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05-22-2008, 04:57 PM
a wick wick wack freestyle, assuming so

fuck it, I got bones in my pocket
everywhere I go I'm wired like sockets
plus I'm fired up like the weed thats lit
I'm like a gremlin, motherfucker don't feed it
plus right now the pop cultures got me steaming
assassinate the prez and ceo's, hurt the scheming
if life were a game, shit, my life's no limit poker
but don't let it bother me, cause I'm a legit smoker
plus a motherfucking psychopathic flamethrower
an alchemist that conjures up mach three flows kids
smacking your motives managing to stay on track like locomotives

05-23-2008, 02:22 PM
a wick wick wack freestyle, assuming so

fuck it, I got bones in my pocket
everywhere I go I'm wired like sockets
plus I'm fired up like the weed thats lit
I'm like a gremlin, motherfucker don't feed it


05-25-2008, 12:47 AM
I suck just cause my rhymes ain't geeky
feel a drip in your mouth like the lines sneaky
you ain't feel me cause the sides been drawn
so you act bitch of course and hide in the lawn
but guess what? the grass ain't always greener
shoot up punks, smoking ya'll, this fiends meaner
leaving my mark in your skeletal my aims keen
pimping my friends as I fuck up mentals of an enemy
to begin to touch this you need dirt like buried caskets
only candy and grass you touching in a easter basket

whoa... another crappy freestyle

05-26-2008, 11:54 PM

yo, I got mud on the wall
beer on the floor, and blood covering the halls
but to me its all natural kid
watch as I accelerate as your car skids
and if you stand in that spot
I'll just have to watch you rot
cause I'm no wall rat punk
moving to the beat like the trunk
and I just won't stop at your head
leave your bank account stale like my sandwich bread
and if you say what the fuck, its me who insisted
that if you got family I murder the bitches
this ain't no bluff king
I subject you to pain in a ring
so you don't cry it ain't fair queen
let me tell you life ain't fair you little pussy
life's dangerous, and I do the impossible
while you make the easy into the inprobable

05-28-2008, 11:20 PM
"two face"

I run, it just don't make sense
because life tends to wilt in my presence
if you asked why, I'd be all confused
ever since now my emotions cruised
but dumb ass questions got me steamed
not every things what it seemed
why am I here?
why do I fear?
see, I thought life was all gravy through and through
but death, sadness, wish I knew
when my mom dies I won't feel sadness
on the other hand I wish I could kiss
her, her on the lips
not one of my parents but a random girl on the street
why I want this, I haven't got a clue, its crazy
maybe I received a lethal dose of God's hatred
I should have known since I was a kid
asking why I'm fat and ugly
wanting to flee this world thats too mean
but I gots, gots to live on for karma's a cunt
plus I'm a schizophrenic runt in this bitch

just felt like rhyming randomly

Lil' Ruger
05-29-2008, 09:11 AM
ur bad at rapping give up.......nah j/k i sukked when i started too you just need to keep praticing cchekk my rap thread you may learn summin but go to the last three pages of the thread (my most recent)

05-29-2008, 01:32 PM
a fiend for raps, bury your pops
I run ruckus cause you just a pretty prop
you straight fraud, you want more?
give up the goods, put it down on my floor
don't question or meddle with my name flake
my stack fat, double layered like birthday cake
you a no name idiot trying to be it
I punch you like you it, so step back shit
before somebody's feeling gets hurt
and pulls out a desert eagle thats ready to flirt
as you can tell I'm no player
fuck around and eventually life will rape ya
I'm not easily impressed by childish antics
so watch where you step, I got crazy fanatics
haters say I lost my image like Dracula
so I leave a lump to the naughty like Santa


05-29-2008, 03:11 PM

it seems whenever we speak we're beaten
this worlds got bullshit, the poor's weepin'
while the rich is getting richer, laughing
all by selling generic clothing, its madening
so they try and tell us were a bit crazy
so we swallow these mystery pills? please
better believe I'm sticking by me, myself, and I
why? because I'm happy the way I live my life
and if you a hater, I'll let you analyze this
first you got to light a joint and take a few hits
see, just to understand you got to think free
and if you get a little hungry don't flee
its all natural, and by the way mister president
why is alcohol legal? it poisons, kills, rifts
and yeah, go ahead and tax the humble, and poor
we'll just continue to be the core
but when somebody finally decides to deal with you
you better watch your every move
and I know you believe in just money profit
what about peace, I want to raise happy kids too

yo, I want to set this shit off rough
but because of shit like MTV, I'm not pretty enough
why, is it because physically I'm not real to you?
seems like any new idea can't be true
hmm, it makes me want to murder a few
maybe I should, but then I'll have a crooked view
let me take a little time out, cool off a little
but still even then recent history seems like a riddle
why the fuck are we listening to the news nowadays
Britney Spears is bald, oh my God, thats the news today
who knows, maybe its just me, I'm confused
doctor did say my brains halves haven't fused
I know I've got the best thing since sliced bread
so I stick it in like there's a hole in your head
but like a baby's rattle, you're still bound to fall
fall to the feet of the Devil and not even against a wall

wrote this in like 10-15 minutes

05-29-2008, 07:20 PM
^^^I like how you tryin new things with the flow. u solid out da gate. peace

05-31-2008, 05:54 PM
"psycho eye's"

check it, I murder to avoid taxes
love the seclusion from society, sleep in boxes
creep with axes, then chop at your head
cops want my neck, I can drop a keg
want some of this, you got to first step sped
careful, I first got my thirst when they bled
out the anal, screamed higher then clouds, I'm fatal
so you got the right to be paranoid now you fecal
why do I view life with dirt on my shoulder
even the grey black like burnt boulders
chop off your dick son, keep it in a folder
so I can take notes on how pussy you really is
so if you wanna challenge, better feel this out kids

quick verse

05-31-2008, 06:39 PM
word ^O^

06-01-2008, 12:34 AM
quick key/freestyle

even as a rug rat I was a wall rat
firm in front of the heat no matter how hot
if you wanna come enter bitch look twice
because these lyrics just too nice
and if you wanna act crooked and play
I'll take you all on with inf red on and spray
don't worry I fuck around and kill in your sector
just like an oxymoron, I'm so ill I'm just better
everybody grabbing for the mic in my hand
first time I elevated, I did the first fly by man
it took a while but the first taste was worth it
never knew human blood fit so well in the stomach
and I used that water for the journey
to hell and back to this plane, am I too hungry?
hell no bitches and snitches, I got to
drop the few as God blesses me like a hachoo

06-01-2008, 02:42 AM
"a love thing"

I live for one thing
and the things that can deter, nothing
see, when I got my mind set its hard like steel
the feeling I got like we on the shore by the sea
its special, and if you disagree fuck off
and its not a girl, all these bitches a whore
all around me its crazy, visions kinda hazy
set off on a mission to find ya baby
and I just want you to know it burns
the fact I got to breathe and it ain't my turn
its killing my digestive system when I'm happy
stomach turning and I ain't feel crappy
it must mean we're meant to die side by side
everything you see I see eye for an eye
cheek for a cheek, doubters can't act free
nor can they feel love, these freaks weak
but I'm not, got an 'S' on my chest
hairs silky smooth like herbal essence
so here we go, enough about how I feel
the diamonds can't be fake, they harder then me
and if you think I'm fake with a scary name
boy, just go smoke some mary jane

06-01-2008, 11:12 AM
"American terror"

I dare you to express how your feeling
terrorist, I know that there's no sure meaning
try and state the obvious
its obvious you're crazy whose thoughts is dubious
to me thats insane in the membrane son
I'm just holding you up dog like a hot dog bun
and I'm looked at all weird and shit
some kids taught different skin tones, fear it
all I want to do is x's and o's like tic tac toe
is it cause I'm fat, only had one big mac though
so don't say I'm a pig, I'm no five oh
I could be a best friend, not just a lying hoe
thats out to get your money
I'd murder, not even in a set, ain't it funny?
that I'd risk my own life to set a point
I laugh and cry with a knife at my neck boy
so don't try anything stupid
kids hating cause I'm Asian, I knew it
and to phase me you got to come with new shit
and my souls laced like my shoes, I play cupid

06-01-2008, 01:15 PM
"heaven and hell"

I'm a schizo waiting for my turn
to murder a few then get about face and learn
see, I'm stuck between bad and nice
the Devil and God has me asking why
how can I love to kill an innocent
maybe its because its just a business
but there has to be something more
thought there was a soul at every mans core
that swayed a man from violence
do I think differently cause of the cannibus
or is it because every step I get dissed
I think its just to say you ain't the only fish
I may not know my percentages
but if you die I'm pretty sure I'm not going to the Heaven's
its cool though, my flows dowse the flames
and my tears, they going to drown the lames
and I'm already living in a corpse
collect paper so easy, like monopoly game boards
so I tell you this, look into my eyes
tell me if you seen anything sharper then my knives
for the gaze I give harder then Medusa's
I clap at you, just like my crowd moves in the sewers

06-02-2008, 01:16 PM
"battle zone" free/keystyle

yo kid, go off when I count down
punks get mad cause I found my sound
but lets cut to the point while shits lit
I dodge your best like a clairvoyant
go ahead, I'll let you have another go at this
I can tell from the frequencies you equal lameness
I'll give you body shots to the kidney's
by just the glare you get quiet and freeze
theres no tricks or fancy shit when I connect
just a jab, a hook, every hit at soul depth
here's a little lesson that I give
don't fuck around past your bed time if you wanna live
my words move through vitals like liquor in bowels
you safe now? just wait till my gun howls
making cuts like movie castings, you get little rep
claim you b boy like at birth, can't even six step
fuck a hidden meaning in my lyrics
it's nothing but gleaming bullets
plus I figure I destroy you god while my faith's strong
preacher boy, I go negative like turning the page wrong

06-03-2008, 09:51 AM
"battle zone" free/keystyle

fuck a hidden meaning in my lyrics
it's nothing but gleaming bullets
plus I figure I destroy you god while my faith's strong
preacher boy, I go negative like turning the page wrong

interesting lines

06-04-2008, 12:54 AM
freestyle "the down syndrome"

I cry whenever I'm alone
not because of a physical thing though
because I know there's no cure for me
asking the doc, he's denying my hope surely
so here we go again, a turn for the worst
I know I need to conserve anger, put it on burst
just so you know I'm schizophrenic and ain't no liar
wishing that my embryo was lit on fire
why was I put up for adoption in the first place
hating the stereotypes, part of a cursed race
skins yellow, dick's too small, too short to be picked
fuck a hater, my mind torque twisted
plus I possess a ability to rhyme
and the fakers still wining give me mine
I work on my soul searching to change the pace
look in the mirror and shatter my face
no silly not the physical but the mental
thats how my mind thinks, its my metal
and to end this little verse I act me
slit my wrist properly, I'm a refugee
in search of Heaven's staircase, or Hell's light
don't matter as long as I ain't part of this life

06-04-2008, 03:14 PM
I don't really know what "the down syndrome" was supposed to be. even when typing it up

heres a short free I typed on another site

I know your all in drag, so don't act brass
stick with the babies, like Santa you all get little ass
play with me and get smacks to your face's
you talk hard? you got another's nut sack in your braces
got all of you eating dirt like an earth worm
after this you'll be jumping ship like walking planks bum
all up on my dick, I got you guys in shame
you wrote blank checks like giving brain to no names
see, my heaters in control of this
just like closing the doors and windows in a house fire kids
none of you are able to deal with me
ya'll lyrics on dotted lines, explains why the read has me queasy
plus your softer then the soda you claim is hard
after you fuck with your man, you pull out the fame card
the reason you get freaky with a fag
bitch, I snap fingers in half while you were signaling a cab

06-05-2008, 02:10 PM
just a quick verse

a party crasher, even when at the right gig
my punches talk, sort of like sign language
this isn't a mere battle, more world war
you ain't tight, looser then a porn star
I'm not denying the facts, just stating my opinion
if you don't like it you'll be missing limbs
biting the way I carry myself like a shadow
the way you don't spit I know you swallow
I stay up, like past my bedtime, feeling rested
got my first taste of life's metal like a gun untested

06-07-2008, 02:01 AM
quick shitty verse

best believe at the end he'll hurt
tear a kid apart like a Hulk Hogan t-shirt
I got the belt, ya'll just the wannabes
the most wanted for the beats
a little high already blood thirsty
whats gonna happen when I gut this flea
I got this kid down till ten
if you go back, I clowned you then
see I'm the gravedigger the hearst driver
a motherfucker who forgave no one ya'll liars
don't call me the chofer cause I carry your ass
if shits were a game I'd pick you last
struggling not to murder you and a couple more
if you wanna be a man take the shuttle to mars
if you think you slick I always profit
before the catalyst you stop it
and if you think I'm going to let up
get a throat cutter like the undertaker fuck
I'm a madman getting in yours
just the hardcore coming for the gore
when I come you forced to grow a backbone
I know this pussy tasted expired like crack hoe's
thats why I spit you out like raw fish
I know you ain't blind, but only the real saw this

06-07-2008, 09:22 PM
another quick verse

I'm the Devil's catalyst
all eyes on me like a bitch topless
if you think you tight, go rewrite your verse
the belts for whoever fight worse
tear a stomach open, pop a lung
ain't no stopping me, I mocked as you hung
as you lay helplessly I perform an autopsy
at the same time the paul bearer cops my cd
see each dart I tell sting at once
a killer bee, can't look like staring at sun's
the massacres I produce can't be real, can it
but just to prove it, let the fans feel it
blasting off like NASA shuttle
chop, at your neck, while my blood never ruffles
but shit, your heart shutters every second
off and on if I were you I'd stop messing
with the prince of this rapping shit
leave you the small cuts like first aid kits

06-09-2008, 12:46 AM
would people forget if I died tonight?
do I really give a fuck, I know too few tried
too become a forgotten thought
see I'm the type to tremble when the kids fought
a schizo who only wants to be free
seeking answers slit my wrist to ask thee
is it too late for this motherfucker demented
telling the truth, violence ain't my element
but if I got too I'd break a few hearts
maybe in the process break a few body parts
all to get away from this world I live in
I'm one of God's failures, shouldn't be a give in
or am I one of Satan's gifts
emotions back and forth like time shifts
rapping at bus stops, fuck your fancy cars
and I believe I'll make it up to the stars
based on how I'm living
humble, respectful, just a little Christian
I know some of you sicker with the rhymes
but I can give a shit, fuck the world, commit crimes
give the riches to the poorest
salute the living till my arms the sorest
just living life the way its supposed to be lived
a willingness to drive down Hell's highway unshifted

ehh, just a random freestyle

06-09-2008, 01:59 PM
"sickos realm"

blood spills and I stomp my feet in it
as the bitch screamed I lit it
the joint we were staying in was perfect
I knew, that she wasn't portraying a trick
let me begin by saying I planned this
roamed the streets fake I.D. scanned the kids
its cause I'm a true sicko, a fiend
just acting out the inner schizo in me
if you got a problem meet the blade sir
nasty was this particular meats flavor
see all this is too me is a bloodsport
after this, you'll be flooding the boards
before I tortured her we went loco
but shit wasn't bad, good, nor so so
there's no changing the cold hearted
the old neighborhood holding my coffin
waiting for my return, but I ain't that crazy
cops hate me while sewer dwellers adore me
either way I can give a fuck about the haters
always up in my clouds like nosy neighbors
ever since I was crawling I tasted temptation
dreaming of nuking the united nations
hell even shooting up my family cause I'm bored
just one of my soldiers will have your army floored
so before you talk without the walk watch out
I'll aim the warhead at your back an go plow

if you thought I left, better sprint
better yet lounge back and get a drink
if we cool I'll let you live in a comatose state
this shits ain't gonna cut, the flows first rate
living in your worst nightmare for a dream vacation
always plotting like Freddy, schemes what I'm makin'
you need that heater to put a stop to me
its still not definite, more probably
problem child who'll watch the blood fill the cup
drink it then admit my crimes, thats whats up
I'm scoping with a knife, sniper accurate
with a gun don't even need to fire that shit
you drop dead when you see the chrome
seeing Hell when you decide to sleep in my home
doctors will never find a clue, the domes steep
those who know, know don't make a peep

06-09-2008, 03:36 PM
I liked the first verse. It sounded like Sweeney Todd if he'd been rappin instead of singing.

Imagine Jonny Depp rappin....wow...

06-10-2008, 01:53 AM
quick freestyle

yo, if you selling drugs keep it up dude
I won't knock you if thats what you do
hell, maybe me and you should collaborate
kick a few dope lines and operate
operate on the streets residents maybe
dish out money like pain, presidents hate me
I'm a little crazy, or am I just sane
doesn't matter as long as I aim
towards my life long ambitions to be what I wanna be
shits gravy, pieces fit in like chronology
as my thoughts splatter
I got to eat knowledge up, its my favorite platter
I'm confident in myself so I go all out alone
line doubters up like Al Capone
then read my shit to them, I know it'll eat 'em
don't blame me, I'm just creating gems
a diamond in the rough
you finally had enough
I'm a slick cat like getting me wet
so watch your step, you'll be sweating me yet

06-11-2008, 01:53 PM

kids nowadays plain scared I guess
when they open their mouth you hear silence
but my shoulder ain't here to cry on
your lyrics son, shittier then my lawn
thats without the dogs pissing
you'll taste the fire like the Lord's grinning
your the only win thinking you won
can't avoid me, I'll get in syringes son
try and run, I'll hunt you down to the ozone
to the core to even your own ghetto
I'm the rugged cause my ink smudged
you can't stop it, blink and get rushed
see 1, 2, 3, and blow, your dead
I get retarded, can't find a cure, I sped
sped straight past your bitch for your mom
getting personal, snitch, and I'll bomb
as you can see messing with me dangerous
after I'm done I'll leave kool-aid flavorless
hot like the sun, yeah thats me kiddo
kids jump up and down, I never flipped though
I'm like Superman to them, no joking
I'm not gonna lift you when your flows choking
so don't come up to me like we friends
the casket, I'ma hand it down like family trends

so, quick question. would this be considered a battle type verse. I just write down whatever comes to mind

06-11-2008, 05:13 PM
kids don't over dose or go crazy off this
make tough rhymes, your babies'll be reading this
not like the cop killer lines, I just make classics
thats too generic, all it do is rake in asterisks
plus its like a cop out, drugs, money, whores
hey, lets sing about the hoe honey's chores
I act just like a dumb librarian
all I need is my pen and note pad, I'm not lying
catch a flashback like your gonna see a fist twice
clean as a filter, sent the tricks on a hike
you ain't phat son, watch splat go your lung
need to relieve your shitty lyrics like batter up

another I don't know freestyle

06-11-2008, 08:47 PM
not like the cop killer lines, I just make classics
thats too generic, all it do is rake in asterisks


yeah, I like...

