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The Hound
04-29-2008, 09:46 AM
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now i'm doin time n shit and i ain't got no job but for real ... i'm hard as fuck ... when i woke up i thank god i still have this place to fall back on


04-29-2008, 10:24 AM
a few mates and i rented out a house once, ill tell a short story about it i guess...


Back in 2005 as our stay at the manor was coming to a conclusion, the manor computer crashed, taking with it hundreds of photos and files. at the time it was not possible to recover anything, however I kept the computer in storage and recently technology has been developed that has allowed me to start recovering.
One of the first things I found is a long forgotten document 'memoirs of the manor' which was mainly written by Peter Roberts and myself detailing events taking place while in the manor. The document is poorly written probably due to excess alcohol consumption, it is also incomplete as some parts were unrecoverable. I have been slowly editing and adding to it over the past few weeks and now it is half readable although a little fragmented. Some parts are written in my point of view and others are written from third person. It is very long and a little boring in parts but i'm sure some people will appreciate it, so here it is.

The manor was rented over the summer from the 7th October 2004 to the 3rd of March 2005 for 7 months and cost $500/week. it was on prime real estate in a quiet swanbourne culdersack.

Darcy and I discussed the idea of a party house for the summer one sunday at the cott, that afternoon we started looking for appropriate houses.

We were set on finding a house that was very large with a good backyard, built sturdy enough to contain a hideous wild ape (James Adams), and as cheap as we were. This turned out to be easier than we expected, after only two weeks and checking out about 4 houses, we found just what we were looking for. From the front it appeared to be a crummy broken down dump, but it turned out to be a massive double broken down dump with 6 bedrooms, 3 major living rooms and a bar. The wife of the real estate company owner toured Darcy & I through the house and highly recommended us (a mistake she would later regret), we filled in the forms and 3 days later we were told that we got the house and to come and collect the keys. We were flabbergasted and had to quickly round up a move-in party which consisted of Xavier Orr, Darcy Byrne, James Adams, Jake Lyall, James Macdonald and Theo Morris. No-one knew what they were really getting themselves into as they only agreed to move in the day before we all had to sign the contract.

During the move-in controversy arose when it was discovered that Darcy & I had counted a walk in wardrobe as the 6th bedroom. We decided that we would roll a dice to decide who would live in that tiny windowless hellhole, hilariously it was Theo. He reluctantly agreed to this, but only if we reshuffled the rooms every "month", he soon found that his bed could only fit in the tiny room if it was on an angle squished between the two walls, he also had to live off James Macdonald's room, which contained a horrid stench and a grumpy bastard. After only a couple of days he relocated to the corner of the downstairs living room which had no curtains and was the main access way to the rear house.

Everyone quickly settled in and two days later on the 10th of October we had the housewarming. It was amazing the amount of trouble that occurred that day with only about 50 people. It began early and by the afternoon, when everyone was suitably drunk, the chainsaw was brought out and trees started to come down. Shortly after the ceramic statues on the fence were declared to be too feminine & smashed with cricket bats. The potato cannon then came out and more damage was caused, witnessed by the next door neighbour who promptly called the real estate agent and the police, starting the long feud between the manor boys and their neighbours.


On the second night a drunken incident occurred with the electricity meter. No-one really knows what happened but after that we were only charged $2 a month for our electricity usage.

We decided to try and make it less obvious that there was a problem with the meter by keeping all lights visible from the street turned off at all times. This was short lived however when I decided that we would be entering that years christmas lights competition, a decision that today makes me question my sanity back then. Within weeks I had covered the house with thousands of christmas lights that were turned on 24/7. People would constantly stop at the front and look at all the lights, including western power representatives who were judging the competition. The reward was 1 years free electricity by western power which we weren't interested in anyway. Amazingly the meter reader and the western power reps never considered how we ran so many christmas lights on just $2/month.


As time went by we soon found that there was an increasing number of squatters on the premises, the most prominent being Peter Roberts, Tim Kaard & John Cusack. Most mornings we would come downstairs to find at least two people sleeping on the coaches, amongst the rotting food, several hundred beer cans & stack of pornos.

