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05-02-2008, 09:04 PM
it was benny who told me, your bitch is phony
he said he caught her hugged up on some nigga named tony
i was told tony kicks it in coney, seen heads deep, never lonely
found out he lived deep into bronx, locked by the cops at fourteen
he found god and jesus, now a crucifix rocks the home scene
i was gunna jump him, didnt know how, i never seen the kid
don't know his stature, or posture, swagger or laughter, blind folding bid
although i knew i could trust benny, we was basically brothers, he looked just like me
we even had the same scars, same bruises, and all, like we shared a fight G
later that week, i had planned the night i made things right, tony was gunna die

then aw shit, this bitch is holding me down, i can't move no matter how hard i try
this shit is bugging me tripping me i cant seem to yell or cry
i'm sweating on these gray blankets, thinking i ain't gon' make it
injected with serum, my body went numb, my mom came in crawling and balling looking mad dumb
i was taken by wheelchair into a office, browned and furnished, my nike airs i lost it
wearing some weird shit, IV's trapped in my veins, held by some bitch, on my neck is her reigns
i was sat down crying for help, then some punk doctor came on the scene
i asked bout benny, said i never touched tony, then he told me beware, try to be serene
my mom walked out, this fucking dude i feel i'ma have to knock out
he then looks away from me, and dismisses the bitch named jenny
told me, "son you have dual personalities, your both tony and benny,
we had to use force this night, because you were choking yourself yelling fuck you tony"
i was in shock, utter disbelief, i been fooled by myself, laughed at by the world
then i looked out a window from across the room, and saw benny hugged up on my girl

05-03-2008, 04:22 PM
and the name of this is supposed to be split, not spit