06-14-2008, 03:20 AM
"r.i.p. no more" freestyle

rhyme unstoppable, open your ears
I know its the last supper you fear
every man wants to know, or maybe not
when will I draw my last, breathing hot
I'm not a visualizer, don't wanna be a memory
I think thats why I flow the way I do to the beats
right now I'm just asking all sorts of questions
just the tip of it, and the gore I won't mention
I'm a student of the game I know
see I already gave up my fame, why I don't know
if you don't feel me, you must be dead already
my shits ten plus richter, getting bread ready
for my funeral that'll raise all sorts of Hell
you might see me there if I get bored and dwell
into the outer depths of Heaven or Earth
seconds after I'm beneath seventy two inches of dirt
and thats before I resurrect in the ghost planes
because I believe today I suffer the most pain
everyday I'm coasting along Hell's light
or so I think, I do help rock the bells tonight
I love the deafening waves of it
plus my pain it pretty much gave a shit
talk to myself, I only ask God one question
that would be do you love me, am I destined
to live under the same sun until I'm old and wrinkly
don't want no will money, fold it down the seams

06-15-2008, 12:08 AM
with a flow I travel across the globe
trying to know what makes me go
may God forgive, I killed therefore sinned
beginning a life of new things
at least I know where I'll sleep
attempting to keep up like I'm free
all the things I deserve just a dream now
like wow am I destined to do good like vows
things ain't fair, do I really care?
its easy to compare me to what scares ya?
you can have my whore, too many flaws
I'm fighting for a cause, can't get caught
now I'm dressing differently, is it my setting?
shits mad depressing, I think God is testing
my saneness too see if I can graduate
but never ate bread before today
shit, I think I'm a little crazy, just maybe
visions a little hazy, cursed till I go insane see
and ya'll can't fool me too easy
bitches wanting my semen if I had money readily for shopping sprees
the fags and fakers go crazy over my dime bag
thats crazy man, thinking the grounds the sky its that bad
I move the crippled, prove the impossible
make facts out of opinions and got the ugly kissable


06-16-2008, 11:37 PM

yo, I think its great we get to relate
on topics like love, hate, especially race
see I don't care what you say today
we all a little mean under this sun's rays
and I'm still searching, or is God lurking
I think war happens when he's hurting
think about it, all the pain and death
in Jesus' day they drank and ate bread
to be happy, wish today love was that easy
but no, if you a little fat you almost always ugly
if you different a tiny bit you get dirty looks kid
makes me wanna get guns, and go fuck it
but still to this day I try and deter all of that
welcome like a motherfucking welcome mat
and I do smoke weed, I won't lie
but be a good boy, yes I do try
if you come a little harder I don't really care
spend all your money, when its gone see how you fair
plus America's politician old and crusty
plus too me our voting systems rusty
who do you explain Bush junior winning
when I saw Florida's final count I was squinting
hell, I guess even the rich ain't snitching

06-16-2008, 11:56 PM
"the painting"

I felt different this morning when I woke
tears flowed when I saw the mourning choke
another homicide in the state I live my life
before you can step out you got to think twice
do I want to live or die, cry or be buried
I want to give a smile, trying to do me
but something deep inside of me crazy
most hate me, a few say hi but their visions hazy
at least I think it is, schizo is my diagnosis
I'd be sick, but its too easy to flow about cannabis
I once loved this girl, too me she was the world
wanting to give her a necklace made of pearls
but the funny part was we never connected
its because the first words I neglected
I'm a little to withdrawn for my own good now
I want to die, when I meet Satan I won't bow
or if I meet God I won't open my arms
my entire life's been harmful, so set the alarm
I think every body wants to kill me
my second mom thought it was just fatigue
I bet my birth mom would know
don't even got a picture, shits kept on the low
but if I did see her, I'd probably slit my wrist
just hoping I could become what I resist
pain and the feeling of being lost
cause in my physical form I'd avoid at any cost
but I guess it don't matter once you a corpse
just want to know who's really king of the court

06-17-2008, 01:58 PM
"grave digger"

tonights the night, kill I just might
I welcome death, it gives me thrills alright
so here I go, on with the story
I take baths as the blood pours free
intestines and a spleen is my soap on a rope
kill the Father, the Pope's ya last hope
sting like a bee, in the ring you'll see
not over yet, use your cindered hair for a fleece
I'm in the stars, bombing like World War Two
don't worry, I jerk it to soft porn too
see, I love to eat out pregnant bitches
call me a hater, my shows got segments for snitches
got the crowd clapping their hands and feet
two thousand eight what? give your land to me
I take over like a holy mans ten commandments
start a battle son, warheads I'm commanding
hell start world war three
an ally dying in my arms lovely like peace
flamethrower in hand, knife in the other
incinerate man, take the child of a mother
I can give a fuck for your faith
Bible and Quran, I burn the last and first page

06-18-2008, 04:47 PM
"day dreaming"

once upon a time I dreamt
inspired to do good, the goals I kept
throughout my childhood
long behold I'd find the evil under each man's hood
made me question if I'll die in vain
never really put thought in it, I'd try today
so here I am, patrolling solo
the treatment I'd get would only be so so
get love when I'd walk with my cape on
but receive loads of hate with the cape off
making me think how the human mind works
when I'd rescue, their kindness hurts
watch them from afar, a dad's beating the wife
while the kids is laughable the way they treating their life
shits like the Earth's greatest oxymoron
looking closer, it seems the law deceives the con
they might have deserved a little or most of it
but the President would kill most of the residents
but here I am as you yell "Rescue me"
but now I just walk by the rich like "Who me?"
maybe because the public don't care no more
so what I do now is flow hard
why you ask, because everyone's minds splits
all I want to do is make fun for the kids
or am I actually a thief for that candy
just because I save em, don't mean he or she can keep me handy
I got anger in my veins now
hate and love, watch as I slay and pound
see, I try and give props to the gay and proud
don't get too close or I'll portray a psycho
and I'm all for free expression
if you take it to far I'll make a speech and start neglectin'
fuck it, only way to escape is death
the reason why every day maybe my last breath

06-18-2008, 07:46 PM
key style

trying to fuck with me is foolish
I can give a fuck if I ain't with the cool kids
just take a look at my middle finger
try your fancy lies, nobody can riddle the riddler
that's childish, I'm gonna bum rush your party
come with a marching band, I'll hush your army
see its simple punk, I'm plain better then you
match wits, I'll beat you in letter form too
catch this, launch off like a hit drug
wipe my bloody boots on your welcome rug
its been so long since I first tasted defeat
before each battle I start pacing getting ready
for the forthcoming battle zoned out
claiming to be street just cause I closed ya house
you a preppy asshole that never learns
so watch out when facing Attila the Hun

06-19-2008, 12:04 AM
"writers block" key-style

at first I was hesitant
to accept myself, it had to be bullshit
why would God cripple his own
I think its kind of simple though
to me at least, I think different
plus life flashes by faster then blinking
nowadays a couple thousand die
soon a handful of millions will drown during the night
while you're sleeping, that's the set date
so better get a present for your date
a condom perhaps, or a few babies
that's why Jesus set a curfew so hate he
oh no, not me, I got your back, not
this is why mankind's got robots
little kids in sweatshops
no tooth fairy or presents from mom and pops
they'd escape if they knew better I bet
these fake good men on TV rob their cents
thats why theirs people like me
but even I'm flawed to a certain degree
so yeah, I'm evil too like Satan
but there's more of me not makin'
making a difference in the world
see some are too afraid to talk about the whore
plus they say money talks
and that same object is evil, so why even talk
I should've known what you say is garbage
I guess thats why I walk off it like you my carpet

yo, I don't see the point God
people say they behave
wouldn't be the first to coin that
people still do witchcraft, even today

yo, we can all use a bath
more like a Baptism to cleanse our bad
there's no cloth to cover our scars
we can't keep true, but we love our cars
spending thousands of dollars on luxury
while thousands plus some starve in another country
I know you could probably give a shit
but even Americans have to live it
the hypocrites that run our country need to re-think
is a few zero's worth the lives of your own resident
I'm trying to figure myself at the same time
see I tell the truth, got one arm, its lame to my mind
but I don't murder cause I'm too unhappy
nor do I drink till I'm drunk and feel crappy
okay, the next day
but staying cleans the best way
not telling you not to smoke weed
cause even it make me cry while choking me
in a happy degree
approaching the end, hope this shit sticks like sap on a tree
and yeah, this may sound weird
but I communicate better through my lyrics and tears
that's why I post here
for full expression without having to fear
cause every step we walk there's someone telling
the bullshit that life provides us every second

06-19-2008, 10:00 PM
"karma" key-style

talk like I ain't got a clue
walk like I shot a few
like I got mad crew that'll rob you
it ain't easy being me, want a psycho I'm ready, my flow blows the levee
plus I got nine lives like that cat over there
what makes you think you can enter God's lair
I'm a strong believer, but I know not I
I only say this cause I'm so shy
I take your money, give it here
I shake your honey, live in fear
that you ain't a good husband, you fucked your cousin, murdered for nothin
and we all know why you tight rope walk
you got to enter the light grow like stalk
got to make yourself your home
and quit looking at me, bet your ass I'm known
now lets pay attention to what your saying now
thinking about sex cause you laying down
its a pity you into material objects
see now I know you fear this reject, talking to you
its beauty, you used to be the bully gettin high fool
now you the loser still daydreaming about high school
and I know you mad, just got out work
divorced for cash and your kids it hurts
asking me can I stay with you sir
I guess karma's a bitch huh

06-21-2008, 01:38 AM
"an empty broken glass" key-style

when I wake every day I feel empty
nowadays love and they is my enemy
I once loved, but it seems so long ago
don't ask how I write songs though
it ain't out the heart, more a hobby
fuck Heaven, I snore in the lobby
I welcome Hell's fire now, its nothing
I want to murder the kids stuck snuggling
ain't happy till Cupid's not even mythical
straight from the heart talking, loving's dismal
not talking about you and the bum over here
as you run away I walk to the death drums near
until I hear nobody strolling the avenue
fuck Maxim, FHM, etc they patrolling loves revenue
so, I guess you can say I'm in need
but I've been at it, portraying what most need
a love struck fool, not budging even for food
nor water or air, thought was supplementing me dude
I used to be depressed, striving for the unknown
walk down the street, looking saying I'd fuck that ho
used to be so easy being young too
think you're right even when fleeing from truth

I used to adore the hour glass figure
now just want to touch that ass through triggers
felt like an empty glass, I need that shit
used to be ready for class on time it was ridic

now I feel free from chains
no longer wanting to please the dame
I used to approach her in fear
what do I say, do I start with a "Dear"
nah fuck it, a love letter wasn't physical enough
not saying a word, that's my typical love
any way to the point, I'll get to it
I don't really miss the butterfly feeling
once you conquer love you ain't got to fear
I know, I used to adore, now the paints clear
only time I choke up when smoking drugs
I no longer worry about the spoken words
I sort of like it, I know you would too
and recollect, even now and then I could do
just to keep from thinking "I wish"
like some dope weed, you got to try this
too me its the greatest feeling
like I just won the fucking United States treasury

06-22-2008, 01:47 AM

drop the mic, you ain't skilled enough
I hate a joker so I kill out of love
pull up on a bike and stick you
I know this dude, a bic's hotter then duke
terrorize all emcee's who impersonate me
got bullets, I'll let you integrate with these
try and touch my stack, shits Fort Knox
my words and beats intertwine to form sick tracks
I'm like a snake, change my outer shell
I got to share the pain like show and tell
these new emcee's after the dough
so rob your hood, all for the show
your jokes is lame, I aim for ya throat
plus choke ya dame, while slaying a ho
my single make more then your catalog
your homie music played like Lincoln logs
by the intro you gonna wish you dead
got your fat ass as a Maxim cover spread
so why bother and try to reply
I know you going to bite, a scribe
get down on both ya knees and suck
its simple as this, you out of luck
only thing fucked up is your hospital stay
comatose state, so I walk in and spray

06-22-2008, 03:00 PM

I'm a baller, make rounds like Globetrotters
you falling, shot a round with a scope and shot ya
now your body's jerking around like a dick
you do or die, so I'll drown the kid
but punk ass got a life jacket, rocking it
put you in a cage with a beast and lock it
and I jet, cause I got things to do
make a track with your man, but ain't singing duke
I know you got a cop out excuse
on the witness stand, I'll punch out ya tooth
no one wants to kill you but I'm up for the task
dildo only thing you got strapped like a medical mask
sick is my verb, not in a bad way though
pimp your family, like Santa all I say is ho ho
see I'm with what you attempt to live
and I got a hot frag that I just got to give

06-22-2008, 07:51 PM
another crappy key-style... just keeping myself busy

motherfucker holding my dick with time to react
ain't swallowing, spitting out "Please stop dad!"
I keep shit wild like your sex fantasies
kid just eat the truth, I know you rock the panties
and don't come screaming how shits untrue
I don't care, I teach war like Sun Tzu
and I know you'll throw money to retaliate
I throw jabs and hooks, so no we can't relate
if you try and pull funny shit I'll piss on you too
check it, the Disney channel cast this kids crew
microphone check one, two
and fucker, in a arms race I'll just disarm you
now watch your head drop to the ground
and I ain't even shot a round
but I got to keep shit lucid
plus I'm gonna steal your babies crib
leave you with one limb and jet
living in cloud nine, see more blue then a crip set
puncture your chest and sip out ya heart
only thinking please forgive me Lord
I get mad rep, keeping up the killing
if you hate, this just how I'm living

06-24-2008, 02:14 PM
key-style "violence"

I'm real what, kill this cunt without a gun
wipe my hands clean using ya button up shirt
I'm a hitman gunning for your money stack
fuck ya flat chested whore, honey lack in the back too
if I should die tonight burn my corpse
but I'll stay living, I done learned life's course
plus son I'll admit, I'm not from a ghetto
don't mean I'm not a murderous psycho
I'll gut your mom open and stick you in
all because your rhymes weak and ya flow ain't fluid
I'll sell a single CD and be happy
just want my message to be affecting the clean
mouth's watering, with evil thoughts splitting the brain
you in a crisis, not talking about I rid your fame
now its safe to kill you, poison your food
dressed as a friend, but still very rude
I don't give a flying fuck if you never liked me
I'm gonna stay seated in ya garden like Spike Lee
so why bother? this shits all war
fuck a measly battle, use ya blood to stain the floor
then I stomp, make a mess, and relax
the crowd can see the blood on the wall, I rap it on my tracks
see, I'm the type to lay you down
then as you sleep spray a round
watch the sheets soak up the innards and then you drown
just get the word out I'll kill you sound
flawless murderer out for a fist fight
you just the deer stuck in the light

06-25-2008, 11:41 AM
key-style "the show"

the kid wakes up every morning ready to kill
not someone but rather himself, he's ill
voices in the dome telling him to do crazy shit
but the kid's too smart not moving, like he's a lazy kid
the audience chatting he's given up on life
while some is saying he could at least fucking try
so as he goes on, he earned the name The Show
for his own good though, gotta stay on the low

its not the fact he slacks in class sitting in the back
but rather he's got a knack for selling the crack
lives a life of crime, the voices like venom over time
now for him the lights obtained the color of lime
talking about the gun play he runs and slangs
all his words, can hardly understand him today
tomorrow he'll get that sex thing going cause of MTV
wasn't always like this, used to want people to remember he

it all started when he fell in love in class
looking at some girl's butt or ass
used to dream of talking to her so much it hurt
then he finally got a chance, in his head he heard
her voice, it was the best thing since sliced bread
sadly he'd complain about headaches, all in his head
after his heart broke, he'd try drugs and shit
smoke everything he can, take the liquor from the cabinet
dream of a life with Big L, Biggy, and 2pac
used to think he can become great if he could rap
so he'd start robbing mom and pop shops for loot
when his mom and pops found out he got the boot
then he became a banger not afraid to shoot
going, ho, ho, ho like Santa down the chute
became a wannabe pimp until somebody dug his grave
only through his last seconds The Show found the origin of his name

just lost interest after the first part

06-25-2008, 02:11 PM
"sixth sense" key-style

do I strive more, or I do I die more
that is the question I answer by force
nobody's holding a weapon to me
but hold up, I'll tell you in a second b
whether I'll end it all or learn to live
don't want to work, but I want to earn it
on the other hand I'm still too young
and meaningful songs is what I sung
like a peeping Tom I see through a small hole
my deepest secrets, its to all I told
so please mister, don't place more pressure
I got a sword, so just don't test the
kid, that's on the brink like Pluto
looking down the barrel, you thinking who though
its me its me, its like you got x-ray vision
too be happy, that's the best of livin'
or to be high can make you happy too
its all really up to you
anyways, I try and collect rep and prop
make racist remarks, wreck shop
test glocks, I ain't trying to hurt you
but I'm hurtin' for time, like a curfew
so I act a fool, slack in school
attack you too, while I pack and shoot
but you ain't scared of me
why should you be, I got no history
so you thinking to save that R.I.-N-P.
nobody ever loved me
in the hallway the bully's always shoved me
while the cops would be cuffing me
so I just learn to hate everybody
ain't never had a real family
so I had to steal the R.I.P.

06-25-2008, 09:52 PM
key-style "lose control"

most days I feel like a mouse in a maze
most people don't notice me as I gaze
it feels like a deep fog, a heavy haze
drowning in my comfort zone like the levee gave
someone please free me from these chains
I feel not sane, but rather insane in the membrane
and still I hope for peace for myself
want my ashes to be next to a Bible on a shelf
or just maybe I can go to Heaven
see, I run an run like the number eleven
if I wake up in the morning I got to explore
asking questions not even the deaf can ignore
I always dream of me floating on my own two feet
I think its a metaphor that I'm lost from me
it makes me think, did I lose control?
fates not in my hand, like the fate of a ghost
stuck between happy and sad, hot and cold
but I think I can pass on my pain like hot potato
before it blows up in my little face
used to swallow Ritalin for the race
and I know I ain't perfect, but I deserve better
maybe for Christmas I can get a South Pole sweater
some Air Jordan's nice jeans and get high
I lost the ability to be happy in this life
don't even know why I'm telling you this like you care
I ain't never gonna take a seat though, like I lost in musical chairs

06-26-2008, 04:08 PM
damn D.

the halls you runnin through aren't unfamiliar to most here, but positivity is sometimes lackin...

keep the focus. happiness is in the small things; they will keep you afloat until you take the commanding position in events

06-26-2008, 10:47 PM
"the sun" key

life used to be dreadful see
every night to God I'd plea
take my life please right now
but it's simple how to it was like wow
used to think life ain't worth it
whats the point if you always hurting
but that was before I loved yo
before I learned to rap a flow
I'd dream of singing in her ear
think remotely I want her here
like Santa, get her on my lap
and grant her every wish before the cat nap
but silly me, I need to open up
sweat dripping like dew on a cold cup
my hairs stiff, most don't bother
but to me she looks hotter
damn, my heart needs her like insurance
for the first time I was exploring
a boy, girl, maybe two of each
but shit, she didn't know me
thought I was a crooked kid
but for real, a wife, she looked it
type of girl who wouldn't take shit
type to blow the fire that's lit
in the dead cold of the winter
really when we first spoke there was no winner
no loser, or even a split decision
the results got us kissin'
so before you think the impossible, listen
results will never result from just wishin'

07-02-2008, 01:44 AM
key-style... random one

kids want the rock star life
the average Joe'e a thief in the night
nothing better to do when feeling trife
broken heart makes you wanna grab a knife
the state takes my money for their weaponry
but I got backup supporting me readily
and fuck these crusty old politicians
one mission in life is for the riches and they still wishin'
I got a genie in a lamp and I vote for peace
peace for people, and peace when we die
but shit can't happen if we don't try
but you say I'm a broke down emcee
cry me a river, and I won't drown my enemy
see I'm all for striving for what you want
as long as its cool, fuck a fat stack
I want love, you want the best drug
you wanna act thug, while most need a hug
or a pat on the back, its whatever man
Bush got all of us saying "Damn"
what the fuck is going on
my man ain't a player but he's going long
for that peace thing, that love thing
and pain I wanna ease it, cause it ain't just a one time fling

