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08-17-2005, 07:05 PM
...This is the second installment to my first post "Unjust Dragon Fire..." in a
larger piece called "The Day the Dragon was Slain", if you read this without
having read the first part you will have a hard time understanding what is
going on...

Im looking down the GUN barrel, "What could I possibly do?"/

He misses me on purpose and the laser grazes my shoe/

He gives me a crooked smile and I quickly drop on the floor/

I slide uderneath his legs, pull them, to kill him is now my chore/

The Soldier is in a daze now, just like everybody else/

I take away his laser gun and rip him apart at the temples/

I spit into the exit wound with every emotion inside of me/

But now the CELESTIAL SEARCHLIGHT is beginning to hum I must flee/

The Radio in the Sky is scanning my barcode and calls out loud:


My heart is pounding hard now and no one can stop the stares/

Even if I run away there still is surveillance everywhere/

"MY BROTHERS!" I delare, "The time to attack has come!/

If we dont Do it now we'll regret it and never get it done!"/

Just then I hear a Cough coming from a couple feet away/

Its my hero that saved my life earlier in the day/

He says to me: "What in the fuck do you think you're doing?/

In order to go about this you must plan or you'll end up ruined!"/

Flaberghasted, I asked him his name and he took a pause/

"Shu Hui" he whispers, "The Redeemer of human laws"/

He continues, "Teach me the ways of the quickness to your anger/

For a peaceful man like me must be taught to be like a panther"/

Humbled I say to him: "its not a blessing its a curse/

If it were not for you my skin would be the outside of a purse/

Your wisdom is superior you must teach me the sacred way/

And together you and me can start something and save the day"/

Shu Hui smirks as if the wisdom of ages were just restored/

And in the distance, the smog, we see the ARMY'S BATTALLION 4/

"Come quick!" he blurts out, "we must hurry underground/

We don't have time and we need a plan pound per precious pound"/

I follow him to a door and down a dusty stairwell/

He shuts the door behind him...I feel like all will be well/

At the end of the stairwell, Shu Hui lights a candle/

The whole place lights up and reveals a Sacred Temple/

Within this temple I spend about four months/

Along with Shu Hui perfecting me, a crash course in martial arts/

On the last day Shu Hui wakes me up at midnight/

Takes me to a hidden door and tells me with all his might:/

"Here inside this room lies the sanity of the human race"/

And sure enough he proves it by kicking the door out of place/

I look inside the room and I fall to my weary knees/

Completely in disbelief Im silent as a calm breeze/

"Ive been saving all these weapons until the day I met the warrior/

And you have proven yourself to be more than that, you're a holy partner"/

As he's saying these words he hands me a small explosive/

"First things first, we must render that celestial radio corrosive"...

...to be continued...

08-18-2005, 02:10 PM
just for the record...
I AM NOT A TERRORIST rest assured...
and thanks for the feedback on the first one....

08-21-2005, 06:32 AM
The first part of this verse, you did not express it well, although it catches its momentum as the verse progresses- it had lost its potential. But its a good read , actually captivating (Sci-Fi stuff)

PS: Keep posting