View Full Version : Any Goretex fans?

05-11-2008, 04:11 PM
He's my fav out of Non-Phixion, anyone else here dig his music?

05-11-2008, 04:13 PM

Think he has a new mixtape coming out soon.

Got a few new tracks on his myspace.

Sleep Sinatra
05-11-2008, 04:18 PM
yea he's sick, said 2 have terrible work ethic though( says necro) reason why he got dropped from psycho-logical records

dope MC tho

Guarded By Martyrs
05-11-2008, 05:13 PM
Yeah I think he is badly slept on...
One of the sickest voices I have ever heard.
Really feel Goretex...Can't wait for his new album.

Here's a Mixtape I made in Spinx's Download Thread...

Goretex ~ The Dying Art Of...

01. Learn To Swim/New America
02. Them Ft. Necro, Ill Bill, Mr. Hyde
03. The Big Sleep
04. Scumbags Ft. Necro
05. Dopesick Ft. Necro
06. 16
07. Darkness
08. The Crazies Ft. NecRo, Ill Bill, Mr. Hyde
09. The Art Of Dying
10. Say Goodbye To Yesterday Ft. Non-Phixion
11. Goretex Freestyle # 1
12. Blvd Ft. Non-Phixion
13. Celebrity Roast
14. Canarsie Arties Brigade Ft. Ill Bill, Necro, Q-Unique
15. Obscure Disorder Ft. Non-Phixion
16. Hated
17. Violins Of Necro Ft. Necro
18. Assassination Day Freestyle Ft. Necro & Ill Bill
19. 4th Chamber Freestyle Ft. Non-Phixion
20. Goretex Freestyle # 2
21. Psychological Freestyle Ft. Ill Bill, Necro, Sabac Red


05-11-2008, 05:19 PM
yea he's sick, said 2 have terrible work ethic though( says necro) reason why he got dropped from psycho-logical records

dope MC tho


Guarded By Martyrs
05-11-2008, 05:40 PM
Thats a bit harsh^
I think they were all moving in different directions anyway.
Ill Bll with La Coka Nostra
Sabac Red has foun his true voice.
Goretex is a reason for the break up..
I think it's unfair to lay all the blame at his door.

05-11-2008, 05:46 PM
^^ Well that's exactly what Necro did. Did you read the statement he put out on all his sites about Goretex? Even if every word is true, there was no need for that to be put in the public domain.

Anyway, he still seems to be as angry as ever:

If you haven't been living under a rock for the past 10 years or so, you'd know that Goretex is a former member of the now defunct hip-hop super group that was NonPhixion. From sex, drugs, politics to the apocolypse, they spit about it all. But these days, NonPhixion is no more. So recently TheCryptoOnline's Stormzilla (Patrick Storm) had a bit of a chat with Goretex to see what the future is nowadays for the New York native.

TheCryptOnline Goretex Interview-
By Patrick Storm

PS-What's new and good with Goretex these days?

Goretex- Whats good, homie. Iím chilling man. Iím good right now, Iím in the studio working on the new mix tape, getting some stuff for the new album down as well, staying creative. Iíd of liked to have been finished already but for the last year or so Iíve been getting beats, everyone knows Iím very picky about beats, always have been. I have a little more freedom now in terms of musical ideas and totally pushing the limits. I couldíve done 3 mix tapes at least in the last year with all of the beats Iíve accumulated, which was about 3000 beats, but for what? Drop stuff over weak shit? I tend to get bored pretty fast, even with my own shit. I like to keep it exciting and fresh. Other than that Iím staying out of trouble , no jail this year haha..

PS- Good news to hear about the mix tape and album. Who do you have as far as production goes on the album and mix tape?

Goretex- Right now Iím fucking with loyal hungry cats, ya know? Most of the beats will be handled by MOSS, SUNDAY, myself and some various dudes I donít want to let the cat out of the bag completely but basically these beats are the best Iíve ever spit on hands down. The styles will vary I didnít want to stagnate and do the same thing over and over. I like a variety of moods and settings this way to me it always sounds fresh. At this point in time I feel musically reborn, and in the next couple of years there will be a bunch of new things coming out and destroying shit..

PS- You're gonna keep it grimey though right?

Goretex- All of my shit is filthy grimey to begin with, it will always be grimey. I like different moods, but the root of my music is brutality.

PS- As a fan that's definitely good news. So I know you don't want to get too into who you got as far as production but got to ask, any big name producers like a Premier or Pete Rock? Some people think that you're just linking up with no names, can you maybe drop a hint on somebody you're working with on the album that fans might recognize?