07-02-2008, 01:29 PM
yo, fuck a grave, we all sin
I don't need a intro when I begin
just a okay beat and some lyrics
and maybe a speaker so you can hear this
smack a fool who hates for press
thats how you make a bloody mess
and I'm not a murderer, but
I can turn a blind eye if your mouth ain't shut
so watch who you talk too
and watch where you walk too
don't call me a player, I don't collect loot
I try and give joy, travel down chimney chutes
make the biggest hater clap to this
if you don't, the effects disastrous

07-02-2008, 11:38 PM
I hate the punks that live for controversy
fuck this generation and fuck the twenty first century
all there is is deception and pain and greed
motherfucker's dirty, so I rain and impede
we all need a smack from mother nature
and I'm not a faker or a hater
so please mister don't talk about your rep
for life can't get us ready for our last breath
see I'm gonna play with a grenade b
attach some inf red on a 9 mili baby
and blast away like a NASA ship
best believe I'm moving like a ho's hip
this to all these kids wanting they shine
guess what, me too I want mine
but I ain't about to gun spray
you the type to let none play
after this you gonna say
I ain't fucking around no more like a nun's way

07-04-2008, 01:47 AM
if you think you hard, look twice
I'm ready to die, reaching new heights
rolling the dice every waking minute
sometimes I think, fuck it
I'm only waiting for fear to go away
and I don't want the loved one's in pain
shit, I wish I was solo on this earth
then I could never hurt
flirt with danger with no consequence
smoke an L' and not a twist
to the plot, that I'm living right now
kids asking for justice, but don't know how
if you think you're alone with a broken heart
think again, before I couldn't be apart
from her, the shit, was it worth it?
every glare hurt as I never was spoken
I just wanna turn back time
but then again shit wouldn't be right
to you, her, him, and the dead
motherfucker, life's crazy like my head

07-04-2008, 07:54 PM
fuck being accurate
when I got the sword I'm swinging till it hits
punk, I got mad rep, you ain't shit
you stuck dick riding, so don't give me lip
rocking ripped jeans and a baggy tee
gun to ya face so try and talk, please
better yet, if you try and move I chop off ya feet
take your money, whip, and ya bitch honey
so why try and fuck with he prophet
got shit on you, my hands in your pocket
so here I am begging you to make a move
so I got an excuse to why I shoot
take ya best shot, I score, and one
watch as my army grow without befriending one
you a chump, pussy, a no dick hustler
here's what I did so far, physically I hurt ya
now I break your mental after your dome
looking down at your state like through a scope
without a rhyme to comeback, you got no hope
and fucker, like ya body your skills on the low
so why you bothering to flow
all I see is little dude, with lackluster lyrics
if you beat me, I resurrect so fear the kid
buck wild style lines that's my raps catalyst
come back when you can see the truth
ya shots rendered useless in the mic booth

just some quick shit

07-05-2008, 12:06 AM
punk ass emcee's test the battle vet
this won't be the last time you regret
I'll be all up in your dome like a dream
lose count, I'll always hit more times then it seems
if you step into the light
I'll roast you, stake you, all in one fight
have you saying the kid demented name like a spell
cause you a little bitch, you'll tattle and tell
rattle your bells, now scream till it hurts
act so crude, not even Jenna Jameson flirts
a motherfucking rude boy, stuck in the ploy
waiting hours and days till I get to play like you a toy
this game high stakes, and I ain't never fold son
counting my chips like fat kids and chips ahoy's son
so how you think your gonna stay alive
cause its death row that I strive
to be in, think I'm lost, coming faster then mom jokes
I breathe a sigh of relief when you choke
and say God's name in vein when you die
cause pussy, I know that you living a lie

07-05-2008, 09:06 PM
ayo, when I rhyme its the truth
if you don't believe me I'll kill you goons
my lyrics grasp your mind like a cartoon
if you wondering your death date, its soon
with me you gotta believe
I pound millions of acts till I need relief
if you wanna know why I ain't got a partner
nobody's quite up to par sir
when I speak the silent drop dead
if the few who still alive talk I paint ya'll red
and Lord knows I'm up to par with his prophets
got the Devil in a headlock crying "Stop it"
underage girls flashing fake i.d.'s just to get a glimpse
the emcee king, I slaughter those who gold dig
if you got a good hand, better off to fold it
your wallet and info, its in my hand
you on my level, only the stupid your fans

07-06-2008, 11:36 PM
"Real" key

dismembering bitches, it ain't no drama too me
stabbing ya'll fags for cheering for that fuck like Rudy
I get you pumped like those sneakers
I'm wired so cover up, blasting like your stereo speakers
claim you smoke that dope weed
fuck an L, all you passing out is some Z's
so I sleep on you like bunk beds
try and act tough, I know you punk bred
and check it, I got darts the size of boulders
Atlas like carrying your weak act like the globe on my shoulders
if you don't bob your head, I'll break your neck
if you don't protect your self, I'll rape you next
saying I'm a fake, killing's a trade
fuck this no name, you crossing the line like filling a train
next, I cash your check in my name
rob your casket, and sex up your dame
all in good time though
so you got a little rhyme for me? show it
I just pull back like e-brakes, so don't sweat me
but if you pussy all I do is get a nine milli
place the bullet in the chamber and go
like a red light, when you all red I go slow
then speed things up until your vapor
rhyme force I got, you ain't touching like I'm Darth Vader

few second break... verse 2...

you ain't ready for this style bro
but shit, its been a while though
the only date I've been on is on a tombstone
fuck you snitches, no room for a ho
you ain't on my level, maybe with time
only time you see me when I rob your ass blind
even then you can't catch me
like the dead, you can only watch me
try and touch me and I'll slit your wrist
rob when I hear the ho's like the Grinch
fuck your clock work faggots
rob you in due time with no hand like hour glasses
only difference is I do it in a minute flat
don't know what do do with the fifty nine so I'm back
cut off your fingers, take the wedding ring
wear it like a disguise to get in bed with your fling
see, I'm not a hustler, just a sicko
your life's preserved, not even I can handle the lyrics ho
I know I'm out of line like drunk kids and cop drills
you ain't never kicking like you popping birth control pills
I can tell by your baby face you ain't pumped
I am, like Reebok's I pay to get jumped
nobody wants you, scientists don't even get geeked when studying you
call me classic, composers will be humming my tunes
sick I am, fuck twins, kill two birds with one stone
I be fucking up these Siamese twins yo

07-07-2008, 11:43 PM
quick key

bring the hate fags
they'll find you in little sandwich bags
ate your ass when lifted
cliff note, don't battle the gifted
see, I got me on the cut
sick ass beat and a little bit of the what
hating on me for making it is foolish
gain don status and beyond with one hit
smoking ya'll turds, its nothing
got shots mid-air while you still pumping
I do the real for me, too the perfected degree
smoke this and that with the police
so sick, I'm the prime suspect, they all want me
fuck a studio CEO too, I need to eat
if you ask how I'm me
shits pure in grown like the nails on my feet
this the harsh reality
only bitch's number you got for Bally fitness g
if you start sweating, I got M16's

07-08-2008, 08:07 PM
"fuck you" key

here we go, here I go, here I come
back from the grave yo, got fear feeling numb
put your grandma in a submission move
don't worry, my mom's giving up too
if you don't move out the way
put the heat too yours like mary jane
your dicks zip locked in a dude's mouth
don't fight back, no use in shooting clouds
the god don't feel no physical pain
these lyrics erode you like some acid rain
living for the grime, a box is my mobile home
getting at your mom like I just shot at your dome
lines shine through, the pen must be wrapped in chrome
got you scared, ducked when the crowd clapped at you ho
don't write checks you can't cash
my pinky finger easily wreck clans
still trying to act tough when my spit infects this boner
all ya'll catch some of this like I'm a organ donor

07-12-2008, 12:36 AM
2 verses I posted on nobodysmiling under a different alias

thought the sh*t was over? I'm reaching for ya coke
you better off to stay down, get seated like the Pope
cause of you I cracked a smile when I read ya file
you little people set me off so call me a pedophile
when the CEO's see the scene they get at me, what?
the streets crew's saying my lyrics backwards like red rum
try and stick me, like ya birth, sh*ts risky
try and get me, like the Bone Thugs, I'm to busy
son, I built a reputation for building blocks like lego's
you bite, I can't even touch on your bark like Petco's
I'm dropping heavy hits, so don't give me lip
even banging two at once, ight she just a Siamese twin
anyway, sh*t ain't over till the fat lady sings, and sh*t'll hurt
my clan comes out dirty, straight asshole's like I'm giving birth
call me Hugh Hefner number two, I got the honey and the G's
I'm so mMmM good, got pu*sy's spraying like playmate's battery leak



verse 1...

bring the metal to the fu*ks face if they try for my dolo
see bitch, there's strings attached like a yo yo
got lyrics that brings that ruckus to your head piece
if you ain't a trick I'll be the first to break bread for peace
but if you lying I'll drown your ass like a stalker
I'll kill your ass in a tub then leave ya body in the same water
it may seem like I'm testing the waters bitch
but all I could afford is a pool made for the kids
don't call me god, I'm not a punk, I swear
I got one hand and you saying I ain't fight fair
fu*k, if I wanted to, I'd gun you walking
as you can see my words dig deep like sleep talking
now who you targeting?
when the blade slices thats when you hear no barking

verse 2...

I'm back, with a laundry list the size of boulders What
and you the bitch I got to take out like we in a club
don't get jealous cause I'm holding heat to your dome
fu*k, just for stepping I'll let you take your feet home
and if you try and hit me, I'll steal ya hands fingers attached
see kids, all you got was a sicko when you attacked
before you wanted a War, now you want me off
like a light switch goon we'll see when I'm on
but my bars be picking kats off like a afro
and I'm gone for a quick minute, but I'm already back yo
you ain't hot with the rhyme thing, I get phatter
all dreaming about pushing the pen to pad like school slackers
plus I'm speaking on another level like I passed a language course
now listen to the boss, at all costs I get at ya with deadly force
and homie, the only palace you built from a sand box
I'm covered up head to toe like a shadow got my back
so no worry's I got lyrics that make ya'll quit
I don't wanna share knowledge with you like ya hands down bitch
you ain't never get rights like I'm a corrupt cop
even my tapes you ain't touch, "Don't cross" like you got shot

07-12-2008, 12:56 AM

the pen, pad, and hand hard to divide like shits twenty-four seven
if you think you winning you're gonna be trembling
see punk ass's don't know life or death
see the body's I'm exhuming? shits cold like my breath
but if you want some fire take a listen yo
but you don't care cause I ain't blingin though
so I grab the knife and start slashing
the punch'll leave ya'll dropped like I'm party crashing
I got sandwich bags for you and your crew
first I murder then cut ya'll to piece's duke
if you think I need a glock I got knives
try and knock me down you'll get swarmed by the hive
sting ya'll not giving a shit if you dead or alive, lets play
this shit's a head rush like I sped on the highway
think you fly? bust rhyme and we'll see
and oh yea, fuck your rhymes about bitches and money
now you like public file's, thinking out the box
if you try that funny shit, you won't even be blinking watch

07-13-2008, 02:39 AM
another drop under bigD2real on a another site

check it,
I got a mack duke running acts over like a Shaq
I hit and run like you talking about running the track
try and phase me, I'm over ya head
stupid I'm too greedy, we never broke bread
so why you thinking we connectin' like addition
you a choke artist like Latrell Sprewell's hand condition
bitch got to step the game up like I'm up one level
get floored punk, now I grab the shovel
I'm not one to brag but always lego my ego
you a chump to in the mirror, rocking a wack flow
to boot, like testing the water when its a puddle
if you think my words muddle
watch your ass get jumped and sh*t ain't checkers
see I'm just plain better
I've been through the rough like Tiger Woods wife
on the tipping point like I got pins and needles in my eye
straight murderes, so why try
my block saying I'm a loser
live fast die slow, so fu*k the future
in the mean time a stack mover when I ante up
fu*k it, I can't resist like the titties up
see I got love and lusts, all in one minute
me get big headed? sh*ts myth like the cellular phone's ringin
and kid I know your mission, you ready to kill
but to me its a steady thrill
when I get ill, I get special treatment
make your boots out of cement
remember demented, the kid insane in the membrane
get you stuffed like I tamed a lame
all under two names, the death bringer like Heath Ledger
I'm claiming all the play time playboy, I'm simply better

taking any feedback!!!
Edit/Delete Message

07-13-2008, 09:05 AM
your good at telling a story but you should try and switch the flow up by changing your rhyme patterns...

so i would change something like this -

I got a mack duke running acts over like a Shaq
I hit and run like you talking about running the track
try and phase me, I'm over ya head
stupid I'm too greedy, we never broke bread
so why you thinking we connectin' like addition
you a choke artist like Latrell Sprewell's hand condition
bitch got to step the game up like I'm up one level
get floored punk, now I grab the shovel

to this -

I got a mack duke running acts over like a Shaq
I hit and run, Talk back bust flat over the track
Try and phase me, I'm over ya head as dead prez
Stupid, too greedy, we never even broke the communial bread
Why you thinking we linking' like addition bidding commission
You a choke artist like Latrell Sprewell's atrocious hand condition
Bitch got to step the game up like I'm up one level
Get floored punk, I grab the shovel and bevel yer head in

good rhymes tho chief so keep em coming..

07-14-2008, 01:08 AM
"Dreams" key/free

I'm dreaming, of life after death
my faith, I got to put it on like shits sliced bread
cause I turned crazy as a teen
I don't mean to be blunt, but shits like you ugly
only the grateful make it
I make love, without being naked
I'm faithful without church
I want to die so much it hurts
plus it feels like Hell's over my shoulder
you love me now when I barely know ya
we all got to open up like the beers colder
grow without the green, not like a boulder
for your stereotypes I hate you
and for the mans rules I hate him too
why is alcohol legal and weeds not
you got to reminisce over that
plus why is the almighty dollar so powerful
shit wreaks so bad, its awful
that we stuck in a world of material objects
and you may look at me like a reject
but we'll see when ya Angel don't protect
living a life of uncertainty, shit shouldn't blend
but it does now
and I'm not saying my tipping point isn't a cash cow
we all have moments of weakness
but I got a game plan like hugs and kisses
x's and o's, happily get with G.O.
D., even though I'm vexed yo
see, I'll tell you now there ain't no translations
I saw her no RnB and all of that, on a mission
professed her deepest thoughts
even though I never saw this girl
in person or telephone, we never spoke
feeling pressured like a u-boat
her peers talking all about with each other
so many there, flames these shadows could smother
then there it was, through the abyss
the brightest light shined through the darkness
and there I was lying in bed
eyes shut crying tear less

just felt like talking about a dream I can't get over

07-14-2008, 01:06 PM
"The Glass House" key/freestyle

every thought process has a demon inside
drugs, money, ho's, that's what life seems about like
who are you if you ain't a cool kid
so I stay foolish, fuck a spit, I'm puking
and yea, I used to throw penny's in the wishing well
and if you a snitch, watch your stitching's swell
I'm not bitching yo, I just tell the truth
mind propels you, to keep well, I'm not rude
if I yell please excuse, I'm not thinking right
I'm not drinking tonight, so get bitching gals and guys
now I'm not blinking tonight, might get robbed
took one look behind, and my eye's throbbed
maybe time stopped, or am I that old
nah, right now I feel like smacking a ho
attaching goals, I got to strive for more in life
I need God's love, like moonlight on the shore at night
but how do I know its not me the Lord will smite
oh well, I guess that's the course of my life

07-14-2008, 08:43 PM
I'm banging domes in, hurtin you as you pretend
pressuring my peers like a circle of close friends
I'll alienate ya'll on this track, sort of like train hoppers
I'm insane yet still hotter, the fucking brain bopper
kids can't get they weight up, I cut them down to size
don't cry goon, use ya eye lids to drown you, alright?
my games well rounded plus fly like a balloon
trying me still duke? pick your poison and die soon
see I bring the drama to the E.R.
you a dick thats propped with many others, this movie's rated R.
you hoping for more when I'm coming coping with war
I come back twice as nice, you need two tombstones like Moses dawg
my words never at a lost, Spielberg pays to picture this
truth be told, I was made from Eve's Adam's riblets
you need days to write a verse while I ploy in minutes
I'm second to none, so punk, your games pointless
I'm playing with the mic, fuck it, living in it like thee flu
all I got is my two cents, so now I'm quitting it point B boo

break from the above crap... trying harder now (this a keystyle though)

all you hear is bang bang, and a little bit of my slang
lyrics consist of every existed thing like a big bang
you won't, you can't forget a word like Alzheimer's
leaving acts in a vegetative state cause I'm kinder
fuck a couple of feet, I measure the ground in yards
you feel it more then you hearing like I'm a sound retard
that's how ill I spit it, so you better quit it
I'm not a biter, but like Can-I-Bus, suck my diddick
you straight bitch, like a garage you got whipped
take it, take ya best and walk it off like craps got skipped
when I'm through with you the casket door stay closed
kept behind closed doors like mistress' when the wife got home
so you still think you besting the beast from CT?
nailing this dick up like my crotch itchy
I'm through with you like you must be shittin me
but before the bell rings I got a couple cheap shots
now your ass feel a little dirty like heavy shit drops
putting everybody on my shit list like Santa's got a clause
dismembering ya'll with some brute force
I'm sicker the AIDS yo
don't bite, but everybody's eating chicken out a soup bowl

too be continued... I just feel like keying more and more... so here I go

I'm afraid of what I might do to a bitch in this world
so I'm not knocking on wood like the girl next door
throw that elbow grease on, shits an arms race
slow and steady wins the race, and I'm on pace
anyone not feeling this can and must be mistaking
faggot, you taking it slow like walking the plank kid
fuck growing on crack, put you in a body cast
the Roc stretched its wings on me like I'm a fat ass
this an official blow to your head piece
I got you open, laughed as you bled freely
this is what you get for challenging demented
saying your army's full of deadly forces when you pretending
owning the sickest flow, its you I ban wit it
dispersing the flow all over like shit hit the fan so try an hit it
getting the dumbest to feel the point, oh Lord
sort of like grabbing this bull by the horns
ya'll need to spit a thousand bars to picture this
plus have a I don't give a shit flow to spit this
every Christmas I was getting coal and cool shit b
so good I'm bad when I eat the bad apples like Adam and Eve
if I was a ball, not even Willie Mays could capture this rapture
I'm so fantastic I'm kinda lonely like Jessica Alba
and you'll never see my ass in the fields
cause I stay hidden like agendas built by military's
still find the time to handle you like first time bikers
ate so many, a fork or not ain't no worry for this hiker
can't front you a cent, but the first to buy her
question your gender like life just occurred

is the above any good? I was typing like shit was a typing computer class test?

