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04-06-2008, 12:31 AM
Just started writing; first post.

Im takin next, breakin necks, like some icy steps/
Let you build your house blow it down with one mighty breath/
Puffin out your chest, your impressed, I can see/
By the marginal success youve had sellin your cd/
Im 24 dont believe me its the truth/
Take one look at my face youd swear I found eternal youth/
I hit the booth commence to burnin down the roof/
rappers dissapearin when Im near em all you hears a poof/
Fight with nail tooth and claw or anything I find/
Spit the type of shit to make you stop and hit rewind/
Im not the type of guy to brag about the things I buy/
Brand and price dont catch my eye Im watchin clouds passin by/
grab the fire, burn a tire, inhale the toxic funes/
then grab yourself a seat till normality resumes/
I casually consume enough to make em overdose/
the last to try to follow me wound up comatose/

04-08-2008, 11:01 PM
Verse I just wrote

When I bustin raps colors swim like im chewin caps/
bitches start to moan bowls pack and the lighters crack/
Hold back, better set it down for I let it go/
power starts to build and accumulate like snow/
Son Goku I know you and I aint that impressed/
My spirit bombs you ass and pulls your lady out her dress/
got nothing to confess, emotions i surpress/
bubble to the surface situations made a mess/
witnesses attest that Im somthing to behold/
and the legend of my skill growin bigger when retold/
Shakin like they cold, when they used to act so bold/
now they aint so certain of their hand think its best to fold/
Trash receptacles are the best place for you sound/
or let it drop id love to see it floppin on the ground/
Lookin for a pound but the best you gets a fist/
your a sorry rotten bitch Id go on but you get the jist/
puzzle you like myst, Im consumin all your time/
while you lay awake at night tryin to comprehend my mind/
decypherin my rhymes, line by line, gotta be a code/
need to move ahead but stuck looking for a road/
couldnt take the load that had you shackled to the earth/
walking with a grudge that youve carried round since birth/
try to quatify my worth it evades your understanding/
just go on with your life and let me do my damn thing/

The Grandmaster
04-09-2008, 04:10 AM
TG knows a ten year old up his street who can write iller shit than he has seen from you.