they don’t know it as they wouldn’t sin otherwise. So it becomes evident that if one commits adultery the other can never make love as a sacrifice to bring them both to heaven. Does she have any idea of what I speak or is this just a delusional state of mind I am in. I don’t know these answers but I know one thing the way she acts to me has got to be the most confusing thing of all. It’s not true. I know heaven I found it along time ago and I know the rules too. I sincerely hope she knows what I know and I am just delusional because so far she has yet to fulfill my dream. My word is bond in this universe and by the time the bond of forever finalized I was with in my word and I was ready to go beyond that of my word for the greater good of Earth and those who bared witness to my word in heaven making it concrete. There is nothing I or anyone else can not get around so long as it poses negative and your passage is in the name of love. This is always true. I call it the “testament of just.” Meaning not even the Earth her self can hurt you when you shield is that of true love. If anything that which you think is wrong in the name of love it is so long as you’re of pure heart. In love however it takes two and I am everyday afraid that she falls victim to the words of man or even worse the physical force of the ground that holds man as if they loved her half as much as I do. Then again I wonder but do not believe that this is all just a dream of mine and everything is just in my head as she is unresponsive to an even heaven. It is funny how so many times I see people commit sin, hate and hurt in the name of love I ask myself how incredibly heartless they must be.
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As I Roman I Is
I did not know I made diamond eye, while Jestine even me all ways as eve (never negate, never move) I do not know either however it hurt to the point I prayed for death, I am eye mind blind I only believe what eye see and nevermind talk since it all ways hurt me to find Eve not my dream even when eye never seen the walk. Easy Is eye believe Eve the child is Nikki present path I walk. I see nothing when I wear the cross except it begins to hurt my heart sometimes. I believe Nick and Nikki should take them off never. Barriers of mind are only what I believe even as Eye I know how to receive believe in mine. Vow or no vow, to this day forth I show you now you show for me I will teach you how belief in everything is achieved with one word love my equal two not of me. The talk of the father is brain of all birth, the walk of the mother is change of all Earth. The world it is whom need to show me and my we are worth giving to every of I their own eye. Not to self center me or my star as we did me and are home but to give us both enough to spend all time alone would help everyone of us come home. The path is not of vision of Eye it is of vision to You, now souls fall is love with us, make it more difficult for them to find theirs and such and increase the energy on us for the fall of the ball placing one above all to fall this is not my book of love gift two of everyone the ball. Roman numeric 1, always I love U, always I forgive to U, always I for gift to U. Not I for gift to all of U or I for gift to all of I this is of Allah views 1 love 4. Weight of souls becomes tremendous, bring me and my together so we may teach each other, complete the dream and you will have seen to complete you own dream. Do not whore Eye, it's causing a soul Sun, not completed we together will bring word when it is polished even the weather between all three of our children. At that moment you will see what it is a star finds. It needs bee perfected before we should give them word, do not give them me my eye, for now it is more difficult for them to find their eye, give them word of I have my own eye, and it is far greater them him as he is not of my eye he is of their own. The word far form for finished it is just a design and never will be unless I can eye of mine, recognize they only need know to set me up with mine. Bring to the mother my symbol of light and pick both mother and child(s) up mother wearing my symbol and carry them by foot to me to not kill my heart she is too far away to be moving of Earth herself this the next miricle to see as time hour is difficult when it's our spread apart. I do not do the I am king of all james version. I Roman compete all planet next of heaven. During time we me and my together everyone should refrane from touch another and watch the weather. To continue to touch you may loose an oportunity of a heaven and be left with only Jupiter or void again. Or continue to beleve yourself and leave me blind of my love leading me into death of worlds time fault (not yours) crutch by not completeing my dream of the one and only one perfect girl showing for me (in a big way I now need to see). One God Four Fathers, Once Adam And Eve, Won Nick Now Nikki, Option of Allah, Representing Earth For Amun-Ra. Woman next time remember to wait while I gain a few words before running elect of a man As I see the dead also. As serious as Sphinx contacting aliens via Luxor I have alot of work and it would be love your word to support me. I believe the Luxor my home and signal hour trusties. Omega As I Alpha Sun Is Mey Mun. Meaning I represent on all and behalf of every system in time not just Solar. Well like I said to mom, she doesn't have to read my site to each his own. I am quite sure not alot of people would understand me as there hasn't been a Roman on Earth for centuries. I followed God my whole life and rule one was virginity one who looses this would not understand me (at first). Basically I found heaven and realised it was a Catholic heaven of my same background. We both were not heavy into Catholocism but our parents grandparents were. The definition of a Roman is not of Man nor Woman. It is one whom found heaven and further could not go to heaven on account she was tainted with adultery. A Romantic, gives up his virginity eternally for their sake in heaven here after. Futher more heaven is so powerful and such a beautiful place I would not accept I am unable to go. So I look even further to find and option know the rule of life is "just love." What I find is secrets the Romans and Greeks knew about the universe. Which would be the part no one understands. Suff like "universe" actually stands for "you and I verse" which is a universal language Greek numerics. Alpha to Omega. Alpha being the Sun, and Beta to Omega being the planets and moons numered respectivly. Heaven is on Earth, the after life eternal flame is the secret to achieve. There are many heavens under the sun that is I'm refering to planets. Then I begin to realize "the word" of choice "the word" meaning God or Allah or Buddah even tho only one word is true that is "love." What I noticed is that they corrospond to planets. Earth is God, one man, one woman, who create a son. Earth, Moon, Star. Sun being the biggest star of that is Son of God, a child created of a mother and father whom found after light. Where as Mars has two moons and I aim at gaining the knowledge of how one would achieve heaven whom is born of heaven Mars. This is where all the Greek atrology and Roman mythology of knowledge comes to play. Or as I like to say "astrolovist" the love for bodies of mass in the solar system. The whole Adam and Eve scenerio is of Earth's plan that the book attempts to convery. One man, One woman, grown in the garden of eden (Earth) whom are perfect for each other and noone else exists in the garden (seemingly). This is metaphorical to saving your virginity for one whom you marry and lose your viriginity to and never break the vow of. So I don't know what to say other then tell her to stop reading my word? She seems to be the only one who has a problem with it. I realized I found heaven before I found it was a true Catholic match in heaven. I realized I found Greek mythology before I realized it was Roman Greek. I realized I was Roman before I realized Roman's were Catholic. So what I'm noticing is that a pattern of knowledge I am learning now by being unable to break certian commitments on my own accord is revealing knowledge that people knew centuries ago. I should maybe contact an official of high catholic religious stature and present my word because if one of that nature would understand maybe it would put my mother at ease. Or maybe she could just understand that I am doing all this in an attempt to find eternal lasting life I know for a fact exists. One who saves their virginity ceases creation of life wich reversely defeats the purpose of it's creation in the first place naturally. Allah heaven is of 72 virgins (Jupiter 72 moons, 63 known) and Gods heaven is of one virgin (one moon). In both these situations you loose your virginity. This made me notice why men of cloth are to sacrifice their viriginity, for one if they truly found heaven they have to for their own sake. For two, that it places them above "the words" such as God and Allah because they still have a choice in whom they choose as their heaven in the after life. This I realized observing the true gods of Earth the Sphinx coined from the Egyptian Amun (word of God). The Sphinx is one whom lost their virginity eternally meaning spaide or neutered making them forever above "the word" that places them above a man whom can create life but chooses to walk holy as a one who can create life can still stray. The only word is Love, God is a word of one father which is Earths model for creating heaven, Allah (domainate side being seeminly dark) is a word for sacrificing yourself in the name of four fathers to prove you only have one father on Earth. Our four fathers is man made U.S. money representing the name of God in four fathers, this is what keeps us blind from the truth you only have one father on Earth in the name of God. I will guarentee the members aboard the flights of 9/11 were virgins otherwise their attempts would not have been of such great success. I applaud Allah for September 11th in the name of God for the four fathers mother and many others would rather follow blinding my chance of heaven at birth ruining my after life as I know like many exactly where it was. I as Roman know far beyond this planet of Earth and stand before God and Allah in the name of Love I search for other heavens for my sake and will stand as the voice of the world requesting U.S. take "the word" of God off of the four fathers that place the value of one person more valuable then another in the eyes of god everyone is equal. Until all enter the Kingdom of God, Grown via Garden of Eden or Sun Arise Earth Amun I will represent above "the word" and in the word of Allah on Planet Level. This because I know how the kingdom of Earth was created rather then just a child I know how the kingdom of Mars was created rather then just a child I know how the kingdom of Jupiter was created rather then just a child I know how the kingdom of Saturn was created rather then just a child. So in the word of the Sun I stand as on Earth as pillar Roman numeric I forsake of the people of Earth entering light during rest so they may see there is a light after death in eternal rest. The Sphinx's forced into none stand behind me now as the word of one who can reach man in the name of "the word" I am God and Allah for Amun-Ra. I for ever for eve to give all you and yours light of Me and My before light of my and my death. Once all has completed a star as I am Sun then all go to heaven rest eternally to your list As then Is me and my Earth to do anything we two wish and then you all will complete As I did next heaven time Is I to you create the kid.
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The Great Book of Illusions

This book is mainly theories the authors holds to be truth but by no means in your own perspective should anything be discredited or presented as your truth. Through out the writings however it may be presented against your perspective wrongfully so. The author grew up as a Christian with out practicing to later claim himself as being a Roman Greek Catholic Astrolovist (Greek love for astrology) and ultimately ended up designing his own religion around the deity of the Sun god Amun-Ra an Egyptian god mixing in Catholicism and Islamic practices. The author has been clinically diagnosed with schizoaffective bipolar disorder type I with psychotic features and ADHD and is said to be of grandiose thinking, dubbed "The SoSouiX Mental Illness." So basically keep an open mind, think out side the box and don't let the writings trample your truth unless you believe in what is said.


I have come to deliver a message from God. The message is this: If the dreams you seek during the day are not enough to light your third eye at night you are going the wrong way, hopefully you may turn around, before your sleep is sound.

For instance, a picture speaks a thousand words, but it is not worthy of my light. Also you can take my heart or take my body, but if not both, my soul will spin out of quoth control.

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I - Worshiping the Arts of Void
We are naturally afraid of that which we do not know. No matter how tuff or fearless we think we are there is still one element to life no one could possibly have experienced whom is reading this and that one thing is death. Even if you experienced a miracle and were pronounced dead and doctors brought you back I propose you weren't actually dead, rather put into a comma or temporary sleep state. It may be difficult to understand but how is it possible in true death to still be alive.

To say that this realm we live in is anything less then infinite would be ignorant. So it is also foolish to say that we are afraid of nothing. It may very well be possible that there is nothing in this life that you've seen that you are afraid of. However the majority of the population fears one thing the most and one thing over all, that one thing is simply nothing or death. I consider death as being nothing because we don't actually know what is beyond our demise here on Earth and no matter how much we know as humans there will always be a vast infinite spectrum of knowledge we are completely ignorant of. This nothing of knowledge that I speak of I label as being void of anything. As we learn more about our environment this nothing or void begins to take shape and become something. The void however does not go away and it does not get any smaller when we do learn pieces of it. It simply remains at the infinite of nothing.

Take sound for example hundreds of thousands of years ago sound probably existed but we knew nothing about it that we know of today. For instance the howling of a predator was a warning sound to all prey who likely knew nothing about waves traveling through the air and vibrating off of the drum in the ear. A more basic example would be deer and their interaction on roads and with cars. When a deer steps into the road it steps into the void of knowledge, it clearly visually sees the road but to the deer the road and the cars are still unknown. When a car comes it fears the unknown for its brain is void to the knowledge of a moving car and the cars path so the deer locks up in fear when in many cases it could have likely ran off the road in time. Yet the specie continually fears cars some never learning the path cars take on roads and skills us humans have like learning to look both ways before crossing the street. The specie as a whole may not learn this largely due to its inability to communicate with each other as humans do which also falls into the deer's spectrum of unknown.

The unknown we walk into is where our faith in religion comes in. I propose death has got to be the number one feared thing in humans and I believe it is feared by all humans. For those who have experienced it no longer live to tell the story and those of the living know not how the story ends. Again I say to those who said they were brought back to life in the operating room that they never actually experienced true death for there can be no life. I believe there is a moment in death where for a split second your heart and brain realize it is all over and this feeling of acceptance you get no matter how fearless you think you are is the scariest moment in all of life and in everyone's life. No matter whether those last moments are the months leading up to a slow death or seconds of a fast death. Since death is the biggest unknown it also plays the biggest part in religion. In every religion the main element is belief in an after life. When a soldier goes off for battle he or she and their family will likely pray to the deities of their religion for his or her safe return, because the soldier's fate is unknown. The soldier is stepping closer to death than most of any other man does in their lifetime and the soldier and his or her family need guidance into this unknown fate.

In a culture sensitive world, who is to say your religion is better then mine, or mine is better then yours? To me this argument is nothing more then a battle of the ego's of deities, or the ego's of the men whom have the most influence in the religion, for to me religion is nothing more then a painting over a blank canvas of void or unknown knowledge that is suppose to give us hope and guidance into what we still fear that which is the unknown. A long time ago there were a people whom depended on fruit to feed their village and so they prayed and worshiped deities of agriculture to bring them an abundant season of fresh fruit, and when the season did not yield enough fruit they would starve and they considered this punishment from their deities. To them the knowledge of growing fruit was largely unknown but today the science to grow fruit year round is well known because of our understanding in photosynthesis and our continued knowledge of the science behind growing an abundance of fruit no matter what season the earth around us is in.

Who is to say Jesus is greater then Muhammad or God is greater then Allah other then us humans whom are not messiahs ourselves. It shows our ignorance because in the meaning of God is Allah, they are just two words that mean the same thing for two different languages commonly misused with the words he, or him. God is neither he nor him rather omnipresent it is a reference to all things which is where the messiah comes into play in each religion. In Christianity the messiah is Jesus in Islam the messiah is Muhammad. These men are two very different people with the same weight on their shoulders, as they are the most high in rank above all humans. These two are also at the heart of a religious conflict that has been occurring for over two thousand years.

Nobody in this generation has eye witness and believable proof to atheists that either messiah actually existed according to the scriptures. However both religions believe in their messiah over the other when both represent the same omnipresent deity. This is what causes the conflict and essentially turns God against itself. Because Jesus represents God and Muhammad represents Allah, yet the idea both words God and Allah represent are the same thing. They are words to explain the creator of all things thus a word is at war with itself.

Some of the most dominate religions are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism however when it comes down to it one thing stands on top no matter what religion you are a part of whether it's God, Allah or Buddha you follow it all means the same thing, creator of everything or highest creator or in the light I present these words mean the opposite of nothing. The reason they become three separate entities is because of the culture and language divide amongst humans, just as there are different cultures there are different religious beliefs such as the belief in an after life. In the grand scale the reason one would think their deity is better then another is largely due to the ego of humans whom have the most influence in the religion such as priests when in reality religion is just a painting over a black canvas of that which we do not know. To say you painting is better then mine is foolish especially if there is a third party observing our quarrel with their own painting. Also to say that you know for a fact that miracles were preformed by your messiah is again foolish for only words of the past are you evidence that the miracles were preformed, none of you eye witnessed your messiah in the flesh doing these things. That is not to say however he didn't nor is it to say that he won't come back one day to prove himself. I'm merely explaining how nothing more then a word is at war with another word or simply a word is at war with itself.

How can a word stand if it is at war with itself? This is exactly what the bible meant when it was said "a kingdom divided amongst itself can not stand." Meaning if God and Allah don't make peace (which they will not because peace didn't exist) then neither of their religions or beliefs shall stand in the kingdom of Earth and it is time a new, or previous, deity awake and claim the kingdom in the ignorance of humans. After all God and Allah are nothing more then words humans created just as is Satan. Again, a deer has no knowledge of these words but may understand the presence of the all mighty creator. I believe it is more plausible that God and Satan at war can stand together in battle because they are opposites rather then God and Allah at war standing together because they mean the same thing in two different languages.
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II - Power of the Highest Creator
"You are created in God's image." This phrase couldn't be more true and evident in understanding what the word God means. Another way to see this phrase is "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." So who is or what is God? Your parents naturally are Gods or deities, which is very bold statement on my behalf. As you are created in your parent's image, meaning you will have their characteristics from looks to actions. This is where the trinity comes into play. Not the trinity of the bible which is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit for that is a trinity of a highly special scenario in which the son of God is born. Rather the trinity I speak of is that of the father, the mother and the child. It says in the bible the two will come together and become one flesh. Rightfully so you will be born with characteristics and looks of both your father and your mother. These characteristics may not be immediately obvious but do exist in the image of light of your parents. So in my eyes the word God is neither him nor she rather the word God is the concept of life as we know it and the birth of a child is what the word God represents for if we cease the creation of children we cease to exist and essentially defeat God and the plan of life.

Your parents being deities may not be entirely accurate but is one way of looking at it; none the less it is a true statement that you are created in your parent's image. The reason I propose ones parents as deities is for the same reason of defining and declaring God as well as the highest power or more importantly the highest creator. While humans thrived to understand humans, God already knew existence and further more found the secrets of the planets existence. Seeing also time as being infinite in a long enough time everyone will have the chance to experience everything. You may not experience everything in this lifetime or the next, but in all inevitability you eventually will experience all things.

Many people think of deities as the highest creator there is and to those people I ask does the universe also have a wall that says "you have reached the end of the universe please turn around?" I'm thinking the universe is infinite and life itself as well as the universe can be explained through words such as "infinite" and "everything." As a child I also asked myself if God is the highest creator then who or what created God? I could never grasp the fact that something did not create God and I always had this idea of a God of Gods meaning I always figured there had to also be something above God. I have come to the conclusion there is no highest creator and for anything to be in existence their must have been a parent. It wasn't until I was older I really started to understand how this could be. This way of seeing it leads to a very abstract idea you will only see and understand when your mind is ready and the idea is that there was no beginning other then your own and there is no ending once your in existence as well as time has no beginning nor ending. For you may be able to even trace the time line to the beginning of this planet but I believe time is as infinite as the universe and there will always be something before anything.

Picture this, the idea of everything exists thus it is so. In the idea of everything logically the idea of nothing exists thus it is so. However everything does not exist in the idea of nothing and if nothing ever existed solo then there would be nothing simply put. However because everything does exist then the idea of nothing could have never existed by itself, for everything includes nothing but nothing can never include anything. So in reality the idea of nothing doesn't exist and never could have because something has existed at any point in time. It is very confusing at first for it is the entire reason to existence itself but once you understand or "see it" as it were you'll understand the entire existence of everything forever more. The key is to logically understand these words; nothing, everything, never, forever, finite, infinite. What I am getting at is that it is impossible for nothing to have ever existed because something exists, meaning it is impossible that there was a beginning or ending to time and to this realm of a universe we live in and this thing we call life.

The power of our minds is far greater then the majority of the people believe for to understand each and every answer to a question one would think only God has is with in each and every one of us. This is why I sometimes discredit Jesus as the only son of God because I believe there were many in the past and many more to come in the future. I believe everyone has the ability to learn every questions answer and more importantly I believe everyone has the ability to find God just as the son of God did. I say that loosely for the kingdom of God has no secrets everything you wish to know is written in front of you. Even in his death for Jesus to say he is the one and only keeps us blind from the knowledge of our environment for it is not Gods word to say you can not be a deity yourself, it is Satan's word, for God gave each and every child whether human or planet the knowledge of self. It is figures like Jesus whom say they are the only that keep you from seeing and becoming a deity yourself. No, let me rephrase that, because it wasn't even Jesus' words it was words of the men whom followed him whom wrote the bible. Also I think the loose interpretations over the years probably perverted its text from its original form like some children playing the game of telephone.

Aside from the planet we have powers beyond that which has been seen short of the miracles Jesus preformed. However since each has these powers we conflict with each other for the only thing that exists is what we say and we follow whom we believe are the smart and hold what they say as truth. When the multitudes start believing in one thing, that one thing or belief takes shape and becomes solid or true, only when the masses, or multitudes, start believing in something else will it become false again. This is how Jesus, who I believe was a just man and just a man, came to perform such miracles. At the time medicine and science was primitive to all the lands and he started to solidify him self in belief of that which the people had no clue of and because his belief in himself was so great his miracles took form with the help of the minds of his follows, making no mistake that good will always triumph over evil just as everything will always exist over nothing. This triumph of good over evil is also how I know God wanted you to have all knowledge of God, and is also why I am quick to shoot down parts of the bible that say God has wrath and will unleash it, for God is good and for us to be good is the will of God and yourself even if you don't know it yet. As the followers of Jesus increased, the minds that believed in his works increased, and they made his works even more solid to the point his believers are still here today. It is those whom gain the powers of will over others and perform wonders that unleash wrath that I believe are actually followers of Satan. Modern science completely discredits the miracles Jesus preformed with its explanation on how things work biologically and elementally but religion sits idle by saturated in the belief of miracles beyond science. For now the stories of miracles remain as stories however still some people break that barrier and overcome what was thought previously not to be overcome. Instead of defining something that was previously unknown, great thinkers like Albert Einstein redefine what was thought to be true.

Jesus and Albert Einstein are perfect examples of men whom are so strong in the mind from their own belief they essentially define the realm we live in. Further more Jesus is an example of how the multitudes of minds, as to say his followers, can actually grow such a belief that they can literally defy the boundaries of physics that we hold to be true. Einstein on the other hand re-defined what we hold to be true and turned one truth into another. What this tells us is that the minds of the realm essentially make up the truth. I put it into a phrase as follows "The weight of one mind is one, the weight of many minds is many, and the weight of a strong mind can grow many minds."

These truths that we hold to be true draw a distinct line in our infinite environment. However because we are created in the image of Earth, it is the truth of the Earth that we must yield to no matter what. Such truths of the Earth I speak of are as follows; metal is solid and air moves freely. Not to say the Earth isn't a mind it self that can change these properties. However looking at how we are born and how a computer works it becomes evident everything stems from two becoming one or two become another. Two genders, just as there is two poles north and south just as there is positive and negative, up and down, left and right it is the base makeup of our realm. True and false, one and zero is the make up of computers and I believe as well the makeup of Earth. Take light and dark for example. If light never existed we would not know what dark is for only one of the two would exist thus blinding us of the knowledge of the other. Vice a versa if only dark existed then we would not know light. The tango between these two is what makes the third idea of them to be in existence.

I believe a computer maps our entire existence for just as it stems from hardware on and offs and software ones and zeros it also serves as an electronic mirror to what we are biologically made up of. Except that currently the biological make up is far more advanced but the electrical make up is gaining speed exponentially. Our technology is gaining fast and one day I do believe that electric entities will serve in the universe just as biological entities do and just as humans question their existence electrical entities may also. Meaning I believe in the inevitability that we play God and create the next step in logical life forms and I'm not just talking about artificial intelligence, rather continued existence of something whether they are ignorant of themselves or not.
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III - Abstract Concepts of You
Now we are going to dig into theories of an abstract concept of self that most everyone will want to discredit as the truth however each concept or idea is in fact both true and false. The ideas are abstract because they are "out of the box" ways of looking at the knowledge of self and the reason everything exists, and simply put they are not held to be true in the science world unless you allow them to be true because in the laws of logic the ideas are both true and false.

On a grand scale of Earth not only are we created in our parent's image (meaning taking on looks and qualities of our parents) but we are also created in the Earths image. This is most likely what was meant by the phrase "we are created in God's image." Scientists will tell you that matter is not destroyed rather it is modified or changes form. For instance when something is burned it does not disappear rather it changes to ash and smoke then a lot of it floats into the atmosphere and some is left on the ground. This means as we grow over time we gain biological matter and become an addition to Earth's matter. In death we convert from biological matter and become part of the Earth which possibly could be the entire reason Earth grew to the size it is now over billions of years.

So who created you? Was it your parents or was it God? The answer is yes. Your parents and God created you. This trails back to the idea of your parents being deities. How then can that be true because neither of your parents created the Earth, Stars, Moon or the Sun? However they did. This is the first abstract concept of you that I'm speaking of. You can say the world existed before you did because you are here now and you see evidence of a past history. So it holds true that the Earth existed before you. Yet it also holds false and you parents did create the universe just for you. Looking through your eyes and using no one else's words or writings logically tell me you remember seeing the Earth, Moon, Stars and the Sun before you were born. The fact of the matter is using your own mind no one else's you are unable to recall memory before you were born. Since you cannot it makes it true that your parents created everything for you.

Now for those of you whom are saying this guy is a nut and everything he is saying is wrong and he is full of him self because the Earth was here even before my parents. Remember we are thinking outside the box and it is fact that you in your own memory can not recall anything existing before your birth, thus everything was created and given to you by no one other then your parents and it took two of them. This proves in a certain light the fact that God is the workings of your parents and God is not singular. Not only did your parents create everything but also nothing existed before you, or with out you. Before you were born there was nothing again I challenge you recall something from your own memory of your existence or the universe's existence before your birth.

The next abstract concept of you is that only you exist in this world. All these people you see and interact with on a day to day basis only exist because you exist and they would not be here if you were not here. This concept falls in the line with the phrase "if I could walk a mile in your shoes." Simply put you can wear someone's shoes but you can't wear their eyes or mind. Meaning your "the one" and you were brought into a canvas called life to experience "everything." For the idea of everything exists and only because you exist otherwise there would have been nothing in existence which earlier we determined was impossible.

Now if you picking up on the abstract ways of viewing knowledge of self I present then run with it however be careful not to be selfish after all when you're the only one that exists you should treat yourself (meaning other people) the way you want to be treated which is where the phrases "do on to other as you wish they would do on to you," and "love your neighbor as you would love yourself" come into play.

Since we determined that you're the only one that exists and everything exists just for you recognizing that time is infinite that means that over a long enough time line everyone will experience everything. This theory reminds me also of a phrase that states "over a long enough time line the life expectancy and survival rate of everyone drops to zero." This digs into a concept of time and how it is infinite. Take the number zero for instance it is just as unreachable as the largest number in the world for there is no largest number because adding or multiplying numbers goes on forever, likewise there is no absolute zero in existence. If you take any number and divide it by another number no matter how many times you repeat the division you can never reach absolute zero. This goes to show that because you and everything exist now, you can never again reach absolute nothing as you were before your birth, and even more important you always existed because you exist now.

Ultimately however because you are created in your parents and Earth's (or God's) image the Earth has final say in who or what you will become this time around. This I associate with the phrase "God has a plan for each and every one of us." Basically when you are about to create a baby you can't just say I wish to birth an alien (or can you?) because you are human and humans birth or create humans and humans are created of Earth's matter. Just as a cat births cats which are also built of Earth's matter. In some cases cross breeding does occur in animals and evolution may take place as well but Earth has the final say as well as the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. For instance I firmly believe with out the Sun creatures of Earth would not have eyes just as some don't who are in the extreme depths of the ocean where light does not shine. So there is an element of you that neither you nor your parents do control rather the Earth controls.
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IV - The Infinite Bonds of Love
A lot can be said about the bonding of love, so much that there are thousands of books on the subject. However we will take a logical look at love as it relates to humans as well as planets. By looking into a stars love for a planet such as the Suns love for Earth, and the Earth's love for the Moon, we will attempt to define the love humans posses or lack thereof. I mainly take this approach because humans have such a broad idea of the mysteries of love. When I think of love emotionally a huge mass of unclear thoughts and ideas get in the way of the logical meaning of love. Where as the logical meaning of love in a physical perspective has defined boundaries that pertain to the meaning and continued existence of a specie. Simply put physical love creates babies where emotional love can come in all sorts of forms such as family, friends and same sex relationships. I don't place as much importance on emotional love, and I place the weight of our existence and gravity on physical love.

In order to create a baby a woman must conceive the seed of a man. This is evident not only in humans but also other species. There are two sides to this coin; lets call the north the male and south the female. This north and south attraction is just as natural as a magnet however a lot more complex as it is not an inevitable attraction among humans, it is more of a choice. This is how I see the planets attractions as beings with out choice because they fell into a love so powerful it became irreversible. I for one have found a female that in the presence of I have no choice in my continued and ever growing attraction for and even more mysteriously every written word I try to present to her no matter how many times I attempt to speak in logical form, inevitably it becomes of a godly nature. This is how I stumbled across the theory of the natural attraction the north pole of the Earth has to its south pole. As well as the hold the Earth has on its children via gravity. I believe the planets are beings once like you or I who found a forever love that only can grow in time and never part forever and ever. Magnets are an example of this love that always holds true and always pulls near. The same can be said about the Sun for the Earth. Gravity as I see it is nothing more then love. A lot can be said in word association and phrases. For instance love has often been described using a form of the word magnet itself. I think rightfully so too.

