View Full Version : Usher Comes To Jay-Z's Defense, Blasts Oasis Rocker For Comments

05-08-2008, 06:05 PM

R&B singer Usher is the latest celebrity to wade into the defense on Jay-Z's forthcoming headline slot at the Glastonbury festival.

The singer believes Oasis star Noel Gallagher is wrong to say Jay-Z shouldn't headline the music festival, and insists the rapper will prove him wrong with a spectacular performance.

"It really shocked me that he said Jay-Z was the wrong choice. Jay-Z is an incredible artist and headliner," Usher tells The Sun. "I saw him perform at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, and you're not getting better than that."

Usher is not the first person to blast Noel, who claimed booking Jay-Z was "wrong" and went against the festival's "tradition of guitar music."

Last week, event organizer Michael Eavis hit back, saying: "Why did Noel need to get involved? It was a bit weird, to be honest. He should give someone else a chance. He needn't have said that and I was disappointed he did."

Meanwhile, Eavis has revealed he is desperate to secure Amy Winehouse for the festival.

He said: "We want Amy. I can't say anything else at this stage except that she was my first choice when I started compiling a list of artists."

The Glastonbury festival takes place in Somerset, Southwest England, over the weekend of June 27-29.


05-08-2008, 06:14 PM
Noel gallagher is a tit.

He says it has a tradition of guitar music, but what about Hilltop Hoods, Massive Attack, Hot Chip, Neon Neon, Groove Armada, Crystal Castles, Estelle and countless others. He isn't complaining about them. He's just pissed off because Oasis are shit these days and would never get to headline at glasto.

Usher is a dickhead also.