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05-20-2008, 10:52 AM
drop sum bars 2 show wat kind of throughbreed u are.

Am da craziest alive, wiv my knowledge nine i spit wisdom lyk king solomon mines/
I bust battle rhyme,beatin mcees untill they start 2 cough sucide/
who wanna test when my dome high xplosive possess/
step where u shouldnt boy u dead/watch as i fed upon u lyk bread/ i cradle on a wooden horse chair wiv earphones on spittin vakill/
am a lyrikal veteran army alway wiv my rhyme pad addin wisdom lyk pourin milk in a pap/ wat sum emcces spit iz crap/
so i do my best part and bring an elusive attack,bringin down babylon of rap nations down/so check when ur corpse smell when i raze hell/
split u left right and stab 'em well/
tha verbal swordman of da lord is on a pale horse on course wiv focus 2 destroy all wackness of force/

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Bigot Hitman
05-26-2008, 03:26 AM
Who am i? 1 of the most gifted but hasn't given
Wide reciever of many talents
When i see-saws i bottom the balance
One written'll change yo life like a m.l.k. speach
Maybe for worse like the day when hell breaks free
Alot spit a about one third correct, so ten tales makes three
Whole fractions of truth plus in the fashion of troops
They follow suit and add two thirds of a cup of me
Then they dash in some juice and a ration of fake to fuck wit me
Know'in we don't mix we stay heterogenous
Like oil and water...now next only god could foil the slaughter
Cuz when i'm put into diffrent equations i'm unsolvable
And i ain't fixed wit creation, fuck life now i'm revovlable
Like the piece of steel i kill with, in the poorest times i'm still rich
I'm ill with a sickness no doctor to date can start to deal with