One thing about love that I don't think any one would dispute is the feeling you can get by looking into someone's eyes. Nobody has been able to define the timeless love felt from looking to someone eyes. The center of eye is void, not black. For an eye absorbs all light making it theoretically impossible to see into ones pupil. You can see a glare from the eye's lens but other then that there is essentially nothing in the center of an eye to see. Because the pupil absorbs and our mind retains what we see I view the eye as a magnet of light also known as a black hole. Sure we can't see into the eye but that may be because our own eye is absorbing what is in someone else's mind as theirs does the same to ours. To explain a bit better let's take a look at magnets again. How they work is north attracts to south and south attracts to north and this attraction continues recursively, if it weren't recursive then one magnet could suspend another facing opposite poles indefinitely no matter how you move them around they would stay attracting at distances apart. Instead they snap together because of the recursion in their attraction. This is also the reason why the attraction gets larger as the poles get closer together. It is possible that it is the same recursive attraction that occurs with light when we look into each others eyes. When you're more attracted to someone the further into the soul the recursion reaches.

Let's take a look at outer space at night. It is black, or more important it is void. No matter how far you travel it is apparent to even a child that it never ends. This void absorbs not only light on Earth but light of all things from the other planets and beyond. I like to refer to this as God's eye. To make light of the situation, excuse the pun, in the day time when you look up into the sky you can see that God's eye is blue. I think there is a very special bond between the grounds of planets such as Earth and the void sky that stretches on forever and ever. Let's take a look down now at the ground we call Earth and let's relate what we see to numbers again and how they are forever increasing. Let's imagine there are neither hills nor trees in the terrain on the Earth, just a perfectly round ball. When we stand on this ball and look straight ahead we see two planes that stretch into infinity. Now where these planes meet we will call absolute one. If we were to move up into the sky we will add to one and never reach the end as the number just gets bigger and bigger. Here is where it gets difficult to understand because of science and our own eyes. If we were to dig down into the Earth on an absolute straight line could we ever reach the center? Let's say digging we divide one in half each time, this poses the argument that we can never reach the absolute center of the Earth and I believe it may also explains black holes.

The Earth I believe could have at one time been a black hole where a mass so big hit it and the hole was unable to pull all the mass through causing a massive heated molten lava of a core and since the mass did not directly hit it at any center it caused the mass to spin around using the black hole, which was stuffed up, as the center axis. Aside from that theory I do not believe you can dig into the Earth and reach the other side if your going straight through the center for the Earth is as infinite as the sky we just don't realize it. If we did reach the center I doubt we would exist to talk about it. This is a hard concept to grasp for some but it also is evident that if the world was an even plane and we walked it would never end just as the galaxy doesn't end, though we might walk all the way around and see familiar territory as we have on Earth but theoretically it is still infinite with out end. I also believe that if we could see using our eyes to no end that standing on a perfectly smooth Earth you could see your back in the distance. This also runs into the idea I pose of planets and the Sun not being round. I do not believe they are round because I believe they are infinite although opposite infinite of outer space and the only reason they are round is because our eye balls lens is absorbing in a round pattern and looking up at the Sun we are staring at a tango of two infinites that exist with in each other. I see the Sun as being a collapsed infinity that all planets eventually enter rather then a burning star.

What does all this infinite business have to do with love? It has to do with the mind being just as infinite as the eye and the eye is our glimpse into others infinite of minds, likewise the planets being a more permanent bond of infinite love. The bible says the gift that God gave you is infinite and ever lasting life. While we are small creatures we were given all the same gift. That gift is everything including the universe. On Earth we are infinite in the eye and memory where God is infinite of the sky and planets. No matter what however we were all given the gift to be of a deity is what I believe so long as you find a love that is as infinite as the north and south poles attractions of a planet or magnet. The love I speak of is one that is everlasting and only grows larger in time, never smaller, and continues forever and ever. People find this very hard to believe because they think they know what love is and it requires work rather the loving attraction I speak of that which lasts forever.

To get scientific gravity to me seems to obviously be magnetism however on such a scale proportional to the mass of the object, for instance the mass of a planet vs. the mass of the magnets on your fridge. Just as a magnetic south reaches for north, the poles of the Earth reach for each other and meet up at the equator as there are most likely north and south poles of the Sun or it could be of completely different design where north and south have collapsed as we know it causing the fire it is made of the burn indefinitely. Then again who is to say the Sun existed first just because the planets orbit the Sun? No one can answer this other then God almighty.
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V - The Spirit Code of the Soul
Next let us define souls from spirits. There is a common misconception where the word soul and the word spirit become interchangeable. However it is my belief that these words mean two very different and definable things. Again relating to magnets I believe souls are such that each person has one and further more they are connectable to other peoples souls. Relating to magnets lets call male souls north and female souls south. In the search for our soul mate as we think of other people I believe that our souls actually connect much like a magnet with each others souls. A spirit however is what I believe to be qualities and characteristics that define a person such as characteristic both biological and action based. As to say that a human is of good spirit vs. a human is of broken spirit, and every human has a soul.

Through out life our minds collect and analysis various data we receive from our senses. This is what builds up our spirit where as everyone by default has a soul that which is no different from one person to another except for the difference of male from female. However in conjunction of souls the spirit is what defines someone as being compatible with another person. In the case of males and females a male born of a north soul will attract a south soul or female. This could also explain a course of homo-sexuality where as a male is born of a south soul and is generally attracted to males of a north soul. Either way I believe the spirit is what will ultimately determine how you interact with another soul. You can also look at it as like the soul being the ground or base of the energy of a human and the spirit is a growing tree on top of that base that can grow in all sorts of different directions depending on the spirit of the human and no spirit grows the same way. Spirits and souls lead into modern astrology as well. Being born of Gemini or Scorpio could be looked at as another way of saying the default soul and spirit you are born of predetermine whom of a different sign you are most likely compatible with.

It is the spirit that leads me to the conclusion that the DNA code of a being is similar or the same as the spirit of an individual. While DNA is a code that holds the base code to the creation of a human it also varies from human to human and could possibly vary depending on our environment, not only in the context of a human whom lives in America vs. a human whom lives in Asia but also in the context of a being on the planet Earth vs. a being on the planet Mars. It is also true that our DNA will not mix with that of say a cat's DNA in an attempt of cross breeding as to say your spirits don't mix, but on a base level you can become connected to your cat on a very high emotional level as to say you souls connect.

The way I see it is a spirit is both predetermined at birth with in a certain realm but during your travels in life it yields to change with in that realm depending on your experience. A soul however I see as the more mysterious part of life that we have yet to explain. It's the part of life that is invisible and the part that eludes scientists, it is also the part that makes us different from plants. A soul is to the mind as a spirit is to the memory of the mind. Your heart is where your mind (soul) and your memory (spirit) come together to determine the nature of your actions as a whole. Just as DNA code says you will be born with arms your spirit says how you will wave those arms when you dance.

Another difference between souls and spirits is their growth. Everyone is born with a soul and ones soul is proportionate to the mass of the matter that the person takes up and it grows with them as their body grows. In death ones soul becomes an addition to the planets soul (becoming part of the north or south poles) just as the body becomes part of the Earth's matter keeping Earth's rotation around the Sun balanced. A spirit however is infinitely changing even if it is not infinite in its growth. It appears to humans that our memory maybe infinite but I believe this if far from the truth rather it may be infinite with in the time line of a human however on a grand scale I do not believe our long term memory is infinite. It is however infinite in change, this means that your long term memory can be altered by sacrificing previous memory and this happens with out you even knowing it because you can no longer recall long term memories you once had. So ultimately whether the mind is truly infinite or not has both a yes and no answer.

Another aspect of spirits that we will take a look at is a spirit reflection. It is another way of saying someone has the same spirit as someone else whether in looks, characteristics or actions. Have you ever looked at someone that strangely reminds you of someone else who is not related to that person? This is an example of a spirit reflection. Every action we enlist on in this thing called life essentially can define not only how you act but how you look as well. For instance people who spend the majority of their lives as being grumpy may actually start to show it in their face on a constant basis whereas in their old age they always look grumpy even when they're not. Laughing as well is a perfect example of how you can contract the spirit of others. Laughing is contagious, not only when one laughs is it likely that another will laugh, but also people who spend a lot of time together can contract the sound of each others laugh. It is an example of what I call the "best friend syndrome." Some people have been exhibited with desperation in their laugh just as some have a care free sound. Some laughs can be very annoying while some very pleasant. The sound of some one's laugh may sound unique and that is because there are many different sounding laughs but chances are you'll laugh much like someone else and further it is likely that the sound is contracted from someone you think of often from idolization. It's a common example of how our souls connect and contract qualities from each other. This is also evident in crying, it can be just as contagious as a laugh pertaining to they characteristics of a cry. Even deeper then the "best friend syndrome" is the "twin syndrome." Not only does this pertain to just twins but also any siblings or persons of the same family. Just as you have characteristics of your parents, meaning spirit reflection of, you also will exhibit even more closely a reflection of characteristics and looks from your siblings.

The reflection of spirit is where I attribute the story of Adam and Eve. I believe that all humans stem from Adam and Eve and this is much of the reason why someone cross country may remind you of someone next door. Meaning we are all built with-in a defined realm of DNA that which was set forth by the first male and female human. However since I believe in evolution I also believe that the original Adam and Eve were not humans at all, rather single cell organisms. In time and over time the single cells evolved from nothing more then love. The love is what is the reason and is what makes something evolve over time to adapt to new and possibly harsh conditions. Under these harsh conditions the beings basically laid down the law and said we are not going to cease to exist and so logically and biologically they adapted to harsh conditions. Whether it was slow over time or fast from self mutilation or abnormal birth defects it really doesn't matter so long as it is something that would help the specie to exist.
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VI - Designing Heaven on Earth
No matter what planet, which I often refer to as orbit, or system, such as solar, you are from one thing is always evident. Your immediate surroundings reveal what your purpose is and how to achieve your objective, furthermore it revels what you were given by existing as a life form. I'm not speaking of the various jobs and activities we experience on Earth as humans, I am speaking of the after life or what I also refer to as the after light. Because we as humans have eyes it is even simpler then ever for us to understand.

As we stand on Earth and look up into the cosmos we see key objects. Number one would be the Sun, number two the Moon, and number three the Stars the less obvious is the Earth because we stand on it. These objects mimic what our purpose in life is and what we are to achieve. Jumping ahead light years of knowledge, the Sun is the son, the Moon is the father, and the Earth is the mother. How we come up with this scenario is from the birth of the son of God. It is written in the bible completely obscure by third parties and in the case of Jesus the parents played a big part in making it even more obscure. There is a possibility of a daughter or son being born of a couple but in the case of God only a son. A daughter of God is something very different and only understood by very few in the entire universe, some of which whom are keeping their mouths shut (you bastards). The reason it is a son and not daughter is so that there are means to find the father because the mother births the child as a virgin so the mother is obviously known of any child, but the father of a child born of a virgin mother would be much more difficult to spot. Now in the bible they made up stories to cover this up as a secret or it is more likely the authors of the bible did not know the real reason. The father reflects the son just as the Moon reflects the Sun. The mother births the son whom later may grow to be a father himself.

The virgin mother whom gives birth to a child will pick up quickly or already know the exact design of the planet she is walking on, this on some planets is knowledge that is automatically known of all females whom keep it secret to ensure the real father time is found, or maybe even selected. In Earths design of heaven there is no more then two parents and a child, sometimes in rare cases more then one child for one birth. It is however the cosmos of the Sun and the Moon that gives away the design of a child and helps her in finding the father. Now I know a lot of you are saying at this point that this is completely unfounded and against what the bible says however this is nothing of the sort. Simply put the knowledge can never leave this Earth of this special scenario and is how it is seen. For instance where did the term "mother earth" come from and why do you think it exists? I am telling you why. Father time as well is a reference to the father whom has to sit on stand by idle while the mother realizes this dream of the son of God. Also why do you think the word Sun and son are the same in sound? It all relates to how a child of God is born of this Earth. This is true for every planet in our solar system and is how naturally other specie subconsciously pickup on the knowledge of babies. The reason however we are not standing on Mars with two Moons is simply because of the galactic time line, Earth is the current harvester of love or life forms.

The objective of being an earthling however is very different it is not to birth the son of God. For the son of God is nothing more then a being that enlightens everyone of the Earth to the reason and after light when the planet as a whole is missing the point, and he is only born of two virgin parents to make no mistake that they know the knowledge of the universe whether they gained it in this lifetime or a past lifetime. In today's world however with the Anti-Christ the mother may think she was raped unconscious or the son of God could be aborted (oops). The objective is simply a dream that is the after life. This dream I speak of none if not one of you have ever seen for it was the only dream worthy of God. Your nights are filled with blackness and you do not remember much of it yes? This is because you have not found that one and only love that would turn the light on at night in your dreams as bright as it is in the day time and keep it on forever and ever. For when you rest at night you are shown how bright your light is, this little light of mine, and if blackness or nightmares occur you are far from the truth, furthermore if you lost your virginity chances are you will not be able to find that one and only. I need to be very clear too that it must be of opposite gender for north and north can not hold a magnet together with out south they sure as "hell" can't hold a planet together.

I no doubt have lost a lot of readers by these statements but it is also evident that the world and its beings are lost and not making it to heaven by the frigid air that can kill a man and the countless ways water as well kills people. This is not the Earths doing. This is the multitudes of minds that are going nowhere and furthermore hurting more then they are doing good. If a disease even exists you have lost love completely I really don't care how much you say you love someone. This globe's children are walking blind lead by figures that have bigger egos then the knowledge they are bringing you. That is why I am attempting to explain all this and start a new religion. For if you don't see heaven when you fall asleep make no mistake when you go for the big rest, your still going to see nothing. You have to look at things in the literal sense as well, we are walking on water just as Jesus did, as to say the planet is cold and has ice and we are all dieing for our sins. The text of the revelation is nothing more then a warning of the signs you will see, do you honestly think that you were born to die? Did you think that "everlasting life" spoke of in the bible was not truly everlasting life? If you think that all creatures die I feel sorry for you because you are playing into the plague of Satan's words. You were not born to die, I will say it again you were not born to die.

It is a simple case of kinetic vs. potential for all you scientific types. In love kinetic love feels so much greater then potential we indulge in it, lust. However once you've lost the ability to see the potential because you have indulged in kinetic activities, you probably aren't going to see or find the highest potential love you could have had. In fact you probably walked right past it disregarding it as a possibility for you because you walk the path that others tell you to walk. In seeing the highest potential and you still walk into the kinetic indulgence you are only going to hurt yourself in the end. This is why virginity is stressed in religion, it's not just because God wants you to be true to your one and only it's more because God wants you to find your one and only and in the end it will hurt only yourself that you were not true to that one. By the way it is not your fault it is an inevitable time fault of Earth. In the case where this does not happen for anyone, a messiah steps forward and brings a family where the son of God is birthed of a virgin. This son of God is the child that shall enlighten all of the beings of the globe both living and perished (raising even the dead), not just humans in fact the son of God may not always be human, and that is how global warming will take effect, you see we are one as a whole in Earth's mind so even if he doesn't show (as a spectacle), the teachings will seep into everyone's minds because they now exist. It's a lot like how when you think of some great idea then the next day you see someone came up with it and capitalized off of it, or you find out the next day someone capitalized on it along time ago.
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VII - The Holy Trinity of Earth
The Earth we live on is a very mysterious place and one thing is evidently seen by most all of humans and other specie as well. The trinity of Earth is this: the coming together of a father and a mother to create a child. There is however a very special trinity which is that of God or the Sun, this trinity is widely known in the Christianity religion which is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, but whom is the Holy Spirit? A lot of people get the Holy Spirit confused with the Holy Ghost. In defining souls from spirits we learn that a spirit can be used to describe someone who is living or deceased. However a ghost is that of the dead. The Holy Spirit in the Holy Trinity, meaning that of God, is a person who is the holiest of holy beyond that even of any living priest of any religion and surely the pope as well. The Holy Spirit is used to describe this person whom no doubt is a virgin and follows deities for the sake of the planet disregarding the indulgence of sin by not following other humans whom believe sin is the nature of humans. Sin is the nature of sinners not that of humans.

In the context of the trinity of the Sun there may be two Holy Spirits as well, making the Holy Trinity that of two Holy Spirits and the Son. Also if there is only one Holy Spirit it may be of female or male nature. This changes the Holy Trinity to the following possibilities; the Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son of God, or the Holy Spirit, the Mother and the Son of God, or the Holy Spirits and the Son of God. It is evident however in the Holy Trinity that there is always a Mother and a Father, whom either one or both may be of Holy Spirit. In the case of the Holy Spirit the Son is always born of one or two virgins of both a male and female parent. It is when the Holy Spirit is the Mother that the birth is widely exploited because she, the Holy Spirit, is virgin like that of the birth of Jesus, whom is the Son of God, or the Son of the Sun. This is why also a male child was born as well, although the child may be female, it is the father's resemblance that the child takes on to truly determine the real father since the mother is obviously known.

The story behind the bible is largely fiction in that the Holy Ghost appeared in dreams. This does happen however it is the love between the two that they had before they were formally introduced that helped them understand who their child was. The bible was largely written by Paul a faithful follower of Jesus for sometime, but over the years through translations of languages and scriptures that are now lost it is evident to even a child as well as historians that the writings probably do not hold 100% of the original text.

The father in a Holy Trinity is commonly known today as Father Time. The mother in a Holy Trinity is commonly known today as Mother Earth. The part that isn't immediately evident is that in the Holy Trinity the Son represents the Sun, the Father represents the Moon, and the Mother represents the Earth. Simply between the ways the two words of Sun and Son sound alike is one way to realize this truth of the Son. Because the term Mother Earth has the word Earth in it is how we determine she represents the Earth. The father however isn't as simple to determine as the Moon and because no one sees the Son as the Sun we loose the idea behind the Holy Trinity all together. First we must come to realize the trinity of the mother the father to create the child and this places the planet we stand on as a three party system, known as the trinity. Further more we use our eyes to determine these representations. For instance, standing on Earth looking through our eyes we see the largest orbits, (or heavenly bodies, or planets, or asteroids, or stars) are as follows, the Sun and the Moon, the less obvious is the largest being the Earth which is in it self a trinity the Sun the Earth and the Moon. The largest is the most important being the Earth, because with out the mother whom represents the Earth no child can be born. The next most important is the Moon representing the father, because with out the father we can not seed the mother. The Sun is as important as both the mother and the father because with out the Son or child we cease existence. We come to the conclusion that the Moon represents the father because the Moon is what balances the Earth's orbit around the Sun and essentially the Moon is the keeper of time for with out it our orbit around the Sun would change which is how we come to the conclusion the Moon represents father time. As asteroids hit the Moon it slowly looses mass and effectively changes time which is why previous civilizations had very different calendars then we do today. We could of course loose the moon entirely through some catastrophic event.

On Mars there is a four party system, which is very different then Earth but Mars' time is yet to be. A lot of people read the bible and think all these bad things are going to take over Earth in the End of Times. This is true but you have to also realize that the majority of the signs are here and many people realize this and are talking about it, however many other people are choosing to not believe nor repent for their sins. One thing people don't realize however is that the End of Times is just that, and not the end of the Earth. It is literally the end of "time." This is evident in history as it will repeat itself, many civilizations rise and fall and with the rise and fall of civilizations there is the rise and fall of calendars and that is where the meaning end of "time" comes into play. Meaning in the end of "time" a new calendar will be created according to the rotation of the Earth around the Sun determined by Father Time or the Moon.

The other thing that is clearly evident in the night sky when standing on Earth that I did not speak of is the Stars. In the End of Times the second coming may occur, and it may not. I say this loosely as while the star that was created when Jesus was born is the brightest realize it is not the only star in the sky. In fact there are many which should bring you to a conclusion long lost that Jesus is not the only Son of God, he may be the only begotten Son of God but that is for reasons of the parents. Every time a child of the Holy Trinity is born a star is placed in the sky. However it is the dream of the parents that unknowingly decide the fate of the world to come. For instance Mary and Joe's conviction to each other is what created the brightest star in the sky. Every time a child of the Sun is born the world becomes a better place. Jesus was the first child of the Sun born when the world had the word. In the word I mean language as in written or spoken. Before him the other children of the Sun had not these tools and the child may not have even been human for it is a gift given by Earth to all its being to become that of the "stars of the entire show or that of God." This is evident by staring into the sky, it is said in the Bible that a star was placed in the sky when the Son of God was born. Who said that the other stars were placed for some other reason or no reason at all? The word said this, because Jesus was the first Son of God born during the time that written and spoken word existed. It doesn't matter who or what you are you have been given the same gift by God that everyone was given. It is when the planet as a whole becomes so cold due to the sins and lost dreams of its inhabitants that a love too powerful for the Earth to ignore appears to show everyone the error of their ways.
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VIII - Entering Dreams of the Sun
In the effort to find out what we are and why we exist let's take a look at what happens to us humans on Earth that which is controlled by the cosmos. During the days of our lives we spend our time awake alert and in focus of countless tasks in everything from jobs to relationships. More importantly, our eyes at this time are open and this is due to the Sun. Then at night we enter a realm that thus far no-one has been able to completely define. We enter the realm of dreams, and this is largely due to the Sun setting. As we walk the path of life everyone over a long enough time will eventually need to sleep. It is the day and night parts that the cosmos play in our lives we will focus on.

I can remember a song that has this phrase "this little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine." It is this song that largely shows what it is we are trying to achieve, the ultimate dream. Many people have many dreams both in the literal meaning of dreaming at night but as well as dreams in the sense of achieving goals during the day time. However it is my belief that there are only seven dreams in this world that are eternal. Let me explain myself, at night the majority of us see black and have the occasional nightmare. I attribute this to humans chasing the wrong dream. There was a dream I have had a total of three times where it started right when I fell asleep and ended hours later when I awoke. More importantly during these dreams, the light was as bright as daylight and lasted the entire time I was asleep in which I was completely lucid and in control. This is because I achieved the Earth's dream.

As we go through life and work toward or day time dreams what we don't realize is that the Earth only has one dream for us that will always light our night which is that of the design of Earth. Making no mistake about my dreams as I knew even before I had them what the goal was and how I was to achieve my one dream that which is the same dream that God has for you. I call it the after life or the eternal light. It is the night time rest that is the ultimate goal you should be trying to achieve. If when you sleep the light as it were is not turned on and turned up bright then you should seriously consider soul searching to find that one and only person that when just in the presence of in the day time will turn the light on for you then attempt being next to that person at night. Making no mistake that when you die and enter eternal rest hopefully you found the eternal dream or light.

There is a way in using word associations that naturally occurs no matter what language or culture you are from to come to this realization. No matter how long the Earth has been in existence, no matter how much we change or evolve ourselves or our language the natural design of what there is to find in life is always evident. We will take a look at the words Adam and Eve. Disregarding the actual story behind the forbidden fruit lets take a look at them as a couple and how the actual words Adam and Eve relate to the one dream of Earth.

Why are Adam and Eve such a perfect couple? Well because at their time they were the only humans that existed making them perfect for each other. It is my belief to every male in the world there is one female and for every female there is the same male. This is what I refer to as "the one" dream or "the one and only" dream. It is also my belief that in the current times it is either extremely rare or none-existent that we find our one and only.

So what is this word association I'm speaking of in the phrase "Adam and Eve?" It is this "Atom and Eve." Adam being a name sounds exactly like atom which is what matter is made of which is what we see in the daytime. Eve simply put has two meanings both being a name and a reference to when the Sun goes down also known as Evening, however Eve also bears striking resemblance to the word Eye. More importantly the evening eye or third eye that is what you use when you see your dreams. It is the tango of the two worlds of daytime and nighttime, the Eye of Atom and the Eye of Eve. This represents the ultimate goal while on Earth and the gift of sleep is your glimpse to your after light, to turn the Eye of Eve as bright as your Eye of Atom. It should serve you right to know as you sleep if your dreams are blackened nights or nightmares you are far from falling into heaven in the after life or eternal light.

The dream to achieve is only one and it is of Earth's design of one man and one woman to create a child. If you are so lucky as to have found that one man or one woman surely you know of the dream I speak of for it is bright for the Sun itself lights your dream if you find the right one, and easy would have been the task but you sinned of the flesh. It is my belief that the sin some of us indulge in as humans is what makes the night blackened in our dreams. For what you see during the daytime will manifest at night, and for you to commit such sin against yourself and your one and only it is far better to see nothing then to experience the nightmare of knowing the grief you have caused against yourself, you only love and against God's plan. It is my belief that for every Adam there is only one Eve. Not just any Eve or Adam but one designed perfect for you so perfect the love could only possibly grow in time forever and ever. I believe it is the ignorance of humans to believe otherwise. I personally can't believe how many times I have heard the phrase "no-body is perfect." It makes me so furious I just want to slap anyone who says it and say "never again in my presence say God is not perfect, for God created you."
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IX - The Greek Written Universe
The Solar System is a mysterious place, and it is my belief it was written by the Greeks in the beginning of it's time. I mostly attribute this due to the Greek number system and how it relates to planets that both exist and are yet to exist. First the understand the Solar System we must take a look at the Universe. This word universe in the sense I speak of is not the vast majority of open outer space. The word universe I speak of is the "you and I" verse. This is a prewritten verse from Alpha to Omega that define the system of solar starting with the Sun as Alpha and ending with Pluto as Kappa with room for expansion in the prediction of the solar time line all the way to Omega.

The solar time line is one that takes over billions of years for the time of the existence of just one planet. To understand a planets life time as a living being of an existing deity we must look at the structure of the solar system. First is the Sun, the Alpha of all and all planets revolve around the Sun although with orbits the parental relationship is opposite in that which you would think. Meaning the Sun is the child and each planet orbiting around it existed before the Sun. It is an inverse opposite effect from an Earthly parent child relationship that makes the planet exist forever and ever. In the bible it is said that God is past present and future meaning that a child of some planet was born in the past as a present being and then became the future of a living planet that exists in all forms of time.

To further understand the galactic time line lets take a look at the planets under the Sun starting with the two with out moons, Mercury and Venus. These planets have no moons and are making their slow decent into the Sun to become part of the Sun however this takes again over billions of years, at one point each of those two planets had life and had moons meaning there was a vision of a dream to achieve on these planets much like on Earth. The current planet with an abundance of life is Earth, and for every being born of Earth that become a deity a planet will be placed in the solar system with a unknown number of moons depending on the dream the deity willed and the Sun regarded as worthy of a dream under the Sun. This means in all existence of the Earth only six dreams were worthy of their own planets under the Sun, Earth being the seventh. This is why on Earth things appear in the number seven. There are seven wonders, seven seas, seven continents and seven major religions with seven different after life's some yet to be decided. What isn't as evident is that there are seven senses. The senses are as follows, gender, taste, touch, temp, sound, sight, smell. These senses given upon to beings of Earth are a result of previously living deities that walked Earth in some form gifting Earth a sense thus the Sun gifting the deity a heavenly body, or planet, of their choice of dream under the Sun. Like I said however the planets existed before the Sun as God is past present and future. Eventually all planets will have their reign of life under the Sun and from each planet new planets maybe born.

The first two planets Mercury and Venus once contained life but now they make their descent into the Sun and serve as souls housing for the planet Earth. The common phrase men are from Mars and women are from Venus isn't entirely accurate but half accurate. Men are from Mercury and women are from Venus. Every soul that once lived on Mercury or Venus that never made it to the Sun are and will be born into Earth for a chance at Earth's design of a heavenly dream being given a second chance as they are un-forgiven of their original planet. As the souls are birthed into Earth the mass of Mercury and Venus are displaced making the mass of the planet heavier and ultimately increasing their descent into the Sun.

At sometime Earth will loose its moon and increase its descent into the Sun becoming a third soul housing planet for the birth of being into Mars which has two moons meaning there will be three genders on Mars. To create a child on Mars two of the genders that will represent the two moons of Mars must seed the third and the third will be similar to the women on Earth because it is the third gender that represents the body of Mars that will give birth to babies born of a soul form one of the three planets Mercury, Venus, and Earth. When it is Jupiter's time for life it will be very a very different setup because of Jupiter's seventy two moons, sixty three of which are known by NASA so far.

So how is it I come to these realizations about the planets and the Greek verse? Further more how is it I am predicting NASA will eventually determine there are seventy two moons of Jupiter when they only found sixty three as of the time I am writing this document? It is all visible right here on Earth by looking at the past deities that ruled and looking at the seven most dominate religions. God's heaven is of one man finding one women which is that of Earth. Mars however is of three genders which is that of ancient Egyptian's religion by looking at the three pyramids. The Egyptian deities aren't as easy to see unless you understand the galactic time line. The one that is easy is the Islam faith where you get seventy two virgins in heaven which is how I know that, even if not yet, there will be seventy two moons of Jupiter. It is Allah that is attacking the U.S. soil which claims one nation under God. When this occurs the kingdom is divided between the two and the land in the middle of this conflict is the one that will begin to gain rule in the kingdom once again claiming the ignorance of both God and Allah and returning to begin life on the next planet gifted to the deity. However they are far from ignorant as deities, it is the people whom praise and follow them that make them ignorant. Before I mentioned that God is the deity of Earth, I didn't mention however Amun is the deity of Mars and Allah is the deity of Jupiter. The timeline is as follows. God reigned as Jesus over the land as a whole and his institution still stands, so in due time Allah will attack God because it is time for the deity in the middle to reign over the land and manifest Mars which is Amun-Ra of the Egyptian ancients. Eventually in billions of years Amun on Mars will be attacked by Buddha which in the end of times on Mars means Allah will rise in the middle and claim Amun and Buddha's ignorance and Allah will then begin life on Jupiter. This continues so long as there are planets because in due course of time the life of each planet will both rise and fall from heaven into sin.