07-15-2008, 09:07 PM
check it, I'm taking the game back without re-ceipts
kid, I use Blitzkrieg tactics when your army retreats
ruthless, breaking jaws when you get toothless
getting foul on me is a gamble like mics booth-less
shocking whack emcee's cardio into shock till they twitch
deliver lines and get fucked, you the writers block bitch
even your reflection gets sprayed at, without using win-dex
bob in and out, I'm this sex, so which kids next?
its funny too how you think you rough bitch
I'm from down and out to cuts to your wrist
crushing bones, fuck it, roast nations for acting Belligerent
a school of hard knocks, why I'm smacking the ignorant
splatter brains with a single bomb, get killed goon
throw down? your ass gets wet, I'm not using water filled balloons
news flash, crews were talking about what I did al-ready
this reality, get that smart money ass, I stalk steady
I got to rap aloud the rules like I talk a good Game
fuck words, word, picture this like I took AIM
beat it fakers, eventually I'll bop your head
so sick you at a laws like the police copped this instead

can't gauge the pressure I apply, so sub-mit
the reason you ain't grinding, I put you on crutches
dropping it big, that's the only thing my ass can't do
doubting when my rhymes fit like my pants duke
so drop the little act, and come back like Darth
or the heat seeker will track ya'll
now you don't want none, like the beefs to crisp
testing the waters, feel the hole like cheap kicks
and I'm not fucking with you or you'd still be breathing
get wild on the mic, so ill I'm seething
potent as pure THC, get your head lifted
use a dose of LSD, I bled and was grinning
crash your wedding and sell the gold for platinum
now mad crews zero in on you like I got all the sum
plus I'm a hit with the young one's, sort of like spankings
you need your people, fuck protection like the whores tanking
Cash Rules Everything Around Me like the Wu
only time the gods spitted at me when the sky ain't blue
and who you hearing, Zeus or me?
who you seeing, Aphrodite or me?
following curfews only time you make the cut
only reason you drop bars cause I raped your butt

07-16-2008, 12:30 PM
got an itch to kill every MC, this my destiny in rap
with a fist that flips lines steady, I'm ready God
I play tunes from cassette tapes still
ya'll not sick, the best get raped I'm that ill
don't step or you'll face de-mon
steal your identity, I stay sleazy, a con
don't lift your fist, I'll cut your mom's
let shit blow, when I hick up there go's bombs
I'm not trying to impress
there's other citizens that die for less
in third world countries, you a snake's head
in their banks they only break bread
literally not figuratively, so go die in a hole
say you underground, I'll surprise you moles
life's a question these days, like kite's yo
up in the air is the answers, when will I go
as a child I was never thinking about murder
I emit gamma rays when my conscious shutters
so sick, scientists need to date my rhymes
while numbers are to finite to rate my lines
I'm cold blooded, there ain't no body heat
breaking bread, drinking wine, only Jesus can copy me
even then, his mind gets hung up when I cause Hell
during sword fights even Shinobi got to pause and yell
what the fuck is going on with the kid
I don't know, I'm just flowing off sick
flow so nice, rapid hits crash over dams
second to none with the pen I smash school exams
dressed black fatigues, the pres. wants my life
eat your ashes, smoking resin to get high
admit I'm nice so I can grab your hand
and play you bitch you dressed in drag

07-16-2008, 02:09 PM

rhymes to nice for you son, so get a grip
sickness on the tongue out these set of lips
nothing can make up for your whack attempts
you can't help yourself, its cool, the attacks tempts
only time the sewer dwellers lost when I'm ex-humed
not giving up a dime even when the ex loomed
I'm the one that writes the drama for TV
on the throne, stay at home momma's can't see me

baby momma drama son? I'm a fucking pedophile
religions try and debunk me, I'm not an X-file
beat you up so bad Satan uses Parkinson's to fight me
so sick, man uses plural words to describe me

07-16-2008, 05:08 PM
Short write up... "Shadows"

caught a short glimpse of Hell
how could this be, when I don't take violence well
nowadays I run from the sounds of pain
when the time comes I'll drown in the rain
maybe its good though, lose to God's misery
and I can give a fuck if a lot don't miss me
everything it seems has flaws, even peace
I'm only tripping cause of my disease
my mind takes life by the horns looking for the light
feeling empty as I watch my mom cooking tonight
if you don't fulfill your destiny you come back
believing we all hear our death drums attack
its suffocating, I wanna crawl under a stone
only thing catching my ears when thunder blows
when God's anger lights up even the blackest
care for my rhymes? I'm keeping the whackess

changing subjects

destroying my faith is the Hip-Hop game
with such acts as Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne
on everything from whack songs to scotch tape
so watch me and my mind attack and rape
with legitimate lyrics I won't be the savior
not even the kindest Priest forgave ya
they say the rap game doesn't influence the youth
but everything from video games to wrestling do
say I lost it when I'm the X that marks the spot
I'm the stray dog brave enough to bark at the lot
even though I gave my shit up, I stay striving
I see visions of my death, for this day I'm surviving
attempted murders don't deter my mission on Earth
wannabe reapers try and drive by missing a hearse
all I do is yell back, without using a single cuss
but I got to mend they minds with a simple curse

07-17-2008, 02:02 PM

I get raw on the rap game using war to attack
using a pen to write is my only draw back
so who the fuck are you to reply so weak?
fly's and maggots is the only surprise in this beef
this kat uses night vision to attack ya'll dogs
paralyze any man and women, so back off
chances are that by the end I'll rip your tongue out
inhale these hits, my fist wrapped in your lungs now
now all the kids like "Demented ate the kid"
your only Blockbuster was using rented lyrics
you get wetter then my palm gripping the mic
not spitting too, let shit drip sipping on ice
punks only deserve a tease and this isn't youtube porn
punks demise will be slow, the truth was born
you can't understand this, over your heads
lobotomize guys and gals, ya'll domes bled
now everyone puts a warrant on my life
a rewards out all cause I started a fight
ya'll inching towards me while I sprint miles
catching me is impossible, I give ya'll piles
of victims I ran over in the process of becoming lyrically fit
I think your senses fucked, you ain't hearing me kick it
what I spit traveled deeper then Ebola
in my veins it circulated, now I know God's faith is Holier
with this many rhymes I now know where finite stops
spit so many bars, I had it on rewind, I make beats drop
time flashes when in the presence of death's catalyst
fuck a coffin, the epidermis is Heaven's sent casket

07-17-2008, 09:35 PM
restrict blood flows, plus brake a kids nose
leave the top loose, can you kids handle the dose?
drop a couple of dudes, pile drive lines in your noggin too
see the mat, you ain't welcome, you knocking rude
plus you've exceeded your life limit by more then a few
now watch me make gems duke that'll get at you
these rhymes sick kids, explained by scientists
move the crowds with my brains telekinesis
while you stay clapping guns that ain't nice
my chiseled swords hot enough to melt blocks of ice
so who's fucking the D.? ya'll nothing but meat
I'm obsessive smacking goons for touching my weaponry
the mic in my hand twice as deadly as a-bombs
its okay, I just wanna talk, I'm not a gay kids mom's
see I use brute force till you dude's at a loss
the fire gives you no time, and I'm not your crude boss
I can show and prove while you a no show in the booth
fucker wants to bite mine cause he grow a tooth

yo check it, I handle ya'll better then my bloody glove
none of you want to keep quiet when he shove
I use Taliban torture methods to extract the classified
homo's use drag to try and attract my eyes
but I don't take that silly goose, I bake fools
fix your stature too, now watch as I rake in tools
use them more then Americans diss other countries
if you make fun of me, I don't make this to be lovely
Biblical sickness, all the kids call me intelligent
while bitches or ass emcee's call me irrelevant
you think I take personals with hate? I'm bigger then that
I take it all, I'm the rap games enigma so get back
I know I'm my own reason I'm not recognized
so unnatural, now there's five seasons, now you surprised
don't be, I got old man winter in a head lock
the only surprise I got was that he bled black
don't call me a phenomenon, I never served in Vietnam
but I'll admit I confuse even Angel's when I type on the CD-Rom
I go back in time, now A.D. stands for after demented
respecting man's weak hearts, I want laughter as I'm lamented

07-17-2008, 11:43 PM
my flows got your mind stuck in a brain freeze
watch your game weaken when I rain on emcee's
straight drama, me and commercial shit can't co-exist
make mist out of blood in the nose out the wrist
in order to match wits you got to add me
say I'm scared, I'll make your whole body scabby
that's before I hit kids up with that raw shit
so flawless even haters bought my rap kit
I'm built to cross the finish line when I pace
talk about my race, I burst your bubble in my space
weak kats keep coming to me saying "You ain't smart"
bring an army, I got more heart and I didn't choose a retard
while you bragging about guns I just spit sharp
punches make ya'll bleed, fist was dipped in glass shards

07-18-2008, 08:04 PM

rap clean, one-tenth of me'll be here dropping so
rap dirty, I'll expose ya'll, call me the common cold
this style of rhyming goes beyond Jesus' era
respond badder, faggot, I respond with terror
getting deeper then CIA agents interrogations
the dopest bitches mad cause I never gave in
cave into no man's de-mands, galaxy's I ran
I'm mad, I never got a sip from the seeping beer can
my lyrics hard to swallow, you need jugs of H2O
I get mad props even as most hate me though
I stay lurking in camouflage with night vision kits
I know I spit deadly, using blight on your clique's
you can't escape from these sound's
eye sights blurry enough you can't finish the round
call me MC Hammer too, can't touch this
plus you can't smell, sight, taste, or hear this
they way I write the Vatican calls me an aristocrat
hidden metaphors go deep and deeper I got Biblical raps
spinning kids fates, this ain't no Wheel of Fortune
excrete bodily fluids in your face for eating my portion
see you ain't as nice as you think you is
sirens drown your bitch call out when I slit your wrist
twenty-one years old and still sinless
a battle veteran and your ugly mug is still win-less
who's fault is that? watch as catapult deadly drops
if you watch the news, I invited E.T. through wheat crops
cause no one's quite up to par with me
you tough? hardly, start house fire's when I crash party's
feel what my brain emits? I guess that's why I was abducted
the pen's I plucked it, the pads I crushed it
all to write the perfect rap
climbing mountains to nurture gods
plus your rhyme knowledge is about as big as blank pages
entering the gray area's when I bake racists
I'd rather be a ball of flames then hip and fly
or drop dead when all the fake artists try
plus battling the deadliest always a gamble
life wilts when the dumbest emcee's ramble
I can rhyme all day I lose count of the decade
I guess that's why you had to choose today
to get pounded worst then the strayest dogs
only chance I change tunes when you got the gayest songs
even then I rip chords harder then Kurt Cobain
so come closer, let me hurt you mang
got the industry down and out for the count
spitting till spitless I think I'll drown you now
pick a number one through ten, pick beyond and you'll be dead
and I'll be the run holding the belt over my head
I spit faster then sparks ignite
doing it till you ain't bark no more tonight

...50 bars and running

07-20-2008, 01:17 PM
"Guilty" key/freestyle

yo, the worst is the witness stand
turn the brightest to witless man
your right hand man or brother?
I don't want to can another
difference is words this time around
its amazing what judge's find in my sounds
I'm not a criminal yet
but I'll be the hunted yet
win or lose, my life's at a loss
a holy man wanting to lie at any cost
if I do, I'll lose my pass to the after life
but he's my blood, lie's coming faster then lives die
will I feel guilty?
the cause and effect is I'll be filthy
but I don't wanna be a trick
but now there's deadly people as my competition
now I think I know my fate
preparing for fire ignited propane
I wonder if the shadows is friendly
punks shooting hollows at me
I don't want to live a creep
but I got to, kids give a shit as my wounds seep
now I'm asking the Lord to forgive
see I never thought about a forfeit
and I know this the fork in the road
I'm not comparing this at all to my flow
but I got to be real
with the bullets lodged in my tummy
the doctors attempting to save the dead
I just want the Heaven's to save me again

07-22-2008, 12:49 AM
Bored... "Uncool" key/freestyle

this kid the type to keep quiet when shit happen
keep to myself, no trash talking, lyrics do the droppin
the type in the backwoods to get talked trash to
type also to let the shit's get to me like rash's duke
but as a frosh in high school, don't know no better
as a young kid, type to spend nights to bold Santa's letters
let shit slide, no gun action or throat cutting
every summer I'd sit alone by the window suffering
as a sophomore I'd fallen for this girl I now know as ho
dreams now nightmares thinking about spending that dolo
little did this kid know it was thoughts of a schizo
wants to show my pain, to scared to cut my wrist though
every day I'd hear them lurking talking ruckus too me
shit so loud, I'd swear there was a circus in me
clowning myself, its too crazy to write about
looking at the sun, wanted to hide in the clouds
but I didn't know better then to run from the pain
taking Ritalin, anti-depressants to stun the brain
dear God, I don't think I deserve any of this
feeling like I'mma take a knife and hurt a few kids
so as I sat in the sun as it burned I caved in
looking back, its no question that I gave in
to the evil, no question, no other way to put it
now this junior acting little, fiddling with danger
feeling tall like forest canopies, riddling the ranger
the Lord don't take to kindly to faker acting
so he'd embarrass me to my peers, respect I was lacking
got kicked out of school, mind's in limbo
the little happiness, shit was sublime yo
refused to swallow the magic pills
until a dream I had, I think is real as facts still
she came to me, slept quiet, saw her pain reflecting
knew what was coming even as her face stayed perplexing
saw the light come, woke to eyelids, said her name
now I'm a believer in the life after life game
now I can give a fuck if I never fuck a dime
I can give a whatever if I don't make a buck tonight
ight I'm lying, on this Earth you need money to sleep well
too me you need to confess your heart so why peep when you can yell
if you wonder why I write whack
I can give a middle finger to the sky if I ain't rhymed that

07-22-2008, 08:39 PM
when I write, its similar to books with pop up pics
bled out the eyes, visualize for folks who pop at the kids
see, I'm not a slang talker or gun toter
without liquor I drank water and sung my shit over
no beats, just flowing the oxygen we breathe
with old knees I'm not going to be boxing the thief
you'll see my face compares to that of a novel
don't judge the cover, I smack the powerful
for judging me before getting to know what I'm about
so I just shout head up the the sky so I'm not shut out
see before we can cross over we got to forgive
respect the morbid, plus stop the horrid
and I don't know about you but I don't want to die young
while the dumb think homicide is thug
the facts is we ain't made to kill, it ain't a thrill mate
got to nurture ill baby's, they so still it fills like Satan's hate
why did the first man need greed so much
I've been in the belly of the beast, it hurts
don't ever wanna go back, I hate Hell's sounds
I know its not over, I always hear the bell's sound

just some random ish

07-22-2008, 11:59 PM
hotness.. keystyle... prolly turn out weak, I have no clue, I don't look back...

learn how to fear duke, it'll save years duke
only way you see ass cause you in the rear view
stay lounging on thrones, shots burns the dames
I stay blowing years off you like birthday cakes
that's sick, like my name says I drop that way prick
cop your shit, ludicrous like At-lanta ain't make hits
kid, gimme the props or get turned to shadows
I ain't need a revolver to be churning hollows
after this ya'll dick hopping quicker then ya'll ejaculate
I stay chopping, figures huge like when China populates
this lyrics for the real kats, if you fake feel bats
weak fucks ain't leaning on me, like I steal your whiskey Jack
now check for real the realest dealing for meals
all you get is rude face's, you ain't feeling this ante
so watch me get it on with your bitch on the couch
disturbing the peace, and I ain't snitch out loud
rocking Philly's bells worse then McNabbs' health do
pistol whip kids for the worse, with belts too
see me in a cypher? now I got to burst your mind
rough and guilty type, I never put trust in your lie's
watch your left and right, cap size punks like leviathan
roast victims dry, hit em harder cause the fucks cryin'
I'm a fucking school bully, this ain't no movie
rob your lint too, stick em up high like Houdini
I've been cooking rocks before the Flintstones
spitting facts hits worse then pile driving domes
every one calling me Lex Luger the way flex the luger
ain't no question I'll be declared champ, so step loser
you deal? get burnt worse then bootlegs on blank cd's fags
now throw money in my face like robbing banks without ski masks

07-24-2008, 09:45 PM

check it, yo
as a mime I'd still punch your lights out
look at me smite, lyrical virgins quit they fight now
used to always run around looking to pop
I skull fucked your mom, and I'm cooking your pop's
in the oven I got a few of your family brewing
I'm not a sell out, but I got you fiends losing
see, I done dealt your candy ass a while ago
your fame, money, ho's, that was a few smiles ago
you a jerk off who needs to just let shit slide
quit crying over spilled milk, shit, I turn you to a pile
so why bother, cause God knows your death I don't honor
scribble on your tombstone, your bones I shatter
I'm ill, straight jackets can't hold me back
a gun, hell a knife, your better fold that
D's coming for soul's, heat shit up quicker then soup bowls
me come down to Earth, that's a new low

fuck it, I'll come raw, real, whatever you like
come back from the crypt, still better then your like's
bringing the heat, not a pistol either
slinging blades at knees, shooting missiles of ether
I think ahead of my time, please don't hop on my dick
bend mind frames like black holes, can't stop the prophet
when I strike like matches I set ablaze too water
infinite describes my body of work, museums display this author
shake my hand, so nervous you wearing a mitten
if you can't handle the heat get out the kitchen
I can't stand whack acts who try and attack
you try and attract, but even the look you lack
this why you stuck on your ass
when I need cream, I pluck pockets fast
or slow, my game mug scare's the like's of Frankenstein
wear me out, not even if you were making Hanes

07-26-2008, 01:50 AM
trust me, you don't wanna fight me lightly
swear God dropped me, came high and mighty
give me a hater, I'll turn him into a betrayer
still a faker, I'll get darts to penetrate ya
so why the fuck you attempt murder
fuck a flashback, smoke hemp, my mind shutter
if somehow you live I shatter your bones
nobody and nothings safe, batter your home
this why Jesus call me god bro
fuck mercy, eat kids with that flow
the one with more switches then Swiss army knives
throw more rocks down then kids and bee hives
now that you dead I can't believe
when I rhyme its pure supremacy
you, Picasso said you was a square
while your homies say they knew you was scared
I'm not trying to catch flak
you the T.O. of rap, we all know you'll botch that
when I strike, I go insane
eye's bloodshot looking for flows to hang
I got to have this, the win all for me
now you claim to have taught D.
its funny how fags try and stick you
I rock acts for they ice like igloo's
try and empty the clip
in your hand, its plenty shit

07-27-2008, 08:54 PM
another key-style

phony rappers say they built hard as rock, fuck that
fuck ice water veins, I'm sicker then Magic Johnson blood clots
my glare sparks bonfire's, sporting a don's attire
you can't handle me, even your palm's got a wire
you at a loss like school nerds forget they homework
watch me flow jerk, I know it hurts, you homo punk
I rocked kids before Bedrock, you choked before head locks
you got dread locks, I got Bruce Lee chops
you got ice, you ain't nice, you got a vice
I commit homicides, kids scratch like lice thinking twice
I'm a pimp, I got Zeus wiping my ass
and Aphrodite's looking weary eyed at my cash
I'm electrical like the frequencies in the mic
like a gremlin, murdering emcee's for beefing with me at night
there's no truth in fag type rhymes
the digital age won't last in these times
I grip the cup that Jesus drank from
while my other hand spanks the young
I'm just plain sick like pass the paper bag
you just plain faker man

07-27-2008, 10:16 PM
"No Return"

Lord, I don't know no life after death
I'm scared, I fight for my breath
as you laugh when it thunders
I'm inching closer to death and get number

[Verse 1]
somebody help a kid
right now it's Hell, I dwell in it
I don't know what to do
say thank you, or yell fuck you
God knows if I could I'd live outlandishly
murder, fuck, do drugs, live scandalous b
I got live with no regrets, I know
but too me a controlled mind is all hype though
I'm above average at finding something to believe in
but little do I know, my own soul I'm not retrieving
sometimes I think, no, I know life's too hard
now you got to procreate, smile and act the talk
I think its all because of MTV and the media
if I was these companies CEO's I wouldn't feed ya
see, all I need is Jesus and a God
but the President wants to beat us, the lot
who rebels against his Devilish way of life
that makes me want to kill him, bang a knife
all up in his heart and lungs
because I don't think our words is sharp enough
to penetrate through his skull, it sucks
it sucks too that the bitch got to suck
I'll never pay to fuck a crack head
you may, but I'll pay to smack you again

Lord, I don't know no life after death
I'm scared, I fight for my breath
as you laugh when it thunders
I'm inching closer to death and get number

[Verse 2]
when I die, I'll leave sadness behind
I just hope when it comes the money, ya'll be kind
rewind, I got to re-think it
there's no sirens, its just we blinking
that's the type of mind frame police is making
if only we knew, but forever peace is delaying
now that's the reason I want live free
take life for granted, take everything the streets can give
I want be smart about it though
don't want to be a target, oh no
see shit is real, with racists you don't get a bit or a piece
stereotypes is a norm, rock bottom part of some treats
but I'm not a dog or some little oh pussy
Satan's treatments got the calmest cold and pushy
wishing for a comeback of sorts
I make a fist on the mic and make a rap of sorts
mic check one, two, one, two
after I speak only a few of the clueless knew
and in this world I can barely crack a smile
heroin gots addiction, murders caused by crack in viles
shits maddening, read the documents I'm schizo
smoked weed helped accelerate it yo
but if there was a God, fuck, in my teens
this why I believe in my dreams
that I'll comeback great, partly cause of karma
drop some lyrics sharper then drama
with my baby son's picture instead of money
this how I react when my heart bled honey...