At one point the manor boys demanded that Tim Kaard pay rent because he lived there so often. When this request was not fulfilled Manor representatives decided to take action into their own hands. One day when Tim Kaard had gone home for lunch, James Adams and Darcy Byrne loaded his brand new bike onto the manor trailer and hauled it down to the bike shop to sell it. Fortunately for Tim Kaard the two bike shops they visited that day weren’t open on Saturday.


The Manor boys would often arrive at club bay view wearing innappropriate attire and unable to get in. We soon found that we could lean into the good sammies bin and pull out a collared shirt or some leather shoes.

On one occasion James Adams was unable to find an appropriate pair of shoes and decided to take his chances with a pair of high heels, this ended in disaster when he slipped and fell over the clubba railing. he landed on his head with a thud so loud it was heard through the ruckus of the line, the result, a concussion.

The good sammies bin raids became somewhat of a ritual and soon we were pulling stuff out when we didn't need to. Eventually it got to a ridiculous point when one drunken night a car was reversed up to the bin at about 2am and the place cleaned out. Upon returning we dumped the vast quantity of stinking soiled clothing in James Adams room as he was on holidays, we also trashed his room in the process throwing crap everywhere and upturning everything. When he arrived back home there was rage and the huge mound of clothing was relocated to the downstairs living room next to theo's bed. there it remained until the end of our stay being picked at by hobos.


as the boys were moving into the manor, a pact was made to keep the place clean and not let it turn into a tip, this pact was short lived. On the first night after James Macdonald had cooked everyone dinner, all the boys refused to clean up the kitchen or do the dishes, the general cleanliness and hygiene of the manor took a downward turn from that point on. after about a week, rotting foodstuffs, vomit and numerous spillages started to attract cockroaches and ants. The cockroaches were of concern to some residents and even made them consider cleaning up, however after another week the ant population had grown exponentially and the ants ate all the cockroaches solving the problem. Most manor residents didn't mind the ants, except for James Macdonald who would have outbursts of rage every time he came home and saw ants everywhere.

After a while the manor boys noticed that when crumbs and foodstuffs were dropped on the floor the ants would come and take them away, this became dubbed the "manor cleaning service". One unfortunate side effect of the manor cleaning service was the confusion between food for human consumption and food for ant consumption. Often a resident would put some food on the table, head off to the wank corner for 1.5 minutes and upon returning find the food had been completely eaten by the ants. One time a fresh provisions lasagne box was visibly moving across the table. The situation was stepped up a notch when residents in the rear house would rise from bed in the morning covered in ants. This was a considerable inconvenience and was blamed for some of the rashes that developed, fortunately after a short period the ants stopped infesting our beds.

James Macdonald was set on killing the ants, not satisfied with the performance of the manor cleaning service. His multiple failed attempts at getting rid of them were blamed for the ants becoming more aggressive and the ants in the beds.

Unable to deal with James Macdonald's complaining Theo Morris & Xavier Orr set out to fix the bug infestation once and for all. They returned to the manor one day with a four pack of industrial strength insect poison bombs. Everyone quickly moved into the front house and the poisonous bombs were set off in the rear house which was then sealed and locked to prevent anyone going into the poisonous gas. The house had to be evacuated for 6 hours and then aired out for a further 3 hours before anyone could go back in there. About 20 minutes into it, as we were reading the dangers of inhalation pamphlet in the front house a thudding noise was heard and we turned around to see James Adams appear in the rear house. he was casually walking down the stairs after sleeping off a hangover in his bedroom. he quickly realised what was happening and made for the door, it was locked. he then looked frantically for the keys before realising he had lost them the night before. he finally managed to break out of James Macdonald's bedroom window, but by that point he had inhaled so much poison that he had to lay down for 30 minutes before he was able to move again and he was not well for the next few days.

The ants came back about a week later and everyone told James Macdonald to shut up and leave them alone.


While living at the manor there was always wars. But no person had more wars with other residents than James Adams.