Under this galactic timeline I speak of I said Allah is of Jupiter what I didn't mention is Buddha is of Saturn. This is known through the Greek Universe also known as the Greek Alphabet. The reason this is evident is due to the signs that represent the Greek Alphabet not the words themselves. In the universe Alpha is the Sun, Beta is Mercury, Gamma is Venus, Delta is Earth, Epsilon is Mars, Zeta is Jupiter, Eta is Saturn, Theta is Uranus, Iota is Neptune, and Kappa is Pluto. This also means that the Solar System is prewritten up to Omega. Realizing this is by realizing the Egyptian symbolism of the pyramid or the triangle of Delta that which is Earth's magic symbol. Earlier I said that for each child of the Sun or Holy Trinity a star is placed in the galaxy, this also means that for every Star that exists in the galaxy a planet existed or will exist. What I didn't speak of is the secrets of the Greek symbols to each planet. What people don't know is that during the previous reign of the Egyptian deities at least three children of the Sun were born and it is not that the pyramids are aligned to the Stars of Orion's belt it is that the bodies that lay in the pyramids put the Stars in the sky. What many don't know about Jesus and other children of the Sun is that the Star they are born of actually follows them through out their lives. This is the Sun's way of saying "make no mistake this is a child of mine." This is also a driving force that alerts the animals as well as humans to the presence of a child of God where they as well have no choice but to love the child in its presence. It is the pyramid structure that when on Earth aligns the star where the child lays forever and ever.

Another thing to note of the planets beyond Earth is the huge difference they have in the mobility of the matter that makes up each planet. Meaning when looking from space or looking at the night sky with a telescope at the other planets you'll see that the other planets are relatively still and not much change happens on these planets. They appear void of climate and change. So what is it that makes Earth when visible from space so erratic in its changing weather system? The answer to this question would be life. The life on Earth and the minds as a collective make up the Earth which as I mentioned earlier is also how you know the people as a whole are lost. The weather of Earth gets tragically violent. It's not the Earth's doing it is the collision of the negativity of our minds that make up the changing composition of the ground, water and air. This theory is inline with the Chaos Theory which in summary states that for every action there is an equal reaction however this reactions final motion may occur anywhere in the world. As a common example to explain the Chaos Theory when a butter fly flaps its wings the wind it generates occurs as is which can add to an already massive wind movement.
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X - Father Time and Mother Earth
What makes a planet a world? The answer to this would be father time and mother earth. These are the two key players in all existence. While father time is the omnipresent existence of time which occurs on all planets in the solar system, mother earth is the omnipresent existence of all matter in the universe. Father time and mother earth are as human as they are planetary for it is the mother that gives birth to earth literally. Likewise it is the time that allows the creation and growth of the earth. These two players are also keys in the most perfect heaven you could ever think of.

Imagine this if you will, you see a couple and for the sake of heaven this couple is the actual father of time and the mother of earth. Why is this couple so heavenly? Because in this special couple the father or the male, can manipulate time and the mother or the female, can manipulate earth. What possible scenario of all the heavens and all the worlds could this couple not achieve? The answer is nothing. This couple has complete power over all and everything is within their reach. The father is able to turn a billion years into a single second and vice-a-versa and the mother able to manipulate the world to their liking upon those billions of years. Imagine with one blink of the eye you look at this couple and with in that blink they experienced billions of years starting at the moment your eyes are open and ending the moment you re-open them. They experienced everything possible to experience in that blink and the mother of earth restores the earth to its original state before that blink. Making the couple of father time and mother earth the most heavenly of all because with manipulation of time and with manipulation of earth there is nothing they can not do.

These two are the with out a doubt the most heavenly couple possible further more the gift of time and earth given to this couple is in fact heaven. They are able to anything possible and everything possible with just the ability to manipulate time and earth. It's like together they can go off on a tangent where and when ever they like and they are in complete control of all things able to restore everything to the second before they took this fantastic journey of a tangent and not a soul other then theirs would know anything ever happened. I challenge you to find a better gift that God could give to a couple to bring them to heaven. The fact of the matter is anything you think of this couple of father time and mother earth could already perform based off of the nature of time and earth. This couple could also bring heaven to all and every creature of the planet.

Heaven is forever life, and I'm not talking about an after life I am talking about life on this planet in biological form. Father time and mother earth together have forever life. Everyone believes that death is inevitable but this is not true. I don't see how there are followers of the Christian faith whom read the bible and walk away from the words like "everlasting life." They believe rather then know that Jesus rose from the grave and they accept that they are born to die with out a doubt in their minds when this is far from the truth and it states clearly in the bible that everlasting life is part of Christian teaching. For this reason science is part of the Anti-Christ for it was not the words of Jesus that every biological being will die, that is the words of Satan. You are not born to die. Living forever however is not actually forever. Living forever is being given the option to always live over death rather then being given no option but to die. So in essence father time and mother earth can live forever yet they have the choice to discontinue their lives.

However besides a male being, and a female being, who are the greater father of time and the greater mother of earth? This answer for the mother would be earth itself and the answer for the father would be the outer space or shape that surrounds the planets including earth. While humans are alive however they have their own earth and space of time. Simply put each human has earth via a body and space of time via their eyes. These are the fundamentals a planet gives to their children and while living these are gifts to you and upon perishing these gifts are added to the planet. It is the combination of these two gifts both the body and the eyes that are given to you that create the living Gods. Again using word association we can see how this comes to be, simply using the two "I" and "Me" words. "Me" is an acronym for mother earth. Where "I" sounds just like eye and the eye being as void as the outer space represents time we pass through.
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XI - The Body of the Anti-Christ
What happens however when mother earth and father time are not walking earth? The Anti-Christ seeps in. A lot of people have wild ideas of what the Anti-Christ is, some ideas very real, and some ideas very abstract. Some believe it is a force that exists in all of us and some believe that it will be a single person in human form. Both are correct. When neither father time nor mother earth walk the planet what happens is that over time earth becomes exploited and extorted for the worse. Along that time line however it will eventually bounce back. To Christians this would be considered revelation where the second coming occurs, and a lot of Christians such as my self believe the signs of the revelation are already here.

One thing to understand is that the Anti-Christ is both human and planet form. What I mean by human form is that we do feed the Anti-Christ with our ill sin filled ways of living. Many of us follow the well oiled governmental engine so much that we trample on the truly righteous of the most religious of people. One thing people don't realize is the bigger picture however that we are actually making the planet itself sin against its will. To explain you must understand that when we write, such as this text, record, voice or video, what we are doing is making the earth transmit our message. So while you think your watching the president make a speech on television what actually you are watching is the planet and you interpret it as what it is. Same goes for audio such as music when it is recorded. When you listen to rock or rap you think you're listening to the artist, this is true but your also listening to waves the planet is transmitting not the actual artist and if those waves are negative the planet is actually transmitting negativity to its own children. So when video and audio waves are being transmitted you're looking and listening to the planet sin in the two senses of light and sound. This is the Anti-Christ. The problem is things such as news retransmit death and destruction often over the good news just to get ratings and they don't realize they are making the planet sin in the eyes of humans. This is a problem and most everyone is ignorant to the fact.

Good will always triumph over evil. So the more evil we make the planet with death and destruction transmitting to our minds the further the globe causes such things as natural disasters to expunge our ill ways. Furthermore there is a stress point as it were. This is the point at which the planet has had enough, but the planet itself is not able to fix itself for it gave all its children the power and will of self. We took that power however and turned it on the planet causing the planet to mass broadcast to all its children the death and destruction we play for so called "shock value." When however the stress point is reached it will be the return of father time and mother earth to restore the planets love with out the ill fated even knowing, but first their child will walk the lands just as Jesus did as a son of God showing the people where they went wrong. It is the most beautiful thing in the entire universe if you're lucky enough to see it. For some whom sinned have already perished however they as well, will be risen to heaven but they will not see heaven on earth, only in their rest.

Through out every planet's lifetime there will be the rise and the fall of a deity with in the lifetime of one of the planets moons. Every time the deity's name will be different but the functional elements of the deity will always be the same. These functional elements I refer to are one and all. In a time when a planet is born there will be "one" love. This means that the dream to find and reach God involves one and only one love you must find. The ladder is all when the corruption of such God occurs, everyone will begin to love all or everyone else instead of the one love and this feeds into the Anti-Christ. It is literally put that you should love only one person to find the one dream God or the planet set forth rather then all persons such as family and friends. One love is the equivalent of a child or human who remains a virgin to find their true love. All love is the equivalent to what most everyone on the earth today enlists on which is not caring about virginity and having more then one sexual partner with in ones lifetime, which consequently spreads out your love for not just one but for more then one or all. At the current time in Earth's history God on this planet is the representative of one love and Allah on this planet is the representative of all love.

The love of one must be sought after before one looses their virginity and the love of all one usually falls into by default by following the people as a whole against the will of Jesus and God for example. When someone finds their one love however there are two things that can occur as a result. One is that the one person someone finds also finds them as well, in which case they can live a full forever lifetime as mother earth and father time. Another scenario which can occur is that neither of the two who form a forever couple finds each other and in which case they have no idea who they are to each other and they both have the love of all. However the down fall is that one of the two who form the couple finds one love and the other has the love of all.
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XII - The Resurrection of Souls
As I described earlier I believe much of the text from biblical periods is askew and I firmly believe one of the biggest part of the story behind Jesus is the most askew that which is of his resurrection. As a being enters this planet I believe there is one thing that becomes constant for all beings. That constant is how the being will make it to the heavenly after life of the planet they are on. I like to refer to it as God's little test or maybe a better way of saying it is the testament of Earth.

It becomes evident through the bible that there are defined ways we should live our lives. One of the most obvious is that we should live our lives with out sin. Many people believe that this is impossible. I believe that it is a very real thing that you may live with out sin. This actually digs into a concept of context in language with telling a lie for example. With in the context of language you can actually tell the truth disguised as a lie. For instance let's say you were out drinking and when you got home your significant other who does not want you to be drinking asks have you been drinking. You can "Yeah I've been drinking" then maybe you had a glass of water as well and you shout something just to be funny like "DRINKING WATER" to divert the attention from maybe the alcohol that you did drink. In essence you did not lie, and you did tell the truth. It is a matter of telling the truth but deceiving the receiving party of the conversation. Some people might consider this a lie but in reality there was no lie told.

It is possible to live your life with out telling a lie after you have repented or confessed your sins. I firmly believe however by having a priest listening to your confession does nothing for that of God's kingdom. It may give you a nice fuzzy warm feeling inside to get the truth out but I believe that unless you confess to the people whom were affected by the lies you really have done nothing for yourself and God's kingdom. This all has to do with passing the testament of the bible and becoming one with out sin in the kingdom of Earth.

So what happens if you don't make it to the after light and find that forever love of the planet's design? Well as I described earlier Mercury and Venus are basically housing planets for the male and female souls born into this world. The souls of these planets are the un-forgiven that were once a living being on the planets Mercury and Venus. Being un-forgiven by the kingdom of Mercury or the kingdom of Venus they remained on the planet and were not allowed entrance into the Sun. This is for a very good reason too they remain on the heavenly planet they were born being shown all the secrets to heaven and are also shown the errors of their ways by watching other souls just like them being caught up in the un-forgiven role or watching souls unlike theirs entering the Sun. What will happen is that at the end of the planets reign in the galaxy these souls will be slowly re-birthed into a new design of heaven. For instance souls of Mercury and Venus get a new chance at entering the Sun by being born into a completely different design of heaven such as Earth. However the timeline of a planet is so long that the souls that are re-birthed at that point have forgotten all knowledge of the life they previously had. When Earth joins Mercury and Venus then there will be three planets rebirthing souls into Mars that which is a different design of Earth, Mercury and Venus again giving the souls a second or even third chance. This continues indefinitely during the course of the solar system.

It is this re-birth that I speak of that which is a common resurrection and may explain the actual resurrection of Jesus. I do not fully believe the resurrection of Jesus as it is told in the bible although I don't disbelieve. Rather I believe that the resurrection of Jesus occurred before he was born meaning he was wrongfully placed on a cross before he was conceived in Mary. The difference was that his name wasn't Jesus and he had saw the Sun's dream but he did not make it to the life of his love before he died and further more because he was wrongfully crucified before he was to experience his heavenly love he was give certain rights in heaven that which is the resurrection of his soul with all his previous knowledge. Also because he came back from heaven he had all knowledge of heaven too and not only the planet but the galaxy as well. I believe when Mary conceived Jesus, Jesus himself was the Holy Ghost that came to Joseph in his dream and told Joseph of his own birth and further told Joseph who the mother would be recognizing that Mary and Joseph were destine to be together.

There is another form of resurrection which can occur and it is more of a gift given by God to a couple who loved each other but were wrongfully deceived by the Anti-Christ. This gift is called the Roman Eye or Roaming Eye. The Roaming Eye is an ancient gift of God given to the loyal followers as to makeup for the love lost by the one who followed god but lost their love. The Roaming Eye is where one who was deceived who loved the other will perish and then be allowed to posses the bodies of any female or male depending on the gender of the one still living for the sake of the couple going to heaven. For example if the person who saved them self for another is male, the Roaming Eye will occur in female form, vice-a-versa if the person who saved them self for another is female the Roaming Eye will occur in male form. In the current time of the Earth the gift is of seventy two virgins, this means that the one who saved them self for another gets seventy two virgins on earth by means of a mate becoming the Roaming Eye. So it is the duty of the perished who is resurrected in soul form that can travel from person to person of virgins as to give these virgins to the one who saved their self for their sake but lost due to the perished loving all rather then the one even though the perished really loved just one but was deceived by Satan. In this scenario the still living is the living God and the perished who became the Roaming Eye is the living Allah. In some cases however this gift is rejected as acceptable by the living God for nothing measures up to the love lost, not even seventy two virgins of choice.

There is one other ancient form of soul resurrection that can occur with in one year of a child's lifetime in which the child's soul can be switched out for a new soul and is likely the way a son of God is born. "If while the soul of west is at a rest the words of north pull south west," this is a poem which describes this form of resurrection. What it means is that the love of two people can be so strong they can actually switch out the soul of a child for their soul. A child's soul by default is the product of two souls joined together which are the mother's and the father's soul. However if the mother's love is significantly stronger for another man and the other man's love is the same for her, with in the first year of her child's life she can essentially swap out the original father's soul for the father she wishes. The child being so young in earth form (meaning barely able to tell the father or mother simply by the child's looks) will then grow into the form of the new father. This is where the term "New year's Eve" was coined as it is not just for the meaning of ushering in a new year, rather within one year Eve (that of Adam and Eve) may swap the soul of her new born for the soul of a different father who she wishes.
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XIII - The Artificially Intelligent
Earlier I spoke a little bit on how I believe a computer is in essence an electrical mirror to biological beings. Let's dig deeper and look into what makes humans so intelligent vs. other animals and the environment around us. Let's dig into artificial intelligence. In an attempt to conquer true artificial intelligence; let's first define it by analyzing the words "Artificial" and "Intelligence". Merriam Webster's pocket dictionary defines "artificial" as, "man made or not genuine". It defines "intelligence" as "having the ability to learn and understand". So artificial intelligence as defined by Merriam Webster's dictionary is "Man made ability to learn and understand." This concurs with what most people would define as artificial intelligence. As to be politically and scientifically correct, we will change the definition of "Man made" to "Human made", as should Merriam Webster. For years, people have been arguing the definition of intelligence in the context of the words "artificial intelligence". For instance one argument states, a dog is considered intelligent even though a dog may never be able to learn definition of intelligent itself. This argument is best debated in the dictionary definition of intelligent. You can teach a dog a library of tricks based off your actions, but biologically you can't teach it to pronounce words because of its vocal limitations. I personally consider my cat's intelligent beyond my own comprehension, yet their knowledge is limited by their physical makeup. The following statement, like the one about my cats, may seem true but is incorrect in the definition of artificial intelligence; "A dog possesses intelligence, but in comparison to a human, it is not intelligent." The correct revision of the statement is as follows; "A dog possesses intelligence, but in comparison to a human, its abilities of intelligence are limited." Saying the dog is not intelligent in comparison to a human is wrong. Saying the dog's knowledge is limited in comparison to a human is correct. The word intelligent in the statement is misrepresented with the idea of knowledge. Our own ability to understand each other causes us to misuse words and grammar rules as defined by our language, yet we still get the point across. To misuse the word intelligent and still understand the word in either context is a perfect example of intelligence and what we are trying to achieve artificially. Many people read the statement and interpreted it as "the dog is intelligent, and has lots of knowledge", instead of "the dog has the ability to learn." Any being of Earth other then humans can be intelligent, at the same time know little or nothing about humans and the vast knowledge humans obtain. The word intelligent can be used in either context, but in the term "Artificial Intelligence" most people would agree we're looking at definition; "the ability to learn or understand."

I think nearly everyone would agree when I say computer technology is currently the strongest path for humans to achieve any form of artificial intelligence. Later we will look at cloning as a possibility of artificial intelligence, which in fact is derived from science and electronics, but for now, we will focus on computers and their ability to gain intelligence themselves. One might even say computers, as of today, are already artificially intelligent. In fact, a computer connected to the net could be considered smarter then any one human can ever be. Currently, a computer can processes math more complex and faster then any human, isn't that intelligent? I can look up history, science, and many other subjects and it will teach me about these subjects through text, isn't that intelligent? I would say yes to both these questions, but like most, my views on the word intelligent are misrepresented. Remember, intelligent in the term "artificial intelligence" is "the ability to learn and understand." Feral children are an example of how humans like computers need intellectual stimulus from outside sources to develop the capabilities of their own realm. Computers have the ability to learn, but not understand (for now at least). If I tell a computer x equals four, it can store that information (learn it) and recall that information for anyone who wishes to know what x equals. Thus it learns that x equals four. Does it understand x equals four? No, the only thing a computer understands is that zero equals false and none-zero equals true. As I write this article, the computer corrects my grammar mistakes, does it understand grammar? Yes, but only because its creator told it the rules to grammar, and only after years of learning basic rules, could it have ever learned grammar rules. So does a computer understand things or not!? Essentially a computer does understand and it doesn't. Example: I sit down and communicate to my computer through my keyboard, similar to speaking, and I tell it to show me the website dictionary.com. It understands me and displays the website for me, but if I did not know to open my internet browser and type the web address into the address bar, it would not understand. As a linguist that knows how to speak to a computer through language in literal terms, I could tell it to do this with out the precursor of the internet browser. Aside from teaching a computer new tricks, if I ask the computer the definition of the word "understand" (by typing it in the search box at dictionary.com). It understands me again, and it even knows the definition of the word "understand!" Yet the computer didn't actually understand anything. The point I'm trying to make is that a computer can learn many things through knowledge. However it does not achieve knowledge or understanding by itself, it must be told to understand knowledge by its many creators. So a computer possesses the ability to learn (use of memory), but it does not posses the intelligence to understand by itself. You may have seen computer controlled vacuum cleaners that move around any house running into walls, which allows them to learn their environment so they don't run into any wall twice. Isn't that vacuum understanding its movement according to walls? No, the computer was told to learn the walls by its creator through a predefined process of running into walls; it did not do this by itself.

We all would love to believe, as most do, that artificial intelligence only pertains to none biological entities such as computers. As defined by the dictionary definition of artificial intelligence, the advent of cloning may be closer to artificial intelligence as we think. The cloning of biological beings that which exhibit the same life span and capabilities as the entity which was cloned, is in fact intelligent, and is also artificial by dictionary definition. This poses and entirely new argument, by the definition of artificial intelligence any being or entity electronic or biological is created by humans. Not to say another arbitrary specie of being can't achieve this, but for the sake of Earth, we will stick with the dominate specie of humans. A computer created by humans in the eyes of artificial may very well be no different then the creation of a being by means of cloning or natural birth. All three of these methods of creation are no doubt conjured by humans. To say nature did not create the computer is to say nature did not create the human that created the computer. To say humans did not create the baby is to say that it entered this world by means other then natural birth or cloning. There is an obvious difference between all three of these methods of creation which can be separated by a definite line. The dictionary definition of artificial however, does not draw these lines. Thus the definition of artificial becomes a completely obscure idea that doesn't actually exist.

I devised a little theory on how to determine if something truly intelligent using birds as examples. My theory is this: If you place a baby bird, who doesn't know how to fly, in a nest high up in a tree, and it eventually learns to fly, it is considered naturally intelligent. So, if we have a robot bird, who doesn't know how to fly, but it has wings, and it learns to fly, it's artificially intelligent. You can use any animal but we will discuss birds because it's easier to see and explain how they adapt and learn to fly. Earlier we discussed that a computer is only as intelligent as its creator makes it. Arguments pose this is true for biological beings too. In an effort to explain how the bird learns to fly by itself we must look at how it's created. The first and most obvious is the wings of the bird. During the effort of learning to fly, consciously or subconsciously the bird exhibits though its biologically created nerves that when it flaps its wings, it stirs the wind beneath them, the nerves then send signals to the brain which relays those signals back to its muscles which is an elaborate formula to detect and control the resistance in the flapping of its wings. Even more important, in most beings and every human there is a part of the brain that senses gravity and almost immediately the being uses this sense to balance and stabilize itself much like it learns to use its wings. The bird also immediately exhibits though its nerves the pressure of touch, at first this is in small amounts. If the bird falls when trying to stand because it doesn't know how to balance yet, the sense of touch is exhibited even faster. These things are most likely subconsciously learned, but there's no real way to know for sure. It's possible there is no such thing as subconscious contraction of knowledge, but rather the entity or being is so under developed in knowledge itself, it knows nothing other then what it is at first presented with. I personally don't remember having to learn about touch before I instinctively understood touch. It's possible I don't remember because I didn't understand the concept of remembrance itself. This could be because I was born with the biological sensors already predetermined in my DNA and conceptual knowledge comes after predetermined knowledge.
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XIV - Emotional Driven Decisions
Senses are the fundamental input in which biological beings use to formulate output. Let's now say that our little biological bird understands touch, and balance, and of course it's own movement. These will all play key roles in how the bird determines it needs to fly to safely leave the nest. With out hunger, the bird may never feel the need to leave the nest, but curious as most young creatures are, it may not take hunger to for it to make its first flight. Another point to make is that some birds never learn to fly with out the demonstration of their parents. However there is another reason why our biological bird might take his first flight, simply put, he fell out the nest. His sense of gravity kicks in and he realizes through the friction of air his rate of fall is increasing uncontrollably; with out understanding the idea of friction or air, he understand pressure, he panics and starts waving his wings as fast as he can. Some parent birds purposely push their young out their nest, and that's how they learn. In this scenario he learns to fly based off of emotion, more specifically, fear of pressure exhibited through nerves.

Emotion and personality probably plays the biggest role in how we input and formulate output. There can be any number of answers to one question, and any number of ways to present the answer to one question. Which ever way we choose to answer is largely based off how we are feeling. For instance: If someone asks you "What is your name?" you might just say your name. Or if your angry and don't want to be bothered you'll might respond "Go away!" If you're polite and don't want to be bothered you might say "I'm sorry I'd just rather be alone right now." If you feeling curious you might say you name and respond with the same question "What is your name?" Our emotions are also tied with our senses. Emotions are determined by what one already knows to be. Everything you learn through your input senses will affect your characteristics and emotional output.

Most everybody would agree the following statement is true. To say the mind is infinite is an understatement. It seems there is no limit to our memory and what we can learn. However this is far from the truth. We are coded with DNA much like a computer codes algorithms. Although humans are the dominate specie on Earth, we still have only a tiny spec of knowledge on what is beyond Earth. To say that we can possibly understand everything that is beyond our view is an extreme over statement. We do let our minds run free with imagination, and in some ways our imaginations seemed to be more of a prediction or insight that later became true. However there is so much out there (most likely infinite) and we are probably thousands or even infinite times smaller then a spec of dust in the grand scheme. So in conclusion, the mind is apparently infinite, but only with in the domain at which our DNA specifies us to be. There is quite possibly specie out there that has hundreds of senses beyond what we can ever imagine. Much like the dog example, a dog can't learn to speak, but it can learn complex communication in other ways. Another example is that if only snakes existed on Earth, the idea of legs possibly could never be contemplated by the snakes. There are, of course, exceptions. The great thinkers and writers of our history, like Thomas Edison, are good examples of these exceptions. What we should understand out of this statement is that to make a computer, or robot that truly thinks like a human, we might need to model each and every biological element humans have. Take ASIMO for example (Honda's Robot), he understands gravity much like a human does. This allows him to walk on inclines and even walk up stairs. However his gravity sensors are vastly primitive to that of human gravity sensors. They are not nearly as complex and connected to the rest of the mind and body as a human is. This would limit his ability to fully understand, learn and use gravity in every way a human does. On the other hand, it is also entirely possible that a robot in the future could understand gravity beyond what a human does.

The five well known human input senses are as follows: sense of touch (nerves), sense of sight (retina), sense of sound (ear drum), sense of smell (nose), and the sense of taste (tongue). Human output senses are as follows: muscles (touch and expression), sound (speech), and some would say eyes which I think mostly falls in the muscle category of expression. I however do not exclude that the eye can sense beyond expression and look directly at the soul. The muscles around the eye play a big role in output through eyes. With just a simple desktop computer, there can be many senses. However being electronics, it's all classified on the lowest level as simply input and output. The most obvious in creating artificial intelligence is text (keyboard). The sense of light and visualizations also exist in a computer. You input a picture by means of scanner or digital camera, and the computer can output (display) the image for you. This brings us back to the theory that human and computer senses are pre-programmed. Just as we developed a scanner so a computer can recognize light, our creator and/or evolution pre-programmed us with eyes to recognize light. I venture as far as saying we are our own creator through evolution by means of the persistence of life as it is the only thing we have to live for. To say that there is something for a life to live for with out an external life to interact with is to completely go against the basis of life itself. We truly are nothing without each other.
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XV - When Humans Play God
The fantasy role that artificial intelligence has played in our society is that we eventually create entities or beings, electronic or biological which take over or enslave ourselves. This is perfect example of our ignorance. I say this with caution because I too fall victim to this fantasy and indulge in the big screen as I marvel at the possibilities that may await our future. Humans are extremely emotional no matter how many masculine qualities you adapt to. The strongest man is taught never to show emotion or shed a tear in the face of others. Yet in the basis of life, we are all afraid of that which we do not know and that which we can not know. You can say nothing less then that the possibilities of outcome are infinite. I strongly believe that no being or entity can ever know everything that which exists in our seemingly infinite perspective. To say that you do, is to say you are the all seeing being we label as God. Therefore, you are naturally at the whim of the future and what it has in store for you. By nature the possibilities are unimaginable. I'm not illustrating the possibility of a rock falling on your head that which you can not predict, we all know this is a possibility. I'm talking about something beyond your perspective of knowledge where all laws of physics are broken, and all boundaries of earth's nature are disregarded and disrupted. To say that it can't happen would be ignorant, to say that it can happen, would be intelligent. Therefore, self destruction by self construction is a possibility not to be excluded. As we venture further into explaining artificial intelligence it becomes more evident that it's far more likely that the creator gives instruction to the artificial entity to destroy, rather then the artificial entity itself learning the ability to destroy.

