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04-12-2008, 02:09 AM
Fuck dude im high as shit, Jamal puppy mc get ripped to kibbles and bits
Dudes knowledge is whit, I spit steam not spit, listen to the vocals transmit
Verbal passion,heart snatching, fuck around get ya skull cracked in..
Tiny pieces, my honor increases, you can't fucking last kid
Like you was in Antarctica with a fucking speedo, you won't survive
Slaughter innocent lives, fuck sex I kill ya wife, I lead a grimey life
Killing tactics, get ya neck backkicked, spine spasams and slit wrist
Remove ya juggulars, Ya chick? ya dicks bugging-her, shit leans and list
Swallow my fist, like ya fucking swallow cum, u know Jamal a bum
Laying on my front yard bench, "got any spare change" he mummed
Talking bout how u record shit, aight I'll bring the banjo and wine bottle
This dude country as fuck, pause freestyles to spit dip, into the pot hole
Don't give a FUCk bout ya multies or ya fancy little dashes and caps
Homo thug chap, fat as fuck run some laps, drive my truck with a steak on the back
Ya bitch on my lap, look closely son, she her stroking her hands through my hair?
AInt the only think she stroking, we make quite a pair
Dude changes his name so goddamn much, you hiding from fear?
Rope round ya neck, fall of the pier, like Jesus, get aplause from my peers, the end is near

04-15-2008, 08:08 PM

Bigot Hitman
04-16-2008, 06:01 PM
you ain't that good yet dun, practice more