One day we had been a little short of booze and decided to go raid Liz Adams cellar. We returned with several bottles of vintage cognac worth about $200 a bottle. Cognac is an acquired taste and as such both bottles were deemed undrinkable. This is when the cognac wars began.

James Adams & Xavier Orr shared adjacent rooms and each stored a bottle of cognac in their rooms. There would often be confrontations and these developed into the cognac wars. Raids on each other's rooms would be conducted in the middle of the night. This entailed running in screaming while spraying cognac all over the sleeping person and upturning furniture.

During the manor stay James Adams was particularly involved in the nintendo 64 game Zelda that he had been playing continuously for the past few months. The other residents became jealous of the fun he was having playing this game and decided to delete his progress, they then hid awaiting his return. The rage that ensued was by far the worst of all time. Mr. Adams tore down the foam roofing in his bedroom and used pieces of this as weapons against the other residents. also the last of the cognac was used and some other festy items from the inside fridge were thrown. By the time the war was over there was so much broken foam and crap everywhere it looked like a bomb had gone off.


Although the manor had gatherings constantly, there were only ever two proper parties. On these occasions we would go all out, distributing hundreds of invites and setting the entire house up, including concert speakers, a smoke machine and strobe light.

During these parties the noise could be heard from several hundred metres away and as such, the neighbours complained profusely. At the second party the neighbours were so unhappy, that they videotaped the party from over the fence and sent the tape into our real estate agents. Although we never saw the tape, our property manager told us that she had never seen such inappropriate behaviour or disregard for a property in all her years.

Despite this the manor parties were a great success and many still remember them today quite fondly.


The manor happened so quickly that no-one really had time to organize anything, this was especially so with employment.

Upon moving in only one member of the manor family had a real job - James Macdonald was an apprentice chef. Darcy Byrne had a casual arrangement parking cars at challenge stadium once every two weeks, Jake Lyall had an extremely casual job as an "actor", Xavier ran his dodgy computer repair business that didn't even advertise and the rest were unemployed.

Shortly after moving in money started to become tight and everyone had to get some employment. Darcy took up more shifts parking cars and cleaning at challenge, Xavier jumped on board with challenge and the two would bludge the night away hiding from doing work on the oval. James Adams picked up a job making milkshakes at beaches while Jake Lyall decided unemployment was the life for him and started living off his savings.

This lack of real employment meant that the manor boys would usually get drunk 5 nights a week in between sitting on the coach for extended periods of time and persuing crazy scams and bad ideas. This enraged James Macdonald, who worked 80 hours a week starting at 6am in the morning and finishing at 12pm every night. Each evening as the clock started to approach 12 most manor boys would hide. James would come in look around at the cans, garbage and broken stuff then blow his lid, the yelling lasting for as long as 10 minutes while the other residents were giggling, hiding in someones room. he would yell out asking "who broke my fucken * ?!", after a short silence, he would scream "I KNOW YOUR THERE", another silence and "ohhhh get fucked...". after the initial bought of rage had subsided James would make his way to the kitchen only to find that all his food had been eaten and his booze drunk, the second round of rage would usually last 5 minutes and involve the phrase "are you serious ?!!?, ARE YOU FUCKEN SERIOUS ?!!!?", after this was over the other residents would slowly come back out to the tv room and sit down as if nothing happened.

Another side effect of the unemployment status was the manor saying "money's too tight to mention". often at dinner time the manor boys would gather their coins and come up with about $13 between them, two people would then be sent on a pilgrimage across the bridge to foodland to buy as much food as possible, on more than one occasion the two pilgrams came back to the starving crowd with a goonbag and the remnants of a pie they had eaten to "endure the journey", this was generally ill received by the other boys but tempers were quickly settled with a quart of goon.


Theo's stay at the manor was surprisingly short lived. His bed was positioned in the corner of the downstairs living room (and on the way to the toilet), and this seemed to be a very attractive place for extremely drunk people to pass out.