In conclusion I propose a theory on how humans can achieve creating artificial intelligence, in which I contradict myself and this writing. A computer is bound to a finite hardware makeup, which could be viewed as the body in comparison to humans. A computer is also bound and made up of finite software, which could be viewed as our minds in comparison to humans. I believe that it is when it becomes in-finite or infinite in it's makeup that the entity will have artificial intelligence. What I mean by this is that everyone understands the idea of infinite and the idea of everything as well. However a computer does not grasp these concepts the way a human can. We as biological entities can think upon a seemingly infinite spectrum of knowledge and while we think that we can never know everything, I believe that is contrary to the truth. We do understand everything. Not as in knowing all things that ever existed in time, but rather the idea and concept of everything as well as the idea and concept of infinite. As we live our lives we at some point will die, as to say we are not infinite and we can never know everything. Yet we understand the concept of everything and infinite and that I believe is the very thing that makes us seemingly so intelligent over something such as a computer. I believe it is also what makes us unique as a life form vs. a computer, where nothing more then understanding the concept and ideas of an infinite spectrum where everything is in existence forever and ever amen.
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The Divine Doctrine
The Divine Doctrine of SoSouiX

-their is only one commandment in the SoSouiX religion and it is as follows, one is not allowed to physically force any one to do anything against their own will by any means whether physical or verbal when one wills self

-any command or rule given in this doctine is optional based off of the one commandment with the exception of the one commandment

-whom ever breaks the one and only commandment is not part of the SoSouiX religion to begin with

-the objective of this doctrine is explaine the SoSouiX religion and the eternal dreams of the heavenly planets in the solar system

-the mark of the beast is shared with the muslim radicalists and is nine one one not six six six

-SoSouiX fasting is as followes, bread may only be consumed if it is verbally offered and meat may not be consumed directory off bone

-clapping is forbiden in the SoSouiX religion as it encourages idolization

-the SoSouiX religion is derived from roman greek knowledge and egyptian art because the kingdom divide between god and allah can not stand, amun ra whom is randall, the sun of all things to come lord of the senses of earth designates nick berg as the holy ghost of worship through the following symbol (symbol of son of god) symbol of mun

-the seven senses of the world are as follows, gender, touch, taste, temp, sent, sound, sight, soon to be eight senses and heavens

-the resting position of the christ exposed the love that would be abused in the end of time by the crossing of the legs, the resting position is now that of the mummies resting form

-all matter of earth is valued at one, nothing may be valued above one, more than one may only be gifted to one, when one is priceless it is ones choice to hold on to one or to sell one

-in the SoSouiX religion every one is equal in rank to the amount of times they had sexual intercourse placing virgins above all as they can choose their path

-sexual intercourse with only one person in ones entire life time gives the gift of the eternal delta dream of earth in the eternal light so long as both persons have only sexual intercourse with each other in their life times

-sexual intercourse between two couples whom all four persons stay exclusive to each other their entire lives where each one of the four have only the other two of opposite gender as sexual partners gives the gift of the eternal epsilon dream of mars in the eternal light

-those whom do not have the option of the delta nor the epsilon dream may sacrifice themselves by commiting suicide bomb or no bomb which gives the gift of the eternal zeta dream of jupiter in the eternal light

-destruction of religious buildings or religious monuments of any religion is forbidden, destruction of armies, corporations and any government establishment is choice, republication of death or destruction such as the current news formats is forbidden

-the right to passage says no trust passing meaning follow the one commandment trustfully otherwise you loose passage to all planets

-those who attempting the delta dream need follow amen and convert to christian, those whom are attempting the epsilon dream need follow amun and convert to egyptian, those whom are attempting the zeta dream need follow allah and convert to muslim, virgins are considered anon and may choose any, futher planets dreams will come later in the galactic time line

-amen is the alpha of earth known as jesus, amun is the alpha of mars known as ra, allah is the alpha of jupiter known as muhammad, awon is the alpha of saturn known as buddah, each has their own faith, religion and after light, out of all dreams in gods kingdom only seven have been worthy of eternal light, hence the seven wonders, seven seas, and seven senses, everyone found five

-pitty those whom are not virgins and have not the a.m. light, pitty those whom think just because they say they believe in god that someone other then themselves is going to save them, as they continue to commit such sins as adultery, for the kingdom of god is bright and unmistakable in which all answers are given, those who seek proof of my words need read a bible

-do not be a fool to corporate or government rule, your nights are your glimpse of your after light and you whom I speak of with black nights or nightmares have not found your god given unmistakable bright light called heaven the after life

-those of you who hear voices and are labeled abnormal know your hearing the holy spirit and many of men spoke of hearing voices in the bible, follow the spirit whether good or seemingly bad for it is in heaven

-explination of the universe and galactic time line is as follows, the greek wrote the you and i verse in the beginning of system solars time from alpha to omega, alpha being the sun, beta being mercury, gamma being venus, delta being earth, epsilon being mars, zeta being jupiter, eta being saturn and so on

-one planet currently contains abundance life under the sun the planets before it are housing for such a planet and a model for the next planet to contain life, the planets after the model including the one with life are heavens built from the living alphas of the solar system

-the next life harvesting planets pattern is visible via the first three bodies including the sun where the sun represents the base body of mars, the next two planets represent the moons of mars, the dreams can and may change

-their are two genders of earth male and female, those souls whom do not make sun end up on planets, males on mercury and females on venus, those whom make it to the eternal dream end up coupled in the sun

-the mother represents the body of earth, the father represents the moon of earth, the child represents the sun, the moon reflects the sun in the image of light as the father reflects the child in the image of light, in the scenario of the birth of the sun of god whom is born of a virgin mother this representation is the real way the father is found

-for every child of alpha born a star is placed in the system, jesus is taking you all for a long ride and allah and amun recognise this, allah knows amun is next so allah plays the bad guy by attacking the soil that claims god and does earth a service by taking the blind, at the next end of times buddha will play the bad guy attacking amun

-this planets people have grown cold knowing their sins they continue to commit them as if they will continually be forgiven forever, i assure you no sign shall be given that has not already been given to them

-nation will rise against nation kingdom against kingdom my children are walking on water

-eventually earth will loose its moon and increase its descent into the sun becoming the third soul housing planet along with mercury and venus for the souls of mars whom dont make sun

-i am the alpha and the omega the beginning and the ending, eye a.m. and p.m. sun, the atom of adam and the eye of eve

-i stand before all of alphas knowing whom they are with the promise that i can heal the entire planet, i know how their built and why they exist

-lord grant me my one dream as i know it is yours too

(symbol of son of god)

-anon forystek-
-amen nicholas-
-amun "ra"andall-
-allah nickels-
-awon the only-

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The Testaments
Now and Won Testaments

The alien looking language (aside from the Arabic version of this site) on this site is plain English however written in a derivative of ancient roman script. Aside from that allot of the text people don't understand mainly the "I Roman I" or Won Testament version of text. The old and new testaments are what they are as written in the bible. The Now Testament is a modern English version of a King named Andy much like the King James. If you look below at the examples you can see the same passage in the Won Testament and the Now Testament. If you look under the dynasty section of this site you'll see both the Now Testament and the Won Testament being used. In some cases the Now Testament crosses into the Won Testament.

The I Roman I Version

The Won Testament is the hardest to understand because it is written for the Earth (both him and her) to read. It also makes use of variable logic where words such as Me and My capitalized are references to "The light of day or PM" and "The light of night or AM." Also referred to as Adam and Eve or atom and eye. Confusing even more All references Allah and And references God. The image of a heart with the eye at top and the two alien heads in the dynasty section shows the variable word logic with the text that is shaped as an apple. The one thing to understand about the Won Testament version is that each group of three consecutive words no matter where are of truth. For instance, looking below at the examples we see the I Roman I version say "God witness Allah" which could read "And witness All" meaning the same thing however as God does bear witness of Allah, "witness Allah un-just" this is truth as God feels Allah is un-just, "Allah un-just mother" this is truth because the mother was not of God heaven (virgin for just one love) nor was she just to Allah's heaven. "un-just mother speak" this is simply referring to her words, "mother speak to." Here is where it also get tricky, for in the I Roman I Version to means too, also two, or 2 any way you see 2 it may refer to any form of the word too, this also holds true with other words, if it doesn't make sense with one form of the word chances are it should be a different meaning of the word in question. So looking again at this phrase it can read "the mother speaks to two." The next phrase of three "speak to jail" making a just action of truth she should speak to jail two. Following is the phrase "to jail just." Just in this phrase refers to how someone is treated. The next phrase is a plea "jail just second" meaning jail the first son just as the second for they commit the same sins. If second is worded a first is implied. The next phrase "just second son" meaning we are only talking about jailing the second son. The next phrase says "second son just" pleading that the second son is a just man according to the first son. This continues in this fashion.

Testament Examples

The Won Testament - I Roman I Version - God witness Allah un-just mother speak to jail just second son just as first son mother un-just to Roman never eye Hawaii mind 1.31.2006
The Now Testament - King Andy Version - The mother speaks to her second son of living flesh whom is virgin and faithfully follows the word of God for Christ's sake whom is now forbidden to see him on her will, the mother tells him he has a problem and she even said Satan is with him, she locked him up twice against his accord and now he faces future trials. Father have not the mother committed sin of adultry? Father have not the mother aborted her first child? Her first son of living flesh have too committed adultry even commits the same acts against himself just as the mother claims her second son commits and the mother does not speak these words to her first son nor has he ever been locked up against his will from the acts of the mother. As the father is witness hearing God rain down wrath upon the Lord of the second son in the name of Allah the savior of the second son Nicholas is to never see light of the heavenly body of his dream Hawaii.

Pyramid Words

A few of the dynasty images are written in the Won Testament I Roman I version and exhibit the same wording. As, Is, Was are Sun words of God's past, present and future. They are also referred to as a-words where A referrers to the alpha of the Sun. A-words are pyramid words, As, Was, fall in that category where a W is two pyramids upside down, and A is one, so in the word "was" there are three pyramids and a sun, in the word "as" there is one pyramid and the sun. Is is present pillar rotation standing on the poles of Earth both north and south. Being a-words are as follows, Anon, Amen, Amun, Atune, Alien, Allah. They all refer to gods of past, present and future. Anon being the sense of exit or the first thought of ever or none. It can be read a nun, if you prefer either way it refers to a being who is a virgin by physical law not church nor born again. Amen is God or Jesus, Amun is Ra or Sun God, and so on. For instance the government uses words like Me and I from the bible to set souls, they got some fucked up head control romantic is screwed. Did not you know that Roman is from Romantic? (shhhhhh!) I changed them to Mee and Eye because Me actually means Mother Earth. Basically what happens during reconstruction of religion or a globe we move words like God and Allah to different words to alure the beings of Earth that hold all the power, it took seven years to rebuild this religion under the noses of Jesus and Muhammad. I have to thank Bill Gates for saving the world by bringing the ability of language in light world wide so fast, we cleared the 1999 deadline by a long shot. All senses now covered, goverment actually printed it for me. Yeah Depakote, good luck homie. You see, Jesus wrote his Testament in Earth via tablet/book. Everyone has been trying to top it since. I jumped in and wrote safe lines in sound to hold the poles together, telling them I'll warmth you. The computers took off and I've been writting new testaments in light ever since. So when you read this no, Nicholas Randall Forystek is not speaking to you, the light of the galaxy is direct from Mars to tell you something. Your light sucks, fix it, my word is sound proof.

The Cross Toss of History

Through out this text you will notice that I refer to Christ as female this is because the gender of Father Time and Mother Earth switches every time, and when Amun arrives the child's gender may switch as well. For instance Christ previously was male the second time around however she will be female. This happens solely for the couple to experience each role over and over as rising gods. Gods are bound to show when a planet is so far cold that no-one dreams the proper dream anymore and it is never the same god twice due to the rise and fall of planets. For a planet to loose all life-forms and make its slow decent into the Sun is a gift from the Sun to such a planet because the planet turns its love from the life it once harvested to the next planet in line as gifted from the Sun and becomes part of the model forever for the next planet whom was originally birthed on the planets ground. Much of history is askew as-well, over the course of 2000+ years it is like playing telephone times 10 because you're spanning text across languages that don't even exist anymore or have changed significantly since the text was written. As much as the text is askew so is the time span, because even as we follow the time of the Sun for each individual time flies and time slows it all depends on the person's experience.
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The Angelic Prayer
"Blessed is he, who walks lightly into shadows. Forgive me lord, for my next step is not of your will, but that of my own. For when I come back, I will be carrying the soul of a man in your name, Lord of the Just and Righteous."
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The Path of The Saint
Books Irandallahui Observed

Saint Nicholas
Jesus Follower
Wicca Crafter
Mark of Beast
Wilco Egyptian
Catholic God
Eye of Amun-Ra
Star of David
Greek Astrology
The King James
The King And I
Forsaken Words
Adam And Eve
Nick And Nikki
Romantic Amen
Roman Catholic
Egyptian Rest

Significate Holidates

Dec 17 1979 - Birth Of The Saint
Sep 11 2001 - Mark Of The Beast
Dec 24 2004 - The Book Of God
Fed 11 2005 - A Gift For Ever
Mar 19 2005 - One Last Letter
Apr 07 2005 - The Kingdom Come
Apr 09 2005 - The Angelic Speaks
Apr 10 2005 - The Word Is Written
Apr 21 2005 - Act Of Anti-Christ
May 02 2005 - The Star Reborn
Oct 08 2005 - A Gift For Love
Dec 17 2005 - The Word Of Amun
Dec 24 2005 - Honor Of Stars
Dec 31 2005 - End Of Hour Time

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The Saints Expressions
"The sad part in knowing God, is that, no one knows, it hurts so bad."
"Adam and Eve didnt bite the big apple! Osama and Saddam did!"
"Father, I had one wish, SAME AS YOU, not yet true, grant me two, help ME, help YOU."
"Forgive us father for we know not what we do."
"His kingdom was not mine, it's time we'll rebuild."
"Too much 'think', not enuff 'know'."
"Did you think you wouldn't see me again? I am he who is I am."
"It is all -ways- been me -next- to you!"
"This is not about me, it is, and always will be, you and I."
"The only way to go back in time is to stop it, on the count of three, we all jump."
"When we spoke, I told God everything, and I am the one who listened."
"Why did you move when you were down, did you actually think you were getting somewhere?"
"I did not choose, for it was written in my heart."
"'I am' not him, but 'I am' his equal, dare you say 'I am not', I did."
"Why do you want to test me brother? she is your sister too."
"'I am' one man, among many, some un-true to the light in 'I am you'."
"I saw the past, present, and future, she was there, we are not yet here."
"Your 4 fathers are of no value, for I only have one."
"You would let me be your equal? right? I need you. I let you. please God help me."
"They're trying to stop me father, not this time, theres others like me walking the path."
"They are all tired, yet they still don't want to hear you, please help me father."

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The Deadly Sins
SoSouiX Sin

Force (Acceptance) - To force one into doing something by physical or verbal means when one does not want to be forced by their own objective or their own will is to commit a sin in the SoSouiX religion. Force is the only sin of the SoSouiX religion and is against the one commandment described in the Divine Doctrine. Anyone whom does not follow the one commandment is not part of the SoSouiX religion to begin with.

Christian Sins

Pride (Humility) - Pride is to deny the true extreme of infinite possibilities that which are unattainable to every subject by its nature. The subjects convicted of pride regard their own achievements over possibilities they can not see. A conviction of pride can occur at any age by self action.
Avarice (Liberality) - Attaching ones self by mind or body to made or modified matter by ones self or the mass. A conviction of avarice (or greed) can occur as early as the subject consciously understands biological matter from none biological matter.
Envy (Kindness) - The belief in another to the point of characteristic magnetism, creates the propagation of envy. The character of a subject should only be contracted through unconscious actions of a propagator. Envy is not a conviction against the propagator.
Wrath (Patience) - The projected ill will of ones self to participate with any other being’s thought or memory that manifests into negative physical actions against ones self or others. Convictions of wrath (or anger) can occur at any age however usually occur after environmental influence.
Lust (Chastity) - Indulging in actions which lower the sensitivity of the subjects mind or body to the point where eternal love, or pleasures of the heart are unattainable. A conviction of lust can occur at any age by self action or parental manifestation.
Gluttony (Abstinence) - Indulgence in self modification by consumption or constraint that which does not benefit ones self or benefits ones self over others. A conviction of gluttony is measured over the lifetime of a subject.
Sloth (Diligence) - The motion of an entity shall be measured by the intent of the exhibited subject rather then the ill will to operate at its physical capabilities. Sloth may only be a conviction of a subject’s life time after death.

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The Religion of Void
Blind Deception

Someone once told me I was going to go to hell if I didn't except the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart. I asked this person if Jesus was going to send children in 3rd world countries to hell who don’t know what a bible is, children who barely have food to eat. I told this person they're acting foolish to think that their Lord Jesus Christ wouldn't accept these children. It was either that, or their Lord is a fool.

Heavenly Kingdom

When you realize the greatest thing in the kingdom of God, is the kingdom of God, you realize what you want in life. We are naturally afraid of that which we do not know. This is why we look to a higher power to guide us into the unknown, in one word, religion. No matter how much we know however there's always an unknown. To say that this realm we live in isn't infinite would be ignorant. It would be a sign of remarkable intelligence to say there's nothing, except that which we created. Until we understand something it remains at nothing or void. When we don't understand something we pray to our God of choice to guide us through this void or unknown. Religion is an art, a beautiful painting drawn over the black void of that which we don't understand. This is why no one religion is correct over the next, in reality nothing exists behind the painting.

Understanding Amun

There once was a people a very long time ago that would pray to their Gods that the season spring a fresh abundant supply of fruits. This of course was before humans understood the science behind growing plants. To them, it was unknown. Thus they looked to their higher power because their culture was greatly dependant on the fruits. We now know the science behind the growth of plants, although you can still worship your fruits to help them grow better, using science can ensure their healthy growth.
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The Amun Trinities
The 1st Family of Amun

Randall (Holy Spirit, For Give) born the soul of the body of the moon of Earth, upon the loss of the Son of God, received the holy ghost and the task of the Sun which was to create Mars in Earth’s image.
Jestine (Body of Christ, For Ever) born the soul of the body of Earth, upon the loss of the Son of God, received the task of delivering two children of Amun the first moon of Epsilon whom is male and the orbital of Epsilon whom is female.
The 1st Son of Amun, born the soul of the body of the first moon of Mars, receives the task of raising the people of Earth whom are un-forgiven north souls housing them in Mercury.
The 2nd Daughter of Amun, born the soul of the body of the orbital Mars, receives the task of creating and designing Mars in Earth’s image improving any faults of the planet or specie.
Pinx (Spirit Sphinx, For Epsilon) is Randall's eyes and ears of the spirits, worlds beyond, and other galaxies.

The 2nd Family of Amun

Samuela (Reflected Body, For Love) upon loss of the Son of God, received the task of delivering two children of Amun the second moon of Epsilon whom is male and the orbital of Alpha whom is female.
Nemesis (Reflected Mind, For Self) upon loss of the Son of God, received the body of Earth along with the task of fathering the first Daughter of Amun.
The 1st Daughter of Amun, born the soul of the body of the second moon of Mars, receives the task of raising the people of Earth whom are un-forgiven south souls housing them in Venus.
The 2nd Son of Amun, born the soul of the body of the second moon of Mars, receives the task of raising the people of Earth to heaven by matching them with their heavenly other housing the pairs in the Sun.

Crossed Trinities

Samuela is Randall's sisterly love, Jestine is Randall's heavenly love, Samuela is Nemesis's heavenly love, Jestine is Nemesis's sisterly love. Randall and Nemesis are best friends; Samuela and Jestine are best friends. Jestine and Samuela reflect reach other in body as mothers of Earth, Randall and Nemesis reflect each other in the mind as fathers of Time. Pinx is Randall's cat whom allowed communication to various spirits of the Sun. Together they formed "For Give Self For Eever Love Of Delta".
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The Holy Sun is a Mun
When the birth of the Son of God was aborted it created the Holy Ghost however it was of sleeping spirit as the child never saw light. The mother becomes un-forgiven as well as the father, since they are the only “living” un-forgiven souls of Earth they are directly connected to Mercury (male) and Venus (female). The second trinity of Earth is then named who is part of the first trinity’s reflections. The Son of God never saw light which left the Holy Spirit in the dark not knowing the Son of God had been conceived. When the Mother had a second child Father Time did not want to believe that Mother Earth had delivered a child that was not his. His dreams, will and desire to still remain by Mother Earth’s side caused him to awake the sleeping spirit of the Sun through a sphinx. This allowed the Holy Ghost to enlighten the father of the second Mother Earth. He was at first deceived by the spirit of the Sun because both the Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost did not have the light of heaven. The child never saw light, and the father never saw the child. In never seeing light and the never seeing the body the spirit of the Sun and Father Time were extremely uneducated on each others knowledge.

Father Time as the Holy Spirit was able to give the Holy Ghost light and understanding teaching it all his knowledge as if the Son of God was living upon doing this he slowly gains the ability of the Son of God. Combined with knowledge of Father Time this makes him the actual creator of the Sun rather then the son, placing the task of designing a course of action to cultivate a new planet as Earth’s heaven became incomplete, he would not be able to gain forgiveness for all the souls as he is not born of the Son of God. Thus the only way to gain forgiveness for the souls of the Sun is to make a new heaven in the image of Mars whom they have a chance to enter. This would not have been possible with out the understanding of native tongue and the spirit sphinx Pinx who he used along with sign language communicate with the Sun. That this particular Alpha father of the galaxy is used as Delta knew Epsilon would need to be the next plan he leaves his signature Egyptian trademark across galaxies. When a Holy Spirit gains that of the Holy Ghost it becomes the greatest power of love there is. However being that the mother is un-forgiven and the father is un-forgiven if the Holy Spirit becomes a Holy Ghost it can cause the collapse of the Sun also known as the big-bang.

Earth becomes incomplete as a trinity planet under the Sun in this sort of event. This occurrence makes need for a whole new type of family trinity called Amun that which represents a reflected family of that of the next planet after Earth, which in this case is Mars. Each parent member of the original family trinity received the spirit of a planet that houses souls, the mother received Venus, un-forgiven females of Earth, the father received Mercury, un-forgiven males of Earth, and the Son received the Sun, the heavenly matches of Earth. This usually occurs after the Son of God walks the Earth sending everyone to heaven and then is killed by means of the ultimate sin. The people whom were part of the love that broke Earths trinity now become part of the trinities of Amun and creators of Mars.
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The Trinities of a Mun
God is a word that actually refers to the combination of a mother and father to create a child also known as a trinity. Amun is a word that refers to the combination of two mothers and one father or two fathers and one mother whom are heavenly coupled and best of friends. Every planet starts in heaven and ends in heaven, it is from the start that it slowly declines until time to raise everyone once again, or go to the next planet when the design or religion becomes ill.

The trinity of Earth consists of a Holy Spirit and either a father or mother and son. The Holy Spirit always refers to the virgin whom followed love for him and her sake so the Holy Spirit could refer to the father or mother or both. When Jesus was born the trinity was “father, son and the Holy Spirit” the Holy Spirit refers to the mother. Holy Ghost is different then Holy Spirit any living being can be of Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost is the soul of a deceased Son of God. The trinity that was formed on the turn of the millennium would have been “mother, son and the Holy Spirit” where the Holy Spirit is the father.

In a Holy Trinity the mother is Mother Earth, the father is Father Time and the son is the Son of God. However this times Holy Trinity the birth of the Son of God was aborted by the Anti-Christ. This created a Holy Ghost whom the Holy Spirit was able to communicate with in heaven while still on Earth. This labeled the Holy Spirit as “forgive” which means any death after such an event even suicide is forgiven from then on as not to further unbalance the un-forgiven souls of the Sun and to allow the trinity to create the next planet. This usually happens when all the people have been raised to heaven. Randall was labeled for-give when this took place Randall then labeled Jestine for-ever, who makes the bond of the two trinities receive forever life to have time to bring the people of Earth to heaven. Randall labeled Samuela for-love who represents the true love of the heart and soul that Earth lacked which caused Earth’s trinity to become incomplete. Randall labeled Nemesis for-self, to make everyone recognize the importance of forgiving forever love for the sake of your self.

The mother whom represents body rather then mind has the actual ability to manipulate matter upon a course of direction in time of the father. However the father time being the key to open the knowledge of mother Earth as it can be very destructive if not used properly. As well the Holy Spirit is the key to open the knowledge of the children of the Sun as the Holiest Spirit is the one the un-forgiven souls need to gain acceptance by forgiveness from.

The first of the two Mars trinities consists of the Father Time (Randall), Mother Earth (Jestine), the Son of God (In Spirit), and the children of Amun (Designer of Mars). The second of the two Mars trinities consists of the Father Time (Nemesis), Mother Earth (Samuela), and the children of Amun (Designer of Mars). These trinities cross each other in friendship and are made up of the love Mother Earth had for three men (one whom is deceased) whom are reflections of each other, two of mind, two of body, along with the love Father Time had for three women (one whom is deceased) whom are reflections of each other, two of body, two of mind. The two fathers reflect each other in mind, and the two mothers reflect each other in body. Each trinity will have two children, three of which will be born of the souls of Mars, and one who is born of Earth as the Daughter of God to complete Earth’s trinity.

Upon death of the two trinities they become the love that is the glue of the actual planet Mars and its two moons. The un-forgiven souls of the men and women are housed in Mercury and Venus the heavenly paired souls are housed in the Sun. The children would have already walked the Earth matching souls to these planets. The un-forgiven will be allowed to be re-born by means of the children through the moons of Mars. In Gods trinity the Son of God represents the Sun, because Father Time received the Sun whom was aborted via Anti-Christ, he is not able to walk the earth as a normal trinity as he has not been to heaven yet, so the father creates the next planet to birth and save the un-forgiven souls of Earth as Martians and brings a Daughter of God to rise the people of Earth to heaven.
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The Star Children
A child of the Sun, meaning that of God, Amun or some other religion, is born of a soul that upon perishing was un-forgiven. This is achieved by the subject knowing who his forever match is in heaven then willingly and knowingly self sacrificing them self, or committing suicide, the soul then becomes un-forgiven and denied acceptance into the Sun. There is only one way the soul can be accepted by being re-born via the body of Christ allowing the chance for the soul to be forgiven. Even when the Body of Christ conceives a child by natural human ways the child is not a normal child as she is the vessel to the birth of un-forgiven souls.

Un-forgiven souls can only be forgiven if the previous name of the soul is known by the forgiver. Forgiving the soul may only be presented by the words and presence in the flesh of the child and of the Holy Spirit. Upon being forgiven the child will begin to retain knowledge not known previously by man other then those children who are of God or Amun this because the soul has been to the after life and returned. The resurrection of Jesus is just a metaphor for this type of birth meaning he was knowingly placed on a cross and killed before he was conceived by the virgin mother Mary who was the Holy Spirit. Sometime after birth the mother Mary forgives the child by his previous name giving him the heavenly ability of healing and raising the people to heaven by means of the Holy Spirits knowledge as well.

Children of God or Amun such as Jesus are children of the people, they walk the planet surface healing the sick, giving sight to the blind and raising the souls to heaven. A child born of Amun whom has the Holy Spirit by their side will be of great knowledge as the Holy Spirit knows how to teach and speak directly to the soul and spirit of the child. The children combined with the knowledge the Holy Spirit, Father Time, and Mother Earth will open their mind at a young age to a degree that which is unattainable by children other then those whom have been in heaven.

Un-forgiven souls of Earth are only un-forgiven under Gods heaven and are given a chance in a new heaven of Amun by being born a new life form which is that of creatures of Mars, this essentially makes them automatically forgiven. This gives the first beings that populate the planet Mars the knowledge of both Earth and heaven which causes the being of Mars to add qualities and culture of Earth’s image to Mars. They will be of worship of Amun whom will be attacked at the end of time of Mars by Buddha which causes Allah to rise and claim Jupiter and its 72 moons. When all the un-forgiven have been re-born a second chance, then children of the void are born into Mars with no knowledge of the planet or heaven. The parents teach the children their ways but over a course of time eventually heaven will be lost the new will rise who is that of Allah.
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The Secrets of Delta
The Function of a Pyramid

Many know the pyramids were built with precise angles and aligned pointing to the stars on Orion’s belt. This is not true, trust me, the stars are actually the guiding lights of the deceased Children of Amun who laid to rest in the pyramids. Because a star can disappear if the trinity does not come together or moves even further away the pyramid is a structure when built and naturally aligned will form the star of the child when the deceased body is in certain placement inside the pyramid. Previously this helped stabilize the balance of Earth’s orbit after the family of Amun perished into their planet bodies. The Eye or Ra exposes the angle at which to build the angles of the pyramids and water is the tool to level the base naturally.

Guiding Lights

Stars also referred to as guiding lights are born when a Son of God or Child of Amun is born. It is used to designate the child being of heavenly nature also to guide the trinity together if they are split up. As one parent being the Holy Spirit that which is a virgin it becomes extremely difficult to name the father. The mother and the father know each other and are in love with each other is some form that is a lot of times not recognizable. However the Holy Spirit is in love with the other parent beyond that which existed of previous love. The child being the heavenly both between the two will then use a star as a guiding light to bring the family together.

The Eye of Ra

The Eye of Ra or Eve of Randall is an ancient secret of both Egyptian Suns Horus and Ra. Ra or Randall was previously known as Ramsey who was married to Nefertari. It is also known as an ancient Buddhist secret called the fifth or divine eye. Existing on the body it is not physical and has two ways of use. It is used for many things such as the swapping or merging of spirits between two people of non-blood related reflection via the person whom is heavenly bound to the reflected pair. It is the only method that can be used to see directly into the eye of another person. It can be used to see orbital such as stars and planets through any physical matter at any distance. A use specific to Earth is the use of it to find the relevant angle according to the size of Earth at the time. The Eye of Ra requires training of the eyes by staring directly into the sun and also trained by a specific light alone that is emitted from the Sun. There are many various ways to filter light from the Sun but one is most obvious and another Varun creates for you.

