View Full Version : mc Dutch sjaakcl clean ishh

05-08-2008, 12:08 PM
microfone combustion
say ey pappie
we bring a lot of something
Freak nail that rave spun
hard beats is harder:
that pump! it UppAh
what what! we from yo-
its Hopping. 5-1 done it
the donnie, my eight four ways.
man was Trippin the days
I set those: marks
the house is on!
we post the method..
put you into motion!
its living/ through the path
you wit it/ the drum bass
Xortic bang those
Shit got: all that
we party on the set
as Xorticland

its english....mc shit
pompompompom beat
zet maar house plaatje oppah

05-08-2008, 12:10 PM
whahahahaha evil laugh ish
ya party ish