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04-25-2008, 06:52 AM
hey people, av never shown my lyrics before like i jus normally keep my production and lyrics to me self as a hobbie but i thought why not get some feedback.

ok, this track is very dear to my heart its about me and me friends and the life i try to escape, theres no gun crime but theres alot of drug use and thats where the songs focused, i think everyone shud grow up and stop fronting like thier the man when no one cares....anyway...

(verse 1)
Way away for here is where I want to remain
Knighted for the honour of feeling my pain
Give a bending knee, sword to each shoulder
Turns to a bending back as my heart get colder
Bend over backwards to facilitate
The constant hate,
my area’s state
saviour your 20 years too late
Conversate, compensate, you to can relate
That people like you are deserving of the name street bait
Feel ya heart rate, Dissipate, disappear to a dark place
Display you weight, throw it as if it where a cream cake
Clown like pie, a sigh, right eye, gone blind
So everything I see is officially on the wrong side
Of the tracks, a reside, I’ll be your tour guide
Other way, never again, got my access denied
Everyone it seems, no longer dreams,
Scratch card redeems and passed on for drug schemes
Cant beat it join it, cant join it then please feel free
To pace the journey to tracks and tell me where you want to be
Not with me, blank stares watch as my heart bleeds
The style of streets packed wall to wall with bad deeds
And other decrees, ciphers walk the street in groups over 3
Checking for me, collar up on my long sleeve
Jack-it.. a cant accept this..
my feet start to slip as the cold makes my team rip
bring us together in the finer weather
summer comes thru with a chance to endeavour
for some happiness, bring my team back around
to sit on the ground and talk about nothing for now

trials and tribulations what this place is about
telling storys and tales why I still cry out
midnight the still of night I know you all do the same
where all caught up losing our favourite game

am losing my favourite game
your losing your mind again
am losing my favourite, losing my favourite
losing my favourite game…

(verse 2)
way away from here is far from where he is
more pain in the life than you can witness
keep ya eye on him, open the lens the best of friends
hold Polaroid’s in ya mind till the days where it ends
Take this picture, bottom right, take a knee AP
Are you sitting comfortably to enjoy his story?
Karma revitalised, luck from both sides
Friendship never slips where his heart resides
Sharing stories of misfortune, jus for this tune
Dream of the days where were gonna have to quit soon
I’v heard it all before, one thousand and one times
Stabs like venomous knives with the same old lies
Are you surprised every second I feel my soul die
Commiserations to a vagrant with to many street ties
Open pages to a monologue , stories lived
Which would i rather do? Forget or forgive?
I refuse to forget, see me break into a cold sweat
When effort has been lost, attepts are all useless
I jus worry about you and us, used to be 15 strong
Now its down to 5 and ones always gone
I can accept what we’ve done jus wish you could do the same
Looks like where both losing our favourite game
How long can I sit here hearing the lies
Watching your demise, Cant steal away from your drugged eyes
This verse is no pre-warning, no plead for help
Jus asking for a promise you wont become someone else
Emotions have spilled, aim for the neck and kill
Cos Lifes to short to write lyrics about little white pills
Poster boy genius at math, equation here to achieve
You minus streets and drugs equals everything to me

let me know people =)

04-25-2008, 01:20 PM
this is deep and definitely heartfelt. GREAT work.

04-28-2008, 03:03 AM
cheers dude =)