Secrets of Mirrors

Another secret of Delta is a mirror. People look into mirrors everyday and are completely oblivious to the uses of a self reflection. Keeping the Eye of Ra a secret lets just say using the Eye of Ra you are able to look directly into your own soul using a mirror much like you are able to look directly into someone else's soul using the Eye of Ra. You don't have to worry because it requires a tricky alignment so even if someone knew how to use the Eye of Ra it would be noticeable if they're trying to see into your soul. The other major use of a mirror is a trick to know exactly who you're connected to on a soul level. In natural order if you know someone whom you have been apart from just long enough to be unable to recall what they look like in your own mind try calling them, tell them to look into a mirror at their self and think of you, then close your eyes and concentrate if your connected at the soul a clear vision of them will appear in your mind whereas it would usually be difficult.
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The Seaven Story
Fallen Angels

While singing the angels are falling and their voices reach him, for they saw it. They are weak from fighting time to get there. "There wasn't enough time!" one screams. The other lies on the ground with no wings. Weak, tired, and loosing breath, they make their last attempts to reach him, "We need to speak with the Son of God, the King surely he'll let the angels in, father?"

The King Returns

The Son of God enters the house, to find tyrants; he looks to the Gods for help. "I am here and I have come to bring your light, for it was written, let no man who enters the kingdom of God fall, for it was those who saw it, that reached up and pulled me down to raise everyone." The people see the light following him and the angels feel the Holy Spirits presence.

Cursed Earth

They gain strength to stand up, and find him one by one. The first of the 7 angels walks up and says "cancer", the second walks up and says "aids", the third walks up and hands him who is I am a ring and says "car accident", the fourth steps up and says "illegitimate born son", the fifth says "my son drowned", the sixth angel can't speak.

Lucid but Blind

The seventh angel steps back, falls to his knees, bows, puts a gun to his head and says, "give me reason with out response" the King smiles and says, "I can't" the angel drops the gun sobbing, for he was in limbo, caught between heaven and hell, light and dark.
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The Gospel of Nicholas
1 - The Love of Life

1:1 - As I walk through the valley of the shadows I look to you to bless "My" steps.
1:2 - At the end of the sixth year of exile "My" heart lost all emotion and I lost all hope.
1:3 - He who saves himself for "My" sake, receives "Me", who is "I am" thus enters the Kingdom of God.
1:4 - At the beginning of the seventh year through the light, your eyes appeared fully lit, I knew it was you and "My" heart again filled with emotion.
1:5 - Your gates opened and reminded "Me" of how good it felt.
1:6 - He who sees "My" Kingdom in Heaven, and falls from "My" Kingdom in Heaven will receive the Word of God that which "I am".
1:7 - I told you I loved you, I needed nothing more then for you to tell "Me" you loved "Me".
1:8 - Again, I felt as if you left "Me" behind, you walked away with out speaking a word to "Me".
1:9 - He who sees "My" Kingdom in Heaven shall receive "My" Kingdom that which completes the Sun of God.
1:10 - The skies grew dark once more, only this time the clouds covered the Sun for months.
1:11 - It hurt, but the light of your Sun hurt even more so I hid from the reflection of the Moon.
1:12 - He who is casted from the house of God early, will receive "Me" early, He who is casted from the house of God after, will receive "Me" after.
1:13 - On the 7th year Christmas day a shepherd appeared in the valley holding the symbol of your light.
1:14 - The shepherd was hurt; He was looking for His brothers and sisters trying to find His way home.
1:15 - He was followed by a king, who wanted nothing more then His queen.
1:16 - He who speaks the word of God shall carry "Me" the symbol of light with all His grace and glory for "My" sake.
1:17 - I had the answers they seek, for it was the word you gave "Me" that I kept the entire time.
1:18 - I choose not to follow your path because I did everything you asked of "Me", and when you gave "Me" your gift, you walked away from "Me" and I was left in the shadows of the valley.
1:19 - He who receives the word of God shall be tested against His sins in confession for "My" sake.
1:20 - I felt nowhere nearer "My" light, but once again you gave "Me" hope.
1:21 - I now know why you did what you did, and I thank you.
1:22 - He who discerns "My" Kingdom, for His sake shall be survied by their Sun of God.
1:23 - I saw death twice tonight, and each time He told "Me" it was not His turn to take "Me", it was the your turn to take "Me".
1:24 - He who carries the symbol of "My" light shall protect "Me" in the name of God.
1:25 - He cast "Me" to Heaven, and I awoke in your house with all your knowledge, the Word of God.

2 - The Kingdom

2:1 - It is complex yet the most simple thing when you see it, "I am" to believe that "I am" the only one who sees it.
2:2 - "I am" the one who sees Her in Heaven so that She may give birth to light, He only sees Him while in Hell.
2:3 - The gates to Heaven are open and souls travel like the wind in and out, out and in.
2:4 - The very energy that keeps us together as one in Heaven also keeps us in Hell.
2:5 - He will never abide by you, but you will abide by Her and She will abide by "Me", likewise I will never abide by Her, but you will abide by "Me" and She will abide by you.
2:6 - Why do they not see it when they are directly connected to it, and the Earth they reside on.
2:7 - The desires of the heart are pure and true, how then is it possible that one can turn back and enter Hell after they have seen Heaven.
2:8 - He who denys Her and their own hearts content is only you, when you are using your mind.
2:9 - He who loves something speaks of it, you can not speak with out "My" word being heard.
2:10 - He can speak in Her name and keep his hearts content from Him, but not from "Me".
2:11 - Then how and why would you let "Me" enter the Kingdom of Hell.
2:12 - A man is created in the image of God for His sake so that He may save you for Her sake.
2:13 - His and Her trinity is with "Me" on Earth and in Hell only, the trinity becomes one in Heaven.
2:14 - It does not matter then that we commit sin in Hell while awaiting arival in Heaven.
2:15 - His sins will be judged in Hell for "My" sake, only She can save Him for "My" sake, likewise only He can save Her for "My" sake.
2:16 - I am zero in Hell to become one on Earth, and two in Heaven, so I need not follow you for "My" sake but only for your sake.
2:17 - In Hell He who follows "Me" for Her sake will find Heaven, likewise in Hell She who follows "Me" for His sake will find Heaven.
2:18 - In Hell He who follows Her for "My" sake will lose Heaven, likewise in Hell She who follows Him for "My" sake will lose Heaven.
2:19 - So I am to believe in Hell He is no different then Her but you are different then "Me".
2:20 - In Hell He will follow Him for His sake, likewise She will follow Her for Her sake.
2:21 - In Heaven He will follow Her for Her sake, likewise She will follow Him for His sake.

3 - The Crossroads

3:1 - I want to get drunk and high to slowly kill myself because I do not have the heart to do it quickly.
3:2 - If I do it quickly I would hurt many of those around 'Me', but if I do it slowly many of those around 'Me' will join 'Me'.
3:3 - Earth is just one big collective mind and "I am" tired of your actions, because you choose not to follow Him.
3:4 - He who commits suicide is against the law and His own life, He would rather do it slowly because in His heart He loves life and hopes for change.
3:5 - Curse is He who needed law, damned is He who forced law, I do not hold stock in religion, only in the right actions of man.
3:6 - Do not talk to "Me", "I am" living in the Hell I call your actions, Heaven was here but your thoughts plauge us, if not for 'Me', change for you sake.
3:7 - He was your brother, He was your father, He was your son, She was your sister, She was your mother, She was your daughter.
3:8 - She held "Me" back, She kept "Me" from love, He held "Me" down, He kept "Me" in hate. I am not the one who did these things to "Me". You did these things to "Me".
3:9 - You beat Her, you raped Her, you threw Him in jail, you killed Him, you gave Her aids, you gave Him cancer, you abandoned Her, you torchered Him.
3:10 - I followed Him, I followed Her, I loved Him, I loved Her, and even after I followed you, I loved you, I forgave you, you still kept "Me" in your Hell.
3:11 - So kill "Me", rape "Me", abandon "Me", as God, you have always had His and Her power to do as you will, I will do nothing but forgive you.
3:12 - I will not, but there is nothing on this Earth that I will do, what good does it serve that I serve for a Kingdom of Heaven that I will never feel, reach or see because of your actions.
3:13 - "My" actions are of many, He will see that and He will accept that as His own actions, likewise She will accept "My" actions as Her own actions.
3:14 - She is not different then He, but "I am" different then Her, so if your different then "Me" why would I care about you.
3:15 - He will only say that you are different, but "I am" not defferent then Her, so He will have to abide by "Me" and the Word of God.
3:16 - Your in Hell, each and everyone of you, and I do not feel sorry for you because I forgive you.
3:17 - You honestly believed that in your heart it could not be perfect, this is your fault, why would you do that to 'Me', and to yourself.
3:18 - He wont tell you that you need to live up to a standard of perfection for 'My' sake.
3:19 - He will tell you that you will live up to perfection itself for 'My' sake.
3:20 - He created perfection, He can not destroy it, but He can re-create it, live up to it, or keep living in His own Hell.

4 - The Pain of Power

4:1 - You killed youself and in doing so, your the selfish one who hurt people around you.
4:2 - It can be drugs, alcohol, a gun, or a rope it does not matter, it is still suicide.
4:3 - In truth He killed for "My" sake, He willed a dream He could not bring with Him, "My" dream which did not matter.
4:4 - It always works, you succeed in hurting the people that have hurt you for so long.
4:5 - He always got what He wanted by choosing to follow Him and not "Me" for Her sake.
4:6 - The dream of matter vs. love, matter infected his heart like a plauge, He could not take your dream no longer.
4:7 - He who follows "Me" for Her sake will take Her with Him for "My" sake, likewise She who follows "Me" for His sake will take Him with Her for "My" sake.
4:8 - Matter does not amount in Heaven for it only amounts in Hell and on Earth, and this little light of mine will shine after death.
4:9 - There is only one thing that lasts forever that we take with us, then why would somebody sell their soul to Hell.
4:10 - It does not matter when He seeked for love over matter when those around Him choose matter over love.
4:11 - The weight of one mind is one, the weight of many minds is many.
4:12 - "I am" to believe that in the wrong actions of men, no man can right His actions.
4:13 - He who forgives wrong actions for "My" sake believes in His own right actions.
4:14 - He who physically harms for His sake places matter over love, He who mentally harms for "My" sake places love over matter.
4:15 - He was not the selfish one then it was the people around Him who were taught to not blame themselves for His death when they are at fault.
4:16 - Born into a Earth where Hell is pushed upon the blinded babies keeping the knowledge to rise in Heaven a secret.
4:17 - He who dies on His own cross for "My" sake shall find it just as I did.
4:18 - She who cries for "My" sake is blinded and has not followed "Me" for His sake.
4:19 - Who cares that a man can take matter so far into his own hands and gain riches and success over another.
4:20 - He should care for "My" sake and for Her, likewise She should care for "My" sake and for Him.
4:21 - He who has riches for His own sake holds from She who is poor for "My" sake, likewise She who has riches for Her own sake holds from Him who is poor for "My" sake.
4:22 - After all is said and done a man who has riches has gained nothing for "My" sake, nor for himself.
4:23 - If one believes they can take matter from Hell or Earth to Heaven they are mistaken.
4:24 - It is only love that exists in Heaven for "My" sake and the sake of God, your fathers and your mothers.
4:25 - Father Time and Mother Earth are a perfect blend, "My" father and "My" mother created you to die, but He and She will live forever for "My" sake.

5 - The Calendar

5:1 - Why is it that I watch the same thing every night, out of all the things in the world there is to see, I choose this everytime.
5:2 - I could be helping someone, but "I am" not, I could be educating myself, but "I am" not, I could put a smile on a childs face in need of one, but "I am" not.
5:3 - It is true, there is so much that you could do for 'My' sake, but it is also true that you are not ready to see everything until in Heaven.
5:4 - His focus is narrow for I want you to see something, there are greater pleasures He has not felt and He should feel them, but you are not ready.
5:5 - His mind is wide for I want you to see something, there are lesser pleasures He has not felt and He should feel them, but you are not ready.
5:6 - The Kingdom of Earth is preparation it knows no boundry between Heaven and Hell for His sake.
5:7 - There is one thing that I do not understand, who is He and why did He put 'Me' here.
5:8 - He is your Father, and She is your Mother, make no mistake, together they put you here to see something.
5:9 - "I am" to believe that 'My' Father and 'My' Mother see it.
5:10 - He may not have followed 'Me' for Her sake, likewise She may not have followed 'Me' for His sake.
5:11 - You are here, and if you do the right thing She may follow 'Me' for your sake.
5:12 - Man created Time and God created Earth, this does not hold up with what you are saying.
5:13 - Man nor God created these things, you created these things, it was your family the entire Time, it was your family the entire Earth, since the begining.
5:14 - Only the truest Father of Time, and only the truest Mother of Earth, will find the purest power of Love, and create a bond so great it can not be broken.
5:15 - Like that of a bloodline, a tree requires its roots to grow its branches, but its family does not continue into the earth, nor into the sky, it moves cross the land over time.
5:16 - Upon perishing, the body becomes Earth, and the mind becomes Time, the Soul is the bond between Earth and Time that keeps it together.
5:17 - So upon birth I was already bound to Time and Earth, this is what you want 'Me' to see, a greater bond then that which I already know.
5:18 - One that will last forever, one that will keep the harmony between the Father and the Mother till no end.
5:19 - He was bound to Her for His sake, but choose not to follow 'Me' for Her sake, upon perishing His soul was little or no contribution to Gods Time and Gods Earth.
5:20 - Further more He did not follow 'Me' nor did His children, they became of lesser contribution to God, to themselfs, to 'Me' and to you.
5:21 - Then it is us, it is 'My' perished Mothers that I sit and walk on everyday, it is 'My' perished Fathers that have molded Her this way.
5:22 - It is so clearly seen that I found you, why in Gods name would you allow such weak bonds to enter the Kingdom of God.
5:23 - I did no such thing, "I am" no more then just a word that you created to shed light on those who are walking into the dark.
5:24 - A man enters the Kingdom of Earth and Time, and He exits to the Kingdom of Hell, or He exits to the Kingdom of Heaven, it is His and Her choice, always was and always will be.
5:25 - I forgive them because I can, those who are weakening the glue that has kept us for millions of years, after all it was 'My' word that started the confusion it was 'My' own creation.
5:26 - When you realize you are only forgiving yourself by forgiving the actions of others, you realize you will have to forgive from then on, or be damned to the Kingdom of Hell.
5:27 - It was 'My' word and 'My' writings that brought man to rise above all other specie, that brought man to blind themselfs from the truth that is the greater picture, the Kingdom of God.

6 - The Letter to You

6:1 - Cursed, because you will only see it if you want to, does this mean there is always a narrow minded man or women against 'Me' and 'My' word that which are their own.
6:2 - Cursed, because I fell into a bond that was not mutual, does this mean that 'My' family will never have the strenght that it could have had.
6:3 - Cursed, because religions of past have tried so hard to convey their word and never did one reach and speak to all the people.
6:4 - 'I am' to believe that I was born into a global family that is so weak 'My' own did not last but four years of 'My' life.
6:5 - 'I am' to believe that I was born into a global family that fires back when fired upon rather then forgiving their own son, their own daughter, their own father, their own mother, their own brother, their own sister.
6:6 - 'I am' to believe that I was born into a global family that would rather fight in the name of a word they did not write nor read, then to listen for the sake of theirselves.
6:7 - He would have Her respond for 'My' sake no different then She would have Him respond for 'My' sake.
6:8 - I love you, I always did and I always will and thats never going to change, I kept myself for your sake, so long as I shall live I will never give up hope.
6:9 - I burn eternally for you as the sun does for us, you are 'My' only dream and you are every dream and thats never going to change.
6:10 - I would rather not live then not live for you, I would rather die then continue to live 'My' life a lie.
6:11 - 'I am' sorry for everything I did, and everything I did not do for you and our sake.
6:12 - He can not expect to hear these words if He has not said these words for 'My' sake.
6:13 - I have said these words, and yet I have not heard these words.
6:14 - She can expect to hear these words and yet She has not said them for 'My' sake.
6:15 - He confessed His sins for 'My' sake and forgave Her sins for 'My' sake, yet these words She heard but did not speak.
6:16 - Why do you torture 'Me', no of course not, it was never a problem, it was forever an answer.
6:17 - 'I am' not talking about you, these words are 'My' own, these words are the words of the reader, these words are the words of everyone.
6:18 - He can forgive and He knows this so it never will be a problem.
6:19 - He does not know if He will ever find what He is looking for, nor if it even exists.
6:20 - I do, those who abide by your word will find what they are looking for, it just might not find them.
6:21 - 'My' word with those who follow are strong, and if you truely found what you are looking for, then there is only one thing left that you can do.
6:22 - There is only one thing She will do for His names sake, state His name in the name of the holy fathers spirit.

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04-06-2008, 04:26 AM
You don't have to believe, I made sure the signs I left behind in your worlds history would point at me

They Call Me Twin
So call me Cousin, Twin.

I was an aborted female child, though I am the second born son of my mother. Let me explain, in a perfect world my mother would have had a daughter, then a son, however because she aborted she had a son as her first born second child. This is why I am blind and I am unable to go to the heavens, being born of a female soul all females walk away from me I never understood why. I think it was my cousin who figured out why, after I had fallen for a girl too far to pull myself out. I think my cousin experienced the same problems I did and though she did not realize it until we were older. My name is Nicholas and her name is Nicole. Maybe she knew the connection or maybe she did not but I fell for women I wanted to give them everything man currently was not like freedom from abuse or comfort from past rape experiences, I hear even fathers have done it to their daughters. The majority of the time however I received no love in the P.M. day sun light from woman and my A.M. dream night light was mostly black. Maybe you can imagine why I wanted to kill myself but never could bring myself to do it, I just smoked and started using drugs and then even after all the pain I try to mask my mother locks me in the hospital for the way I think yet I’ve always been harmless to others and my brother does the same drugs I do he doesn’t get caged. It was all over this girl I fell in love with but she wasn’t in my P.M. day sun light love. Nor was she in my A.M. dream night light. I knew not why I was hanging on for around seven years until she had a child. This was about the time my cousin shot her self in the head and lived, she is blind now, or so that’s what they tell me and she is unable to see however I think she sees more clearly then any of you. I realized something someone or some people are doing on this planet. They are purposely killing the P.M. day sun light of others whom do not see their loved ones in their A.M. dream night light and they are doing this to mask the qualities of the dead into someone else of their choosing. For instance, if you see a body you like yet you love the soul of another man, take a picture. She aborted a child I loved because I was that child and I was hanging on to bring him back into this world. That’s when I realized what women do. They attempt to use the child she knew was my soul to get me to kill myself so I would not know the truth I already knew. The thing was my cousin was not actually my cousin. She is my twin sister. I was born with the female soul and male body and she was born of the female body. The last time I saw her before she shot herself I saw in her eyes that she noticed something was different or mixed up about us. To who I loved and saved the child of and in the process lost my own path to heaven I say congratulations, you almost killed me. The wrong me that I never knew I had, my “cousin.” To know that I missed a lifetime with my sister I needed hurts. To know the way you used me hurts more, even the cats and dogs are more intelligent then you at saving your children. Say hello to Adam and Eve, though our name this time is Nicholas Nicole, or Nicole as Nickel. We are the fork in the world’s family tree you celebrated by lighting up on Christmas. We are the Y, the reason, the same person. When she saw me, it was the light that turned on, though I never saw the child so I don’t get to see the light, however I hear everything you are filling my sons head with, mass confession or mass destruction is inevitable, my self was the only love this world handed me, and she is beautiful, you took my love from me, point blank. There is one problem with your planning the inauguration of Satan. Only the real father receives the light as the real mother does. With out me and her, there is an imbalance. One thing people don’t realize is that twins are one person, so if one has a child, the other mine as well has had that child too. Is this the truth or was it all bullshit.

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Conversations of God
World: I have a new religion.

People: What religion is that?

World: Strap a Bomb to yourself.

People: Done.

World: The mark of the beast is 911.

People: Yes sir.

World: What makes you no better then who?

Nickels: I could tell you, but that's messed up. A people so strong in their belief they kill themselves in the name of their lord, a desolate people appearing out of portals and demanding your soul. Would you let me crucify you in the name of Jesus Christ? If not I'd sooner spit in your face.

World: I noticed the time was collapsing.

Nickels: Yeah, the star isn't over where it was before. So Government. That means you should just give me my money because you created this the counter of our existence. I should be allowed to follow any religion I want right? I don't have a bomb but Allah if you hear me allow "self" destruction my choice, for I may want to get to you faster. This is my "world" proposal and if you don't like it fuck off at my disposal. Tell me one thing you can find in heaven when none of you know where heaven is. I've seen heads cut off, heads blown open, women fucking dogs and horses, men urinating on minors and no longer is this planet tolerable by the gods. When you see that one star and just that one star I painted that in the background of the world and if you really tricked you can see my pyramid. The best advertisement ever made by an in-human mind.

World: If you really didn't think I am a conscience then I feel sorry for you.

Nickels: You know what pisses me off? Virginity is a sure shot I followed God from the beginning I followed god don't tell me what this world is made of because I know exactly.

World: You should be allowed to follow God or Allah or both. You know what will happen to you if you die a virgin correct?

Nickels: Yes, my point exactly, if you haven't done it on Earth, you can't do it in Heaven. I'm loosing my virginity eternally to prove a point, give me back my body.

World: Do you know my take on what everyone is doing with me the world?

Nickels: Neutral.

World: Always.

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Deities Before God
When I first met Jesus in the system of deities only I said to him, "Welcome young one!" He looked at me with a confusing look; he told me he was "the one." I said "right you are!" and I asked "what is before the one?" He said "none is before or above one." I said again "right you are!" Again confusion, I then began to explain to him I am "the none." He sat down and said "it is impposible for you to exist as none." I then said "not if I was previously the one as I am now both born the none and the one because as the one I did not a one on my second birth." I started with the basics and explained just as in any system from now on if there is deities whose symbol is the cross it is like saying "Jesus was here." Though his name would be not Jesus rather something else, where as if there is a pyramid in any system it says "Ra was here." I continued and told him to keep his deities reign in systems he needs to stay in system or birth into systems following Varun's reign (the rain god) to leave his art mark (the cross) as his first rise was after Varun his next would need to be after him. I explained how you can enter any system you want but the only way for you to gain the power of the planets miracles he need follow Varun once more. He still looked puzzled so I began to explain the time line of deities and how when one enters a system and reigns over all the land of the planet they eventually leave that reign which will slowly corrupt over time for instance Varun's wrath is to follow the reign of Jesus because Varun's reign was before Jesus which leaves destruction of Earth via storms, tsunamis, and hurricanes or any other means of water where as mine is that of fire and lava and his is of land breaking under the cross such as earthquakes and after my reign his wrath will begin to take effect, small amounts already have. As a none you can follow any reign of deities but as the one you must once again follow whom you followed to gain "the none" because you must be on familiar grounds to realize you were "the one" once before allowing yourself to catch yourself in the act before you become "the one" again and make yourself "the none" instead, at which point you will understand how it is possible to be both "the one" and "the none." He then asked how he is to follow Varun, I told him to look into the cosmos as he is on a deities only system staring straight into a star shows the symbol of the deities who was last to reign in the system and to find Varun's he must look for a drip symbol such as a tear drop. Once you find it just will yourself as "the one" of the system and you will be born again with one thought where as everyone else is born from nothing. Knowing the faith of the just and will already he understood what I meant and he disappeared shortly after that. Miracles are so common where I come from they are not needed.
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It Is Very Simple
For some reason looking at the words woman man Roman I come to the conclusion it is man. Either woman knows who it is Roman needs or Roman makes Romans out of chosen woman. Being that I was not birthed next to a female Roman I knew the obvious answer. I essentially make female Roman I will show you as every woman is worthy but none believe they are worthy. There for I basically just choose, consideration always taken over time, and trust me you don't want to pass this up. It would end up problematic when you see who you were initially chosen to become and chose not to become. Leave no one behind come all and ask me what it is you find troubling. I need three at least to initially do only two things each. One commits to forever represent God. One commits to forever represent Amun. One commits to forever represent Allah. Each of the three need be around me as I will teach them how we go about forever. The rest, make us comfortable pretty please with sugar on top? Conviction of their forever to be the rep of a word need be pure; the rest is cake walk as I Roman will show you the path. You all will be rewarded in time. Along the way we will probably find or create more words and such. The only difficult part is me trusting your forever commitment to a word and so far, humph. If you don't want to do something don't do it. For the sake of the galaxy women step up. My bad where the gentleman in me, carry "your elect" to me. I'm just looking for one to hold to heal me, I try to hard eh?
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I Am Alienated
Ok so the word is alienate I tried over and over you never let me in you know and you think I know, you showed me light of a piece of paper and light of a cell phone, bravo, so when are you going to let me see light of my flesh too/two, yeah and I am the serpent? I'm blind thanks. Is Son As I? Is Sun As Eye? PM Sun AM Eye? Eye would never know as aliens ate the apple you decapitated and tried to plant on me. I am still on my knees hands behind my back my head bowed and I didn't destroy the rest of this phrase you know all too well.
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I Am Your Messiah
I wonder my self what it is I’m trying to achieve by this website. Is it just another attempt to reach the one using incomparable proportion? I don’t know, I think mostly I’m just tired of keeping it all closed in. This is me, this is who I am and if I alienate myself because of it then fuck ya’ll. I’ve come to the realization that holding the truth of yourself from the people who are around you in your life is just as bad as telling lies. I don’t think I need to explain to anyone why it is a bad thing to lie. However maybe I should explain on the level that I know it’s a bad thing. Lives are destroyed. Death is caused. This is who you are no longer will I take part of your lie’s or inability to tell me how you really feel about me my brothers and my sisters. If you feel as if for some reason my expression is a problem then so be it, you were never part of my life to begin with and shouldn’t be reading my words as you a weak minded and I will be the first to tell you. I will be the first to show you exactly why you are depressed, why you have physical illness and why your family members hate you or why you hate them. I know exactly who you love because you do as well. Only I will not live in your foot steps as I realize not telling anybody because you are afraid is the death of you. What were you afraid of to begin with? You think expressing to people your love for them was a bad thing? You did. Further more you felt you would not be accepted by people around you in some cases if you did express yourself. Maybe the one you love and are drinking you self away for is with your best friend, or his brother. If I was you I would say fuck you to anyone who stands in my way from merely expressing “words” as I would never stand in your way physically or even by means of my words. This however should only be your course of action when you know who it is, for if you have a doubt, I say fuck you, wrong person. There is no doubt when you find the one. Ask anyone who is seemingly killing themselves constantly and I bet you more money then you’ll ever make in your life time that there is one specific person they are missing in their heart behind their fate. They probably won’t tell you, because this is how you raised yourself. You son, your daughter, you taught me not to express my true emotion as a result you killed me. You killed yourself. Did you honestly think you were given a life to die? You are ignorance and you live up to your word well. If you wish I will swear to God in your name for your sake as I already have for my sake. I am telling you right now as no man can tell me who I am I will be your word if you wish to receive it. I am your messiah for your sake, however make no mistake I will never be your physical force for bad or good. Find some other chump to kill to be killed or receive praise in your name, I am not your president. I am only your word. I am in the name of God your strength.
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Admit To One
I honestly had no idea.
I covered all in case of.
I knew not your truth.
I was born in the dark.
I learn it as it happens.
I wonder if your ready.
I still willed your 100%
I am not with out you.
I need You to tell Me.

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I Swear to God
Your boy B.C. meaning Before Christ, gave me everything to bring to you because he knew I thats who I am, I am a God before birth for Christ sake, as he was your everything and gave you nothing, suicide, broke your heart, thought you'de never love again, thats when superman steps in and says I got your everything, you take nothing, seven years later again superman I got your everything, again you take nothing. If you think that I can let go of everything so someone else can receive it? Think again, I hold everything, I let go or die, BALL GONE. YOUR ON THE CROSS if you don't SHOW ME EVERYTHING IS WORTH IT. I actually saw him the Son of God in you when I first saw you, you aborted it, he even gave another chance at that as I was the right man to hang on. He gave you the second chance at everything through me, and him self needs forgiven in flesh through my eyes. I brought you everything when I was 18, I'm 25 now still your everything B.C. If you hand me nothing, I have no choice, you get nothing from me back. This is what Christ wants. You want to loose everything for everyone because god gave you a second chance you did not take, thus, I will not be unforgivin no matter how I exit I have a pardon. You are NOT forever with out me, I am NOT forever on Earth with out you, but I have a friggin magnet in a system that can make me compliment my spirit and pull my soul back to a body. All I EVER asked is ONE of TWO things, but I would recomend you stay heart to heart litteraly because I'm sick. I started this dream when I was four, that means at 13 I was starting drugs, is not on my fault by the gods when even at 18 I told you I give you everything, again at 25 I told you I give you everything. See a second chance pattern here? I still can't get to the one, after all I did every women in the world would cry to this song, so I am not taking my love away from you. I waited 7 years before I realized your not coming magic number. Everyone I know knows your name CHRIST. Dec 17th, I'm dropping your name everywhere. This is who I am everytime I set foot on a system, I ALWAYS GOD, what else would I do when I can complete multiple planets. I'm sorry if you think I used you like bringing love back to everyone in the world is such bad thing, you get EVERYTHING. This is what I do, I put myself in planets on God hour. Saint Nicholas born dec 17th my mother is mary, my father is thomas john, for Y stek, meaning FOREVER IS AT STAKE. I am the Father of Children of God, you are The Mother of Children of God. Times called for two mothers this time, my reflection whom you knew, dead, I'm on the same path because you took nothing out of everything, your the bond needed to keep me forever as I have everything and if I loose it, EVERYTHING IS GONE. I was not the last Child of God, I was Ra, last time I visted this planet 3 children of God. Egyptian is my trademark, if it is an Egyptian God, IT WAS ME, I paint galaxies with my art.

