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Deep in ur heart u know this shit is da bomb


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ahaha, it intentionally pointless........I figure why wait to get the second page to start talkin about something completely different when you can make a thread title that'll invoke the reaction immediately

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Damn... we need some kind of expert on this subject....

But who????


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Somebody mention my name

hell I'm the smartest nigga in here so i could talk about the population crisis of south dekota with the economical indifference that cheesy puffs create by making skinny people fat...all i need are my specs....

ahhh there they are -

carry on bruddah...

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mental stagnation deflation sucks, cause most ppl don't know what mental stagnation really is, and the ones that preach against it are usually mentally stagnated. plus i don't see deflation in mental stagnation, so mental stagnation deflation doesn't suck, or grasp on it does

concentration of reforestation is a good idea, i suppose there's wacker stuff to concentrate on, but in the end it's good to concentrate of reforestation because the forest provides us with a lot of vital things.
I do believe that people come first though, and forests shouldn't be preserved if they can be used to serve and develop a nation. Environmentalism it's self is getting out of hand. with the environmental laws we have today, we would never again build a suez canal, a panama canal, or the great wall.

Reservations blow. I believe natives should band together and lobby for UN recognition as an independant nation as treaties say they are. With America having so many enemies looking for leverage points like China Russia and Venezuela, it won't be impossible to by recognized, just hard as fuck

they should also buy more land, expand the rest, and local small industries on them instead of having to work outside the res.

making sofas blankets or chairs would be a good start cause it's not dependant of extremely hightech technology.

casinos to, utilize that shit my nigga.

if every res had atleast one major industry, and all res's banned together to form a bank, they'd be bitchin smoov shittin in no time

and pussy is overrated, it's the strong connection between two people that feels so good.

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Yeh son, lets build on that, all good points.

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word life

it won't be easy for natives to do what i just said, but they have such small controllable communities that its possible if they'd just sell out a little.

a united native bank will proved the capital needed for investment, expecially since alot of them already have bitchin ill casinos that make stupid lucci.

they need to focus on increasing the value of their land, that's the key to wealth, industry and institutions that bring about large flocks of people are the key, both if possible

casinos, since they have a monopoly, and lobby to keep gambling illegal in their states once their money's right so they have no competition.

low tech industries like making furniture, tables, textiles(they can pay ppl china prices too, being a soverign nation and all, as soon as scummy white corporate asshole see this work, they will flood reservations with a percentage of textile investment that's been going to China. Expect a flood of mexicans, but it's all good, Indianizing the ppl that live on the res is a key to repopulation...not all english are anglos, but all were anglanized.)

Problems of electricity and so forth can be solved by the Indian Investment bank, which will all native money, so that if you owe them a debt they won't try and wipe your race out like somebody we know....*makes corny "guilt" face at Pat Bateman*

fuck agriculture, your land sucks and though it initially increases the price of your land, it also stagnates it.

after a while ya'll indian ass niggas will have a strong enough industrial and capital base that you can buy COASTAL land, and sell your current south dakotan shitholes.

after buying one BIG UNITED block of COASTAL land, you'll be good to establish a single united indian nation...fuck all the divisions, all nations have false boarders and divisions except japan.

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ok Ok OK ok....

Mental Stagnation Deflation w/ Concentration on Re-forestation, Reservations, & pussy

Now Mental Stagnation Deflation may be viewed by the majority of mainstream society as one of the many byproducts of the entertainment saturated planet that we inhabit. The mainstream culture would have you believe that the mindlessness of completely aimless mental wandering encourages the formation of an unproductive member of Society.

However, it is only through this surrendering of consciousness, this capitulation into utter thoughtlessness, that we can truly achieve a glimpse of reality. In casting aside the interference that pollutes the mental environment, the purest elements of existence and reality can be glanced upon. Such insight may only manifest itself in the form of a fleeting instance of elucidation, a singular moment, not quantifiable, not examinable through conventions measures of time. Unadulterated mindlessness and consequent Mental Stagnation Deflation grants those who can achieve it, ultimate understanding.

