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04-07-2008, 09:21 AM
Man i tried acid on firday with a couple of mates for the first time, we took it in the form of a fruit pastel, the LSD soulution was obsorbed into the sweet. We headed to a forest just outside of london, and it was night about 9.00 or something, about 1 hour and a half after we dropped the pastel we werent feeling nothing, so we cut another pastel up and took a 1/3 each, i still wasent feeling shit so i halved a tab my friend gave me and ate it.

About 20 mins after that the effects started kicking in, i was looking at my phone and saw a clear distinctive spectrum of lights come out of the phone screen, i ran my fingers through the light, and too my amazment the light shined through beteween my fingers, thats when i was like "dude are you seeing this" then they all looked at the phone and saw the same spectrum.

After that we started walking down the forest, and it hit me HARD i realised that i might have took a high dose for my first time, nearly 2 tabs worth, i couldent speak, i felt as if someone got a hammer and crushed my ego to pieces, my brain was tripping out on next mental visuals, like an egyption god with a crocodile head morphing into a egyption throne.
when i started to look at my friends face he morphed into a demon looking face, with his eyes dilating. As we came out of the forest everything went blurry and we all felt like we just came out of another state of consiousness, another brainwave. and we all looked at each other and were like "are we on the same level now".

We was walking toward the train satation, and i was tripping hard, the visuals were insane, i was seeing hexagonal and geometric shapes spin and rotate in patterns all around me, and when i sat down and looked at a wall, it was like a multi-coloured symbiote attached to the wall and was spreading across the whole wall while flashing with different colours, it was pretty amazing to watch.

This wasent the main aim of the trip though, the main aim was to use acid to elevate our conciousness and understanding to the highest degree, we achieved altered states, but this was the first time and i was just taken in by the ego-shattering effect of it.
I was silent for most of the trip, thoughts about the world myself and my insecurities were reflected in the real world on my friends. It was pretty life-changing, it made me understand my flaws and what i can do to become a better person, this was my first time and it blew me away, you really throw everything you,ve been taught out the window when you trip on acid, and experience other levels of conciousness, not just the standard beta-wave state we are all usually in.

iam definetly going to take it again this time during daytime, and this time not such a high fucking dose, but all in all it is an experience that i will never forget, and i know it will help me reach a level of understanding that i feel comfortable with.

I urge everyone of sound mind,who wishes to elevate their thought process, and reach alterd states of conciousness and perception to try Psychedelics, whether it be acid, mescaline or shrooms

by the way anyone have any stories of their trip?


04-07-2008, 09:43 AM
word. good post.
the colour spectrums you all saw are commonly referred to as "trails", pretty much everyone see these on acid.
Pesonally, I always preferred Shroms to Acid, but the experience can be alot more mindfucking and the visuals can be much more intense.
the comedowns on shrooms aint as harsh though and you at least know that you'll be tripping for roughly 7 hours or so, wheras with acid, you can be peaking for anything from 5 hours to a couple of days.

one piece of advice for people taking hallucinagenics is to have someone straight(ish) around to keep you out of trouble or at least only a phone call away.

Shrooms and Acid can really fuck you up if you are not strong minded enough to deal with what they might reveal to you.

For folk who want to experiment with halucinagens, ketamin's probably an easier thing to try first time out as it's far less challenging to your ego, but you have to snort it to feel the true effects. eating or taking ketamin in a pill will give you a completely different experience to snorting it, as it will release slowly into your bloodstream, making you feel more drunk than tripped out.

Salvia, which is actually legal, is some pretty intense shit too, you smoke it in a pipe or a refer and it takes you places nothing else does. It's most similar to DMT of all the other hallucinagens.
I'd highly recommend having someone straight around with you when you smoke this shit.

04-07-2008, 09:46 AM
Screw chemicals, I keep it herbal!

04-07-2008, 10:32 AM
Iam a herbal guy aswell, but the Psychedelics arent chemicals, lsd is derived from the ergot fungus, it is just slightly synthesised for it to be taken in a comfortable dose, you can take the raw liquid but it is too pure and intense and might fuck you up. Mushrooms DMT and Mescaline all all natrual too, Even the brain produces natural DMT, and mescaline is extracted from cacti.