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04-26-2008, 02:52 AM
I ran across this interesting group while surfing around.

I stumbled on it.. by accident.

I was actually searching for something else.

(I was looking to vacation at Lake Titicaca) :D


Pack Your Basket

Packs his LongJohnny (https://www.pumptoys.com/prod/stoframe.php)

http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/N/NYPumper/bigpumplongjohnny_002.jpg Smacked horn, massive donut http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/N/NYPumper/bigpumplongjohnny_004.jpg Swing that tube man ! http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/N/NYPumper/bigpumplongjohnny_007.jpg Milk that horn, roll that donut ! NYPumper writes: Thought I would send in 3 photos of my ball pumping in a Long Johnny (https://www.pumptoys.com/prod/stoframe.php),using the Pumptoys (https://www.pumptoys.com/menu.htm) VacuLogic (https://www.pumptoys.com/prod/qsvac.php) electric pump. What a great pump!Eddie Lowrie

Packs his Bullmaster (https://www.pumptoys.com/prod/stoframe.php) http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/E/EddieLowrie/med_IMG_0292.jpg Filling the lobes http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/E/EddieLowrie/med_IMG_0294.jpg Hangin' heavy weight http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/E/EddieLowrie/med_IMG_0306.jpg Broad basket http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/E/EddieLowrie/med_IMG_0302.jpg Smack that head ! Eddie writes: Pics from 7-22-05 Eddie Lowrie San Pedro Ca310 832 6759Steve UK

Tight packs his str8 tube http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/S/Steve_UK/med_massive2702.jpg Filling to the sides ... http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/S/Steve_UK/med_massive27.jpg ... and right to the end ! http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/S/Steve_UK/med_massive01.jpg Nicely proportioned result man ! Cinch it (http://www.boyzshop.com/cock-rings_34/index.html?a=tigerdave) good ! Steve writes: Hi there, just wanted to show off my balls !!Cigar Buddies UK

Pack their big str8 tubes http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/C/Cigar_Buddies_in_UK/med_IMG_0225.jpg Man-pleasure ...... packin' your basket while smokin' a big stogie ! http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/C/Cigar_Buddies_in_UK/med_PIC_0011.jpg A well-deserved huge cinched (http://ww2.sextoysex.com/sex/start/view.html?a=tigerpumping&pnum=SE1409-03) melon http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/C/Cigar_Buddies_in_UK/med_DSCF1700.jpg Meanwhile ... on the sling ... http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/C/Cigar_Buddies_in_UK/med_PIC_0028.jpg The ultimate in man-pleasure ... http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/C/Cigar_Buddies_in_UK/med_PIC_0029.jpg Everything pumping up and ready for G-spot stim The Cigar Buddies write: rubber boots &gloves, cigars, lthr boots ...we r pig pumping tooJungpumperHH

Packs tubes with his buddyhttp://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/J/Jungpumperhh/med_DSC08122.jpg Everything stuffed tight http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/J/Jungpumperhh/med_DSC00768.jpg Ah... more room in the 2-stage http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/J/Jungpumperhh/med_DSC00776.jpg Relaxin' as he opens out http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/J/Jungpumperhh/med_DSC00777.jpg Shake it dude ! http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/J/Jungpumperhh/med_DSC08171.jpg Feel the weighthttp://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/J/Jungpumperhh/med_DSC08170.jpg Line up with your buddy http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/J/Jungpumperhh/med_DSC08182.jpg Hang it man ! http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/J/Jungpumperhh/med_DSC08183.jpg Sconced horn http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/J/Jungpumperhh/med_DSC08192.jpg Get ready to rock http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/J/Jungpumperhh/med_DSC08191.jpg Thrust those hips dude ! http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/J/Jungpumperhh/med_DSC08194.jpg Oh ! Tight pull http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/J/Jungpumperhh/med_DSC08195.jpg Yeah ... ease off http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/J/Jungpumperhh/med_DSC08200.jpg Workin' his way out http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/J/Jungpumperhh/med_DSC00761.jpg Checkin' the results http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/J/Jungpumperhh/med_DSC00760.jpg Lookin' good for ya, mate http://www.tigerpumping.com/images/contributors/J/Jungpumperhh/med_DSC008111.jpg Enjoy that pump for the rest of the day JungpumperHH writes: Attached you find some XXX pumping pics from me, shot during a pump session with a buddy one Saturday.I am looking for other pumpers from all over the world, guys who want pump action with me.I am from Hamburg Germany and I am 28 Years old. Pumping 7 years now ...You ready to startPumping (http://www.tigerpumping.com/main.html#BeginnerPumps)Bud ?

(no norway)

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Masta Chilla
04-26-2008, 07:04 AM
wtf??? lol

04-26-2008, 07:49 AM
.....(first time I cant comment to shit in Wu-Corp..wow just wow)

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04-26-2008, 07:52 AM
The power of the double N seal is al mighty.

6 Chambaz
04-26-2008, 02:07 PM
WTF ???? Just saw one pic and it was enough for me to come to a conclusion that THIS IS THE COOLIEST OF COOLEYS

6 Chambaz
04-26-2008, 02:10 PM
WTF ???? Just saw one pic and it was enough for me to come to a conclusion that THIS IS THE COOLIEST OF COOLEYS
And I don't mean that in a good way

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04-26-2008, 10:19 PM

Thank you for sharing this, maybe Supreme Mathematicz will stay if there will be threads like this.

04-27-2008, 12:07 AM
HHAahaaHHAHAHAhahahaHAHAHHA! i didn't read anything but the picture alone would indicate this should be in the classic section

04-27-2008, 04:47 AM
and the "sticky please" in the title makes it godlier