07-28-2008, 10:27 PM
"Acid Rain" key

there's this kid, alone in the dark
feeling different, didn't speak to no narc
just the type to get picked on at school
weed he'd smoke, powder he'd sniff it too
thinking to himself "Fuck life," its not worth it
alone in the house, he'd hide behind the curtain
afraid of past ghosts coming for his soul
it ain't friendly, humming shit he knows
trying to entice him to cross to the dark side
never saw the light, matches sparks was his light
he even tried dressing "Cool"
it didn't work, all the kids thought "You pressing fool"
he didn't know better, would talk to God as a kid
asking for new beginnings, saying "Stop it"
voices clouding his brain, shouting, he's insane
barely heard himself in there, they drowning his sane
now he's putting up the smoke, white flags and all
saying inside, fight fair or not at all
he'd hear them, pushing him to seclusion
for him, there would be no conclusion
he'd embarrass himself in front of his peers
later on he'd try and confront his fears
he never wanted them to go away at first
when they did, he ran away in a hearse
or wanted to, but could never drop the knife
on his veins until he popped tonight
he'd punch the mirror, revealing
that the mask was hiding his self, now its secreting
the joy that never showed it self
it was always underground, below one's self
now I can shed my dead skin for good, I hope
Lord knows with my might, I'll fight though
but when they heard, they spoke
I don't give a fuck now though, I'd rather choke

07-30-2008, 04:47 PM
"The Dark Side (Depression)"

what to do when you feeling like ending your life
feels like the Grim Reaper's bending my eyes
visions distorted while I'm wishin' for my portion
of happiness, kissin', minds warping, the kid's coughin'
on the morning dew, I'm trying to be starting new
visualizing that there's swords in me too
mentally I grab the knife, stab this twice
the fruits of the labor, it scabs, shits a vice
I'm just looking for the harbor, to the river of Styx
but too soon, effects has me shivering, snap like twigs
plus I can't tolerate self destruction, dig me?
used to cry when dad's belt would junction with me
see, I'm not a homo, we all got to face this
would get picked last in gym classes, last in every places
used to go home look in the mirror and wonder
punch it broken, and think is the kid the blunder
shits hard, I don't want to be a loser for life
not even talking about love, I lost her for the nights
and I'm not even shady, now my minds all hazy
thinking he hate me, I gotta use what God gave me
the gift of gab, all lovely thoughts I'd think that
but with dark clouds looming I'd wouldn't say crap
and I know how it feels, suffocating, physically too
gets harder each day knowing misery loves you
so I must bust out like a bullet out a chamber
push my own limits till danger
and I used to like acts all about the money and ho's
now I see the stupidity with those emcee's though
to shed depression you go to bark and bite
or else you'll get trapped by the dark side

08-02-2008, 02:14 AM
practicing battle type rhymes... even though I'll always suck... key

bottle neck myself, you the doc, I'm the greedy patient
you get hard, flip? not even a TV station
bringing heat through my brain, so shoo mate
you wake up, been poking like the food on the plate
so why front like I don't know you
see unlike you I can flow cool
I got wordplay for days like crossword games
and how you going to play, the boss hurt lames
I'm the ill style, you the, suck dick for a while kid
I ain't no junkie, spit venom, ya'll passing the vile its sick
used to want to smoke like settled beef
but I conquer all with a demented melody
come up little joke, I belittle ya'll broke
kill me how? I get you back, as simple as hope
and this goes out to the tri state
plus your yearly salary, that's my hourly rate
me mellow? the next tape you see police tape yellow
and if I don't answer, its cause these dames swallow
and I represent the average working man
and if ever alone, scavenge for purple man
see even when down I stay on top like you Earth's surface
your leftovers, I make sure the hearse burns to bits
now every move I stay in the dark
the haters, and cops, they aim at my heart
I can't tolerate that, I'll laugh when they go splat
stacks sky high, see, my paper stays phat
while you dwell at the puddles bottom
I ain't playing too, your crew, the rubble's got um
I'm sick, I eat more flesh then a rash
do I need more? nah, now get the stash

08-04-2008, 12:28 AM
random key

you roll hard? bitch, stay in your cubicle
I stroll solo, when the bullet sprays its beautiful
so why trying to fuck with the supreme
when the enemies hearts stop its not news to me
coming with whack shit, are you serious?
kill so many, the doctors all say I'm delirious
so kids, stay at home if you want to live
only revenge satisfies, I snap then forgive
you got to burn kingdoms before you get at me
see silly man, I got the speed of many a centipede
I traveled across mock globes, smacked your ho
chopped Karate masters yo, capped your home
if you want art, come get smart
careful, I pounce out of thin air like a fart
making emcee dummy's, cause that's you
make you cry, raising the white flag more then ha-choo
so bring the respect, your ass I get at it
you a loser junkie, more needles then trembling cactus'
now watch me spike your dome
I'm flexing my might, it ain't hype though
see you coming up short ain't nothing new
you ain't blunted duke
so come another day, hell try a decade
a century's more suited for ass I filet though

08-04-2008, 03:52 PM
"Mr. President" key...

dear president why you killing off America's residents
even jacking marines, top dollar ain't for regiments
elements I make, kettle'ing food for the hungry
if you sick I got a bill bum, scoop up your worry's
moral's you'll lose dummy, but it's all gravy
we never change, but I go drastic like the fall's leave's
when I heave I go deep, sort of like bullet penetration
and don't test me, thin like up in Mount Everest elevation
CEO's celebrations has me mad at the world
when the human mind falls, cash, they get more
throw a bash for the fact that we all lose out
we got fool's gold now, I swear the blue's a cloud
cause when it rain it pours, I shout, its raining every day
shits very bland today, from rubbish acts like Lil' Weezy babay
G-Unit on Walmart shelves, gay, we got to stay smart
plus we got to spray self art, and sway the retards
play our cards, don't fold it, knock fakes down like bowling
a pen is what I'm holding, not no gun for exploiting
now don't front, just hoping, you got to reach
all these stains on this Earth, I want to wash like bleach
before mankind shit was green and blue
if Picasso were here, he'd say its ugly too
smog is our cities dew, so I got to say fuck the greedy
cursing CEO's money,and giving luck to the needy

08-07-2008, 01:28 AM
"Money" KeyStyle

Dear God
my own kind, why should I fear that?
I don't understand, must be a blunder man
cash is evil, like a rash, so I number days on hands
it seems today you got to be vain to survive
I love life, but shits outta control in my eyes
Jesus tried, he succeeded, okay, only a bit
why is Heaven spacious, and Hell overcrowded, funny shit
don't take the man's money kids
you don't see these demons motives
but I do, but alone I'm pretty worthless
now I think I can spread the word, even motherless
I don't care though, this flows rare yo
living for bling-bling is hopeless, I dare you ho
now my boss getting anxious at work
but only the open minded can take this word
that's why I look in the reflection with my eye's closed
and look at the grave in the ground when ya mind's exposed
all I see is filth, garbage that isn't recyclable
face it, me and you know you're not capable
to eat the truth, plus you can't beat the booth king
rapping silly rhymes, so take a seat, I'm not rooting
and I may be flirting with hate, true
but you'll be hurting on pavement dude

10-30-2008, 08:39 PM
2nd rhyme in a while... just so ya'll know b4 reading... I was like 2/10... now I'm like -2-10 for skills rating... just gonna let it flow now


used to wake to clouds of weed smoke
before school, would always breathe slow
to try and avoid the bully's
thinking they'll be null and void in my hoody
looking at bitches, body language hard to decipher
voices in the dome, saying to Lord you a liar
as I grew in age, I'd regress in the brain
reconcile? what the Priest suggested was lame
because I got people too see, places to go
talk to my peers, but they racist though

just felt like trying

11-02-2008, 10:17 PM
another crappy rhyme

if and when I rhyme, phony mc's drop
like A.I. no practice, Kobe like shots
full on assaults carried out by big d
when I'm done, you'll need to rewrite history
catch plenty of misery, then you'll die

11-05-2008, 01:36 AM
fuck a loss, hit every man standing
you stuck, like cripples dancing
if you gain some pride, holla
chop ya shins, make you suck it for a dollar
there it goes you lame bitch
you were never capable of legitimate hits
you got kids with pistols watching your back
I got mercs and guerrillas with M4's on the track
you thought you were hot
that's stupid, like Muslims thanking God

11-05-2008, 06:46 PM
watch out fast like opening a fresh Rolex
punches I deflect, you summoning rejects
call y'all white out, trying to cover up y'all lines
stand to pass y'all up like midgets supper time
got fear all around, fog up all your brains
pussy, I empty rounds and proceed to inflict pains
you a oxymoron, like playing dress up in porn
you hard cause you old enough to hold a sword
at the same time you run cause the snake hissed
me, I've been bad since infancy, like I was on Santa's naughty list

11-12-2008, 03:59 PM
quick verse... bored right now - "Anger"

kid, there's no joking with me
shit talker leave me broken? please
rob your lunch money, peers say I'm crazy
you too nice, black and blue's I give to the lazy
if you got virgin ears, I'll curse a lot
pushing punks to their limits, while the earth's flat
I'm so sick its a crime, disses so lethal Urkel's static
pick apart ya rhymes, got you moving in circles like sonic
if this were a action flick believe I'm the villain
rabid thoughts racing as I seethe as I'm killin'
I'm the modern day hero, rehab star
a few cheap lines I wrote as weed react to the spark
I'm too ill for the underground
and too electric like thunder sounds
oppose and ya skin bruise, d's ruthless
the situations win lose, you talk bad? I left you toothless
you straight fag, excuses like the guns got cooties
only time a bitch listen to you at hooters, you still g?

11-24-2008, 02:20 PM
another shitty verse


fuck, you can't drop heavy like fat kids jumping
me kill you, son, shits ain't really nothing
and me take orders, thats crazy like me and teks
see I'm giving out directions like a gps
your crews weak, your rep score is dipping to negative
me, I'll be catching props as long as I live
while you play by the rules, I get high like cheat codes
enter the danger zone, I sport a multitude of beast modes
that'll leave you dizzy and cold ice would be melting
my pen to pad so ferocious punk ya eyes felt it
crews so large the big bang seems tiny
fuck it, I'm clapping that ass like spankings on a hiney
pulling triggers, you? thats hard to believe like ripley's
don't come up acting tough, I'm harder then mysteries
I got so much under the waist like batmans uitility belt
so don't question this, you done got dealt
like retard blackjack dealers, you say hit me I spray alot
I'll call you american muscle, way you stay in the lot

11-25-2008, 04:54 PM
kids measure my wing span cause I'm to fly
when ever I'm challenged its a loss I supply
I'm so sweet, I swear only thing I'm into is coffee
beat me, ex that out, you need a treasure map barbie
claim guns and streets, I don't need to dial nine one-one
terrorize like nine eleven, sharp as mirror edges, stay dumb
fuck curb stomps fag, you bitin' black like tootsie pops
giving out black and blues to "bad boys" like corrupt cops
you ain't credible, matter fact even your hardest shits edible
hard as it seems, but I'm raw like untested chemicals
you ain't schooled enough to compete like a pop quiz
like no dress codes, so dirty you don't want this business
so I suggest you get out the way like boon docks
or you'll be seeing stars up and down like Hollywood blocks
call me a corrupt general, way I'm dropping these stars
say a bad thing, be riding in the trunk of my cars

11-25-2008, 08:18 PM


yo, picture cats killing dogs and cops murdering
crazy, the type of world I live in, shits quite humbling
this feeling of blood thirst isn't numbing any more
brains sore from the blows to the dome hurting the core
my hearts leaning against good and evil, stuck in between
like a atheist, no God or Devil for me, I got to stay mean
or I'll die like the rest do, loneliness eating away too
feeling blue, true, this dude next to me feeling cold like the air do
and I'm not lieing, I feel like killing my peers, every day
if I do, I'm using their bones to ugly em up, my teeth to filet
think I'm weird, this the truth, man grew up killing his own
power's the goal, to each his own, mental shits on Capone
inner peace, no such thing, I hate y'all bling plus pretty things
I make it bloody like a butchers blades, doing something?
step up to the plate get burned like just out the dryer
using pliers to remove your eyes, now say I don't look fighter
see, you like dollar bill, remove the layers of crap you nothing
not give a fuck if you hurting, pain I'll be nurturing

12-05-2008, 02:16 AM
relatively quick written

yo, I'm come through in the form of cerebral waves
this game ain't coming back like corrupt game saves
and fuck a ambush, I'm straight for blitzkrieg
think you safe kid, even the dummy missile seek
reprogram atoms to hate you too, it's mass destruction
I think out the box, fuck your instructions
many ways to die, and motherfuckers picks the first
don't worry faggit, one too many quenches my thirst
now try to run and hide, I'm to unique to ignore
but your lyrics bore, I spit right like its law
too raw for your family's lore, I rip trends to shreds now
your so weak, I swear in God's name your hell bound
thought you were tough, now I know you as bitch
only time we down when we agree to disagree snitch
see, I've done served my time like setting clocks ahead
now I'm out the box like sucker punches to ya head
the best kept secret bleeding his country's colors
vibrantly, until the highest bidder needs a murder
all you base ya lyrics off me like he say she say shit
or a rumor, either way admit I'm just sick, a virus
nowadays it ain't even a projection, I'm number one
hotter then suns, y'all follow my rules like playing for fun
but all joking aside you can't contest, my money's fat
layng down punches like a stand up comedian took a nap
still think you nice, bring the lunch ya mommy made
me washed out, I get like bleach alternatives, never fade
or a like a jump shot, straight up shoot em up
plus my flows travel coast to coast like the dew on a cup
so here was a lesson, I got many rhymes, enough to cut you
and I been naughty, doing two like a hocky penalty box dude

12-10-2008, 02:58 AM

yo, whats really real in this world
the bling, their money, or a dad who works hard
then again we were made this way for a reason
and for some if you disobey it's fucking treason
I used to say some stupid shit, not cause the weed
but the voices in the head, like when bulls stampede
but after I took my prescription, facts turned to an opinion
everything I knew as knowledge, I'd need a new description
now everything's lost in a fog, drinking rain drops
wondering each day, when will all the pain stop
until then I say fuck it and come with unique take
on life, cause I don't see the light at the end, shits rape
if you see a flower, I see it up in smoke on fire burning
and I ain't never stop, relentless, growing as I tire churning

12-14-2008, 01:57 AM
yo, check it, where ever I'm from I rep it
in my neck of the woods, ya life, you're betting
battle? you'll soon be regretting this
you don't want this, cause I'm the deadliest
now you find ya self scared shitless, bones shiver too
my rhymes ill, put together antonyms and it sound true
lines so dope ya swords edge feels soft and broken
coffin's chosen as sniper scope targets ya hoping
you won't live past the moment, bitch I ain't ya friend
plus you no martyr, memorys fade faster then american trends
so watch ya boy's back or I'll kill while I slack
cause after a one two I attack feircely all over ya track
don't act all kind in front of me, I'm putting this bluntly
fucking shit up with two by fours, now this fucking lovely
call me names, its all not true, lieing through ya teeth
see I'm a reconciled child carrying God's blessing see
if I see you thirsty dieing only thing I do is spit a diss verse
stomach growling, all I do is throw a bone from a hearse
cup for money, show my christmas list, for you I rehearse
see no murders off the top, mines played out like a pick and roll
right hand man's type too leave a fake cut up left in a dogs bowl
now watch me from hell dwell in ya pockets lint for some change
while ya girl gives me brain, swallowing loving the taste
when you were here she'd call you a little disgrace
even leave with pen an pad asking for more and get that
even to begin I would leave ya whole set grounded like splat
now if I smoke up you'll be deader then true hip hop, that's fact
nowadays at least, now I got to secure my spot like the wall on my back
don't try dirty tactics, get blown up quicker then a kids bubbles
lyrics relentless, pads never outta space like nasa shuttles

12-16-2008, 08:53 PM
any1... just wondering

am I good at writing? even tho I admit... I do this outta boredom mostly

12-30-2008, 02:30 AM
another bad, average, good key???

yo kids say I ain't smart
motherfuck that theory, out smart e.t. and stab his heart
I'm ignorant, sort of like boys with a big dick
too sick, like siamese girls contracting that h.i.v shit
just dopeness, weapons you can't hold the kids its too hot
I need a flu shot, making a dude rot as I procede too drop
making all ya flows go up in smoke like boiling water
only time you touch the god's word during a court room order
slaughter with a barrage of mortar raining down quickly
don't contest or open ya mouth, its paining that ya think of me
blatantly rob in day light, killing fools during the night
try and fight I'll leave you toasted so get outta sight
plus kid, I'm the mightiest in all the lands
try an fight it, must be joking, you'll fall where ya stand
cause fuck with the king best prepare for hell
watch where you dwell, and I look past like time will tell
in a battle see me not, I got that mean pack
under wraps, so fighting an army ain't worth ya back
not even a single friend behind your dreadful rap
thats how I know you just rep yo self like a whore
and I know you want more its natural to be soft
and I tried to lend a hand but you hard to snarl
and I'm down under, sorta like a pearl
and now I chill in the back, l's galore
pitch black too, but the sparks light up the door
for me to escape your lame ass presence
you weak son, whacker then a wanksta gettin lego for presents
now die coward from hells flames creeping like army men
even if you got kryptonite you ain't harm me then
cause ya plastic peice faker then barbie and ken

01-06-2009, 10:57 AM
from "Official Freestyle Thread"

wanna battle I'm all business, a hardened veteran
ya weeds stinky and nice, my stash a better sin
now sit back watch the supreme mc do his thing
I'm not a show off, just don't matter what you bring
wear ya bling, ice whatever a dirty ho pre-fer
it don't matter, in the v.i.p. I won't even see ya
and if I sense you best know all my darts heat seek
me cocky? only getting down cause the beats weak
and now to end this I'm gonna put it to ya chest
squeezing ink cause this you need led to pass this test

01-11-2009, 11:27 PM
random key/freestyle

yo, I bring the dope flames dude
all you got some lame ass excuse
now you gonna pay dearly like a letter
cause you know I'm clearly better
so go on and die like grims prey
cause even with a sim I'm gonna play
so what you want jack?
I got plenty text(teks) strapped like back pack
and if you for real blood spills
and if its fake people flood textee skills
and I'm game plenty so no hate
for you a twinkle is ya flows rate
gonna get blown away like uzi spray
you fake I know now, talk what movies say
see I'm not cocky, I just know I'm great

01-19-2009, 02:53 PM
random keystyle

ayo, I'm bringing the real shit, no metaphors
just for fucking around you gonna get it raw
don't resist, fightin make you look worse off
hatin bullshitters, they get the worst with they talk
and don't blame me for the damage thats sure to ensue
whats wrong pussy? your skins looking blue
and don't try to re-solve, you ain't got a clue
now sit back relax, let me lay down a few tracks
and if you act all tough I got a couple of packs
each one got sprayable weaponry
for each and every enemy and the wannabe m.c.
now do you know what you're up against
type to let the drug take rest of the heart in the chest
and ain't no rest, I'm happy with my ally's being less
got enough led for a diploma with inf red on ya chest
and that ain't a tattoo on my face
its a black and blue, left the kid in a chase
I'm too good for the wannabes wearing suites
and I'm nice too, you can come at me in the booths
where you get a shot at me like the feds
but son you done lost ya turn, but this not a trend
forgot to mention you ain't game enough like j.v.
and best believe the gun I use my mom gave me
always the favorite to take it all
type to let you crack ya head open on the fall

01-22-2009, 12:23 PM
keep up the rhymes BOI!!!

demented placenta circumvented mass directed
audiences grow as pyrotecnics connect kid
I'm full of food for thought, but not thought for food
You get lifted and thrown like you were owned in the two crude dudes

crossover crossfire, laying down by the wire
I kick ya square in the balls and make ya sing like you were in a choir
Jobbie jabbing jabba blabbers, only serving to make em madder
You got as much style as a uninary bladder...only sadder

Pish pash posh, Niggaz gnashing for nosh
While yer tossing them off licking their chocolate sauce
You skedaddle and paddle away, While I'm blowing them away
You think if your the one that serves the sausage, then ya aint gay

I'm away, before i lay ya to rest in May
Eminem reinvented himself as me today
only without the blond toupee, he's coming for me
shit i better cler my cache, before he catches me

Im in the zone, homing for home,you thought i was gone, now i am and your left alone...