Which segues perfectly into the next topic of discussion Concentration on Re-Forestation. Such a concept may befuddle some of the weaker minded who walk amongst us, but the potential of such a proposition is underestimated at our own peril. The world which humans inhabit is wagimg a war against a plethora of destructive elements, however the foremost of these is a Lack of Space. With the rampant expansion of population and the undeterred breeding of asians, the world has become space poor. Thusly the environment has suffered greatly, De-Forestation has robbed the motherly earth which we rest upon of its dendrites: DUH TREEZ. Without these old growth forests, the planet will no longer be able to support such a vast population, henceforth fizzling anti-climactically into the infinity of the universe. However, this pillage of the land can possibly be countered, by what we are calling at this early stage Concentration on Re-forestation.. This solution perfectly digests the lack of space and the need for DUH TREEZ, and spews forth a proposal which would see the utilisation of nano technology in order to 'Stack' DUH TREEZ so that an infinite number may occupy the same position within the Time Space Fabrique.

Reservations are equally important as the aforementioned topics, and i refuse to dine at an eating establishment without a Reservation. Whether it be Indochine, Fluties, Harry's or the illustrious Dorsia's, a reservation is a much needed precursor to a fulfilling and satisfying meal. Furthermore, the requirements of fine dining necessitate the acquisition of a table which is of exceptional position. A reservation without astounding table position is without any purpose. By 5.35 pm, after my second J & B, if a reservation has not yet been made, a nameless dread washes over me in a wave. At times such as these, generally a Xanax or a Vicodin, or failing the acquisition of either of these, a Valium or Librium, may quell my unease and unsettlement. If Van Paten can manage to overcome his innate ineptitude and preserve a miniscule amount of the coke he scored downstairs, this may additionally soothe matters.

This brings us to the final point of discussion within this delightful melting pot of hifalutin thought exchange, Pussy. Perhaps the most important, yet most quarrelsome subjects discussed today. Every man desires it, yet none desire to be it. I am too faint of heart, and too incomprehensive in my fortitude, to tackle such a problem. Although a wise man once said, when persistently questioned about pussy and the surrounding components of the female anatomy "Its a black hole for those who lose control, fertile soil for royal and wise, its spoiled many men and took many lives, loyal brothers change sides, only worth a decimal for those who died inside". This wise man when prodded further on the matter stately sagely "Every Egg Ain't Edible". I cant say im any closer to understanding what the science of the pussy and the receptacle tips that frequently adjoin themselves to it are, but i shall continue to examine the teachings of the leader in an endeavor to one day achieve mental lucidity.

CharlesJones also once said "Your Mommas Pussy Is the Worst". Again the significance of such a comment eludes me, in my current state of ignorance and darkness. May the light of understanding one day shine upon me.

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TSA man, im fucking digging that.

I dig that injustices have been perpetrated in the past, by my blood sake.

I dig it man, I dig the uplifting.


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all aboard...


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Taking the Scenic Route.

On Your Right.

Visionz dat be UH-Nseen by men.

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TSA man, im fucking digging that.

I dig that injustices have been perpetrated in the past, by my blood sake.

I dig it man, I dig the uplifting.

almost everyone's kind has done a lot of bad, as well as a lot of good, that's why racism is fruitless, tho white ppl do push it...a lot.

we Igbo's used to kill twins back in the day cause they were an abomination, participated in slavery, and scam lonely white people for hundreds and thousands of dollars via emails and credit cards.

we also run a VERY complexed heroin and cocain smuggling network...but Shhhhhh

but we do good too, like being the backbone of every god damn place we are, help economies, are good citizens, help medical sectors, write good books, win awards, and make movies

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and help the economy via watermelon chicken n malt liquor!

oh and escalades!

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Yes, humanities great equaliser is imperfection.

Dont forget the past, dont dwell on it, learn from it.

Enact change if needed, and build.

Racism is fruitless, as is labouring to justify or condemn the past.

Lets move on people, Move.


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but you also can't say move on to ppl complaining about it, it's the ppl doing it that are the problem, so we can't move on really

me, i don't get mad a racism, only if the person holds actual influence on me, but so random guy saying


i'd probably just insult their hold chemical make up

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Insults from insignificantees are insignificant.

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This is getting too complicated, I'll put forward my idea -






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It's a pity it's only you and me feeling the power -


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