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lord patch
05-09-2008, 03:27 PM
Farrakhan needs 192 youth Inbox

National Research Department

The Final Call Newspaper, during the month of February 2008, has announced its search for Qualified Professionals. The Honorable Minister Louis
Farrakhan Muhammad and his National Labors have made this request. As youth of the Nation of Islam's seventy-eight year history in North America, in the cause of qualifying ourselves, we have proposed to present a user-friendly blueprint for others to get qualified for nation building skills and
opportunities. Therefore, our proposed blueprint shall be designed to show a step-by-step process into how each individual can complete some fundamental and necessary goals to demonstrate the socio-economic and political needs of a person (people).

Since the Nation of Islam has called for professional help from Lawyers Urban & Rural Planners, Developers, Farmers, Bankers, Agricultural Economists Accountants, Architects, Accountants, Land Surveyors, Mechanical Engineers, Construction Engineers, General Contractors, Grant Writers, Financial Analysts, Real Estate Brokers, Enrolled Agents, Financial Auditors, Asset Managers, Certified Financial Planner, Strategic Planners, Publicists, Marketing Professionals, Retails Store Managers with experience
and with references, what must Youth do now to establish a prosperous future?

This blueprint we propose to designed will demonstrate a clear path how one becomes qualified to help build the people and/or person toward nationhood. To get qualified means to get educated. Therefore, much mental effort must be used to learn a skill, especailly one requiring the above mentioned men and women of scence requested in the Final Call. Is it whorthwhile and attainable, Yes! The founding fathers of the United States of America set out to attain socio-economic and political status from Great Brittan in 1776. They too needed many many qualified men and women of science and government and business before establishing what is now called the United States of America. Were they any greater than any of us today? The basis of knowledge from which our blueprint shall be justified derives from the Nation of Islam's secret book, "The Supreme Book of Wisdom" given to our
forefathers in the year 1930 by Wallace Fard Muhammad, The Teacher of the
Honorable Elijah Miuhammad.

Contained in the Supreme Book of Wisdom are over two hundered sciences that will lead any people to nationhood status provided he or she put into
pratice those sciences once understood. The question becomes: Are Youth willing to use your brain power to achieve personal and national independent status, not only in conversion but in real time action?

All interested youth willing to help produce this user-friendly guide or blueprint by the Nation of Islam Youth Research Department please contact
Jameel Muhammad at Noiyouth.org. The Nation of Islam Youth Research Department needs 192 youth to help complete his or her specific research assignment in order to (1) lighten research load per subject matter of the blueprint, (2) quicken process to complete blueprint, (3) share credit with all invovled Youth. More information will be provided to those who submit
their names to Noiyouth.org for participation.

After completion of our blueprint, we will seek to publish it via Final Call Publishing to be sold through the Final Call Newspaper and other publishing
houses as well in other languages. All proceeds will be used to sponser scholarships to members of the NOIyouth.org attending college, universities
or technical trade schools.

Contact us immediately while Positions remain open!!

Jameel Muhammad

Webmaster, Founder www.Noiyouth.org,

Anthony L. Muhammad

NOIYRD bookwisdom@gmail.com

05-09-2008, 09:03 PM
farrakan needs to get a god damn job

Edit: Now that i've read it, good idea.:mmmyah:

05-09-2008, 09:10 PM
Contact us immediately while Positions remain open!!

Jameel Muhammad

Webmaster, Founder www.Noiyouth.org (http://www.Noiyouth.org),

Anthony L. Muhammad

NOIYRD bookwisdom@gmail.com