01-27-2009, 03:43 PM
a key style

ayo, I attack with the strength of a missile
before the one, two, three and the whistle
a couple blows to the dome, nose, an internal organ
don't feel robbed, my skills, I only used a portion
outta this world lyrics, call me a martian
got a coffin thats too small, trialed for arson
you carrying a rep only greek gods had, fake
and ya crews silly, dreaming what my schemes made
now watch my execute whole nations world war style
eat you raw with sauce thats fire, my cause is wild
check the style, talk mean and ladys compliment my smile
too nice, but I ain't stuck in a locker
now watch me roast whoever you thought was hotter
coming first, I'm never part of the latter
striking gold, you only on top on a ladder
you facing a nation when you chose the route of hating
faking an act like an actors show, now I'm pacing
up and down the street like traffic
waiting for this punk to stop like genres rocked it
don't call me a fake, I just write(right) like law
I'm no nerd, but lke extra credit, take this too far
now I step out, taking with me rep thats stout
kicking the door down aimlessly shoot led in ya mouth

01-30-2009, 12:31 AM
from the freestyle thread

ayo, son check the kid that's dangerous
you talking now, wait until the blade hits
gonna demolish y'all clowns with one line
forget diamonds, my chrome gun shine
in the darkness even my aim is flawless
and how you gonna talk when you a caucus
I got shit on lock, give this kid some prop
with me there's no middle, you live or I drop
some deadly led all over your territory
do I like nice? I know Freddy and Jason ain't merry
that's why my game face crosses the line like fags
each raw lyric cause chaos like if time were to crash
now step back watch a brother break a bone
and how you gonna hate when I made ya flow
I'm not trendy too, but got plenty dick riders
all cause my mentality shit on the flier
so before you judge me get a load like a toilet
I'm too good to lose, sorry to spoil it

02-19-2009, 10:19 PM
just some lame shit

watch me rhyme years beyond my age
and everyone except family's locked in a cage
homicidal kids, they part of it, the fam
and you know I'm lifted, kill with blunts in hand
with a niche for blowing up a kids spot
without punches, laying the wood like a wrist shot
cause my lyrics go hard, punches too hard
precise aim watching heads blow up like c-4
so watch out for this face, hit your shit like mace
and from your corpse, I'm using bits too lace

03-25-2009, 06:58 PM
just some lame ass freestyle

yo, I do my rights and the wrong
my arm so strong the fight won't last long
if you still breathe, stab you in the belly
and got mad dough, gotta go, cash movers ready
when I jet, bounce whatever these kids use
let loose, face to face with an animal like bitches I abuse
now let me set the tone, I'm gonna kill a fuck
before I start I get stoned, and let ya silly trick suck
now you wishing how to be more like me
but there's more then looks like a lame ass story
make any party more gory, don't act sorry
now I got too teach some lame ass like a potty
but I ain't gonna leave this alone, pull out knives
fuck a crew, I got cold blooded killers, rolling with tribes
that'll show mad skill, don't think can he, I will it bro
fuck a hospital bed, I smother ya head with a big ass pillow
smirking while my man roll and I hit the L's
acting calm as the comatose boy as the nurse yells

Drunken Monk
03-25-2009, 07:14 PM

04-06-2009, 07:58 PM

check this little rhyme I build with fury
doughs stacked like pringles, ya shits written poorly
I got a counter like kitchens for thoughts you dish out
I show some of my arsenal, suddenly you a bitch now
but I hit that shit like a game of black jack
put a emcee down for trying to jack my track
like I got king size bars I out shine every candy ass rapper
don't fake it, you ain't hotter, nor a true hip-hopper
cause one punch and you throwing bones like it hurt so bad
I flirt with mad men that have no trouble like one minute man
and I ain't fucking this up, I...........

05-11-2009, 11:56 PM
some weak random shit while high

yo kid, I heard you want it hard like sluts
I've come to the booth harming fake fucks
that act tough chilling with they shadow
and fuck full metal I explode like a hollow
I'mma bust a fool, includes ya rap ho
cussing I'm cool, black blue facial ain't camo

05-17-2009, 09:08 PM
freestyle thread shit

ayo, check the realest, lies be the opposite of my spits
recognize defeat kids, fire at yo income like pink slips
cause I'm too tough, kats be trying that foul language
I know you jealous, that the smack hard like spanking
don't ever play a man's game, hit bitch up like pot heads
mall cops make you pass, like Luniz I take 5-o out with lead
most heads stuck on dick, I blows brains killing like cocaine
y'all soft, thumb wrestle like the television show lame
while I do drive by's like a pedestrian lost in a loop
strings attached, flossed punches like mc's sweet tooth

05-17-2009, 09:23 PM
yo, I got the props now kids bellied up fronting
bumping fags tape to try and stop me like flooding
all y'all cause for nothing, I got that wu kung fu
with the suit to wuu, and a few dudes fucking you

05-18-2009, 02:39 PM
I ain't know why I keep writing, not even a hobby no more. oh well

ayo, check me out son, ravenous like Attila the Hun
get sick with every ink stroke I split ya bun
smoothest villain never go to sleep, we stroll deep
roots deeper then petroleum cold as slushee's
relax sit back I bring death, body bones on my tracks
like a puff of smoke I'm hitting harder then relapse
if you don't back up I'll stick you like smores, yup
cause anyway, player's outnumbered like we in a club
you want the wordplay, words flying on the paper plane
I'm brutally ruthless, enemy left toothless, raped ya dame
s on my chest, inf red on the walls but you can't see me
be me, every body's wannabe's, get back like a phone call see
plus words gripping, they'll pull you under like blackmail
too real, I stay sticking by my bars cause I ain't got bail

Father N Dangerous
05-18-2009, 03:03 PM
not bad man, u should keep writing tho can only elevate ya know?

good read stay up

05-18-2009, 10:40 PM
I'mma hot rhyme spitter, also the grimey ripper
sicker and bigger, stack thicker, you's whiney an bitter
if you ain't with me you either put on ice
or fucked by lyrics that I decided to cut like ice
razor sharp words make kids mess like bullies
stress got y'all under pressure stretching ya money's
my heat do that, bankrupt since we met, plus a fag
and I do like planet terror willis, put ya nuts in a bag
then I proceed to eat all you like pot heads think, its nothing
y'all bluffing, like I got ya number, call me the king dunking
here a true test, take a gun and over the ink
thats a hero too villain, or G.O.D. too think
yea, I know thats fucked up looking like mirrors over beds
too cold, let y'all go deaf dumb blind for fast food 99 cent

05-19-2009, 11:17 PM
quick verse

hey kid, you thought you nice, but I got advice
you a heist, try ya shit on me get jacked and sliced
I'm a ticking bomb one verse away from a killing spree
need a right hand man, you know you thinking of me
I'm that extra something, homicidal like sudden death
and you know after each battle I get nothing but rep
cause I'm ill, so sick the doctor had to let me rot away
so fucking high that I swear I saw a cop that way
oh shit, no biggie cause I got darts that pierce hearts
I'm cruel plus king, all you see is me so now you fear the charts

05-21-2009, 10:54 PM
crazy, thats what all the kids say about me
see I ain't easy in a battle that involves a beat
and I never ease up, I if anything I get the heat
sever ya to pieces what, the king go wreck ya fleet
and I'mma action maker like a stuntman kid
and I don't stop, hit till like damn we lit
I walk and talk, tounge linguistics do bruise
you try and be cool, but you sweat it like skin ooze
now I start it like a cypher smoke session
lessons got ears ringing like snitch is fessing
now I got to murder, like you look classy and rich
you ain't fucking with death like its a ashy bitch
truth be told though you never a threat with that gat
all I gotta do is threatin like a terrorist act
the dust settle and I get the dirt off my shoulder
like I decided not to fuck your bitch cause she twice older

05-24-2009, 01:22 AM
I'mma bust like any one not named Jordan
so nice, carry ya limb home and take ya ration portion
lyrics scream caution, I'm a rock, solid and cold
all I do is spit average flows, and kids sold
words dig deep like its coming from a long ass read
don't give a fuck if you broken, make your cast bleed
you say you quick, but ya speeds just a solid pace
spray mace darts that poison the scene like plagues
call me d, short for what you see, born with three limbs
and I know y'all whack as a fly, busy scheming
don't spit ya verse, I'll cuss and kick fly rhymes
you ain't true player, juicing like making some good ass wines
I'mma leave my mark like a martyr, cause lines harder
why bother writing as I father nasty like nice karma

05-26-2009, 08:45 PM
one line and you reeling like fish and bait
give a flying fist to y'all hate, snapping kids who aggravate
I got weapons that bomb like the motherfucking runs
think I care about morality, guns stun and I fuck up y'all nuns
number one, from billboards to the underground
smash y'all goons, kick to the gut then stone cold stunners now
I'm too nice and versatile, an L for me, it's been a while
I'm talking mouth filled with ice, walk on gold, fuck tiles
as you retire I progress without a hiccup, or a flea on my bitch
and I roll in hand crafted goods, even my flip flops got a bling
my caps got big ass designs, so expensive
I can't even pronounce the vocab cause the way I live
sushi, vodka, beer, and some weed all I need to enjoy this

05-31-2009, 12:54 AM
ayo, check it
a madman on the loose for that cash money
you know I got punches cause I faster then Ali
wordplay complex, my words is hiero-glyphics
and you know I fly, that hydro fucking hits
ya dome ya heart, I'm sick, blow smoke making art
and I know deep down you faking hard
this ain't reality this the afterlife, you beat you done
scheme's so blunt, open windows, swat with guns
and you know I stay grounded like gravity son
too quick to kill, I swear I killed my family see
and you think you don cause you talk faking thee, please
so I drop back like QB and throw them slugs
and I couldn't believe like E.T. how it exploded mugs
shoving boss aside, we take it outside
where I pull the trigger like me with a knife on rewind
now that I see flesh I light the L and break open a session
let this be a lesson, me blessin is like heaven and hell, guessin

06-01-2009, 11:02 PM
ayo, who you fooling with corny ass rhymes
cause you know I was born to be fast in crimes
the best like I'm the latest and cost the most
try to contest, I'm breaking you apart like oreo's
and you know the facts, my checks got trillions
you can be bad it don't matter, wreck you villains
civilian, child or woman, I murder lines like Capone
number one, listen as I utter mine it take control
of your brains shits insane, hit heavier then grain
you know I got the smarts, plus deadlier then c.i.a

06-02-2009, 06:28 PM
just a freestyle spit.. Had to record it on my mp3 player, out of strictly boredom

went from a zero to hero to numero uno
know I bring facts breaking truth's, I'm too cold
loose ass lines cause you missing the razor words
tazer y'all turds till y'all bones break, darts grazing y'all lungs
young and dangerous, there ain't no change in me
no matter what y'all do run and hide, still in my range see
y'all getting worked, motherfucker call me minimum wage
not a racist, but I'll type y'all like a cards suite, my symbol of rage
and there ain't a joker in my deck, ace up the sleeve
replace ya dreams, you saying believe it or not like ripley's
a myth, a trick, just another one that sucks that dick
and I'm like ice on a light pole joke, you gotta take a lick
lighting tree's ablaze like flicking a bic, you want a battle
but left to right top to bottom, I'm dogging you like cattle

06-02-2009, 11:56 PM
mic check one two, don't make me use blunt-fu
getting higher elevation then Everest so fuck you
I'm on that classic, dick riding feel like rashes shit
bash kids with a couple of blasts from the biscuit
ya life why risk it, I'm sell out like tickets or click it
cause I'm the alpha male ya battle fail you kicked it
the bucket like Cinderella, don't make me tell ya
you bad like no shit, my lyrics banging like chef, yes sir
thats what the crowd say when I spread the wisdom
led filled up dead one's, see I'm deadlier then my kingdom
rule with iron fist made of gold like Midas you can't fight this
plus light this, you puff puff done get snuffed when you try this
I'm on that next level shit, I ain't got a cheat code though
you get a brownie point, I'm cooler then sunsets yo
now for the ending without much dialogue from you
see I shine through like greed, and the fog too
I forgot life's dumb downed now like we dumber
after all, nowadays like population we each a number

Drunken Monk
06-03-2009, 03:39 AM
Last one is the best
still ya work man
peace bro

06-03-2009, 11:23 PM
thanks for feedback

new freestyle verse for text

as I break necks the runners get sprayed from teks
my rapping alter ego real strong, stage name's Clark Kent
so please don't take a part in this game bench warmer
I get stupid like Mac Dre, when I get bent I'm harder
to match wits with I quickly deliver the best to cubicles
and I get sick, brain ain't usable, rabid ass like germ on genitals
so how you talk about your spit like a record in Guinness
guess it don't matter really, y'all get killed when I finish
call me a hero, phenomenon, I strike rib cage's for beef
hit y'all face's with heat, I'm so nice all race's go peace
you know I get after that dough like the ginger bread man
so ill I created a new rap award, the g.o.d., figures tell y'all fag
all my hobby's a bad habit for society, my words anothers liability
and you quiet you shitty, spot on like this a fight so I hit
cause you make salary money don't mean you can battle me honey
y'all my cattle, shatter life perceptions, my job will rattle g's funny
that sort of bullshit, keep back kids, I'm triple x type graphic
light this spliff, I get dope weed or heroin, all drug types I connect it
then chop at ya back on my track for fronting on my wax
and I defend my territory like wolf packs, do nothing but relax
you easy, but y'all legs ain't spread right, either way you pussy
stink, all I hear is death threats to you, I'm on ether so you money

06-04-2009, 01:25 PM
trying a topical verse

"Alter ego"

ayo, I was with my man b-low
claim to talk to the dead, couldn't even see though
so I change my roots, trying to get more of Seoul
thinking if I block it out I can cure my soul
but shit's crazy in this country America
always ask for an upgrade, wanting better
but wouldn't even put thank you on a letter
you can say my vice the brain, my own table setter
but hell like hot fire, I bring heat like a bic
so get back, buy a ticket, get seats for ya kid
cause you in for a show by my alter ego
flow below so-so, ball with strings attached like yo-yo
I ain't a drug dealer, neither a murderer
that's why the streets mad like I never heard of ya
this why I need my alter ego school degree for a few cents
and y'all know you need me to write these cause it make sense

I only said crazy shit cause I think I got a sixth ability
school stressed me, I only use what they were giving me
hate's a powerful word, country fags perception blurred
every effect got a cause, so fuck what's heard
cause my physicality skewed little chumps churp
now I know I'd stand the test of time
never mind, can't even comprehend Moses, so sublime
nowadays the sun ain't bright, dirt really shine
so enter Sa bin, the kid who never starred in actin
cause I'm realer then real, call me the realest attraction

lost track, but, fuck it

meet Sa bin, compared to b-low I want decent qualities
when b-low used to do shit, shit would be probably
now I'm motivated to a point, the shitty weed I smoke
nothing to lose, never chose my skin of yellow
but funny I'm money too me now even with flaws
y'all thoughtless writing lyrics like rebels without a cause
plus I'm not one for drama, this why I choose respect
y'all couldn't detect my heart, even cupid try'd me for sex
mad at myself for degrading myself, fuck not making the grade
I'm self made, like a hollow point when words penetrate
not trying to diss one's religion, life I love it
just living in one's life like a baby in its mothers stomach

just bored

06-06-2009, 12:23 AM
"Pain In Full"

talk so little, kids passing me like what the fuck
like when I do talk, kids like he talk too much
dangerous minds can't contest with my sorrow
feeling alone inside, happiness I got to borrow
morale at a all time low, always acting like I know
digging up skeletons with the flow, sorta like a dogs bone
see everywhere I go I feel nervous like the most wanted
needing a pat on the back, I'm known as that kid
feeling trapped, former self trapped by walls in a corner
so I cry longer, I'm mad crazy, my game's shorter
then most kats out in this world, watch me fall
crawling up the steep wall, I'll never ball
can't feel my finger tips, can't see the tits
can't taste the forty, I'm deaf so fuck this
and all the kids yelling too me how I'm smelling
see there's really no telling how to get to Heaven
what I strive for, even though one's faith's poor
motherfuckers weak too, jabs feel like a puuppy paw
so damn stupid like the media's misconcepton
don't care for proper receptions, barely see my reflections
protecting my pride so I hide my tears, and act rough
so many years I lived life with fears that ain't tough
all I need is a small percent of love, peers I try and shove
the anti mecca, achieve for better as I stomp the curve
see, I've try'd to learn life's matter, or what matter
humbled, feeling raw like batter climbing a tall ladder
stare into the mirror gettin teary eye'd, I've done seen death
I'll travel in darkness, and I won't pull back like a regret