Goretex- Well to be honest I donít give a fuck if anyone thinks Iím linking up with no names or whatever, I do this for me not you, ya know? The only reason Non Phixion was fucking with major cats and Iím not saying it was all of the reason, but we were paying cats $8000 a track, well Pete Rock anyway. Primo gave us a break a bit, as well as Large Professor, but I ainít buying cats no new cars feel me? Haha I want beats by hungry cats I donít give a fuck who you are, I spit destruction on anything you hand me, Iím not about gimmicks or having some hot name. I been had hot names. Been there, done that. I want to work with fresh blood, dudes that have nothing else to live for. Just because its not Primo donít mean it ainít banging, thatís not to say in the future there wont be a Primo beat or Large Professor beat, I talked to large professor and at the moment heís mad busy but in the future anything could happen. If you notice a lot of brand name producers are washed up right now. Look around, and if their shit is hot their man did it and they took the credit for it..

PS- Totally respect that, I mean in the 90's it was all about letting new blood get food themselves. That's part of what's wrong with hip-hop these days, not many people give new cats a chance to shine. Speaking of which, what are your thoughts on the current state of hip-hop?

Goretex- If you pay attention the older cats ainít doing it no more. I ainít with that, itís either that or they get money and start sucking shit. How many comebacks are you granted? Ya know? What was great about the 90's besides the music was the philosophy behind the music which was quality control, for most artists at least not all obviously but you were able to keep track of all the dope shit, also you felt that the artist gave a fuck and wasnít looking to just shit in the audiences mouth by proclaiming-get money get money, fuck everything. I started to feel most artists werenít sincere and it made me start to think-yeah who gives a fuck maybe it is all about money. Even so called underground cats have seemed to take on that mentality now. I donít even relate to that term anyway, never did.. Iíve been hustling for years, music wise and street wise, that donít mean I should make shit music. Where the fuck is New York hip hop? Cats are scared to make bangers or something? Or they have suck LA dick, its confusing to me. Maybe Iím off point haha.. I donít know ainít much shit really killing me whatsoever hip hop wise. Here And there I suppose, it disappoints me I guess. I take music too fucking serious I guess, Iíve been told that all my life from family to bitches to peeps and whatever. All I give a fuck about, if you know me is music. I rap about all things in life-money, drugs, chicks, guns, project life, poverty, suicide etc.. I couldíve sold out 10 years ago, Iím still fucking here. Iím undisputed. Quality not quantity. Fuck the politics, who said what I ainít down with that. Insecure haters get the dick anyway. If anything, judge me based solely on music and lyrics. I donít pretend to rest on my laurels. I feel like Iím just getting started if anything man, hip hop can go anywhere now, especially with someone like me involved in it all of my life. I donít look to nobody to expand this shit, I do it myself, if it sucks-make it fucking better, if all you give a fuck about is your new found fame, or whip or cash-it will be written all over your face. I donít sell my soul for those things. Iím free.

PS- Well said. It's an art form, not a money making scheme. Think I recall you saying something about meeting Q-Tip when you worked fast food and told him how you were a rapper and how he liked the name Goretex so it just stuck. Which hip-hop artist had the most influence on how you approach your music?

Goretex- Yeah, meeting Tip was cool, here I was selling acid by day and working some ridiculous night shift at Dunkin Donuts for 5 bucks an hour. But yeah, dude gave me my name. I saw him at some new years eve party in the city he was dj-ing with Janet Jackson at some rich fucking cokehead accountants party, back in 98. Bill and I were there terribly mangled on x, I ran up on Tip-reminded him of our meeting, he freaked out and couldnít believe I was still doing it, a very sincere cat. I met a bunch of cats working shitty jobs. Iím not sure a particular artist had an influence on how I work but obviously Rakim meant everything to me and made me want to be poetic with my words. Also Kool G Rap who was the first brutal for the sake of fucking carnage ritual killing-rapper haha.. Other than that most of my influences are non hip hop.

PS- Which honestly was going to be my next question, obvious influences are rock and heavy metal. What metal bands are your favorites and have influenced you musically?

Goretex- I listen to a lot of different music, I make beats too so Iím always digging. I been into music since Iím 6 years old. Other kids my age were fucking with G.I. Joes, Transformers, Baseball cards and various other toys and creatures, I had some of those things but again I pretty much only gave a fuck about music. I got into Kiss early on, I got into Iron Maiden and Judas Priest around 1980 and just gradually found the hard shit like old Metallica, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Venom, Exodus etc.. Thereís a two year period between 1990-1992 where I didnít really listen to much newer metal, but only because I felt it was a dry period for stuff that was coming out, thereís too many metal artists and groups to mention who I like that most people have never heard of them. When I was around 12, I was planning on putting out a metal fanzine which was heavily based in the death metal scene at the time, I would cut out of school and work on the magazine, do interviews with known cats, collect demos etc.. I was always involved in hip hop, I lived in the fucking projects how could I escape it? haha.. I decided early on to be yourself ,real cats from the hood respect that, real Decepticon-murderers who shot, stabbed and robbed white kids daily would give me dap, I could rock a Slayer shirt and a fly polo rugby or goose the next day.... That was always my style which was confusing to heads early on, now its gimmicky.. But back then walking around the projects pumping Celtic Frost would get you maimed haha..

