View Full Version : Tony B's Birthday Today Ongh !!!!!

Tony Bandana
05-20-2008, 12:49 PM
HEAVY ON THE ONGH TODAY BABY BAAAAABY , I guess im 45 today to most you put'z .

but BIG PIMPIN knocked the boots lastnight and in early early early diz mornin . Just cameback home quick to give momma a kiss , bust a move and let you muddafuckkaz know Tony B knows how to lay pipe like a KING!! ONGH

"I love you baby...i really really love you " all googlie eyed and shit..


yo yo ...let me bust my selection of the day.....


then a pico of da pimp


aw nowonder i got so much BOOTY DAMN > ONGH

Cheerz Yo Gotta Bounce.....Busy Busy Busy drimkin and bonin all up in my Honeyz Hizzy day if you know what im sayin there Spermi ..actually maybe you wouldnt? hahaha ya you wouldnt