06-06-2009, 11:17 PM
just a freestyle

ayo, when I get the riches I'm wigged out wicked
vicious like rabid dogs, I know y'all dig this kid
while y'all in dick ride mode my train of thought
I attack y'all fat ego's, bringing pain through drought
see I slain many farts, for talking foul shit back
I'm busy recording ya death for all the world to chit chat
nowadays stay old school like condoms and cd's
don't worry about me aka that kid, clobberin y'all geeks
too nice too catch an L, or is it to be schooled
jabs make black an blues swell, guess mc were fooled
cause I'm short and quiet, thought I was shook trying murder
guess what I'm old g, don't judge this book by its cover
I'm not ya average killer, pop bubbles, I'm outer space
victims got to contest, every time its louder the rapes
so this should tell you how sick I am like getting physical
and I ain't a God, but you know I got to be getting mystical
making the hardest hysterical looking softer then drunk sluts
y'all punches ain't touching, put back the funk in y'all butts
y'all too shitty like a farm's charm, y'all whack emcee's
just in case we telling truth's, and the fact is y'all elementary
and I stay crossing fine lines like a bisexual
only thing is I got money, power, respect on my mental
y'all be selling out for a dollar coming out on cheap material
my shit's tastier then edibles, mine put the meat on the table
and now for the ending, know I stay high like y'all fags spending
y'all go out for mercy trembling, my skill level spans Heaven

Father N Dangerous
06-07-2009, 12:25 AM
just a freestyle

ayo, when I get the riches I'm wigged out wicked
vicious like rabid dogs, I know y'all dig this kid
while y'all in dick ride mode my train of thought

feeling that part alot keep it up. and ill keep critqueing^O^

06-08-2009, 12:56 AM
just wrote up some quick shit.. Been feeling alot of stress lately


every where I look I see somebody's ego
average Joe acting tough without beef though
I know I ain't perfect, but I try and be me
y'all too busy dick riding anothers scene
every morning asking should I commit self murder
lethal minds do bullshit crimes to hurt ya
see the hard try and be crazy, getting drunk an high
uh impact on somebody's life, punks try
no matter the intentions hate's coming for you
I stand here confused, feeling y'all abuse too
there's never hundred percent happiness
I always thought that this was obvious
like of course a virgin get flack for lack of game
its ashame some drunk ass lame think he insane
maybe its cause I'm heavy in the game like a hall of famer
that I can pick out a player from true fakers
sparking like the Lord's train of thought
not just a visualizer, I believe I can end rains drought

what the world is life without drama
I ain't happy, adoptee that got drama
what the fuck is life without drama
I ain't sad, feel fueled from drama

I've done had a revolation, without a real education
through dedication no replication I stay dedicatin
my words to my birth family I never saw
no use crying over spillt milk so pause, oh Lord
I must be shown the light, without a fight
my ultimate goal is ultimately outta sight
my desire's to be one with Jesus, God, who ever
all I see on TV news is silliness, this ain't clever
media severs remorse from your brain
you know, the piece of flesh that MTV drain
we an't got a Soul, sorta like bottomless kicks
too me even the Bible tricks, unique twists
you never know how to react to the truth
so I stay running home like Babe Ruth
throwing fits like a mad hatter
plus I think we all lost what really matter
right now I look in mirrors, wanna smack ya
life's always easier going up like a ladder

I don't like life, there's always drama
cities to suburbs to the woods theres drama
rap music ain't art, its all drama
so I pause and move along like a comma

I guess this drama ain't so bad, I won't dwell
no drama means no 2Pac, Biggy, Pun, or Big L
but as I look down like where my shadow sittin
drama also brought so many murders to fruition
fuck college, robbery in broad day light
I understand the children, what about no human left behind
see, I can't be bothered to talk too much
I'm the silent treatment plus you garbage so sush
and you know life's an oxymoron with love and hate
so I try and be the middle man before its too late
and I know, who the fuck am I, I lust like you
but I ain't breaking, I stay down like my hair do
and if you wanna know why, its cause my heart broke
fell in love at the worst time, I never spoke
instead I smoked, keeping my thoughts locked
but when I got locked up my feelings were shocked
guess I'm just a schizophrenic, you know I'm violent
nervous so I stutter, life, I think people hyped it
cause I've done shed so many tears over the years
now its about time I start living without fear

06-08-2009, 01:07 PM
just so y'all know I did "Drama" over a random beat

the rest of my shit I don't think I can flow over one, just cause I got a naturally slow tone

06-08-2009, 01:19 PM
typing this listening to O.C's "Time's Up"

I leave emcee's toasty thinking they'll roast me
kids sleeping cause my shits nice and cozy
so throw your joints and blunts up
so we can all get sweet so shut up
what up, I'm set, stoned outta my mind
if you think you can handle me I live outta time
but don't pray about the kid
I'll juke shake and bake around y'all lyric
you hear it, the death drum snares ya soul
I'm hot like the chicken soup in my cereal bowl
I get technical and foul like Ron Artest
yet all I see is sad fucks trying to contest
this is my flow, I'm on that take over the reigns shit
fuck a first aid kit, gonna need the E.R. cause I'm lit

06-08-2009, 03:31 PM
from > "Welcome To The Wu Dojo"


I hit your lungs like a breath of fresh air
you see dead bodies, that's how the best fared
dare any pair to a handicap match I smother
ya claimed heat, know you like brother from another mother
dumber the new come too me, so I kill them
and I know you pussy, you'd never risk ya gems
I'm too nice you and the world know it
labeled five stars plus rated R so show it
your claimed army is ya two fist
slice belly's with my knuckle sandwich
so you say your nice, I'mma take a slice
and hold the weight like a game of dice
so quit trying to get a piece of me like ring tones
these lyrics destroy stars making them implode
I'm still standing cause the crowd chanting
my name cause they know I'm expanding
my wordplay to twist their brains like a pinky promise
radiating around the nearest city with these bomb hits

06-08-2009, 05:26 PM
random shit

my words got you leaking like a CD
y'all dreaming and still can't see me
bringing tragedy closing the street
and I've done do it over the chosen beat
y'all in the rear view as I hit and ran
in your wildest state you never lit this man
cause you sad, innards empty like beer bottle
you can't control this flow as I battle
push the throttle, still weak like a mime
you had a shot to shine but missed the dead line
so watch ya neck when I'm busy with razors
laser type precise lines put you endanger
you a fag, I'll put this in the bag like weed
I just left a gift, but it ain't come from a chimney
gimme the dough or I'll blow ya spot like terrorists
thriller like Manilla known as a God bless kids

06-09-2009, 12:55 AM
"Blood Water".. Even though I think I suck at these

dear God, why have you given me this body
my physical and mental built together shoddy
I believed in justice, that's why I busted spits
smoke to get relief, before and after I feel disses
you know the vibes don't feel right to me
so I fight on with shy songs success isn't likely
I feel the bark and bite circulating my thought
cry to sleep some days, but I mistake it for heart
if you think life's easy I'd pick your brain
cause I know I'm sick of pain
adopted with love for my mom, I ain't lie
but visuals ain't real right? the paint ain't dry
can't stand hate or pain so I act real shy
pain's one of those things I compromise
in order for me and my family to survive
don't wanna put down another so I act lazy
plus death's scary, hell's crying like a baby

06-09-2009, 01:06 PM
just a free style verse to "Feeling It" beat, from Jay Z's, Reasonable Doubt

don't get the young kids style, I think I lose
to be alone and prideful I think I choose
because in reality I don't really feel me
some days feeling drowned in the deep blue sea
I got nothing to live for no more Lord
I'm asking, why you make me want every yard
feeling like a tiny piece of humanity
looking for honesty, can't express it to my mommy
what the fuck is the purpose of life without truth
I can't rock the booth, yellow skinned too
I can't knock the street dwellers hustle
I only rap violently vibrantly like I'm in a tussle
but really I ain't the muscle of the family
sometimes I feel like spending dough and act fancy
buy an ounce to get it you know the high
but sometimes you got to look down like a sky
look at ya self like a mirror and ask your self
am I really happy living with what I dealt

06-09-2009, 08:45 PM
is this freeverse good enough to write down in the note book???????????

I'm the numero uno you know that Kid
smack like sniff so get back you bitch
you ain't play like this the pre-game
hand the dough over or you'll feel pain
I got sicker spits then ya clicks dart
richer then Midas you just a rich fart
poor the forty there's no wine with cheese
see I'm living the life that you dreams
you buy taco bell without toilet paper
my rhymes so heavy you can't hoist wasted words
I'm the most dangerous since y'all dead
lyrics so fresh its feeling rinse ya head
the pens mightier then the sword I swear
I got blades that'll belly kids up like carpets of bear
and I'm afriad you get the L in the dungeon
like I'm nice guy packing the best now we malfunction
I'mma pack your head with two slugs like Noah
and don't act pussy, but known as sir
the boss that shop where it cost, you buy you floss
record breaker like Randy Moss y'all at a loss
so don't approach again with stupid lines
another murder by stand up like Chapelle TV times

I like it..personally

06-10-2009, 10:09 PM
another quick written

I'mma mean killer and none of my fights fair
my dreams come to fruition, others call it a nightmare
enemies thoughts flat thinking in the box
see many I fought got bullets as pay backs
you thinking this that I just go split tracks
like when Dale Earnhardt hit the wall hard
I call it writers block but I never saw
that shit's like E.T. too me this be too easy
call me Weezy for weed, money don't please me
neither do L's, so I'mma quit the truth
call it bullshit like when you leave shit in the booth
kidding me dude, I'm one in a million like Waldo
see me on every front page for the smoke yo
pulling that fast shit calling me Man of Steel
pay the acts trouble left like dough I'mma fan of real
and y'all know the victor cause you left bitter
the underground extradonaire got you on twitter
runt of the litter you leaving with black and blues
smacking fruits getting my rhymes as a tattoo

06-11-2009, 10:27 PM
freestyle verse

you know I'm ill, the Hip-Hop epitomy
plus an L's catalyst ain't no skipping me
while you thinking life or death
I'm choosing from dough to hot to deaf
the sickest motherfucker like I'm raping
ain't no wasted verse, I got to be taping
hot fire converse through my brain wave
watching cowards cower from the pain I gave
never given a choice but wasn't cornered
in the grand scheme you wasn't thought of
truth be told I'm spitting facts
as I terrorize fakes splitting you with axe
too nice to compare but I got detention
you losing ya self, y'ou got protection
don't matter I smack ya like ho's pimp
splatter guts of rappers that sing
you ain't cool, look at me spit heat
victims well done, thats how I take my beef
dead serious emcee calling the church
you try and be fly but you balding already nerd
nobody like you, this kids one of a kind
not in a good way anyway, thats it I done this rhyme
numbing wisdom like learning what God is
after all this just know I got this

06-13-2009, 08:36 PM
I'm sick so go on put your gloves on
born with the wisdom, causing peers to deform
dumby's acting smart contradicting
but its all acting, bomb hits foes lacking
inf red type heat keep the money close to me
I'ma me type pleaser, ego bigger then galaxy's
enemy's behind try and jump me like Vince Carter
no defeating this author, on the creep like a stalker
pages I wrote through pain and tears
this how I know raps my hero trying to slay my fears
steering through the mist aka punk kids
slicing wrists I'm mad crazy like pussy's fits
so don't cross this, I'm not a fork in the road
death by choice is what I chose, beat up like yolk
choke artist you came to be known as bitch
God's my sole boss, but lost control like hypnotic
now I'm talking the talk running industry's
fuck the walk, call me Flash gunning for dummies
roasting emcee with my ways but it ain't sunny
tv rappers, you paying dollars for lunch meat
not a lie, suprised by the real like the Matrix
there's no payback like a sweatshop made this

06-14-2009, 11:28 PM
I was once part of the lost and found
looking at my heart at any cost now
you see the physical but missing the subject
a reject who protects one's self like bulletproof vest
I got more dough then most, but ready to fold
born in Seoul, raised East Coast, express joy in stories I told
I'm not player or a pimp, just act to feel it
but happiness avoiding me like I'm Satanic
see, truth be told I'm ignorant with these
so please don't pat on the back, I'm mad at G.O.D.
for using my thoughts against me like a rain's drought
my crops or my feelings on the road at a fork
to love or to hate, truth be told I'm gutless so hey
don't come with the heat like we in Santa's village
cause I'll pillage my own satisfaction
this a wrap, I'm not gonna write up a battle rap
I'm just stuck in a loop like a Nascar lap

06-14-2009, 11:36 PM
using magic to stop your tactic
I'm not Heaven sent, just hate I lack it
cause I try and be true and open minded
purpose for myself, was cussin as I try to find it
pleasure as we know it I never really did enjoy
it just feeds your mind filling egos, the Devils ploy
I'm not a yo yo, but there's strings that I can feel
if I die I hope it don't affect others for real
cause looking at myself I can sense it
I love my second mom, and I say it swinging for the fences
and I let self wisdom be the jewel
cause I ain't no fool, testing the waters like kids pool

06-15-2009, 12:57 PM
freestyle verse

I'ma proceed towards today's whack emcee's
call them out and proclaim them as an enemy
words carry no chemistry, action is what I do
like pulling the trigger to a gun outta the blue
killing all the sharks out for blood from wounds
bury them in flammable tombs, hear the booms
the pow's and the bangs from a comic book flick
you claim to aim I'm lame, just stop it bitch
you don't wanna tangle your words with mine
cause I smack like pimp or nose candy with absurd lines
too nice for the times, kids thinking I fly by
but not at a minimum wage job so fighting, why try
now get back, watch a king compete
basically I'm de-feating foes like blings on my feet
see how easy this is, I get down like a tantrum
then bring it back to where she belong like I'm handsome

06-22-2009, 04:47 PM
2 more freestyle verses


mind producing vivid visions like an oasis
writing about dilemmas I face on white pages
may sound like a story about poor me
never felt desire through fires force see
I'd stay up late thinking about my condition
thoughts of hope sinking through my rendition
motivation never grabbed and smacked my face
afraid of thieves though, hand attached to mace
won't let me die in vain letting kids slur the name
fight temptation till I go insane, started sane
even as a old man I'll beat ya with a cane
see I'm not weak at the heart or the brain
I may need to cheat some, start in your lane
if you ain't cheating you ain't try
cheat social systems, no smile or even lie
so much to learn from deep down
like bottomless pits I'm going to feed the frown
till it turn even, I'm dead serious
keeping at the totem pole I'm too curious

"Hard Head"

fuck being nice, I ain't paying no tip
I'ma general while you portraying a bitch
you know I'm telling lies like wedding vows
captured in the moment I'm dreading yall kids now
wow crowds in a suit and tie, you'll lose and die
looking up down left and right like a loose eye
nobody equal to me I'm the king of the people
murder attempts feeble, try again like a sequal
evil intentions is at my core or the heart
looking gassed, I swear I saw a fart
if old man got a cane, I'm gonna rob and sell
weave and bob well, yall games weak like Modell's
this is no sweat, and yall stay ready to swallow
I borrow for keeps, got my own back like a shadow
too nice, one step behind enough to throw bombs
elbows for drama, and I got dough for ya moms
get deep into the family, down to the panties
like your lyrics I can tell your trashy
so ugly you gotta call the law like fags in church
and ain't no receit, no payback, I got bags of hurt
your the first to lose like your second to none
and I got no good in me, I'm wrecking a nun
looking slick cooking shit booking like bullets
plus this time you lose ya first like ya dick went limp

11-04-2009, 09:33 PM
just some quick whack shit

ayo check the beast
any bitch approach I'm wrecking his family
like who really gonna stop it
I'm like a snow ball, get bigger then Compton
you know its well known like NWA
and I'm mc king based on what kids say
I'll stomp heads like a melon
then clean house, I'ma felon
rolling right greenery close to the flame
shutting down lames flows like pain
my lyrics are nice
any foe I've ever battled bit like lice
yea, I'm a real head scratcher
staying on top of ya

11-05-2009, 10:46 PM
another quick typo

drifting is how my thoughts feel
came from nothing to this shit be real
I'm not expressing violence either
jail house pussy or dead dude I choose neither
just right now I feel this way
say what you want peace I'ma portray
might be a dork but I'ma live longer
thinking stronger climbing walls like Peter Parker
see very few things can stop me
fuck shit up to the extreme like rape see
I'm a little deranged too
blue in the face with some black looking like a tattoo
see now kids don't tell the truth when it matter
unless maybe it involve getting with who hotter

11-07-2009, 12:55 AM
(random verse- attempt at punches)
I run through with the force of a centipede
word strong as the bond with an enemy
punches wild enough to disarm swat
punks asking for more shit like they on santas lap
you know my shits to nice to get beat up
you a pup while I'm ya dog you little fuck
while you stuck like vulcrow I get large
now I get calls from the man in charge
asking for my signature like a k.o.
nothing technical, it ain't played though
come in all sorts of colors and shapes like playdoh
black and blues to bats and chains
wrapped around ya dome exposing ya brains
and you know with me you can't stay long
stepping on the same shit your brains on
you finally dead, thank you whoever
cause I always knew who was better

11-07-2009, 02:44 AM
some some quick shit, freestyle

one.. is the number given to me
sold my soul so I'm living free
giving beatings out to anyone
don't worry, many I won
now I'm stoked thinking about it
cause motherfucker I need a toothpick
to get rid of the rest of the waste
and you know I'm extreme my taste
here comes a plane, no a terror
ground breaking lyrics a ten outta ten like tremors

11-08-2009, 10:14 PM
get whack shit out the door
if you rich I'll make you poor
while poor kids go bye bye
lyrical dominance hard to get like shits shy
cause I'ma kid who writes rhymes
many enemies said I was petty like they crimes
but they ain't crazy enough
hands tied, no handcuffed
and I still leave a body dead inna alley
motherfucker ain't work out for me like Bally
so I had to drop the nuclear weapon
this generals rule never endin'

11-09-2009, 01:05 AM

check it.. my ego's large see
break a kid down and fuck a barbie
leave you roasted on the curb
stomping brains out is what they urge
got me thinking what else to do
cause a bitch stinking up the place like doo doo
so now I just trip out and make dough like blue's clue's
get out now you know my little known secret
I'm fat yea fuck you, but paper I keep it
while kiddies making more I don't care
so enter if you dare, you'll get a stare
a punch to the face and a kick to the sack
now let it be known, this kids gassed like a mack

11-09-2009, 12:54 PM

I'm busting a little rap for me and you
punches galore setting the tone too
you in deep shit to your knees
don't come with weak shit please
nah fuck it, I'll bust you and truck freaks
I'm going on all day and night plus weeks
you ain't ready for impending doom
future looks gloom for a dumby goon
so lemme get the mic and take control
steal kids soul and proceed to bake the bowl
connecting with the god in a cloud
now see you kids, I'm out

11-09-2009, 01:59 PM
freestyle to the shootout - killarmy

ayo i jump into ya thread, shave the skin off yer head
slide it up my ass to your ballsack turns red
The call me the homo emo fag tolla
Give me a pack of rolo's to swalla whola

in one, plus young flesh from the end of death
i lick so much much shit you think i have fart breath
What would you do, if someone came to you
and asked you to split your nipple in two

I ripple like the flu through american zoo's
or towns as ya call em, who follow two by two
Squeeze the cum out ya dick to make it run thick
then choke on the jizz til ya break ya neck....FOOOOOL!


11-09-2009, 03:06 PM
freestyle to the shootout - killarmy

ayo i jump into ya thread, shave the skin off yer head
slide it up my ass to your ballsack turns red
The call me the homo emo fag tolla
Give me a pack of rolo's to swalla whola

in one, plus young flesh from the end of death
i lick so much much shit you think i have fart breath
What would you do, if someone came to you
and asked you to split your nipple in two

I ripple like the flu through american zoo's
or towns as ya call em, who follow two by two
Squeeze the cum out ya dick to make it run thick
then choke on the jizz til ya break ya neck....FOOOOOL!

this is y theres no hiphop in ireland, ur mad homo kid.

