View Full Version : Funny Willie D Skit

05-21-2008, 04:43 PM
This skit is on his solo album Loved By Few, Hated By Many. The skit is called Siccness and there's 2 black dudes talking about Willie D while they're watching a Geto Boys video. One of the dudes hates Willie D.

black dude #1:Gangsta put me down. You like that nigga there man?
black dude #2:Who? Willie D? Hell yeah, he one of the realest nigga.
black dude #1:He ain't one of shit. Don't say no shit like that man. Fuck that nigga man LOL.
black dude #2:Why you hating nigga?
black dude #1:Fuck that nigga man and i ain't hating. Just fuck that nigga man LOL. He riding around town fucking all my bitches LOL. He even fucked Renee man.
black dude #2:Renee man?
black dude #1:Yeah he fucked Renee my wife nigga LOL.
black dude #2:Naw man.
black dude #1:They was in Vegas man at the fight.
black dude #2:He got some pussy from her? LOL
black dude #1:That ain't funny man. He fucking all my broads LOL. Pam, Lisa, Angie, everybody man hahahahahahahahahaha. That baldhead, ghetto boy, rap a lot, recognize the real. Man fuck that nigga man LOL. He ain't shit LOL. I can't stand that nigga. That nigga think he balling. When i see that nigga, i got something for that nigga man LOL.