The first incident occurred at a small manor party about 3 weeks into our stay when bill ivory had consumed an entire bottle of vodka at an alarming pace. The giant lumbering fool only just managed to stagger inside, and pass out on theo's bed, he then proceeded to vomit vast amounts of hideous chunky orange goo which filled the manor with a stench so foul that not even Jake Lyall's potent body odour could overcome it. Theo slept on the coach for the next few weeks until he finally got around to cleaning the bed, other manor residents found themselves in fits of laughter as Theo was gagging trying to remove the sheets.

He finally got his bed back in order and had slept in it for about 5 nights when another small manor party took place, Theo was out and had instructed the other manor residents not to let anyone near his bed. Shortly into the night Oliver Walsh was slobbering drunk, unable to string together two words or even stand up without assistance. At some point during the night, he spotted Theo's freshly cleaned bed and with a gleam in his eye made a break for it. I just remember walking inside to a crowd of people watching a scrawny convulsing body laying on theo's bed with a thick chunky ooze pouring out of it. The next day the horrible vomit which covered the entire bed had set rock hard like glue, ready for Theo's return. He arrived home to find everyone locked in their rooms with giggling coming through the doors, a vast rage ensued when he spotted the bed, which would stay that way for many months to come. This was the end of Theo's permanent stay. For the remainder of the manor Theo only came for the big parties.


on the night of Halloween the manor family was stewing on the coaches drinking when Mr. Orr got up and disappeared for 10 minutes. Upon returning he claimed that the house had been trashed by Halloween pranksters. The angry manor residents went out the front to find toilet paper, shaving cream and eggs all over the house and cars. In an unusual coincidence the "hooligans" that had trashed the house and cars forget to attack Mr. Orr's vehicle, fortunately that was later taken care of by other manor residents.


For the entire manor stay only 3 of the 6 residents had a drivers license, however only 1 person held a valid drivers license - James Macdonald. Xavier Orr had lost his license for drink driving and Darcy Byrnes license was under suspension for unpaid parking fines at the fines enforcement registry.

This became a problem one night when the entire manor household was crammed into the back of Darcy Byrnes honda legend driving down stirling highway at 3am in the morning and police pulled us over. Darcy decided that an excellent way to get out of trouble would be to hide his wallet down his pants and give a false name, this turned out to be less of an excellent idea than he had first thought when he found himself being interrogated in the back of the paddy wagon. Fortunately Byrne gave his real name with the threat of spending the night in the lockup. However, along with an array of fines, the police put a yellow sticker on his car for being such a dickhead (and having a broken windscreen). Within two weeks Byrne was driving around with no license and no registration.

This strike of bad luck amused Mr. Orr for a short while until he was pulled over only a few weeks later driving at twice the speed limit and the same thing happened to him. Using Alex Brophy's drivers license he got out of trouble with just a fine but received a yellow sticker for bald tyres, his vehicle was soon without registration also.

No license and no registration didn't stop either of the two from driving though, it was more the lack of petrol money that limited them. It was a weekly occurence that either Mr. Orr or Mr. Byrne would run out of petrol near by and require everyone at the manor to come and help push their car home. The local petrol station knew both boys well, neither ever filled up with more than $5 at a time and sometimes put in as little as 20 cents worth of petrol.

For the entire duration of the manor a friendly rivalry existed between Mr. Orr & Mr. Byrne over who had the better car. Mr. Byrne got around in a 1988 Honda Legend while Mr. Orr drove a 1983 280zx.


While living at the manor Jake Lyall got around on a bike that he stored in the backyard. At one point Jake had borrowed a friends expensive racing bike and had this stored in the backyard also. One sloppy night after drinks at the manor, two boys who had just been smoking pot decided that they would borrow Jake's bikes to get home. They never made it home that night and neither of the two bike's were seen again. Hilariously this stranded Jake at the house without transport until a few weeks later when a replacement bike was procured.

Xavier Orr often parked his car in the driveway of the house, he would always park it to the side to allow pedestrians through to the rear house. One afternoon Mr. Orr had been careless with his parking and as Jake pulled in on his bike at high speed there was nothing he could do to avoid the car. The smacking sound of his body hitting the car was so loud that everyone from the rear house came out to see what had exploded. When Jake was found writhing on the ground in pain with a deep gash on his knee, the selfless mr. orr proclaimed "you dickhead, you'd better be paying for the damage you've caused". Fortunately other residents saw the situation differently and helped the injured boy and his mangled bike inside, while mr. orr inspected the damage to his rear bumper bar.


