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08-17-2005, 07:34 AM
how many in hip-hop is there, like Jay-Z done the Black album, i know people outside hip-hop done a 'colour' album. and my m8 rang me last night to tell me he was listenin to Jay-Z the grey album, which is him over the beatles beats. sounds nice, im gettin a copy off him.

so anyone else done a colour album??
why do they name they albums after colours anyway?

08-17-2005, 07:37 AM
none of them are better than the original

the surgeon
08-17-2005, 07:45 AM
none of them are better than the original
i heard pete rocks remix of it is supposed 2 b dope even better than the orginal is it true?

08-17-2005, 07:47 AM
i heard pete rocks remix of it is supposed 2 b dope even better than the orginal is it true?
Pete Rock didnt do it, it just uses his beats, theres a RZA one too "The Black album according to RZA". Pete Rock one is nice but I never heard the RZA one

08-17-2005, 07:50 AM
i heard pete rocks remix of it is supposed 2 b dope even better than the orginal is it true? ^not for me it wasnt, jay-z just didnt fit over those beats at all in my opinion.
for all those interested here is the list of all the black album remixes
100dbs - The Argyle Album (http://100dbs.com/)
1LUV - The Black Album Remix (http://www.soundclick.com/1luv)
99 Anthems - Radiohead vs Jay-Z (http://klepshimi.blogspot.com/)
9th Wonder - Black Is Back The 9th Album (http://www.2sgforum.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=27837)
12-N-Dirty Productions - The Purple Album - Jay-Z vs Prince (http://www.thepurplealbum.com/)
40Beatz Inc - 99 Probs (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/4/40beatzincmusic.htm)
AR928 - The Black Album Remix (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/1/ar928music.htm)
DJ Akademics - The Ak Album (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/5/djakademicsmusic.htm)
Abstrakt Soundz - The Black Album Abstrakt (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/6/abstraktsoundzmusic.htm)
Astronote - The Blue Album (http://perso.wanadoo.fr/nautilusrecordz/Nautilus/NautilusBlueAlbum.htm)
The Avocado Green Album
AD - The Burnt Album (http://www.innersouls.co.uk/)
Amiri - The Blackprint Album (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/7/amirimusic.htm)
DJ Ant - The Notorious Black Album - Jay-Z vs B.I.G. (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/7/djantmusic.htm)
Affiliated presents - The Soul Album
Bazooka Joe - The Silver Album - Jay-Z vs RJD2 (http://sandbox.pair.com/abstract/silveralbum.html)
The Blanco Album
Baker Bros - The Classical Album - Jay-Z vs 20th Century Classical Music (http://www.soundclick.com/bakerbros)
The Black Album Rare Uno Mix
The Black Album Remixed Again
Beirut - The Black Album Remix (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/6/beirutmusic.htm)
Black Jays (Kardinal & Solitair) - The Black Jays Album (http://www.hiphopsite.com/SEARCH/?ITEM=F9B5B45C-F7BC-4520-B572-4141BD3BCEC0)
The Blackfish Album - Jay-Z vs LO2 (http://www.l-o-2.com/Downloads/)
Big Jess - The Black Album Remix (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/8/bigjessmusic.htm)
The Black & Blacker Album - Jay-Z vs Isaac Hays
DJs BeyondRest - The Death of a Dynasty (http://www.mixunit.com/mihojabldedy.html)
The Burgundy Album
Collision Course - Jay-Z vs Linkin Park (http://lpjz.com/)
DJ Cheap Cologne - The Double Black Album - Jay-Z vs Metallica (http://www.broke-ass.com/black.html)
Cashmere - The Green Album - Jay-Z vs Dr. Dre
Cashmere - The Crunk Album - Jay-Z vs Lil' Jon
DJ Cientific - The Yellow Album
C.Diddy - The Black Album Remixes (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/2/cdiddymusic.htm)
DJ Chink & DJ Fusion - The Roc-a-Fella Frontline (http://www.allmixtapes.com/artists/mixtape-mercs/dj-chink-dj-fusion-the-roc-a-fella-frontline/)
DJ Crates - The Red Mix
DJ DangerMouse - The Grey Album - Jay-Z vs The Beatles (http://www.illegal-art.org/audio/grey.html)
Dub Dutch - L'Album Noir (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/6/lalbumnoir.htm)
DarkShadez Productions - The Latin Album (http://www.thelatinalbum.com/)
Divine Sounds - The Black Album
Digital Dawg Productions - The Digital Album (http://scrubrecords.com/artists/164/music.php)
DaMN JOKeR - The D@MN Album (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/8/damnjokermusic.htm)