PS- While you were with NonPhixion, where was the hypest place to perform live? What city had the livest crowd?

Goretex- Thatís a tough one, shit, well saying Amsterdam would be too easy but truth is theyíve always been bananas. The after parties shouldíve been documented haha.. Iím lucky I survived.. We did the largest hip hop festival in South America a few years back, in Colombia. It was bizarre.. Keep in mind they kidnap 1500 Americans PER YEAR, so I was weary from the get go. Not like were Justin Timberlake but it was shady. We got off the plane and were ready to get a taxi to go to the hotel and weíre standing there and all of a sudden I see this short 9 month-pregnant girl reaching for my bags, Iím like-excuse me. She says--no, i help. I do haha. I look around thereís 30 of them all ready to give birth lifting 75 lb luggage, I thought I was hallucinating. I learned thatís how they get money, it was disturbing. We get to the arena which was outdoors and looked like it was built in 1876. It was early in the day maybe 2pm and there was already 15,000 people there waiting for us it was surreal. Our merchandise guy-Petey Meat was scared shitless to go vend outside there was hardly any cops and mad thugs haha.. They showed us mad love and the show itself was amazing, but you felt that anything could happen. That one definitely stands out to me. After the show all these chicks were trying to kick it to us, but were really trying to set us up haha.. Come here popi you wanna come to a party?? Nah bitch I ainít going to your crib to get stabbed, shot and gutted haha.. I ainít gettingí knifed up for some big tits. That was wild.. Most spots we did were wild, we had a full riot outside a venue in Germany, me and DJ Eclipse got arrested after Bill had a tantrum and wrecked the dressing room.. Security guards were getting smashed with bottles, kids left the club because we refused to play after some douchebag promoter stole our dough and they destroyed like 60,000 gees in damage, broke car windows graffitied shit.. They wound up locking me up in some Nazi fucking jail for like 16 hours haha.. They refused me food, I asked for cold water they gave me a cup of shit coffee with the beans not even grinded, it was a fiasco. We were in all of the german newspapers the next morning... All in the name of hip hop right?

PS- Haha, indeed. Ok so I don't want to take up too much more of your time so to close this interview, tell us when to expect the mix tape and album and do you have a possible title for them? Also any thing you want say to your fans in parting, shoot away man.

Goretex- I wanted to concentrate on new material since all eyes are on me. I donít want to rush anything just cause everyone is biting my ideas haha.. Iím in the kitchen, its marinating. I have to feel it before I can release it.. If youíre a true supporter youíll dig it, no shit beats, no shit rhymes. Simple. Iím hoping its out by June-it should be, after that Iíll be working on the album, tour, then work on the next mixtape etc.. The next three years youíll be seeing a lot of new music and releases including some ill shit I donít want to give away either, I have to make up for lost time so I understand my peoples are fiending for that next shit, I respect that and all of my cats that are loyal, thanks for staying loyal and to all those who made it their life to hate or stopped my money, there ainít no stopping me now haha.. Eat shit.. Iím the best muthafucking kept secret, I feel I havenít even begun to tap into my true potential. Quit.

PS- Word, hope to hear new material come June. Well on behalf of the Cryptonline, it's been a pleasure talking with you Goretex and stay keepin it real. May the force be with you.

05-12-2008, 12:13 AM
He's tight, although I prefer the underground Japanese MC by the same name. I'm actually not sure who started using that name first, but I do know for sure that the Japanese MC by the same name rocked it from at least 1992 (that's the furthest back I can trace yet). But yeah, the US MC that uses this name is hella slept on in my opinion.

Guarded By Martyrs
05-12-2008, 12:30 AM
I remember I heard an interview with him and he was asked about his name.
Goretex said something about working in a bar way way back (I can't remember who it was)
A famous rapper came in with his crew and Goretex took the opportunity
To kick some of his rhymes (it might have been Kool G Rap I can't remember)
And he said to Goretex...

"Whats Your Name Kid"

"Goretex..But I think I might change it"

"No Man That Names Sick...Keep It"


Something like that anyway...

05-12-2008, 12:35 AM
I heard that. I think that was Kool G Rap.

Guarded By Martyrs
05-12-2008, 12:36 AM

I was gonna say I bet Spinx knows !!!!!!!

05-12-2008, 12:38 AM
Oh shit no, it was Q-Tip.

It's actually in the interview I posted earlier. I somehow missed the second half off which contained that info.

Guarded By Martyrs
05-12-2008, 12:40 AM
So their is a chink in your armor !!!!

Hahaha...just playing

05-12-2008, 12:42 AM
It's funny, cos when you posted it I was thinking shit that sounds really familiar. I'm sure I read that somewhere then it occured to me that this interview I read a few months back was the only Goretex interview I'd read in ages. I went back and looked at it and there it was! then I realised I'd failed to post the whole thing earlier!!

05-12-2008, 06:22 PM