The kitchen at the manor left a lot to be desired. The pungent aroma could sometimes be smelt from the backyard. Although a dishwasher was installed, it was never used. Pots and pans as well as cutlery and plates were often reused without washing.

The fridge was particularly filthy, James Macdonald would leave gourmet foods in there that no-one would eat and stock it full of milk, this was not such a hot idea as the power plug had a tendency to “fall” out of the socket. At one stage the smell from opening the fridge was so intense that you would lose balance, dry reach and have watering eyes.


the manor only ever had one house inspection in its 6 months of existence and it really couldn't have gone worse.

no-one had remembered the date of the inspection and unfortunately it coincided with the day after a rather messy gathering at the manor. arriving at 9am the real estate agents rang the doorbell repeatedly for 5 minutes before letting themselves in with a spare key, once inside they were greated with the pungent aroma of stale beer and vomit mixed with the stench from Jake Lyall's room. They proceeded to knock on Darcy Byrne's bedroom door only to be told "fuck off, i'm sleeping" they walked in to find him passed out in his underwear. He quickly realised what was going on, got up and apologized. As he was getting dressed they moved forward through the garbage filled house to find xavier orr sleeping naked in the glass wall shower with the water still running. they then looked out into the back yard to see among cans and bottles james adams sleeping on a table (this was common as he lost his key and was often locked out). it was at this point that they cancelled the house inspection and rescheduled it for a week later with a lease violation warning and a heavy lecture. it is without surprise that they never came back a week later, infact they never came back at all for any of our 3 week interval inspections.


When we initially signed the manor contract we agreed to a 12 month lease term. This was despite the fact that we knew we would have to leave the house 6 months later when we all went back to uni.

During February, towards the end of our stay, discussions were held on how to inform the real estate agents that we would be leaving, the general consensus was to stop paying rent and haul ass out of there. However this plan didn’t work out as smoothly as it was conceived. Once the rent was 3 weeks late we had the real estate agents calling non-stop, turning off our phones helped until the real estate agents paid us a visit and informed us that they would sue us if we didn’t pay the rent. We then decided to do it the right way and signed a breach of lease agreement. This ended up costing us $2000 each by the time we got out of there.

The physical move out itself was also quite problematic. We quickly realised that we had accumulated a lot of junk, about 6 trailer loads worth. So we loaded up the manor trailer with our first load of junk and headed to the local tip, upon arriving we were informed that it would cost us $35 to dump each trailer load, after coming up with about $6 between us we backed our trailer out of there to seek a makeshift tip. We soon found just the spot in Mt Claremont. Unfortunately it was very open however and each dumping would have to take place very quickly with two people standing watch for people and cars. On more than one of these dumpings screaming would be heard from the road as the two watchmen came sprinting back to the car, we all had to pile into the car and duck as a car pulled in and drove past. To add to the dodgyness the cars number plates were covered with t shirts. There were some very close calls.

After the first load which was packed so well and tied down with a tarpaulin things started to slip. Items were stacked precariously high with no tie downs and at every corner another item would fall off the trailer, the danger escalated when an esky and plastic deck chair flew off the back into oncoming traffic on west coast highway. The theory behind this reckless behaviour was that the more stuff we lose on the way, the less we have to illegally dump.

The fourth load was one, consisting of cutlery, plates, dishes and other kitchenware’s. For this trip Darcy Byrne was driving James Adams mum’s BMW with all the boys in the back, we decided that there was no point driving all the way to our dumping ground and instead took the back off the trailer and proceeded to drive repeatedly at high speeds over speed bumps and around round abouts until all the contents were gone. Plates were smashing everywhere and cutlery was all over the road, some of the people in the back couldn't breathe they were laughing so hard This worked out fine until Byrne accidentally pulled into the parking lot of a local park and couldn’t reverse out. People flooded over to the car yelling at us about the stuff falling off our trailer. After about 5 minutes of tense staring from the locals and promises to go back and pick up the lost items, Byrne finally managed to get that trailer out of there and we hotfooted it home.

