View Full Version : The Shaolin Masta Chilla's Official Retreat Thread

Masta Chilla
04-30-2008, 02:01 PM
you thought duh ninja was stayin here 4-eva?
like all my ninjas, i'm gonna leave this forum now. maybe some day i'll come back. i don't expect too many people to reply to this thread cuz all the ones dat have seen me (not too many cuz i'm invisible n stuff) have already left.

whats left to say? this forum is the fucken funniest thing you find on the internet... it was a great time here... and it would have been even better without dat bitchy samurais...

but fuck it, here are my shoutouts:

pat bateman
6x6 chambers
inspectah chek
game of death
tonearm terrorwrist
king tron 1
ern dawgy
maximus da mantis
lord zero
lord beatjitzu
slang apostle
tha shaolin assassin
irondan cooley
lizard king (aka pablo balububaubauba?)

don't cry if i forgot you... i love y'all (no norway)

i'm sorry for leaving this place, but it has to be done. fuck the samurais.
keep da fyrd eer open so dat u could listen to the quiet.

i officially ninja this thread:


don't forget me


you gotta catch em all


peace to da gawds n earfs.

*vanishes without anyone seeing it*

King Tron 1
04-30-2008, 02:18 PM
Peace Out, Don Jovi...

Samurai Killa
05-02-2008, 05:26 AM
peace, my brother lol. i'll continue your work!

6 Chambaz
05-02-2008, 05:31 AM
Peace, Chilla