DocJ - The Black Haze Experiment - Jay-Z vs Jimi Hendrix (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/docj.htm)
DirtyBoy69 - The Black Album 2001 - Jay-Z vs Dr. Dre
D-Tox - The D-Tox Album (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/7/thedtoxalbummusic.htm)
Dutchfinest Productions - The Red White & Blue Album (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/4/trialsoferrormusic.htm)
Deep Thought - The Green Album (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/8/deepthoughtmusic.htm)
D-Cyde - The Purple Album - Jay-Z vs Prince (http://purplealbum.com/)
DJ Encore - The Black album 1.1 (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/4/djencoremusic.htm)
Endevor One - The Pitch Black Album
Frederic Krier - The Jay-Z vs Spinal Tap Album (http://www.frederickrier.de/html/musik.html)
Frederic Krier - The Jay-DC Album - Jay-Z vs ACDC (http://www.frederickrier.de/html/musik.html)
DJ Finesse - The Even Blacker Album
Fort Knockz - The Bigger & Blacker Album (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/8/fortknockzmusic.htm)
DJ Gee Kay - Da G & K-Side Of Da Black Album
Gamble & Bluff - The Black Album Beggers Can't Be Choosers (http://www.gambleandbluff.com/)
The Gold Album
The Green Album - Jay-Z vs Stoupe
Gunset Productions - The Black Album Remixes (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/2/gunsetproductionsmusic.htm)
The Ghetto Album
DJ Halfred - Black on Black - Jay-Z vs Metallica (http://www.djhalfred.com/)
IllMind - The Black & Tan Album (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/8/illmindmusic.htm)
Il-Kwon - The Red Album (http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/jierenc/redalbum)
Illwun - The Black Album Remixes (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/6/illwunmusic.htm)
J-Hen - The Black Album Encore'd (http://www.219productions.com/26634_42131.asp)
DJ Jesse Jazz & DJ Premier - The Black Album 1.5 - Jay-Z vs Primo (http://www.cellarnoise.com/jessejazz_jayz.htm)
DJ Jay Faire - The Black Album Remixes (Hovie Blends) (http://mixunit.com/nycblalreblj.html)
Joey Fingaz & Get The Guns - Jay-Z: Encore (http://mixunit.com/jafafibgusrw.html)
Jay-Z & Roc-A-Fella - S. Carter: The Re-Mix (http://www.mixunit.com/scarterremix.html)
Jean Grae - The Grae Mixtape (http://sandbox.pair.com/abstract/graemixtape.html)
John Doe - How To Remix The Black Album (http://www.meetjondoe.com/)
J. Depina - The Black Album Remixed (http://www.cnjrecords.com/merchandise.html)
J-Rell - Fade To Black (Black Album RMX) (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/9/chitownznumba2beatmakertheremixesmusic.htm)
Jay Mack - The Mack Album
Jonathan P - The Black Album Remixes (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/4/jonathanpmusic.htm)
Kev Brown - The Brown Album (http://www.undergroundhiphop.com/store/detail.asp?UPC=TDH09CD)
The Kenny-Z Album - Jay-Z vs Kenny G. (http://a.wholelottanothing.org/archives.blah/007742)
Kno - The White Albulum (http://sandbox.pair.com/abstract/whitealbulum.html)
DJ King BG - The Black Album (Will You Still Remember Me?) - Jay-Z vs 2Pac
Kut and Spit - Winter of Clarity (http://www.soundclick.com/pro/?BandID=84964)
Komienski - The Xen Album - Jay-Z vs Ninjatune
DJ Lt. Dan - The Black Remixes: Back To Basics (http://sandbox.pair.com/abstract/ltdanblackremix.html)
Lasean - Reasonable Clout - Black Album Remix (http://www.blackalbumremix.com/)
L-Piece - The Death of Jay-Z
Lev - The Throwback Album
Mike - The Black & Blue Album - Jay-Z vs Weezer (http://www.jay-zeezer.com/)
Merlin - The Gold & Purple Album (http://www.soularc.com/merlin_jayz.html)
Mike Magenta - The Magenta Album (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/5/magentaprojectmusic.htm)
MC Scott D - The Black Album (Hot Buttered Soul Remixes) (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/8/mcscottdmusic.htm)
The Mustard Yellow Album
Marquez - The Black Album Remix (http://www.geocities.com/wnyhiphop)
The Marksmen - The Black Market Album - Jay-Z vs The Marksmen (http://stores.musictoday.com/store/product.asp?dept%5Fid=1722&pf%5Fid=ERCD05&band%)
MiCO - Primo Remix of The Black Album
MaadNess - The Maad Album (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/8/maadnessmusic.htm)
Monkwad - The Anime Album (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/3/jayzproducedbymonkwadmusic.htm)