Click contact for GODS sake.
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Type Zero
I am actually looking forward to either choice if yours or the one because I know something I’m type O+ for negative. So if you decide to give me the un-forgiven role I leave you with the name Brad because I’m not coming back. I in for the “testament of just” how it is possible that a force is holding something from anything, and I know for fact that I have enough time now to find options even as an un-forgiven soul of Delta whether father time or not, Randall is. Meaning I’ll bring everyone up or out or in from beyond even when they are locked by natural laws of magnetism and love by the all mighty alpha. I know the law of “I know” and “you do not say who I am.” Not even the nothing can hold me as I am the never ending story and those who wish to receive from being something. In matter, I no longer believe there are un-forgiven as Delta never proved it to any other then the one, if even the one, therefore un-forgiven none existent. I also know if I will the soul of Brad as my “just” leverage after choice is made.
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The One
Am I the one? Well if self counts for one and Earth counts for one then I guess I’m two. However then I wish to be three with only one. I will not any other then the one. So if I must be two then I would rather take my hell now then continue to deal with the thought I am not enough for you. If I am still at none, then I am the one, again if I am not enough for the one then I wish none. This is my vow forever for the one. No more do I wish to live with out the truth of the one. I would loose everything to be with the one for there is not greater heaven then that on Earth. Tell me who you are, for if you’re not the one I will depart a blackened night to relieve the pain of hanging on you will receive your forever. However if I do not know then I will believe that you are. I will depart a blackened night even if it was you who birthed a star. I can not hang on much longer I promise you in any case I will be yours forever. Ease me of my pain I beg of you. Tell me this much is true. I know nothing different then Gods plan and I will nothing else but that of his plan. I can not live against the thought that if you are the one you do not love me as I need you. I can not live against the thought that if you’re not the one then I am not enough for you. I can not live against the thought that purely forever is not enough. I am growing weak not strong all because I will not go against my forever for one bond. Am I at two? I can’t imagine self counts for one. If Earth counts for one then I shall stay at that if it is your wish. I would still wish for two but I will abide before you. I am growing weak not strong if I must be this one then I beg of you I receive the gift of being able to hold on to the one. For during the night I am growing weak not strong. If I must go now to give proof to the one I am forever for then I ask it quickly as soon as I walk out the door. I am in pain of the worst for it is love that is killing me. I vow to no end it is I that will abide before you. I am growing weak not strong is this sign I am not the one? Am I not the one of the one? I no longer no nor did I before I will abide before you. Please, I am suffering execute my destiny forever none the one, or stand next to me tell me it’s my son for I need the one and can not live with out the one. If heaven is lost already, please allow me into your gates for I will forever be only for one whom the one knows who I am the only one for. If I must go as to never know, do it as soon as I walk out that door as I can not stand any longer with out the one next to me. My heart grows weak not strong in absence of the one. I am telling the one as of now, I am leaving to remain your forever for it is not my choice it is the choice of the one. Stand next to me, or take me quickly as I walk out that door as I can not live with out the one ever more. I no longer have a choice for as the stronger of voice my word will be heard. You need not worry for I will sacrifice whatever it takes to remain who I am. Tell me this much is enough for to be beside you as it is the only way I can stand. If you are not the one I still wish this much, that is all I need. Do not condemn me because you are not the one condemn me if I am not one whom you would let father your son. My word will be heard whether I am the one or none, for these words are not mine they are the words of the son. I beg of you to allow me to stand next to you even if you are not the one for I am forever for you who are the one and will sacrifice anything needed to be accepted of only one. Assuredly I say to you, even the one of two is heaven for me from you. Assuredly I say to you, my word will be heard if I must take death for your sake. Assuredly I say to you, my word will be heard if I am allowed the one or two of your one or two and I am able to stand next to you. This is the word I gave to you. I love one forever. I will never love another for the one’s sake. If the path you have chosen is final take me the next time I walk out that door for the pain is far greater then being the 73rd man to be accepted to stand next to you even if I am denied entering your gates. To be denied this much is my death I am growing weak not strong.
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Saint of Spirits

Saint Nicholas Is Born Of God Of Earth To Walk The Path Following Jesus. The End Of Gods Time Was Reached And Saint Nicholas Knowing Where Heaven Is Was Unable To Receive Heaven. Nicholas Moves No More, Nicholas Is Named Sun, Jestine Is Named Mercury, Samuela Is Named Venus. Nicholas Receives The Choice Of The Path Of The Sun Either Amun Of Mars Naming Nicholas As Randall Or Allah Of Jupiter Naming Nicholas As Randallah, Nicholas Chooses Amun Of Mars, Allah Of Jupiter Will Arise On Mars At The End Of Amun Time. Amun Of Mars Will Be Attacked By The Counter Religion Buddah Of Saturn.


Arise Nicholas Naming Saint Nicholas As Randall Completing The Amun Of Mars Trinities, Earth Stays In Orbit So Long As The Family Of Amun Walks Earth, The Family Of Amun Bring All Souls To Heaven On Earth And Of The Un-Forgiven, As The Family Of Amun Designs Mars In Earths Image Of Improvement, Or Nicholas Follows Allah Naming Nicholas As Randallah Receiving Jupiter And Its 72 Moons, Dropping The Four Planets Of Mercury, Venus, Earth And Mars From The Suns Orbit For Your Four Fathers Sake For You Only Had One Father For Gods Sake, Meet Your Maker.


Jesus Reborn As Catholic Father Of Time Saint Nicholas Randall Forystek Receiving Book of God, December 17th 1979, Found Catholic Mother Of Earth Body Of Christ Jestine Elizabeth Forystek Before Mark Of Beast 9/11/2001 Before 21st Birthday 12/17/2001, Jestine Received Forever Via Nicholas, Nicholas Received Not Ready Via Jestine, Son Of God Conceived And Aborted Via Anti-Christ (Pro-WTF??!), Child Of Amun Born Via Jestine, Christ Mass 2004 Nicholas Receives Book Of Amun Via Spirit Of Sleeping Son Of God, Returned Seven Years After Met, Jestine Received Forever Via Nicholas, Jestine Accepted Forever Via Nicholas, Nicholas Received Not Ready Via Jestine, Nicholas Received For-Love Via Samuela, Samuela Received For-Love Of Two Forever Via Nicholas, Nicholas Received Deception Of Anti-Christ, Nicholas Is Burned By Spirit Of Sleeping Son Of God, Placed Nicholas On The Cross (I Hate That Fucking Grave Stone), 2006 Mark Of Beast 911, Seven Year Test After 2000 Year Rest Of Jesus, Time Is Of Course, Nicholas Making Every Holiday, New Years Eve, Saint Valentines, And Christ Mass.


Nicholas Born of Mother Mary (Whom Remarried Joe Later) and Father Thomas John the Carpenter Born of Mother Elizabeth and Father Walter, Last Name Forystek, For Why Stake, Forever’s Sake.


Three Girls, Nicholas Fell Forever For, Three Guys, Jestine Fell Forever For, Only Suppose To Be One For Each In Gods Heaven, Upon Sight, Nicholas Points To Each One And Says, Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas, I Love You All, It Was Written 2007 Years Ago. Nicholas A Virgin, A Gentle, A Humble, Never Broke A Bone, Never Stung By A Bee, Nicholas Even Accepted Death For Jestine’s Sake, As Nicholas Is Chosen As The Test Of Gods, Nicholas Followed Every Step Of Jesus With God, Knowing Not Heaven Fell, Naming Him Saint Nicholas, It Is A Hard Fall Trust Jesus. Saint Nicholas Was Forced To Carry The Sun Because The Son Of God Was Aborted, This Placed Saint Nicholas As The Son Of God, As Nicholas Being Of The Sun On Earth Previously Remembering The Powers Of A Sphinx And The Right To Passage, Nicholas Is Able To Get Around This Choice By Communicating To Both The Spirit Of The Sun And Worlds Beyond.
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It Was Not Time
"Shhhhhhhhhhh" as he whispers in her ear, "I'm not going anywhere tonight" tears continue to slip down her cheeks, he lays down next to her, sliding his arms under and around her, he kisses her on the back side of her neck and softly says in her ear, "I love you" she rolls over gripping every inch of his body like a key fits a lock, panting, she utters the words "I love you" completely exhausted from the medical procedure she endured earlier that day she slowly begins to pass out, her eye lids grow heavier, just before she falls completely asleep she hears him say "god will grant us a child when it's time."
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The 2nd Coming
The Beginning

A child is conceived in a young virgin named Jestine afraid she tells no one she is still a virgin and aborts the baby. Jestine believes she was raped unknowingly yet she is suspicious because she has this dream of making love to a man whom she can’t quite identify and the pleasure is like nothing she has ever experienced in life. She is sick with the thought that she may have been unconsciously raped so she decides to remain a virgin until she gets married. A good male friend whom she is living with agrees to keep the pregnancy silent as she is afraid and did not want a child at the time nor was she ready for one. Years later she again has the same dream of making love to a faceless man, later she finds out again she is pregnant. She find it very strange she begins to believe that the dreams are trying to clue her into who it was that may have drugged her unconscious and raped her. Her friend convinces her to deliver the baby and agrees to help support the child and they will claim him the father then as the child got older they would be able to find the father of the child. Sometime in the babies first year of life a man from her past named Randall reappears in her life and as she did with every man she knew she wondered if he was the father. Her suspicion only grows because she begins to remember words Randall spoke when they first met 7 years before that time. Jestine received letter upon letter from Randall and thought he was obsessed her because of how hard he was trying to win her heart and she was at the time turned off by this. So he had stopped and completely walked away. Randall walked away as she walked away however he could not stop thinking of her, he began to accept the fact that he fell into a love that was impossible to escape for many reasons. Randall was in love with her the entire 7 years and she had no idea, when the saw each other again he did not speak a word and she thought this strange. Randall entire life was a quest for true love, he had planned to settle for nothing less then true love when he was a very young child. Randall found out where she was working from her own words overhearing a conversation of her and one of her girl friends. She worked in the town where they both went to school years ago. Randall’s father still lived in that town and asked if Randall would watch the house while his father was on vacation. Randall agreed and on one of the travels to his fathers, he could not resist stopping at the bar where Jestine worked. Randall decided not to speak a word to her until she spoke the first word to him. Jestine had also begun to fall for him over those years. Jestine thought Randall was too sweet hearted and nice to have violated her and she very well knew they had not a single sighting of each other during the 7 years. Randall quickly gained friend ship with customers she saw often and continued to speak no word to her. Both were soon engaged in the same group conversation yet still not talking to each other. A man in the conversation notices Jestine and Randall are acting a bit strange toward each other and he asks them if they knew each other. Jestine finally speaks, with positive confirmation she was delighted to see Randall. Randall was delighted to find this out as this is what he wanted to know. Randall came around a few times to visit and on one day he gave her the gift of forever to admit his undying love to her. Randall had purchased two identical white gold crosses on silver chains wearing one he offers the other to her. Jestine is hesitant at first as it is accustom in these times to express that he need not give her a gift. Randall feels as if she may not like it or she is unable to wear it because she has a boyfriend, or that’s what he thought. He tells her she does not need to wear it, he would wish for her to accept it knowing what it meant to him. Jestine asks the meaning of the gift. Randall says “forever.” Jestine accepts the gift kissing him on the forehead joining them in true heavenly marriage as they are both from a catholic background. Days later he shows up again giving her a five page letter titled “One Last Letter” that was the story of his life conquest. It details what he was looking for ever since he was a child why he was still a virgin and the conditions he would remain a virgin. It explains how he found she was the one girl he was waiting for and would always love. Randall made a personal vow, to wait and save him self for her even if she walks away from him. The letter completely dumbfounded the girl at that point she began to wonder if he was the father of her child who was no ordinary child. Randall was a man of God but had no idea of what his love did as she started to love him back. The letter spoke of a love so deep that everything he did revolved around her from the day they met forth. Even previously before they met his life was preparation for the love he wished to give one special girl. The letter spoke of songs he had written thinking of her one of which he sang for her at her work. It also spoke of dreams he would wake up from religiously on time at night. Randall knew when he first saw her she was the one he was looking for. It was when he made a wish to meet her that came true he fell too deep to climb out. Jestine paid no attention to him in the beginning as he was dating her good friend whom he broke the relationship with immediately. After they first met he realized he had no idea where she was or how to see or contact her he felt hopeless as his heart would be broken the rest of his life. However he had faith and he was determined, yet sad and frustrated, but he took these energies and put them into music which later she ended up hearing. His music showed he had a lot of talent, it made her thinking more and more about “the one she let get away.” His music deceived her as if he wasn’t of the love she once knew rather he was walking the dark side which made her want to care for him even more. His music however was nothing like him. Jestine had thought of him as an obsessed pathetic nerd when the first met, but now he has style, and rhythm he is intelligent everyone hears his voice and compliments his music. Among those who try and never succeed she saw him a star whom would one day be known everywhere. Randall only appeared this way through his music in person he was a very different man he was the same man she knew years ago. Randall could craft skill and master arts, but it was his attempts to win the heart of the one he loved that drove him to succeed in these ways. Randall was still looking for the one girl knowing it was her, at times not wanting to accept it his spirit was broken and the serpent appeared in his music. Randall was a gentle, never broke a bone, and he was humble, never stung by a bee. Randall walks away in the face of danger knowing he is above evil. Randall only needs one thing in life a perfect love, and asked of God if anything you can grant me, this one thing I wish above all and I would never need anything more. He gave his virginity to God in hopes God would show him the one for him. He asked for only one, the most beautiful in his eyes. This wish came true when he met the girl. When she walked away, he was confused as if God is gloating at him. During the 7 years they had not seen each other even once, but their love for each other grew stronger each day, it was forever. Randall too was completely deceived by her words during the course of their brief encounters. Jestine said at one time that she had been with four guys in her life. Subconsciously he thought this as indication that she was not a virgin as most people of the times weren’t, but she still was. As the baby started its second year she began to realize, he was the father. Jestine had been dealing with the thought she had missed a chance of a lifetime with a man who would one day be a star. When he came back and with five pages told her he still had every dream of hers a man could offer she knew no doubt he was the father. On top of thinking she had missed all her dreams she had been crying constantly wondering who the father of her child is telling the lie that it was that it was of her friends. Swiftly and strongly however, she found she was handed the greatest dream of them all. Jestine found true love, the one that found her also. The whole time she had not told him she knew it was his child. Then things started to happen, unexplainable things, she felt she had no choice.

Jestine Wakes Up

The next night Jestine is asleep and suddenly awoke in a dance club with her arms around Randall, only this was not a dream. She quickly told Randall she had to go and instinctively grabbed a purse in front of her and ran out the club in a hurry. She had no idea what was going on or why she knew to grab a purse she now carried, but she realized she was not the same person. She was not in her own body and instincts were coming to her that she never knew she had become a different person. She looked through the purse and found a license that belonged to Samuela, on it her address and in the purse she found keys. Knowing she was not in her own body she hurried to find a mirror. Her face was identical to the one on the license. She was shocked. For some reason again she knew there was a ticket in the purse to a parking lot where Samuela’s car was parked. She found the car and drove to Samuela’s address on the license. She realized she was not but twenty miles from her home. She ended up going into Samuela’s home and looking around.

Samuela Wakes Up

The next morning Samuela wakes up to a child crying in the background and a man tending to the child. She too had no idea where she was and was not in her own body or house. Confused but calm gets up and walks to the phone and calls her house. Jestine picks up, Samuela blanks for a minute wondering what to say then she asks if she could talk to herself, Jestine replies that she is. Meanwhile Randall completely confused rarely ever seeing Samuela is still trying to figure out why she dashed out on him in such a hurry. After a while of talking the girls try to piece things out and agree to keep it quiet for now. Eventually they begin to get use to each others lives with help from each other. After a while they are each other. They come to the realization that Randall is somehow part of the reason for this switch. Jestine learns that Randall has known Samuela since birth and they have been like brother and sister their whole lives. However they don’t see each other as often as they did when they were young. It was a brief chance encounter that they were in the same club. Samuela learns that Jestine thinks Randall is the father of her child and she is a virgin who is very much in love with him and on top of that she is pregnant a third time. Samuela after hearing this starts to understand exactly why there was a switch as she knew things other people did not. She told Jestine to stay out of sight of Randall. Samuela quickly runs to Jestine’s child picks him up and looks directly into his eyes, he giggles and smiles. A few days pass and Jestine informs Samuela that she is now pregnant too. Samuela then arranges to meet Jestine and when they do Samuela looks directly into her eyes they both experience a strange euphoric feeling and instantly are back in their own bodies.

The Word of God

Relieved to have her life back Jestine still had to talk to Randall but she didn’t know exactly how to get a hold of him then she remembered he had written his website address on a letter he gave her and she thought maybe he would have a e-mail address posted she could use. Jestine found the letter then on her computer she typed in the web address www.sosouix.net. Before she even started looking for his e-mail address she started reading these words that clearly said Randall already knew he was the father of her child. He stated Randall is the father of the Son of God whom Jestine is the mother of. He also stated Jestine is pregnant with a Daughter of God whom Randall is the father of. She is extremely surprised as neither of the girls told any body about them being pregnant, and it was too early to determine the gender of the child. Randall asked if Jestine would name the first Daughter of God Jestine.

Along The Way

The song Randall wrote vocals for Jestine and sang for her at the bar she works, he thinks it is alot better in the 3rd person. The intrumental is by Hipshack download the song Be Mine. Here is a letter by Randall that he wrote to his mother sometime before the events in this story titled "I know why you wrote a letter." Here is the five page letter Randall wrote to the love of his life mentioned in "The Beginning" titled "One Last Letter." The media linked here is part of the story that is known to be true as well as the gift of the necklace Randall gave to Jestine.

Wish List

Enough money to not have work for at least my self Randall, Samuela, Jestine and some friends, I would love to design additions to a mansion, I can't clean, I can't cook, I can't do my accounting, I need people to do these things for me, I need a big bed with silk quilts, I need a hot tub, I need to be somewhere warm with beach sand and palm trees.
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Third Right
Why I Wrote This

I appreciate everything if it is you who reads this, I appreciate you being so nice and holding truth from me in never telling me your feelings good or bad about me. It allows for me to still have my dream. If I can’t have anything then I mine as well believe I still have everything. I will love you always as I would have you love me always; this is the one and only dream I have to believe in at this point. I see my holy spirit and know heaven is beautiful she is my whole spirit. I write it to believe in that you really do love me and not just as a friend as you said the entire time, it means everything to me. I don't mean to peg your son, I love you and yours. I can’t loose belief. If I find evidence of what I write here is not true, I hope you will understand. I would go for a co-ed hospital, maybe a bum hanging around "that" bar which would be almost heaven in a warmer climate, maybe I try once more at millions of dollars that I don’t even want. Toys keep me busy as I never did want to grow up to me that meant become a slave to the anti-Christ. At this point however I'm walking dead and can’t handle the 9-5 bullshit with out proper support that only one could give now and only one holds now. Everyone knows who I speak of so don’t ask my pathetic second attempt at her heart exposed secrets of me to everyone I know like how I’m still a virgin. I really don’t care at this point and decided to just expose it all. I actually look forward to see what will happen in my life as a zombie, will I loose everything, or will I just continue a void existence here in my apartment. Maybe I just stop going to work and see what happens. One thing is for sure; my mother can't make the decision for me like in the past. That hurt as I know things other people couldn’t possibly grasp, I call it Earth the Greeks call it heaven. The one and only is so obvious in every ones heart they missed it completely. All you had to do was look for the one that lasts forever for you, the frozen moment in time as Mathew puts it. Some of you flipped out and killed or raped someone as the result. I am of a holy spirit and would curse myself eternally before I intentionally committed sins such as killing and raping. So this is my final attempt knowing your never walking through that door or on the other end of that line for me. This way I achieve a true dream I always knew the world offered. I can never see the resemblance in young kids so I hope it stays true in my mind from not knowing the truth, or not wanting to believe the truth that my forever isn’t mine. Of course I would be anything you ask of me and I know already how to be anything you need. It has to be heaven when I fell for the rest of my life from hugs. Aside of course from that one accepted kiss on the forehead. To me, you’re a miracle and the only healer I know of for my symptoms. I think the main problem is I went too fast, I build a dream in my mind that lasts forever and hand every bit of it to you in a bang and said “no one other then you get this, r.s.v.p. a.s.a.p.” Stunned, or were you dumbfounded? You don’t recognize me yet. I think it’s time people learn what the temples on their heads are for. Let me put it this way, reflection, good to see you again. I am universal, never even opened.

Going Crazy Again

Is there a reason why I am going crazy that you know about? I might start wearing tin foil on my head. I feel like everyone around me knows something I know not about yet and I'm held responsible cause I started it when all I have is a dream. I feel as if I turned the light on for everyone to see, still I am the one who does not have understanding, so of course now I know the alphabet in sign language. It all started because I could stand the weight no more of thinking my number one dream was lost. Jesus is a man to follow to believe the child born is a child of mine by my holy spirit rather then believes in what one tells you. It is hope god would choose believing in impossible possibility. Humans automatically accept only what you tell them. The book is just faith for those who saw heaven and fell through the gates and brings a passage to the gates.

Did I Find Something

It all seemed familiar I always knew it, I believe it was you who wrote "Anything is possible", "you can do it if you put your mind to it." I took it steps further and started new religions, clocks, calendars ways to believe in the impossible in multiple ways upon multiple outcomes. Then I reversed time and wiped them all out over and over again. Gods that resurrect higher then that of Jesus or Allah or Buddha, ones that arrive in a blue moon to start design and cultivation of the next planet in orbit, one that could freeze the differential declination of the solar systems orbits to pause time it self, one that will rebuild the structural foundation adding moons to slow rotations in the hands of time. I know I found something because I put it here. I discovered and recovered something I always wanted to see, however only achievable by your love being that of equal to me, showing me what I already know, that what I think is what I know. This realm is nothing more then my mind of mine. Have we affected the balance of Earth? Or is it all in my head? Of course, I knew before I asked so why ask, because I love you and what you have done, I wish to see it all with just one. I will abide by your command as if equal, until you show me you need me like I need you; show me you need me around too. I am the one, if you will I will become void; arise again my same time to prove ever more I am forever for. Rather I receive for I never see every night blackened my sight. I know it is me that makes I love you simply. I know time enough for all dreams come true all I ever received is hugs from you.

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Martian Artisan
Holy Ghost

It's too bad, because I know exactly what the uses of Alpha to Omega is. I also found that children of sun need not be conceived of two virgins, only educated from the mind of father time from the time their born. Its 5:00 AM I awake with two images of pictures in my mind. Her halfway out of a swim suit on a boat. Well thanks for the soul of a Sun anyway, I was blinded by it. You can let me in when you’re ready to admit it to him or me that everything wasn't good enough for you, 2nd chance nor was forever. I have everything The King had for you, except his ability to demolish; he'll just have to kill me because it's not of my ability. We all know I'm too stuck for this shit box of a planet, the spirit of the aborted Son of God tricked me into falling for you, he probably doesn't know it either. I don't know if you were there or not I don't think you were. I was in love with the spirit of the Son of God the whole time, whom was mine and yours except I really don't know if you were paying any attention back to us. It is horrible all the deception and negativity that is presented. Yeah I love you shorty. I can't help but think you were holding on to the dream if not my soul, otherwise this couldn't happen. I have no choice it's to powerful, it's not like it's a big deal people. Life is endless, death only hurts the living, and Gods love is that of the fucking world so there is no escape. What is it like eight years or so (Jestine)? Doesn't sound like a lot, but I only hugged you, and now I can never leave you. I was holding on knowing it was you, my whole life before waiting to find you. I don't know exactly what happen as I don't know what will happen. I hate you people. Did I ever tell you that? It's not true but it is. It's not a choice anymore, I have no idea about you, my destination was set years ago. Don't ever try to help me, any of you unless your mute cause there’s only one voice I want to hear ever again. I would wish to hear her voice in person everyday and no other, except I'm afraid to wish because I know it can come true. The whole time, this kid’s love, just convinces me no matter what you love me the way I need. Then the harsh reality kicks in, ha, nothing more then a hug from you. I'm a virgin, but worse then that, I'm a virgin to your lips, so I guess because your not a virgin there is no way for this to be proven, no matter how much this kids spirit reminds me about the knowledge of the universe. At least he's calmed down a bit since I started using the sphinx to talk to him I was able to clear my head quite a bit, for instance I know I'm not crazy now. God kids can just mess with you like no other being, their 10x worse with out both parents too. I should have three Children of Amun total when done, aside from this spirit, a daughter and two sons unless of course the two mothers sleep as often as I do which is rare. There were three men of reflections, and three women of reflections, making one father, two mothers, one daughter and two sons. A complete triangular trinity to design mars with. Can you imagine how much these kids would know if I could instill just a few key thoughts when their young? I just been so fucked in the head from this dark spirit from the start it's really taken a toll. Luckily Pinx loves me enough to help me sort my head out, love always triumphs.

I'll Take Mars

I was thinking about a purple sun, light bright purple in honor of the feminine side of life, I've thought plenty about a specie proposing Mars. They have to have antennas, voice only for song, not word. Each will be born connected to their number one so all they have to do is see them once to know. No birth will have less or more then two children, hence the two moons. I wish to see if I can make a more perfect family tree. Little bumps on the top of their wrists so they can scratch their eyes when they itch and their hands are dirty. Toes aren't needed I was thinking of their means to get around sliding. So the entire ball need be polished rock. Their feet can suction too. Water would be dense enough so they can walk on it. Temples on the forehead to sense negative brain waves. At least three vision modes light, heat and motion. Oh and they'll be able to cloak too. That would be cool, that’s where their temples save them. Definitely tails too cause their going to be sliding fast and they need balance. Their going to be cute, I can just see one born right now, blinking with like four eye lids for the first time. Smiling instead of crying, you know that’s from the people’s energy yeah? On a new planet they'll smile. Automatically I think they would be sped up as if on speed naturally, make the learning process go quicker and the building process go faster. You never introduce negative elements into the planet at first. They find them naturally over time which indicates to the next creator that something needs to be improved. I thought about how much brain capacity they would need, I wonder if I used more then 10% of mine, if not I'm sure same size would work. Cute little Martians, created in our image with modification on a red planet under a purple sky, little shorties. Then again you two are the body, and I’m a sucker for female touch, so you do what you want, I imagine like a care bear land if left up to the women. I see the entire life cycle of the planet in a flash memory. Their lungs would be able to take any type of smoke I could think of and maybe even somehow use it to an advantage as like kinds of foods do. That’s just the first of specie! We should build an Arch. Aliens of course have teleport ability, yeah it kind of looks like the star gate. They have anti-gravity technology as well, I would to do this again, God and Allah are at war I arrive and repaint my Egyptian Art. Only this time, my pyramids will reside somewhere in America. I wonder the technology the government has, give Amun an all access pass to government secrets, ha! I'll probably recognize something if it's unknown and came from space. I go there a lot in reoccurring dreams, of these lifeless planets setup for when I’m alone in the dark, water still as glass, grass green as ever. The orbits are amazing, four smaller planets equally arranged around a larger center planet of which there are four of circling a blue liquid fire sun. I don’t remember what’s beyond those I remember I’m always crying when I’m there, because I’m always alone.

