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05-20-2008, 12:32 PM
What made you become a DJ?

There was this DJ by the name of DJ Reg that DJ’d for all my Dad’s parties when he coached at UCLA. When he would be setting up he would let me get on and actually spin, and I remember he gave me a Public Enemy 12-inch and he let me spin it and from that point on I knew I wanted to be a DJ.

What was your most exciting DJ gig to date, and why?

I DJ’d Bennie Medina’s Birthday party and P-Diddy was hosting the event. Puffy was basically in the DJ booth with me all night giving me records to play. He would say “play this” so we were both DJ’ng the party, it was crazy. Everybody was there all of his clients he was managing at the time, J LO was there and a bunch of other celebs.

Who do you currently produce?

50Cent, Dr. Dre, Jay Z, Game, Talib Kweli, Bun B, NAS, & Self Scientific to name a few.

What projects/albums do you have coming out in the fall and into 08?

Hopefully Detox!!, My new group The New Royales. Jay Electronica, Self Scientific’s new album (Come In Peace Prepare For War), and few things that are up in the air.

How do you like the Mackie d.2/d.4 pro?

I love it! I actually just started using it, it does a lot. I’ve never had a mixer that had the filters on it so I just started messing with that feature incorporating that into my set. I haven’t gotten into the full effects on the mixer as of yet. I love the action on the faders as well.

How much do you use computers for making music (recording or spinning)?

It’s all computers. Everything I do is on computers. I don’t even use hardware to make beats, I use software. I have some vintage gear that I use, such as keyboards, but for the most part I do all my programming and all my DJ’ing on computers. I use SERATO when I DJ and Reason when I make beats.

What is your favorite feature on the d.2/d.4 pro mixers?

The filters are my favorite so far the resonance and actually being able to transition from one record to another while using the filter and then actually tweaking the resonance at the same time is dope but I haven’t even begun to maximize the full power of the mixer as of yet, but off the bat the filters is what I like most about the d.2/d.4 pro.

What separates Mackie products from the rest in the game?

Mackie stands on their name alone. I’ve used everything from their mixing boards to their DJ mixers, to their HR824 monitors which I use in my studio. They sound good, you can mix off them but you can still play them loud because they have a lot of bottom and bass. Mackie just stands on its brand and for that reason alone you’re not going to have a complete studio without having a Mackie product in it.

Why did you decide to endorse Mackie personally?

Just for the main fact that I’ve used their products for so long. To this day I use their monitors and conduct all my mixes and all my work on Mackie monitors. It’s a great product, high end quality”.

Feel free to make any personal endorsement comment, if possible… =)

Stay tuned for my two groups dropping new music in 2008 and beyond….. The New Royales and Self Scientific (come in peace prepare for war)!!!!!!