MF'N Ent. - The MF'N Black Album (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/4/mfnblackalbummusic.htm)
Nod Squad - The Black Album Remixes (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/8/nodsquadproductionsmusic.htm)
Noir Management - Black Album Remix (http://www.rapsample.com/blackalbum/)
DJ N-Wee - The Slack Album - Jay-Z vs Pavement (http://www.theslackalbum.com/)
DJ Nappy - The Green Album (http://www.djnappy.com/)
DJ Noodles - The Black Album Unplugged - Jay-Z vs Nirvana (http://www.djnoodles.net/blackalbum.html)
DJ Novice F-Letter - The Jay-Z Am Album - Jay-Z vs Trans Am
Pete Rock - The Black Album (Pete Rock Remix) (http://sandbox.pair.com/abstract/gfx001.html)
Paul Nice - The Black Album Unofficial Remixes (http://sandbox.pair.com/abstract/paulnicejayz.html)
DJ Princess Superstar - Can I Get A... Sabbath - Jay-Z vs Black Sabbath (http://princesssuperstar.com/discography/djmixes.shtml)
The Pink Album (http://www.mp3shits.com/full/download/Jay_Z_-_The_Pink_Album_mp3/35902/)
PVi Records - Black Album Remixes (http://www.soundclick.com/pro/?BandID=34815)
Pennywize Productions - The Black Album Remixes (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/3/pennywizeproductionsmusic.htm)
Phase One - The Black Album
Prophet One - The Black Villian - Jay-Z vs Mad Villian
DJ ReelLuv - The Haitian Album - Jay-Z vs The Fugees (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/4/djreelluvmusic.htm)
DJ Retro - The Plaque Album (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/2/djretro.htm)
DJ ReelLuv - The Black On Black On Black Album - Jay-Z vs Mos Def
DJ Rukiz - The Black Album Blendz (http://mixunit.com/fialblrusrwi.html)
DJ Steve Sleeve - The New Black Album - Jay-Z vs New Black (http://www.sleevestar.com/newblack)
Skamm Goodiez - The Skammed Album (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/0/skammgoodiezmusic.htm)
DJ Sane 720 and DJ Dantana - The Red Album (http://www.720pmc.com/)
Smoke 'em Out Records - The Marvin Jay Album - Jay-Z vs Marvin Gaye (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/3/smokeemoutrecordsmusic.htm)
SpinJunkies - The Jay-Z's Dead Album - Jay-Z vs The Grateful Dead (http://spinjunkies.com/news.htm)
DJ Stillmatic - The Crack Album (http://dhost.info/illmatic/)
DJ Spade - The Black Album Reinvented (http://www.freewebs.com/djspade/djspadesblackalbum.htm)
Snicka - The Blacker Album (http://www.snicka.com/site/thestore/blendz/44.htm)
DJ Snoyl - The Black Album (Remixes) (http://www.mixunit.com/exrealresnsr.html)
Solrak420 - The Green Album - Jay-Z vs Jedi Mind Tricks & canibus
Snicka - S. Carter Collection Part 2 (http://www.snicka.com/newcd)
The Slacka Album
DJ Ska - My Two Cents - Jay-Z, Soggy Bottom Boys, Muse, & ACDC (http://jayzconstructionset.com/hype/index.php?p=64)
Show Me The Money Ent. - The Blacker Album (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/7/showmethemoneyentertainmentmusic.htm)
DJ Souljah - The Black Album
Sol-Kaliba - The Blackest Album (http://trackerwww.prq.to/torrents-details.php?id=3220852)
Taylzz13 - Rage Against The Black Album - Jay-Z vs Rage Against The Machine
Tanamo - The Classic Black Album (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/9/tanamomusic.htm)
Taseone - The Black Album Remix (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/2/taseonemusic.htm)
The Innovatorz - The Remixes
Vilens - The Backpacker Album (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/5/vilensmusic.htm)
WarWord - The Black Album Remix
Writous the Radiant Child - The Jaymosphere Album - Jay-Z vs Ant
Xclusive Detoxification - The Black Album
DJ Xplict - The Blue Album - Jay-Z vs Nas (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/2/djxplictmusic.htm)
Xplict - The Blue Album & Beyond Part 1 - Jay-Z vs Nas (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/0/xplictmusic.htm)
Young Star - The Crooklyn Album (http://myspace.com/YoungStar)
The Zack Album - Jay-Z vs Saved By The Bell

08-17-2005, 10:10 AM
has anyone heard the stoupe one, it sounds like it would be ill.

08-17-2005, 11:53 AM
holy shit that's alot of albums!

08-17-2005, 11:57 AM
The 9th Wonder version is amazing - I like those beats better than the original, though Jay's vocals had to be pitched up slightly in some cases. Hard to compare to the original since Jay wrote his vocals specifically for those original beats.

08-17-2005, 12:00 PM
oh and pyro did the piff album on treazyradioshow.com <_<