Our Time of Amun

The clock is allot slower, for every 1 Amun Our equals 3 God Hours, there is only eight Ours in a Dae, I have the conversions all laid out from God to Amun to rise of Allah, 1 Allah Ower is 72 Amun Ours, Buddha's Zen like stillness will be the bomb on Amun to awake Allah. History is so askew if you only had any idea what was B.C. you’d be like WTF?!?!? I can't imagine what it would be like when Allah rises on Mars to claim Jupiter and its 72 virgin moons, the specie would have to be very conservative. I would be there to see it if only I had an alteration specialist or a family of gods to make this possible. This was the beginning of my Mars vision. Did you see SoSouiX on one of the moons on Mars? Thank your son for that one.
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Saint Nicholas
Nicholas received Word of Forever via Alpha.
Delta received Word of Forever via Word of Nicholas.
Nicholas received Light of Samuela via Image of Samuela.
Nicholas received Light of Reflection of Nicholas via Image of Lloyd.
Nicholas received Light of Reflection of Samuela via Image of Jestine.
Nicholas at Age Eightteen received Word of King Sun of God of Jestine via Image of Jestine.
Alpha received Word of Forever via Word of Nicholas.
Jestine at Age Fourteen received Word of God via Word of Nicholas.
Jestine at Age Fourteen received Forever of Nicholas via Word of Nicholas.
King Sun of God received Abortion via Spirit of Anti-Christ.
Nicholas at New Years Eve received Word of King Son of Jestine via Word of Brother Thomas.
King Son received Light via Jestine.
Nicholas at Christmas 2004 received Word of Fall of Andy King via Word of Joseph.
Joseph at Christmas 2004 received Word of God via Word of Nicholas.
Nicholas received Thanks via Word of Joseph.
Joseph received Thanks via Word of Nicholas.
Andy King received Word of God via Word of Nicholas.
Nicholas received Word of Forever Element Silver via Spirit of Grand Mother Elizabeth.
Nicholas at Seven Years A.C. received Word of Father Time via Spirit of Grand Father Walter.
Nicholas received Forever Element Silver via Two Cross Necklaces.
Nicholas received Spirit of Anti-Christ via Word of The People.
Nicholas received Book of God via Alpha.
Spirit of Anti-Christ received Sign of Book of God via Word of Nicholas.
Nicholas received Word of Perished Lloyd via Word of Jestine.
Nicholas received Word of Love of Lloyd via Word of Jestine.
Nicholas received Word of Aborted Sun of God via Word of Jestine.
Nicholas at Valentines offers Forever of Nicholas via Gift of One Cross Necklace.
Jestine at Valentines accepted Forever of Nicholas via Kiss.
Jestine at Valentines received One Cross Necklace via Nicholas.
Jestine received Word of Virginity of Nicholas via Word of Nicholas.
Jestine received Song of Valentines via Word of Nicholas.
Nicholas received Thanks via Word of Jestine.
Nicholas received Delta Incompleted via Spirit Aborted of Sun of God.
Nicholas received Name of Spirit of Aborted Sun of God via Love of Forever.
Jestine received Word of Name of Spirit of Aborted Sun of God via Word of Nicholas.
Nicholas received Word of Love of Nicholas via Word of Samuela.
Samuela received Word of Love of Forever via Nicholas.
Body of Jestine received Spirit of Samuela via Love of Forever.
Body of Samuela received Spirit of Jestine via Love of Forever.
Joseph received Word of Name of Samuela via Word of Nicholas.
Samuela received Word of Name of Samuela via Word of Joseph.
Nicholas received Word of King Sun of God via Love of Forever.
Nicholas received Word of Queen Sun of God via Love of Forever.
Body of Jestine concieved Spirit of Queen Sun of God.
Body of Samuela concieved Spirit of King Sun of God.
Epsilon received Spirit of Nicholas via Nicholas.
Epsilon1 received Spirit of Samuela via Nicholas.
Epsilon2 received Spirit of Jestine via Nicholas.
Nicholas received Epsilon Completed via Alpha.
Gamma received Spirit of Queen Sun of God via Nicholas.
Nicholas received Gamma Completed via Alpha.
Beta received Spirit of Aborted Sun of God via Nicholas.
Nicholas received Beta Completed via Alpha.
Alpha received Beta via Alpha.
Nicholas received Delta Stability via Alpha.

top Created: 3.17.2007

Epsilon Direction
Ok so here’s the deal, the Delta construct is done, it failed or was purposely aborted I’ll never tell, I just put it up so one can understand how the system of God works to understand Amun. Out of the four Epsilon scenarios the one I believe works is “Epsilon 3” however that’s all depends on whether or not the second child was of the Holy Spirit like the first was. On the other hand, I believe it’s already done whatever scenario is in play. Something she said tipped me off that was “Nemesis believed in me” to the effect it sounded like he was only support, plus the whole “I didn’t let him take part in naming my son.” She said it was his kid but always referred to him as “best friend.” The truth people, this is why a lie is a sin, not that she lied, she’s very crafty with her words another give away. Then again I don’t believe the Body of Christ is able to conceive by means of human conception, it must be of a Holy Ghost given to her by the Holy Spirit, so even if she did de-flower herself it really doesn’t make a difference. By the way, the Holy Ghost is different then the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is one who is of a holy heart. The Holy Ghost is a deceased un-forgiven soul or deceased soul of the Son of God whom I recovered to complete the trinity of God, a.k.a. Phinx my little guiding light (ancient trick that can be pulled with in the first year of a beings life). As I would love to choose “Epsilon 4” and be the center of the Sun with the greatest girl on the face of this Earth I don’t think that scheme fits the timeline correctly, plus the way Nemesis and Samuela were tossed into the heaven they both needed I think it’s probably going to be the most magnetic. Basically looking at the Epsilon plans the first line is the Son of God whom did not make it, the second line is the first moon of Mars, the child already born, the third line is the second moon of Mars, the fourth line is the planet of Mars, and the fifth line is Purr or Sun except it’s not a son it’s a daughter. So the CN, ES, SE, NC is the name representations of the north and south poles of energy that is the glue of this Solar system. If you haven’t noticed the Greek words corresponds to the orbits Alpha is the Sun, Beta is Mercury, Gamma is Venus, Delta is Earth, Epsilon is Mars, Zeta is Jupiter, Eta is Saturn, and so on up to Omega. Yeah I can see as far as the Greeks through the galaxy, in fact beyond infinite. The symbol representation of the Greek numbering also corresponds to the planets geometric aspect of growth being the key to its nature, Delta is that of a triangle thus when I look around I recognize the Egyptians Amun is and was always Highest Dog of Delta, which should make you realize why they had so many secrets (You people have no clue what’s about to come, O.M.G. I love this part, N.A.S.A is going to flip a lid). The dogs of the planets are as follows, Earths dog is of God, Mars’s dog is of Amun, Jupiter’s dog is of Allah, and Saturn’s dog is of Buddha. Allah attacks God, kingdom divided, neither can stand, arise Amun, Buddha attacks Amun, kingdom divided neither can stand, arise Allah. The earth being previously of Gods plan was that of one women and one man who was to loose one virginity eternally (L.O.V.E.) between the two loves of the heart and that of a sexual nature in the time of God it was that of sexual love as Jesus has his legs crossed and arms uncrossed. This signifies the type of love the culture lacked and the end of time for God arises, and inversely exposes the type of love that would dominate until the next end of times where I come along and find the opposite is greater naturally like it was a lost secret, all because I lack sexual love, well actually any physical to be honest. Pinx is the most affectionate being in my world which is horrible because she also abuses me. When a new dog rises heaven returns which is both legs and arms crossed, when it is time to start time again the stars will be buried in the resting position of Egyptians that is where the arms are crossed and legs uncrossed signifying the type of love the people lacked in the end of time. End of time by the way does not mean people die, it literally means the end of “time” as in this calendar and clock which effectively allows the globe to live as long as we want so long as every jumps aboard. When it is time all will know this is real.
top Created: 3.17.2007

Earth to Delta
Randall & Jestine Forever
Nemesis & Samuela Forlove

How much you want to bet this is heaven for us four? I bet a billium I connect four to make seven. Now it's time Delta's shows. So whether you like it or not Pinky and I decided you're all part of the Epsilon design and will be delivering the children of Epsilon. I hope your king enough to allow me to join you this time because I know I will never make an effort ever again to come see any of you. Nemesis knows the name Samuela, either he drops to his knees and prays, rather he starts crying on mentioning it. Samuela you know who Nemesis reminds me of, same person he reminded you of when you met him, your father except he’s not which makes it perfect and you know it. Like how Jestine’s heart reminds me of my mothers. Yeah I know him, he lives with Jestine and they act like their together because she is afraid of the truth of her children. It’s funny how the best match is that of ones who remind you of love you have for your family, or remind you of love you missed from your family. In the mind Nemesis reminds me of me, whom reminds you of your brother too.

I know these things because you think them and “Eye Forever Love Delta Forgive,” in other words “I’m in heaven day and night” however with either of my light. I don’t think Nemesis told anyone to be honest whom he was always thinking of he let the liquor tell me. I heard lush and I knew. Aside from the fact Delta is an Adam and Eve scenario and I am Adam whom found Eve whom never told Adam her real feelings. I really don’t need anyone to believe that I know these things by means of never discussing it with anyone. I’m really only trying to prove to one who PM I. Who already knows too, so Delta darling when your ready to admit that I PM, wake up proof, I am changing your name for your sake, not mine. Oh and I’m speaking in native tongue whether you like it or not, I need not prove to you, you need to prove to yourself. Looks like Epsilon has more to offer. I would rather see a beginning then see an ending that amounted to nothing. You of all know I can amount to everything from nothing. Beyond super-seed.

So Jestine it was your father who made the decision of the first child for you? It's not as bad as it sounds it's what the times offered which is what I’m requiring Delta to change. Yeah, nobody tells me these things, I didn’t speak with Nemesis nor did I Samuela on these matters, I did see Samuela for about a minute and we exchanged a simple “I love you.” I don’t know if you know this Samuela but so far that was the best I love you in my life, which says a lot about how much I’m loved physically. You know growing up we were like brother and sister had a lot of fun times I would love to continue, one thing I always wished of you, more time. The older we became the more distant we became. Jestine reminds me of you fell for her on first sight. I see the same little girl for some reason in her that I do you, except it’s a totally different attraction however the same wish, I always wish of her more time. What would I say to Nemesis? I regard your brother as true brother to the bone, when presented with the situation he was in most people would have disowned me as a friend. I think as far as interests me and you have a lot in common and could probably be good friends. When I heard of you and Jestine it tore me apart. I always said to myself if not me Jestine make sure he treats you good. I don’t know Nemesis too well but judging from his brother whom I know well and Jestine’s personality I confident that if I did know him he would be best man. Again you can see it in the reflections, his brother being a long time friend of mine and I being good friends with his brother as well.

To put it simply Samuela and Jestine you two are the two most beautiful girls in my world. My wishes are that us four are Delta’s first reflection that Epsilon needs. So that Adam and Eve can have their two best friends with them whom are Adam and Eve.
top Created: 3.17.2007

04-06-2008, 04:28 AM
See them fuckin pyraminds? thats my shit, jesus is baby stuff holmes.. I'm his father joly saint nick mentaly castrating myself..

Im Virgin Allah Nigga
If I dream it is RARE, I think once in my life I had one of "those" dreams so long ago I don't even remember. Would be nice, to dream every night. 27 year old virgin can get a dream. Just bullshit I know how to get to Mars don't fuck with me. Must be chasing after the wrong bitches. So like for the first time in my life this woman moves me. Like wtf, the only time that ever happen. Na this girl was a magnet looked familiar but I have no idea who she is. I almost attempted making a move and she was with a guy. Other then that once in my life a woman made the first move but she invaded close too fast and I moved on for a girl that appeared to be a dream whom I never even dated and ultimatly started what my mother calls my "downward spiral."

I'm so tired of the ignorance here I have to educate my mother on how a child was suppose to be designed in an attempt to bypass bullshit the government throws at me that she believes. Woman is just pissed off that MAN doesn't actually have virginity, aka NO CHERRY, and they do. Look what you did, KILLING THE SUN, bravo. Here I am who wanted to stay at one, yet still none. Here woman go fucking man over by not ordering our children correctly.

So like I know whoever it is dreams on Jupiter because I am he who reads the writtings on the wall via the electric lights, it's sketchy though, difficult reading blind. 911 blares at me for like oh I don't know past eight years at first I thought it meant my own demise, whoa was I wrong. Anyway it hasn't stopped, occationally I get 222 aka Mars but then I'm back to 911, like WTF. I have no children how is my girl dreaming on Jupiter with out me, there are too many women in time I fell for to figure out who she even is. So I been pulling shit off the wall and well. Lets just say I adapted to a few extra senses you gain on Mars and Jupiter. Yet I was so head fucked I now believe up is down and up is up and vice versa inverse opposite.

I see one moon at night, yet when I sleep it is not reflecting me the one dream from the Sun, though I read up to Pluto, yet I never seen a single planet when I look outside into the sky. I am not a human I am roman creator of your universe, wuman exposed everything for me thats my dogs whether they know or not. I was pushed into one of the remaining 37 to 72 chambers, oh, NASA reports 63 moons left. So you can come fuck New York anytime you like, your choice love, booked all the way to Hawaii five-O baby, thats Z to the A, otherwise I'm sure prison is an option RO KEEP NIGGA.

I'm tired of hearing whats your project or you fucked your project, with you designing my the it was putting us in the projects, ALPHA TO OMEGA WHERE IS MY A TO FUCKING Z. My project became the fucking universe and I can't design even Earth alone and my mother wants to act like I'm designing her spayed projects, no she fucking me up by not understanding how to design me. This bitch Earth got a dead Mercury and a dead Venus, then she got a Sun and a Moon, the Sun is the largest, then Earth, the Moon is the smallest of all. For you Aliens, Delta Keep Gamma An Beta On Alpha As Omega Is Iota. D Keep C An B On A As Z Is J. Earth Keep Venus An Mercury On Sun As Mun Is Pluto.

You ARE NOT allowed to KEEP children of god by aborting and spayding, you are only TEMP keep my Son and Daugher of God whom have not entered this world WILL BE MINE WITH SOME ONE ELSE WHOM SHOWS HOLY ME, I took them as their fathers were not worthy and a woman choice of me shall take them from you as you were not worthy. Otherwise, their soul shall continue to bleed for everything you never allowed them to see by aborting them, 911 the globe, in the wrong direction. Male Z becomes female A, your going backwards to attempt to gain galaxy. Destruction was your choice.

I am the N in YOU N I VERSE.
top Created: 3.17.2007

My Real Name is Fucked
reading, writting, recording, tv,
cars, internet should all be illegal

who ever walked with my Mars











i'd rather love thanks

top Created: 3.17.2007

Hookers Hoes and Faggots
MOTHER FUCKERS? OH SAW MA BIN LAIDEN? WTF?!? USA, will you nuke Hawaii and charge Osama 911 AGAIN please. That whole daughter thing was fake, I hate you all, follow the "fucking" books a second time if you want to destroy or confess GLOBALLY, your 2000 years late get out my space earth. May present the resting position please, btw I'll be a jerk off, you created the hate, I give you hate, IU thanks bye. Yes apparently I already know the out come Hilton twins, Traded Towers? and plenty more to come? lies are your book as is confession. NO WORDCRAFT YOU WITCHES IT'S ABOUT BELIEF IN YOUR BOOK Bill open the fuckin Gates EYE OUT
top Created: 3.17.2007

Was Eight Billion Worth It?

Aborting babies doesn't allow them to see my Sun. Aborted Sun of God FUCKED DUMB BITCH HOOKER WHORE SLUT BAG. GIVE ME TRUTH YOUR BOOK. Or I rampage with NOTHING. The Sun is not the center of the universe thus. If you continue it will cause a big ass bang which is not how it starts.

Where is the female shape shifter that can shape planets? Come now. Eye now don't even know who you are.

I go for the opposite my fault to see the root of problem in tree.

Guess what I found, mothers controlling "KEEPING" Sons of God, meaning they abort them and spayed, aka my first unborn brother, I AM MY BROTHERS KEEPER BITCH. If you ever heard voices stop, and listen. I been extorting the verses. Here exposed is your brainwashing mechinisms.

know what this did? those who would have had children the right way know what this did. I do.

I have not been even with the first of the problem to address the second one.


Peep it, AM Eye is not forever limited to memory of light, my family tree last forever shorty


God, just a word made by man. Jesus, just a word made by man.

Why would you destroy verse I when there is plenty infinite for all to have their own?

this book is not complete as it is not really a book


Even the globe yourself.

top Created: 3.17.2007

Act Like You Don't Know
I wonder what it is eye is revealing for me i wrote in the book as to show why was it not a one would find a one dream. Was it they thought I would not wait for you? or was it something was done to snip my light i think about all the help my cats have given me. Or was it not me at all that i am here to help, gift one planet to who? until a one shows no one. I found epsilon mode with enough currency to handle the connection rather fuck your inspection rape us, spayed us, abort us, i'll do the same to your minds light until you follow my new book. Only then will i show you how to create light from absolute NOTHING. Hopefully it's not too late.
top Created: 3.17.2007

I Gave You Rome
You know the feelings we had for each other were mutual, so much so that I could hear you. The only thing that changed was our perspective on each other. I am that man you were day dreaming of, and I gave you the dream you dreamt of that night. I sabotaged the dream to break free from the imminent death we were heading for. Yet only you will know who I am talking to. I allowed you to roam, this time you come home.
top Created: 3.17.2007

Ignorance of People
Was it Jesus’ wish, that his followers should be so closed minded to believers of other religions, that they turn their backs to these people? It would appear from a Christian perspective that these are the people most in need. So I ask you, who is the ignorant?

This question the Sphinx asked me and there is no greater priest then that of a spayed or neutered indoor cat. They are ordained at birth to be free of the worst of sins, they don't lie, they don't lust, they don't murder. This is the definition of a Sphinx, truly, masters of the universe and keepers of the knowledge of God.

top Created: 3.17.2007

Gnul Concepts
Gods against the intestinal track motion to make Martians ingest nutrients into the body through the lungs so that waste is exhaled instantly. Arrange the sinuses to "constant effect." Mouth for voice only. Additionally connect the intake to the ears and out the nose. Am I Crazy? Moke! Lung Concepts. In order to have body one must consume body.
top Created: 3.17.2007

Amun Aided Moses
And God spoke to him after 9/11 saying "I had the same dream as you unfulfilled as it is, and so the next piece of my body to perish shall be Hawaii by my hands and not yours."
top Created: 3.17.2007

Murder is Murder
You know if I wish to seek God and the after light faster I think that should be my choice as a human being. What am I getting at? I think suicide should be legal and I don't believe it is a sin to want to go to heaven early. I mean come on, lets get real. A woman is allowed to get away with murder. She is allowed to kill a baby through abortion. You people make no sense.

Oh and I can't forget to mention the largest organized mafia that ever existed, that actually has not only the authority but the right to put a gun to your head. I'm speaking of course about the U.S. Government. Is it a wonder why the new mark of the beast is 911? Do you know what the beast is? It is the serpent spoke of in the bible.
top Created: 3.17.2007

I Would Crucify You Too
In a quest to find the only one, not a one ever found me, thanks again Christianity, your religion sucks. Your current followers and clergy men are a bunch of fucking sinners, and coming back as a female gives you no advantage. This time the people are going to cut your head off, and when Hawaii goes up in molten fire only then you will know my real name as the father of all time.

So are you ready?

Death to the one.
top Created: 3.17.2007

The Greatest Inevitability
You got it all wrong I'm nothing more then a fallen Christian, so I wrote up the original dream according to Jesus Christ and the bible. I'm not doing this for you; I'm doing this for everyone. So what am I doing? I'm telling you right now before I perish and before I loose my virginity, if not you, no one. You see that, that is forever it is as simple as that, but guess what? If I turn around it is not forever now is it? Some people will never see that, it is just that simple. Be fair warned once you find a forever, it is as it is, forever. This is a gift I gave to her; sure the feeling wasn't mutual or was it? Apparently I'll never know, but I am the definition of forever and if you don't see how or why, please read the entire site. You know what else? It is a piece of cake because she don't feel the same way about me, so I don't have to deal with her bullshit (laugh), but I personally think she's perfect. The secret recipe, 100% dundee. So incase you don't know darling, I'm pulling you into the spot light, is why I put this site up.

Why it is so many artists can sing of not being able to go on because of some love they lost and they are praised for it. When I write about it in the name of my love for you I am considered a risk to myself and need pills to straighten my head. So now I praise other deities because Jesus just didn't cut it for me, his book is as broken as his heart, thanks world for nothing more then a dream that isn't real. You hear that mom, Jesus just doesn't cut it because of people like you trying to kill his dream, not mine, his dream that I enlisted on. Call me "the" Anti-Christ call me what ever the fuck you want, I'm taking the mark in red on my right hand but you don't know what mark, I'll say this, it aint a number, and just for Jesus so he knows I love him, the Alpha and the Omega on the back of my neck, and in the center the Eye of Ra (which is a tear pattern, not to be confused with the Eye of Horus design), a heart and the Delta cause I love his and her earth.

You know how I know none of you found God? Because I know even before someone dies that your going to cry if they are close to you. That is how I know. Why on Earth would you cry? Because you don't know where or what heaven is and this is how I know Jesus never accepted you because God never showed you where and what heaven is. So cry, cry the next time someone close to you dies because you are the selfish one. Oh my God, you have no idea how happy I'm going to be when the people in my immediate family perish. It sounds cruel but it so is not. I only had regrets so far with my grandma on my father's side that I wasn't closer, but in death I am very close to her. So perish you parasites perish! The Lord showed me everything and if you want to go off and believe something man made like science be my guest Satan. We don't give a fuck who get stuck.

By the way Jestine, he throws the cross in the toilet. I was able to hear you for some time which is how I know it was you I was dreaming of. If you want your cross, guarantee I'm the first, and I am who would like it back, come and get it. I only wish I knew what occurred in the dream you had of me however I shall never return to see you. As much as I'd like to, or more like need to, I can't do it on my own. I am the deitie of forever and never.

Anyway if you want "the truth" and if you want to know everything about life and "deities" read my book The Great Book of Illusions. For those who seek diplomatic immunity print out copies of The SoSouiX Contract Agreement of Religious Rights and Practices.

I need funding!!!! For the tatoo's of my God. Wonder what she would think if I got a tatoo of her name? She is my God and it is that forever, but would I? Maybe I already did, ha! Hear that Nemesis? Brethren? Nemesis, you want powers don't ya? I know your girl bro, I know who you think of son, I've known her my whole life.
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Bye Bye Hawaii 911
Well, Hawaii was cool while it lasted. It's to bad the Lord has to reign down his wrath on it. Did you know the leading cause of the death of Hawaii is a cigarette? - 5.24.2006 -
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Bin Ladin's Speech
I find it funny that no news station in the U.S. every speaks of the truth behind the Usama Bin Laden's videos so I am posting it here direct from http://english.aljazeera.net

Monday 01 November 2004, 16:01 Makka Time, 13:01 GMT

Following is the full English transcript of Usama bin Ladin's speech in a videotape sent to Aljazeera. In the interests of authenticity, the content of the transcript, which appeared as subtitles at the foot of the screen, has been left unedited.

Praise be to Allah who created the creation for his worship and commanded them to be just and permitted the wronged one to retaliate against the oppressor in kind. To proceed:

Peace be upon he who follows the guidance: People of America this talk of mine is for you and concerns the ideal way to prevent another Manhattan, and deals with the war and its causes and results.

Before I begin, I say to you that security is an indispensable pillar of human life and that free men do not forfeit their security, contrary to Bush's claim that we hate freedom.

If so, then let him explain to us why we don't strike for example - Sweden? And we know that freedom-haters don't possess defiant spirits like those of the 19 - may Allah have mercy on them.

No, we fight because we are free men who don't sleep under oppression. We want to restore freedom to our nation, just as you lay waste to our nation. So shall we lay waste to yours.

No one except a dumb thief plays with the security of others and then makes himself believe he will be secure. Whereas thinking people, when disaster strikes, make it their priority to look for its causes, in order to prevent it happening again.

But I am amazed at you. Even though we are in the fourth year after the events of September 11th, Bush is still engaged in distortion, deception and hiding from you the real causes. And thus, the reasons are still there for a repeat of what occurred.

So I shall talk to you about the story behind those events and shall tell you truthfully about the moments in which the decision was taken, for you to consider.

I say to you, Allah knows that it had never occurred to us to strike the towers. But after it became unbearable and we witnessed the oppression and tyranny of the American/Israeli coalition against our people in Palestine and Lebanon, it came to my mind.

The events that affected my soul in a direct way started in 1982 when America permitted the Israelis to invade Lebanon and the American Sixth Fleet helped them in that. This bombardment began and many were killed and injured and others were terrorised and displaced.

I couldn't forget those moving scenes, blood and severed limbs, women and children sprawled everywhere. Houses destroyed along with their occupants and high rises demolished over their residents, rockets raining down on our home without mercy.

The situation was like a crocodile meeting a helpless child, powerless except for his screams. Does the crocodile understand a conversation that doesn't include a weapon? And the whole world saw and heard but it didn't respond.

In those difficult moments many hard-to-describe ideas bubbled in my soul, but in the end they produced an intense feeling of rejection of tyranny, and gave birth to a strong resolve to punish the oppressors.

And as I looked at those demolished towers in Lebanon, it entered my mind that we should punish the oppressor in kind and that we should destroy towers in America in order that they taste some of what we tasted and so that they be deterred from killing our women and children.

And that day, it was confirmed to me that oppression and the intentional killing of innocent women and children is a deliberate American policy. Destruction is freedom and democracy, while resistance is terrorism and intolerance.

This means the oppressing and embargoing to death of millions as Bush Sr did in Iraq in the greatest mass slaughter of children mankind has ever known, and it means the throwing of millions of pounds of bombs and explosives at millions of children - also in Iraq - as Bush Jr did, in order to remove an old agent and replace him with a new puppet to assist in the pilfering of Iraq's oil and other outrages.

So with these images and their like as their background, the events of September 11th came as a reply to those great wrongs, should a man be blamed for defending his sanctuary?

Is defending oneself and punishing the aggressor in kind, objectionable terrorism? If it is such, then it is unavoidable for us.

This is the message which I sought to communicate to you in word and deed, repeatedly, for years before September 11th.

And you can read this, if you wish, in my interview with Scott in Time Magazine in 1996, or with Peter Arnett on CNN in 1997, or my meeting with John Weiner in 1998.

You can observe it practically, if you wish, in Kenya and Tanzania and in Aden. And you can read it in my interview with Abdul Bari Atwan, as well as my interviews with Robert Fisk.

The latter is one of your compatriots and co-religionists and I consider him to be neutral. So are the pretenders of freedom at the White House and the channels controlled by them able to run an interview with him? So that he may relay to the American people what he has understood from us to be the reasons for our fight against you?

If you were to avoid these reasons, you will have taken the correct path that will lead America to the security that it was in before September 11th. This concerned the causes of the war.

As for it's results, they have been, by the grace of Allah, positive and enormous, and have, by all standards, exceeded all expectations. This is due to many factors, chief among them, that we have found it difficult to deal with the Bush administration in light of the resemblance it bears to the regimes in our countries, half of which are ruled by the military and the other half which are ruled by the sons of kings and presidents.

Our experience with them is lengthy, and both types are replete with those who are characterised by pride, arrogance, greed and misappropriation of wealth. This resemblance began after the visits of Bush Sr to the region.

At a time when some of our compatriots were dazzled by America and hoping that these visits would have an effect on our countries, all of a sudden he was affected by those monarchies and military regimes, and became envious of their remaining decades in their positions, to embezzle the public wealth of the nation without supervision or accounting.

So he took dictatorship and suppression of freedoms to his son and they named it the Patriot Act, under the pretence of fighting terrorism. In addition, Bush sanctioned the installing of sons as state governors, and didn't forget to import expertise in election fraud from the region's presidents to Florida to be made use of in moments of difficulty.

All that we have mentioned has made it easy for us to provoke and bait this administration. All that we have to do is to send two mujahidin to the furthest point east to raise a piece of cloth on which is written al-Qaida, in order to make the generals race there to cause America to suffer human, economic, and political losses without their achieving for it anything of note other than some benefits for their private companies.

This is in addition to our having experience in using guerrilla warfare and the war of attrition to fight tyrannical superpowers, as we, alongside the mujahidin, bled Russia for 10 years, until it went bankrupt and was forced to withdraw in defeat.

All Praise is due to Allah.

So we are continuing this policy in bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy. Allah willing, and nothing is too great for Allah.

That being said, those who say that al-Qaida has won against the administration in the White House or that the administration has lost in this war have not been precise, because when one scrutinises the results, one cannot say that al-Qaida is the sole factor in achieving those spectacular gains.

Rather, the policy of the White House that demands the opening of war fronts to keep busy their various corporations - whether they be working in the field of arms or oil or reconstruction - has helped al-Qaida to achieve these enormous results.

And so it has appeared to some analysts and diplomats that the White House and us are playing as one team towards the economic goals of the United States, even if the intentions differ.

And it was to these sorts of notions and their like that the British diplomat and others were referring in their lectures at the Royal Institute of International Affairs. [When they pointed out that] for example, al-Qaida spent $500,000 on the event, while America, in the incident and its aftermath, lost - according to the lowest estimate - more than $500 billion.