Eventually the manor was finally empty and we came home after a hard couple days work only to realise that our beds were already gone. It was a rough sleep that night.

thats pretty much all i can remember right now

04-29-2008, 10:26 AM

04-29-2008, 11:11 AM
Yo check this.....right, one night I logged on to wu-corp and nearly every other post was on point, people were just droppin pure knowledge and there was nothing but love being shown. Cilvaringz saw what was going on was like "Whut the fiz'uk?...I gotta tell Rza was going down" next thing you know Rza logs in "bududududududududdu" he sees the pure love being shown and realises that the main posters were right all along, his new age hippie music was shit so he declared to go back to that 36 chamber vibe and put all his hollywood bullshit aside and make The Cure, not only that but he would send a free copy to every member of the corp with a letter of apology for all the waiting we had to endure.

04-29-2008, 11:12 AM


every wu corp kids dream!

04-29-2008, 11:36 AM
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04-29-2008, 11:40 AM
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04-29-2008, 11:41 AM

Sicka than aidZ
04-29-2008, 12:50 PM
yo, check it right...i was smoking crack outside this house in an alley with this weird ass lil' nigga named Jetro..so like, we burnin the midnight pipe right, ride the lightning nahmean and i get this bellringah like whoa and i see CLINT MOTHAFUCKIN' EASTWOOD pop out the damn garage and say..

"Dat dere be my crack-cocaine, pardner"


I then proceeded to throw the burning how pipe right and it hit dude in the face. Clint got all burnt and shit and dat nigga jetro screamin' and then I had sex with like, 50 naked women all at the same time.

Where da crack at?

YO YO, ONE time me an OB-oner were kickin it on this roof top doin a sick piece on a wu corp billboard wit nuttin but our light sabers to illuminate the wall when spidey arrived all excited to bust some crooks but he smelt the blunt we was roasting.

So we was like "spiderman", give me an b a ride so started swingin us around town helping us tag the impossible but he got to high and he was like "lets gets some hookers" and i was like "co sign baby" an ob was like "dont u have a wifey muthafucka?"... And we were both like "no" and he was whining so he got dropped about 1500 feet onto 21 jumpstreet and johnny depp booked him in for littering all the time sayin thankz spidey... Than the green goblin arrived and we all went out an fucked some ho's than we went back to spideys and fucked his wife tag teamed her. And anyways.... To be continued

King Tron 1
04-30-2008, 12:46 PM
I'm not good at telling lies, or familiar to TeknickleStyles so mine would be like...

... I was walking to the park, right when this dude was riding his bike towards me, so I clotheslined him wrestling style, and then took off running, even tho dude could catch up to me on his bike, so I just jumped over a wall and laughed my ass off since he couldn't go over.

6˛ Chambaz
04-30-2008, 01:34 PM
Yo, one time I read a good General Wise post...

Sicka than aidZ
04-30-2008, 03:21 PM
yo yo back in this muthafucka..

i woke up the next day wit a morning glory so i figured id stab it in spidey's wifey one more time. i aint lyin....

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to be continued

04-30-2008, 03:30 PM
leave little tek alone

05-01-2008, 11:47 AM
The other day someone on the corp told me they liked Raekwon...i think they were on PCP or somethin :mexico:

05-01-2008, 11:51 AM
half of smif & wessun & ODB stole my name...

LOL @ thread title..

05-01-2008, 02:09 PM
I've really gotta stop reading Bateman's posts

Sicka than aidZ
05-01-2008, 02:42 PM
did u read that whole fuckin thing of pats manor? .... tell us how u killed yourself methods

05-01-2008, 05:42 PM
I'm Ironman!

King Tron 1
05-01-2008, 05:46 PM
did u read that whole fuckin thing of pats manor?

That's where I stopped reading. I read:


after that I politely scrolled down.

05-01-2008, 06:45 PM
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05-01-2008, 06:49 PM
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05-01-2008, 07:50 PM