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08-18-2005, 03:23 AM
verse 1

64 squares of life, who be the king
Angelou once asked why's the caged bird sing/
finesse maneuvers, cool, never on that whats it to ya
player principles, sip kaluha, nigga mind seducer/
self appraisal, Devin the Dude,.. shit to blaze too
thru the speaker, no labels still all praise due/
peace to see ya, Sojourn the Truth, street preacher
most spit sick lines from time to time, keep a fever/
luck smiling on me like i'm fingerbangin lady forturne
clip angel wings throw em off cloud 9's we warring..../
with the heavens,..
paradise lost, fuck it start the armageddon, hot steppin/
this cant be life, seek manipulation of wise minds
wish i could....climb inside time/ and learn its secrets
like.. pyramids in egypt, city atlantis
1, 9, 7, million squares miles of planet/
1/4 for me to stride..
3/4 and the sun keep this world alive/
keep it moving , never lackluster...
this my reign dance till kingdom come and resurrect my own luxor/ one....
life we living till the last exhale,
but i must ask, good people why we catching hell/
its the aura feel it talk with spirits, seance
niggaz shoot niggaz still wanting King Jr's day off

08-21-2005, 06:14 AM
You have a certain style, quite erratic. But the your lyrics tend to drift back and forth. Quite interesting how you present the opposites.

PS: Keep posting