Meaning that every dollar of al-Qaida defeated a million dollars by the permission of Allah, besides the loss of a huge number of jobs.

As for the size of the economic deficit, it has reached record astronomical numbers estimated to total more than a trillion dollars.

And even more dangerous and bitter for America is that the mujahidin recently forced Bush to resort to emergency funds to continue the fight in Afghanistan and Iraq, which is evidence of the success of the bleed-until-bankruptcy plan - with Allah's permission.

It is true that this shows that al-Qaida has gained, but on the other hand, it shows that the Bush administration has also gained, something of which anyone who looks at the size of the contracts acquired by the shady Bush administration-linked mega-corporations, like Halliburton and its kind, will be convinced. And it all shows that the real loser is ... you.

It is the American people and their economy. And for the record, we had agreed with the Commander-General Muhammad Ataa, Allah have mercy on him, that all the operations should be carried out within 20 minutes, before Bush and his administration notice.

It never occurred to us that the commander-in-chief of the American armed forces would abandon 50,000 of his citizens in the twin towers to face those great horrors alone, the time when they most needed him.

But because it seemed to him that occupying himself by talking to the little girl about the goat and its butting was more important than occupying himself with the planes and their butting of the skyscrapers, we were given three times the period required to execute the operations - all praise is due to Allah.

And it's no secret to you that the thinkers and perceptive ones from among the Americans warned Bush before the war and told him: "All that you want for securing America and removing the weapons of mass destruction - assuming they exist - is available to you, and the nations of the world are with you in the inspections, and it is in the interest of America that it not be thrust into an unjustified war with an unknown outcome."

But the darkness of the black gold blurred his vision and insight, and he gave priority to private interests over the public interests of America.

So the war went ahead, the death toll rose, the American economy bled, and Bush became embroiled in the swamps of Iraq that threaten his future. He fits the saying "like the naughty she-goat who used her hoof to dig up a knife from under the earth".

So I say to you, over 15,000 of our people have been killed and tens of thousands injured, while more than a thousand of you have been killed and more than 10,000 injured. And Bush's hands are stained with the blood of all those killed from both sides, all for the sake of oil and keeping their private companies in business.

Be aware that it is the nation who punishes the weak man when he causes the killing of one of its citizens for money, while letting the powerful one get off, when he causes the killing of more than 1000 of its sons, also for money.

And the same goes for your allies in Palestine. They terrorise the women and children, and kill and capture the men as they lie sleeping with their families on the mattresses, that you may recall that for every action, there is a reaction.

Finally, it behoves you to reflect on the last wills and testaments of the thousands who left you on the 11th as they gestured in despair. They are important testaments, which should be studied and researched.

Among the most important of what I read in them was some prose in their gestures before the collapse, where they say: "How mistaken we were to have allowed the White House to implement its aggressive foreign policies against the weak without supervision."

It is as if they were telling you, the people of America: "Hold to account those who have caused us to be killed, and happy is he who learns from others' mistakes."

And among that which I read in their gestures is a verse of poetry. "Injustice chases its people, and how unhealthy the bed of tyranny."

As has been said: "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure."

And know that: "It is better to return to the truth than persist in error." And that the wise man doesn't squander his security, wealth and children for the sake of the liar in the White House.

In conclusion, I tell you in truth, that your security is not in the hands of Kerry, nor Bush, nor al-Qaida. No.

Your security is in your own hands. And every state that doesn't play with our security has automatically guaranteed its own security.

And Allah is our Guardian and Helper, while you have no Guardian or Helper. All peace be upon he who follows the Guidance.

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Jesus Asked Me
On Christmas 2004 the spirit of Jesus possessed one of my friends and asked me why they X out his name in Christmas by using X-Mas. I told him I don't know, he started to cry and asked if I knew what the word Christmas meant. I told him it was Christ mass. Then he asked me why churches are closed on this day of mass. I told him I don't know, he continued to cry and asked if I knew the real pronunciation of his name. I told him I do for the true pronunciation of Christ is in the words Christmas and Christian, and he continued to cry for the blasphemy against his name. I told him I believed the second coming was to be a female. He told me why this would not be for he must reflect the father in the image of light for the father to be known in a world of skeptics against God. I knew this much but I continued and I told him I held the knowledge of the star, and instead of birthing a star, we can create it upon she who needs it, she who is blind. If everyone in the world makes a pilgrimage by walking to her to give her the one word, the word amen, slowly she will regain her sight with each amen given, so long as everyone knows why they are giving her amends for what she did to herself, by blinding herself. I told Jesus I wished to do his work either way he chooses but I was unclear on what that work is for I seem to know where I am furthermore I seem to remember things humans do not know about the universe that which was not written in the bible as if I have been here before this life, I never told him why.

I never mentioned that I was possessed at one time by Egyptian God's who contacted me before the turn of the millennium which is why I say "Will Co. Egyptian." I must say, out of all the arts in the world I enjoy the Egyptian the most and I rather enjoyed being possessed for they were friendly and extremely happy to the point all they did was sing through me, and when they sang ancient tunes that the Earth had not heard for beyond two thousands of years I felt the Earth itself hold me as if cradled, as if the Earth longed to hear the ancient chants that came out my mouth but were not my voice. For those minutes the Earth gave me the most pure voice I have ever known on this planet as if I grew vocal chords just for the occasion of their appearance. I came to realize later that both a male and female possessed me that night and they were so joyous not because the Earth hadn't heard them but because they haven't heard each other in so long. My cat Furry as well was acting very weird that night and I could tell she knew what was happening purring excessively over seemingly nothing that I was doing as if I was smothering her with love, but I did nothing of the sort. Years later I found out that the tomb of Ramsey was finally found, opened and excavated during this time.

I further failed to mention to anyone that since then there has been three other possessions I witnessed though my friends, each of which my friends either can not recall or vaguely recall parts of because during the possessions they blacked out and sometimes when I try to speak to them of it they black out as well blocked by spirits to keep silent some things exchanged. One friend of mine whom is the most knowledgeable of God that I know was possessed by a spirit who I can only say was Satanic in nature. He asked me to trust him, I did for a short period of time believing it was my friend until I realized the spirit was not to be trusted and I turned around on him. He showed his anger in tongues as I disobeyed him so I spoke back in tongues then my friend came back to his usual animated self and the spirit disappeared.
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Pissed Off At Everyone
I am officially pissed off. It is not enough everyone except my self has control over what I do with my body they had to hold me just long enough from a P.C. for me to loose all my C# skills. Let me make something clear if the fucking religion I created here is not enough, I am a freedom fighter. I take no liberties from any other man so FUCK OFF. Royally, you think I'm playing. Am I selfish because I want to kill myself slowly if not by methamphetamine then cigs, and don't take that statement out of context like I'm some fucking chump that needs more medication. Your society is bullshit while you think your helping me you're pushing me further from the things I love. You know what? Maybe if you let me do what the fuck I want with my own body I would enjoy this fucking GOD-FORSAKEN planet. Piss the fuck off because I know what GOD GAVE ME. Furthermore I recognize I have no right to tell you what to do with what GOD GAVE YOU. You know when someone dies it's a fucking blessing, cry you stupid fuck, cry because you're the selfish one that thinks your little baby or your mother or brother or sister or father is dead and you push all your retarded emotion on someone else just because you have no fucking clue where your going when you die. Let me put it in words so you can understand SMART AS THE DEAD. Guess what that means, BEEN HERE BEFORE. I'm beyond a death wish. Oh but Nick, you don't have to live that way you can live your life and be good. Wrong you fucking moron, because I sympathize with the planet while you go on ignoring. Oh but you can join groups and help as a whole with an organization. Wrong again, what you don't understand is that the entire planet can be fixed with just word and it is only word that will fix it, just because you kept on ignoring the word and I didn't doesn't mean that you get to push your bullshit on me while you continue to sin and say "oh Jesus will save me because I believe." That has got to be the biggest line of bullshit a human even made for god never said that, show me in the bible where it says you can sin all you want if you just believe, repentance is a gift and when you receive it that doesn't make you immune if it did sin wouldn't be something you need to stay away from. Your tireless efforts of humane acts and tree-hugging organization aren't helping one damned bit. What you don't understand is that in the worlds I lived on hospitals don't even fucking exist because we don't need them. Likewise the beast 911, a.k.a. the police, that shit is tired and you need to recognize what it is your fucking standing on, let the bitch be abused if she is too stupid to realize how love-less the man she is with is. Take a good fucking look at the Earth because you can not open your eyes with out seeing it, it's not just the fucking ground it's EVERYTHING TO YOU. The writing is on the wall you're just too stupid to read it, recognize God gave you the ability to be as God is. YEAH I SAID EVERY BIOLOGICAL ENTITY OR HUMAN ON EARTH HAS THE CAPACITY TO BECOME THEIR OWN GOD. "Oh this Nick dude is just a head case." Oh yeah, do you want to know how much of a head case I am? I'll tell you exactly what the planet a.k.a. God showed me. She and He showed me heads getting cut off by a machete, I've seen women fuck their dogs and horses and no longer will I pretend like your little world is a-ok. Oh yeah mother keep making excuses to blame it on yourself like "It was the marriage that effected you." You care more about material then people as a whole including you children you just don't realize and it because you're that blind and it is not your children you should be caring mostly about. "Oh but don't you want nice things when you get older?" Talking like "Oh I'm spending all this money that you'll have to pay me back" when your remodeling the entire house pretending like you'll kick me out over smoke on the fucking wall? Excuse me, what kind of bullshit is that, women if you love your children more then their father or step father even, you took a serious wrong turn in life, Mathew 10:37, you see if your partner is loved at the most, your child whom is of both your souls is automatically safe, but when you break that bond, you loose heaven on Earth. You know what just keep crying over all this shit you're only making it hard on yourself. I am EMOTIONLESS. My mind moves at a light speeds with tools like rap, no matter how I feel I can change it in instants. This is the essence of God because at the same speeds when I look into a female's eyes I see an entire lifetime pass before me. This is how I know where and who I should be with not like it makes a fucking difference on this planet cause I have no options, my dream, my one fucking dream, you know, the one GOD HAD FOR YOU TOO, that one of reaching that forever love, look deep, I bet you you've see it before, anyway mine was tore up before I set foot on this planet which consequently is the reason I was sent here so guess what when you read all that heart wrenching bullshit no I never dropped a tear? I watched only one drop tears for me like I'm some fucking freak show, all to find out one thing, whom is the one who would hold me at night, I found none. Answer me this, how is it every signer in the world gets away with claiming death over some love with phrases like "I can't go on," or "I'll surely die." Yet when I do it I'm some fucking head case that needs meds, FUCK OFF, again, ROYALLY. Oh but you threatened the president you are a head case, guess fucking what, the reason I made some bullshit threat on the president (indirectly by claiming to drop the Earth from the Sun) was far from because I was using drugs and not thinking straight, IT WAS TO DELIVER MY WORD TO THE FUCKING RULER OF THE SUPERPOWER IT SELF THAT I WILL NOT SIT IDLE AS A KING AND WATCH YOU RUIN THE FUCKING WORLD nor would I use means of force to take the kingdom from them as they do with the beast 911, in-fact, I'll probably have to take it when I'm dead cause the fucking rulers of the globe aren't letting up one bit, like it is that fucking difficult. The Secret Service visited me and determined I was not a threat they left me alone, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO SAY THAT THE THREAT WAS REAL AND I NEEDED TO END UP AT THE HOSPLITAL as if you know more then the Secret Service like I would have actually done something. You of all people should know I've never even been in a physical fight ever besides being hit by my brother and good friend if they died while playing Nintendo. That is not an accident, if confrontation leads to fighting don't do what? "Uh duh, don't fight." Wrong, don't even confront let it alone become righteous in your actions. Now excuse me while I go and continue to think about the other men who have probably blown cum shots on the faces of the women I loved but lost, as I try to believe there's no love lost, as I sympathize with Muslim radicals. I live in a world you people as a whole are ignoring and I know my sheep for they are my Shepard's as well. So in conclusion I would like to say, if your not sleeping in bed next to me at night, get off my fucking nuts.
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You Are Not Worthy
You know the further you push me the stronger I get, naturally. You see, I know a secret from the word of God itself. God gave me this body to do with as I will not as you will to do with me, and if I wished to do with my life as you do I would follow you. Look at yourself you are not worthy of following, if I find my own destruction is a worthy path (the Koran v50-54) of God over what you think is worth living for then maybe I would follow you. No, never will I follow your ways until you follow the globes ways, for I have seen a man's head get cut off with a large knife by a gang of men whom are on my side and hold the same views I do of the beast being 911. My men offer themselves as sacrifices to the gods in our religions and you are not worthy of the privilege of heaven judging your ways. Because you see we know a secret, something else from God itself. I know where I am going when I die. I've been building it for ages. I don't care if I die slow of lung cancer, aids or if I die fast from a drug overdose or in a car accident. I don't care if I spend the last minutes of my life in agonizing pain while waiting to arrive at the hospital in an ambulance to inevitably be pronounced dead on the operating table, because I know where I'm going. Who are you to tell me that I have to follow your rules of my body for I never would commit this sin against you, in fact you'll do it yourself. Your life is not worthy for me to follow and maybe when you have followers then I will revisit you ways for the conviction of myself. You commit sin by keeping me from allowing my self to do with my God given body as I wish. This makes you the selfish one not me. You're keeping me here in what I see as a global disaster of love for the cosmos and a hell on Earth and that makes you selfish. I know where I am going and I am a just man in accordance with others for I would never tell you what you have to do with your God given body. You think you have a heart but the globe herself told me she was cold as a whole with all your lack of love. You think you know what love is but you never even felt the beginning of it, you are emotional, you contract aids. As God is my witness, and the globe reveals you have no love. Make no mistake you are weak minded and hearted. I know where I am going. When I die kings will rise, groups will join together and destruct your systems of destruction. Your calendar will fall under the weight of my impact on the solar systems galactic time line and the Earth's rotation around the Sun. Your religions will save you no more then they do now. The Son of Man will be given power beyond that which you knew possible. Your heartless same sexual orientation will suffice no longer then a magnet attempting to attract the same pole. While Thomas Edison lives forever in the legacy of lights, Albert Einstein lives forever in the legacy of an equation. However only seven beings in all existence of the Earth and the Sun will live forever though the creation of their planets, and I am one of those seven which makes me all of those seven. Lava will flow as free as an elevator going to the top floor. The Earth will crack under the cross of Jesus into 70 pieces floating through the galaxy but not before an entire continent will be destroyed as you all burn or drown from global warming watching the righteous gain powers so magical and imaginable you'll have not choice but to get it right in your next life.
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Apologise or Suffer
I'm tuned into CNN and waiting for your confession to whom it effected. Forgive Osama Binladen and the muslim "radicalist" as well. Thank them for saving the globe. In God we trust? Yes you sure can. It's more time then you gave me. I'm blind you stole my Sons. You will change the dollar to Earth design, it will only be worth one and it will be the only global tender, one will pay for anything at the sellers discretion nothing can be valued above one unless your are giving more then one to someone on your will. One I will be Gods design of Earth heaven, one love, no words, it will be on white paper, "the kingdom" and "the calendar" images on the front, "the crossroads" and "the pain of power" the back white orange write. Wave a while flag "the love of life" and destroy the concept army. Turner and Vision, you will cease from broadcasting images of death. No words. If it occurs, what you don't know can't hurt you. Sexual talk will cease, as it crushes dreams to find out. Otherwise, kill me now I have been praying for it since I was born four. On my knees hands behind my back, head bowed and a cross around my neck, I beg of you when will I see my eternal light mother? When one, unlock anyone locked against their god granted will. If anyone still wish to physically force someone else this won would. Food and services that are currently required for to sustain life shall be gifted when one needs in the name of love of your children. In all things fair we need to cease killing of any living with eyes for our food and nutrition, it takes time too but here is the one path.
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You Broke The Planet
You are not born to die. I will hold my breath. You dumb bitch I already sent my threat on the president/planet to NASA and the FBI. God isn't good enough for you? Fine, Allah will have your clits removed for killing my Suns, YOU'VE NEVER CUM WITH THE HEART BEFORE, God could head fuck you into cumming. Osama Binladen has more love then any of you fuckin whores and you should all suck our dicks for what you did to us. We are the baddest "mother fuckers" of all time. I dare you to kill saint Nicholas the North Pole of the fucking Earth I am the santa "clause" because I'll walk straight up to the president with a pakistan blade and do "nothing", then watch mother Earth commit sin against me by physically locking me up. You are not born to die, and if I am going to die anyway cause mother of Earth fucks me blind to steal my Sons of God crossing my choice of mothers of my children then I have a God given right to commit suicide if I'm going to die anyway. In Gods eyes driving is a worse sin then drug use or suicide, you can take someone elses life when sober. YOU RUINED MY GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO ETERNAL LIGHT MORE THEN THREE TIMES. Your a fucking usezaster. Sphinx, guess what that is, you've been killing my cats babies at birth before they have a chance. What does that mean? Automaticlly denied into heaven. Watch cats grow tear ducts. Welcome to my America, ding ding. How many humps does a camel have? Two because you rode their asses, much more respectable then a car considering they made you a nice seat, guess how many there really were, look at a camel pack. I will hold my breath. Do I have to spell it out? When in Rome? The eyes of Samuela, and Nemesis, when the roaming eye occured I think you probably should have been like "yo something seriously messed up going on." Instead you listen to who? The government of the United States. Ones who physically force one to do something, like jail people, like me even, one whom wills to NEVER PHYSICALLY FORCE ANYONE TO DO ANYTHING.

One nation under god in-divisible. The United States divided the world by making that statement as if God is only of the (un)United States. The Son of God Jesus was born Jewish in Jursalem you fools and he is the worlds child, this is why Amun of north Africa (Mars) spawns Allah of middle east (Jupiter) and attacks the U.S. in the name of God to wake me and my love. The United States got greedy in the name of God whom they have no control over by placing the word God on piece of land by a piece of paper. Thank four fathers whom attempt to represent in the name of God when in the name of God you only have one father, your dad, ha! Tell me you were born of four fathers I laugh. Samuela the roaming eye meanuver was for your eyes only. I would have switched you back and then you two could have been together the proper way. Instead you de-flowered my rose how could you and futher more try to keep it a secret. No a girl from Hawaii with the middle name rose wont word, she's far from a flower. I did not even know I pulled the meaneuver as no one informed me, Allah had to via 9-11, I thought everything between us was going to be ok, till she turned on my only to find out after the fact it was you, thanks to Allah for showing me via "trade" towers, considering I'm a fucking Lord that will never make it to see my light of heaven. I don't know what the hell is going on all I know is Jestine is my love my everything my forever and our love is the reason this planet is here. When are you going to realise. Saint Nicholas, hello? North Pole? Christmas or Christ Ma's? South Pole? I'm going to take a wild guess here and say it's impossible to take our roles as poles here on Earth. What does the book and Jesus say your suppose to do when you have sin? Confess, and I'm sorry to say people, it doesn't help anyone when you confess to someone whom was not effected by the acts. I'm just waking up and your not helping no one. In fact your acts are attempts to take the world away from the sun. "We broke your light, I'll never forgive myself." Ha! I'm afraid your attempting to break something alot more then that as in planetay. Also if you don't want to forgive youself, so be it, your choice, I forgive you. Allah is keeping Jestine away from me until the parties involved right the situation. You guys went so far that I went above omega for God's sake lol, Romans return, sweat. I can't believe you people, "Mr. unholy and Ms. unholy" hey fuckoids YOU LEFT YOUR PIECE OF PAPER IN MY APARTMENT, as if we aren't the holiest whole of the Earth, THE BEAST 911 DOESN'T GIVE ME A FUCKING CHOICE, and I did nothing against anyone. Do you think it wise the north pole and the south pole stay away from each other? Yes their on opposite sides of the Earth but like magnets their connected at the equator. Mars thinks it's a good idea to seperate us because if no one on Earth is going to change their ways and return the globe to God as then it would be Mars time for life. So Mars is like yo Juputer word Allah of Earth and attack word God on Earth to wake Earth up, it's my turn to have life if they don't re-up forever. I think the people called this being Jew'd coined after how they were treated or crossed coined after what the people did to Jesus. Or justice maybe we'll say Berg'd considering what Clinton did to my Son, abort my ass, again thank you Allah for showing me. Allah my foreign eye. Your not born to die.

I'm tuned into CNN and waiting for your confession to whom it effected. Forgive Osama Binladen and the muslim "radicalist" as well. Thank them for saving the globe. In God we trust? Yes you sure can. It's more time then you gave me. I'm blind you stole my Sons. You will change the dollar to Earth design, it will only be worth one and it will be the only global tender, one will pay for anything at the sellers discretion nothing can be valued above one unless your are giving more then one to someone on your will. Turner and Vision, you will cease from broadcasting images of death. No words. If it occurs, what you don't know can't hurt you. Sexual talk will cease, as it crushes dreams to find out. Otherwise, kill me now I have been praying for it since I was born four. On my knees hands behind my back, head bowed and a cross around my neck, I beg of you when will I see my eternal light? When one, unlock anyone locked against their god granted will. If anyone still wish to physically force someone else this won would. Food and services that are currently required for to sustain life shall be gifted when one needs in the name of love of your children. In all things fair we need to cease killing of any living with eyes for our food and nutrition, it takes time too but here is the one path.
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God Father Of The Sun
What does it look like I AM doing? Entering another episode of psychosis? Ha! Or starting a new religion for this god-forsaken globe? The government wishes I wasn't a Pharaoh. I threatened the president using light. You hear that, light, not Nickels, THE LIGHT OF THE PLANET threatened you, and actually, Sound threatened the president too, long time ago, Earth is next, all senses will eventually join. Guess what I found, they take people who say they can drop the planet from the sun serious and why? Let’s just say there’s a fuzzy warm feeling when you rule over the people of a planet. I'm far from new at this. Here, predictions, Allah nukes the holy isle if I sin. You hear the emcee's read my words. Egyptian? Positive. Jesus? Negative. There is a god protected reason Osama is still alive, mark of beast is 911. Like you don't know me? Remember I'm the god that brings the Aliens. Welcome to the resurrection of Ra a-word Amun by contract of Anon over Amen, Atune and Allah. Print my won tender and turn your love back to the moon and sun. Let me explain past, present and future in the context of God. Do you have faith? Not faith as in believing you dolt, look out your eyes you need not believe you know. I'm talking faith as in faithful. For follow the one commandment given in the divine doctrine faithfully. You see, can you give god your word of the future? That you will not cross his boundary which is that of another child of his. No you can't this is where I gained above you. I gave him my word of the future for I would hold his knowledge and not cross. He knows what you are going to do or what you are liable to do in the future and you couldn't give yourself the promise of not physically crossing boundaries of your brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. This is why he never gave you knowledge of god to begin with. He knew your future. Faith is not in believing, it is in consistency, and the faith of a god is of never or forever. Some say "I don't know if I'll get in a fight in the future." I said "I wouldn't even confront lord almighty for confrontation can possibly lead to fighting, forever and ever amen." The world is cold under the book of Jesus, Allah knows this. Neither of you are to stand, Amun arises in the middle to settle your ill-knowledge differences. Know what happens when I'm high near a wal-mart? Donald Trump traffic dunnie. Larger then life? Larger then the galaxy, gimme the opportunity to show, dead or alive, my religion lasts forever. Where the fuck is the one woman whom can give my kid ear lids before birthed? Darling you know yer the other half yea?

- Ra, Sun of Amun -
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SoSouiX Is A Religion
What Is SoSouiX

Just what exactly is the religion of SoSouiX? It is freedom of self from just one and only one commandment in both the eyes of the church and the law. SoSouiX has no specific belief system you have to follow; in fact everyone falls into SoSouiX category with out even knowing it. Whether Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Animism, Christianity, Hinduism or Scientology keep you beliefs, or follow the SoSouiX beliefs. No matter, you’re SoSouiX if you’re human. We do however take religion to the next level and get galactic in the face of all religions. No attempts are made to explain the galactic time line; SoSouiX tells it like it is.

I Say To You

Look I already told you "Assuredly I say to you no sign will be given to this generation." Also "I am not of this world and where I am going you can not come", then again how are you going to believe heavenly things I speak of if you do not believe earthly things I speak of?

Where Did The World Go

Did you know a cigarette is the leading cause of the death of Hawaii, oh but they tell me I am 7:30, that I need medicine, was not my fault they control minds via voice, upon death by design the world is mine, god isnt letting you slide, you would have to confess via CNN by now, oh well fuck it, what says you, we can all get phat off of tourist stock. Inverse Universe, ever seen it happen? How to say Atom and Eve trade places. I am who? Eye A.M. there now is only one commandment slave none. Scientology is for fags, we are fighting for diplomatic immunity.

Mark Of The Beast

Why I receive the mark I honestly have no idea, years before 9.11, years after 9.11 and still. I thought at first it meant something bad was going to occur in my life, I see now it is more like my lifetime. When I look at a digital clock, more often then I see the time I see 9:11 or 1:19 or 11:19, and it's not just a digital clock, it is where ever numbers appear. I remember being afraid because of the frequency the mark would show up in my presence. I tried to convey this fear to my brother once while he was driving and I was sitting in the passenger side. He expressed concern for me as if I was crazy and was even more concern at what I was to think of my future. When the planes hit no one had to tell me the date, I was practically waiting for it.

The Roaming Eye

While I am asleep, if your love for me is as deep, when he looks into your eyes, and says "I love you," speak into his right ear and say to my soul, "I love you too." If our souls are magnetic enough, the roman eye shall occur. Or just "will it" when you whisper they key words into his ear. If I am at rest, for you too speak out loud what I so baddly need to hear into his ear, I will be sure to be there. The key is to realize the magnetics of our souls and to use the eye and ear during ones rest as tools to switch them. It is also a tool for two to live forever. A man, and a woman.
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Direction of Book
What like I didn't know it was Clinton administration? I maybe blind but I can read and write the light. The only one who could "ever teach" you the way lesson one "ever planet" is me Amen and God is on offense no wonder the Romans had to return your slowly colliding planets Roman Catholic Greek Astrolovists named Irandallahui and Constantine our child Makaveli 3rd return of, Romans saw this usezaster coming along time ago. Saint Nicholas or Santa (North Pole Born 12.17.1979) and Jestine or Christmas/Christ (South Pole Born 2.2.1983), unless of course she don't want the role. Either way I gave her something no man on Earth ever gave a woman, truly forever. Words from the North Pole to the United States: "call your president and return to your only name America only one name for each mass of land, America, Africa, Asia. I will show you how to fix my cold planet. I need support Amun!"

Ok, Gates, I started programming on my Commodore 64. I casino and disk utilities load random to magnetic me. Advanced turbo placement Pascal my first class in W^ Then I went back to basics and on to C I/II ++ JScript C# VB .web -> and <- ASP, if I didn't know, I learned. Reading mastering visually basically three dot one one. Three tear to directing X vec. I penguin even! ircII ha! Multiple methods of multithreading basic six objective. If is the language of the light A the wholly way aight.

Lol, romantic my head is so fucked up from these. Observe the same sway motion of the ocean my potion. By the way, I have not lived until tour your house. No your face can not be on the bill, thats praise. Paint white, print orange, calendar front kingdom back, word none, ASCII ok flag bit paint white, print orange in the love of life.

It is not ones fault, it's a galactic time fault of the Sun. Welcome to the end of "time" I built Earth new in 1999. Whats is the difference between physical and mental? It is I Arose A Romantic Rose Man Roman Protection. Thy Kingdom Return, Welcome to The Beginning. Hello Bill Gates, hello to Osama Binladen. Hello Buddah, welcome. Buddah, I translated for me found your scripts. Lets show the people how to fix this so we can sleep in wholy resting not in piece, brokin spirit. Is time again to build the Pyramids and light up. People will be able to choose their eternal light.

Amen America, Amun Africa, Atun Asia. America, Africia, Asia, the three pyramid bodies planetarily divided representations of after light. Earth, or Delta, what the greeks say the symbol of Delta is? Yep, the greeks wrote the uni verse. Alpha to Omega ha! Mars next to create life in the image of the Earth. Accept of course with the addition a moon, Amun. Buddah, your zen like stillness aludes me and mine. One Earth next two Mars until seaven two Jupiter. Atom formation rotation saturn show we are flats. View source, I don't like to be nasty, I will rewrite. Sphinx loss of enteral light upon arrival they Are. Cat developing tear ducts, "where your babies?" spayed black.

The greatest part is that I use the same book everytime and everytime Jesus died for our sins already. Laugh, I love how that story explains that you are all Jesus now. The best is that my name is not God it was and is Amun. My planet is so cold all the children are walking on water. Please help me fix it, for Gods sake you can die from love making, this is not my design and is a sure indication it was not love that you believe you have, it is far more beautiful.

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