11-09-2009, 03:27 PM
okay ferm.. whatever

11-09-2009, 04:44 PM
ya'll love it..when ya cop some vaseline get back at ya kid...BOTTOM BUNK DWELLA FOR LIFE!!!!

11-13-2009, 12:36 PM
random verse, fast

who am I
a beast with the mic
and when its on I blast a fool
placing yall in a casket tool
the very best, a pro
better yet an all star flow
see me its your last
and know I'll take your money fast
cause your life's in the past
now we all at your mass
burying you six feet
saying they give a shit see

12-11-2009, 02:10 AM
can't pass out verse.. very sleepy

a clean slate is all I want right about now
living on the edge is what my pride allow
my words etch brains, hot off the press
the real me you'll never get to see like Lochness
schizo with a fragile train of thought
through all the confusion, just pain I caught
feeling like a mad man on one side
an angel trying to wake the real me up tonight
wishing all my flaws would make one thing special outta me
please Lord almighty release me to be with thee
I don't deserve this hell on earth
all I'm doing is dwelling in hurt
so won't you end it all one of these days
even though all I got is a pretty please today

12-11-2009, 04:33 AM
bitch check it
only reason you get leaned to cause crowds drunk
my lyrics ain't quoted fly just a head rush
my technique you over analyze
mofos keep yall eyes on the prize
but even then I'm a shoe in like I kicked ya ass
so check ya self or hear the boom stick blast
none of you posers ever grace GQ
faggit ass's done get roasted like barbecue
so before you send a verse in
get ya suit on arms crossed cause I'm bustin

good night

12-12-2009, 04:09 AM
something before I go to sleep

I'm leaving bodies bruised from animosity
MC's can't compete, an L's a probability
best case scenario is you leave scarred and beat
compete with my caliber, you just a nine mili
so get prepared or I'll leave you deeper then heart to hearts
fuck it, I'm agitated like old farts
so I'm a get up and get me some
cause some kats plain dumb like a blond son

12-16-2009, 12:58 AM

I'm bringing the pain through ink strokes
so much stronger then the next the fist chokes
foes grasping for air after a silly dare
kats still wanna compare after they saw how an MC fair
see cause these obnoxious folks whacker
and get whacker in due time so I poke at ya

12-16-2009, 11:49 PM

as I'm laying here awakening
all I feel is pain, plus its what my minds making
down in my heart I wish I could evolve
in my mind I try an problem solve
thinking all the way back to second grade
when the demons started to degrade
thinking why am I fat, confidence go flat
like the way I wish my heart beat be at
cause life ain't worth living if you ain't free
I feel a angel and demon on either side of me
shit sucks so I'm thinking should I end it
cause when most threaten they never meant it
only reason I don't for my moms' and pops'
don't want them gettin the news from some cops
cause if you were me you'd know
how it feels to have your heart at zero

12-19-2009, 12:21 PM
"Uncontrolled Substance"

ever since the greats died kids acting rowdy
talking about making it rain when it ain't cloudy
saying they'll fill you with lead if you snitch
give a wrong look get your head full of stitch
see if I weren't preaching I'd be creeping
in a alley way beatin fools bleeding
I know how it sounds, but I followed one path
and yea, pick the nine mili for ya gun math
cause my words gonna break it down
and I ain't milking yall, impact shake a clown
gettin some folks to catch this flu
and saving ya soul, as long as I snatched you
cause if there is a heaven or hell mister Capone
I'll be living while you beggin to be left alone

12-19-2009, 02:25 PM
check it before yall jewels are gone
every second the radio on a fools born
so dirty yall need windex just to see me
coming ill in hi-def so you know this no free-be
keepin deadliness in arm reach
so who testin when I harm like bleach
plus I got the catalyst to life in my hand
a dick and sperm, which you ain't buy man
so for all your dough get jacked for it
and see I ain't never had to practice
born with literature engraved on my brain
you only got what you asked saving the insane
and if you broke now you dead broke bitch
and I'm outta here with loco mount of shit
so next time don't be talking bout the past
cause I'm the future stalking yall fags

12-22-2009, 01:53 AM

ayo, I put a stop to any clock work like a curfew
claiming this and that turf, you couldn't kick punches with kung fu
and if you looking for the king look no further bitch
asking for little bit when ass whoopings the main dish
talking about guns punk, I insert pain like HIV
pulling darts out my ass like a killer bee
so don't step to the best if you want to survive
sharpshooter like the "Hitman" slapping ya pride
now don't get your face swollen, still got more
I'm throwing out a change but you ain't poor
call me "Next Gen", the way I bypass birth controls
when I throw down even the round table folds
stacking chips like pringles, you ain't shit
outcome becomes a thousand words as I paint it

12-22-2009, 01:45 PM
nice, some good punchlines in there for sho

and the flow was good as well, stay up!!!

12-22-2009, 03:25 PM
thanks for the feedback

12-22-2009, 10:24 PM

smoke sess here and there, nothing serious
cause kids lyrics delirious, had me curious
but after a close analyzing its determined whack
slacking in skills, fact is they weak on their own track
I know I'm no prophet, but yall falling like comet
quickly I stop ya shit cause I can't fathom it
your rhymes, maybe its the times
but I remember emceeing needing talent, is it the signs
that raps dying as I lay here lying trying
to put an end to what mc's supplying
so here it go, one time for ya mind
not gonna be kind, lot of grime with little bit crime
cause I'm gonna murder
a word you never utilized or heard of
battling or violently
point be, you wanting to fight me
plain stupid, I'm shootin at ya heart like cupid
silencing the critics before anyone even knew it

12-23-2009, 10:24 PM
ayo, I leave emcee in the gutter when I spare a strike
deadly swipes connect with dikes pride no sparin ya life
no effort fuming choosing to make foes losing
blood oozing through skin pores as you hear booing
last seconds ain't really reckon your just second
and I ain't wreckin as this art forms just sketchin
dudes verse looking a mess like alphabet soup
if you win even raps boobs will know like a flash of news
see I'm pushing my will on you cause I'm better
fuck inches to go, buried six feet like extreme measures

12-24-2009, 04:33 AM
as I sit here writing minding my own I'm fightin
excitin nerves, its frightening that I can be desiring
material things like bling and wanting to binge
in alcohol drinks when losing control makes me cringe
just a day in the life interpreting my mind
don't mean to fight resenting the kind
but I'm so lost like at any cost I'd be a phony boss
right now I'ma try to toss my losses out the door with force
but I never payed my dues as I don't got any clues
see my news be deja vu's, shitty I know like a deuce
so I'ma end it soon listening to the proper tune
and fuck a silver spoon, I'm too far away from reality like the boony

12-25-2009, 01:54 AM
ayo, I leave bitches in deep shit it ain't funny
don't kid ya self, only reason I make hits is for money
and rapping ain't a thing for me its just too easy
so act up sleazy, freaks get murdered cause I'm beast see
and I don't drink, just smoke shit till I choke
so much the oldies croke around this folk
letting loose with the technical elements
chemically enhanced to suspend spines broke and bent
and I be on some sort of higher shit
catching props from kids, ho's, and a king
rocking thrones calling myself Capone
in the zone like an octagon breaking bones

12-26-2009, 10:56 PM
ayo, fuck this shit
for real son, fuck your kid
I'm a microphone prince
1987's the birth date, royalty ever since
got more punches then a bad ass
stuffed more nerds then Shaq's bare hands
you got more L's then philly
you ain't hard, just plain silly
you ain't coming correct
you ain't enough, grab ya tek
I'm technical, call me a foul child
gettin ejected so fuck your style
I be hatin the player and game
and fuck a rule book and ya name

12-27-2009, 02:25 AM
keystyle - "The Journal"

check it, as I stand here lost in the mist
hoping to find the truth at any cost on the list
I'm dumb founded at how my life began
sorrow sweeping across the wasteland
known as my brain, thinking day and night
pain, delight or maybe rain, and shine
feeling like hell on earth, like my souls last test
got a heavy heart pumping in my chest
like a Buddhist, maybe I never felt complete
since I could remember, never felt seen
or heard from, a bum child looking dumb
as a preschooler only friend I got is the best one
see I'm not vile, just takes a while
like my heart still in the lost and found pile
only reason I talk is to get by the confusion
for me, happiness is like a drug that I'm abusing
wondering if the devils time looping
my misery as it progresses, vultures swooping
talked about in school, cause I'm different
addicted to my monologue feeling rifted
from 'the cool crowd', now I'm semi proud
cause the insanity shines through the cloud
see in my world every things opposite
except things don't add up, just crackling
my brain waves staying unsettled
and confidence, yea I tried and metaled
now its shattered worse then a tootsie pop
almost not there, so I think I'll stop

12-28-2009, 06:43 AM
ayo, I'ma ride a beat with no trick
so slick no hands just so sick
cause I got crazy skills so why try
after a battle all you'll do is cry
now kids calling me like I give a fuck
only if they supply the liquor for the cup
cause I got these skills any day
pick a week out the year plus any decade
I'm everlasting like space
you generic, I'm different like a race
can you keep pace?
I'm about to end it duke
cause I'm no fluke, just a pro juke
rocking mics like Jordan's cologne
this party never stops and I ain't home alone

freestyle to gang starr 'skills' instrumental

01-05-2010, 04:08 PM
quick key - "Psychopath"

wake up and I feel pain all through me
my life upon reflection like a movie
moments in life feeling watched by security
but shits part of me, with no cure fa me
never had the money to buy happiness
no escape, only death stopping this
boxed in with no where to run or hide
wrapped in a shell, time stunt my mind
I'm not moving or growing aka living
see the devil's controlling my sinning
on a path to hell, the math will tell
odds against me swells as I get mad and yell
cause nobody wanna see me do right
just wanna see me blackout tonight
so the hate can overwhelm me like dirt
stuck like gray as others get evil or love
I never experienced either, I am drowning
sick or nice, I'm neither as I'm pounding
like, I know my swords dull, life is this
my minds suicidal as I draw the knife to wrist
hearing strange sounds, so I look
but the whispers mine, so cold I shook
I'm a result of a drunken fling, cursed from birth
so much frustration, I'll never cuss this much
but fuck son, this how I feel every moment
no holiday cheers from me, I'm still coping
cause the fact is, nobody feel my heart dropping
wishing for one glance of moms as I'm put up for adoption

02-23-2010, 02:46 AM
just some random shit. most was off the top while at work bored as hell


there's no messin when I'm blessin
I'm the best n, staying on toppa my green like a dressin
fools done try an steal the show
but I let loose and blow
the house down till its rubble
freestyling ain't no trouble
I grab the mic and let it crumble
beneath the force of my hustle
thoughts growing like the universe
now I laugh as kids cuss
cause no matter how hard you try
I'm there to mop up douches till they dry
slinging blood on walls
rocking kicks tracking mud on the floors
I'ma get down with the mic
till I die from the mic

02-24-2010, 02:39 PM
just a freestyle

ayo, I got rhymes for days
watch as the blade fillets
nothing special, just makes sense
no fear, the dart suspends
kicking fly shit till the next battle
don't tattle I shackle foes as the blade rattles
fuck bling and some V.I.P.
when I'm around the mic freeze
so watch a I create terror
and begin to rule this era

02-25-2010, 08:19 PM
something while at work, freestyle

muhfuckers step back
or yall can get jack
my game is tight all over
folks be saying I'm a hova
game is tight, stutter, get roast
get my shit on like butter n toast
there's no survivin
when this kid here strivin
you couldn't raise ya game in a elevator
you couldn't step up on escalator
so who are you
I'll bombard till punks confuse
going nine plus all ten yards
dragging bodies up n down a boulevard
nobody can touch me
I ain't acting funny, just after money
so before you enter
take a look, you better
cause I'm blasting off
till I inherit the name oh Lord

02-25-2010, 11:08 PM
freestyle/quick written

ayo, ayo
I be rapping, no, talking at an elevated state
startin beef to leave bitches as part of the crime rate
and I know I'm hated, don't matter
I stay circulating like oxygen, the mad hatter
staying on top of the hill
got so many damn thoughts racing I need advil
and while many folk be writing
I'm off the top spitting so I can be surviving
thinking faster then average, never in the slow lane
see, most kids be fuller hot air like propane
cheatin the game like cheat codes
don't worry, I got multitudes of beast modes
dropping knowledge through words
shits absurd, rocking shit you ain't never heard
shit, best know all of this off the top
kids be saying they deep, only when the coffin drop
buried alive, couple light years down
cause I'm the disrespectful type, smear ya ashes clown
and say what you got to say
I'm just spittin till the new day
gettin ya family dressed for a funeral punk
all you see all black like when you blink you fuck
now that my friends is an enemy
I think I've done the devils work, its elementary
so go die now
pushing more ice then snow plow
I'm the illest nobody yet
and if you wondering how long this took to digest
the answers just a sec.

02-26-2010, 10:40 PM
freestyle (most of it) while at work

ayo, ayo
when I be rapping its automatic
top ten status with no static
while your shits collectin dust in the attic
I be supplying lines for fiends
spittin a few rhymes for teens
laying out some, chalk around the body
without the sawed off shotty
just pure off the top lyrics
and even though most ain't wanna hear it
they trash, so I'ma fillet mass's
funeral homes past capacity as I lay caskets

to be continued

ayo, my domes making mad flows
got the sickest motherfucker under control
rapping about re-spect
these heat seekers you can't de-tect
cause I'm back from the grave
and now I'ma jack those who hate
curb stomping thoughts into nothing
and I ain't deal drugs, just be busting
many words that got the smartest abusrd
cause this you ain't never heard
so grab yo bird and hide
cause its yall turds I'ma smite
with fierce actions stating the obvious like captions
destroying any foe or factions
now kids try and be like me
copying my daily routines to how long they spit

02-27-2010, 12:34 AM
ayo, best know I be spawning death
while you quittin I'm hittin son like morning breath
and all I'm doing is doing what I gotta do
spit so damn much, I'm blowing hot air too
aka smoke up yo ass, just to get that dough
rocking threads like I'm too damn cold
cause I'm simply the best, best wear a vest
to protect yo vital organs, laughing as this pussy sweats
see, I've been gettin crazy thoughts since I was sixteen
schizo with a mean streak, guess I got that sick gene
and I know you really whack, a bitch animal
got so much damn game, I need my own manual
so step back or get jack I'm mad ruthless
and anyone who contends they mad foolish

02-27-2010, 09:40 PM
ayo, ayo
make dough from insane flows, can't get a label
these lyrics ever changing like reincarnation
so watch as I murk a nobody
same time draw chalk around yo body
cause I be sportin that crazy style
so damn sharp lyrics graze for miles
all while stomping throats shut closed
those who spoke to promote my flows
cause I'm one of kind, a motherfucking s.o.b.
and when I yell freeze, you best six feet
the aftermaths damn cloudy for all of my enemy
feeling energy through vibes I'm too fuckin evil see
and there ain't no sense in resisting
cause the smell of deaths persistent
I can smell fear and taste beer
now you best run n hide or just kill yo self
so damn stupid every breaths like a pill of stress
so step back or get jack
I be rhyming till I done test smack
then I know pain goes both ways
but hard to kick a bad habit spoke in the dome waves
so pass the roaches, watch me smoke this
the massacres so damn loud I got to get choke hits
snipe yo head off, kids know me as iron lungs
and once pulled ain't no runnin from fired slugs
and if you claim equality I spit some more
in faces of those who fail to reach my attention dawg
and whoever flaunt shit, you know I'ma target
steal that bling and burn the caucus

fast written

^^ feedback?

03-01-2010, 10:19 PM
ayo, I'ma bust a rhyme but with'a freestyle
already on top of the hill, I can see miles
so damn genius, cussin a'lil bit fixing minds
on my train of thought, I'm like a bi, mixing lines
you wish you were me, I can call you honey
or money, either way, you callin me sir, b
I'm freezin tracks while my brain pro-cess
deadly habits, too cool for yall collectin ab-sence
see, there's no quit in me, even when I'm dead broke
and for all yall I'm erasin like the led spoke
hearin craziness all through out this souls catacombs
spine tinglin n minds ringin, fuck n ego, I'ma axe zones
even my own, cause we all flawed, mine got thee Lord appalled
into big n a few tiny things, money power respect got me on floors
rapping off sub-ject, off the top still
now listen to punks request, best drop ill
cause I'm comin for jewels, loud or drummin for you's
and this be it, see, all I got is nothin for fools


03-01-2010, 10:35 PM
i peeped the rhymes

structure and flows are dope, and they flow nice. few verses lacked some wordplay but overall pieces are tight

03-03-2010, 11:27 AM
what yall think of this?

ayo, check the germ I be rippin
so sick you ain't get the words I be spittin
so damn dangerous they remade lethal weapon
bring an army, there's no equal reppin
and when I, like Willis, I'ma die hard
and you think you smarter, I shine more
rhymes like first round knockout steady
and if you want proof I got the bodies ready
kids call me money like I got a mob of ho's
still kickin the wordplay for a mob of bro's
and none better with the slick talk
make lines while fags like you bitch walk
now kids be calling me 3b, a freaking shooter
a prophet times three, allah, jesus, n buddha
so watch what you say or get jacked like wesley
and I'll admit I'm like'a joe, no stacks no bentley
I'm just used to gettin set and rappin so right
and when the time comes I'll be clappin all night
so intruder beware of this kid lurkin
even if you got bars, yo shits hurtin

quick written

03-04-2010, 01:58 PM


ayo, I'm blunted ready to spit
so let me get steady on this
drop lines n k.o. a few heads
kids acting like they never knew them
cause I'm one of the highest
this alone ranks top five kid
so who you kidding buster
gettin beat by a suburban fucker
see I leave brain waves accelerated
while my game was celebrated
got so many bars but droppin a sample
while you be me rappin an example
see I'm crazy, when I see the mic actin lazy
I spit ill n kill senses n sess got me actin hazy
so before you run up bein tough on the mic
hope you know I'm rough with a knife
see I'm almighty all time changin like fall time
and when you recall rhymes you ball mine
I'm the nasty type, leave bodies headless
so damn fast, leave pencils lead-less
so now you know now not to tell no dirt
cause we be living in hell on earth

just felt like doing this type of rap

03-05-2010, 08:04 PM
ayo, I'm pushin lyrics out like I'm on the corner
fightin my way out wishin for some form of order
I know I ain't the sharpest tool, comin for yo auction jewel
know I gotta be the darkest fool, comin cause you forcin cool
so get ready steady before approachin a microphone fiend
gettin kids to sew spleens, how it feel to get ya head blown free
and while you going what you want fuck
I'm over yo body screaming what, what
cause I be dope ish with these composed hits
pullin strings gettin knee deep, I'll decompose dermis
n I can keep spittin game on n on you know
but kats acting up throwin jokes so I got to get too cold
now I see the fear of death
n yo only tricks been used up so best grab yo gear n tek
you can blast or get put in a body cast
now I'ma stabs yo soul at yo own mass
now you know I ain't get why people weep over the dead
when I knockout a sucker they ain't sleepin just brain dead


03-06-2010, 12:54 AM
just a freestyle I posted on another forum

ayo, I got to stay crackin jaws when its crunch time
and you know I be turnin heads like its lunch time
so pass the L if you don't I'm quick to gas you well
cuz I'm fast n swell, any second there'll be mass for sell
for your dead body, so don't sweat it while I get big
wanted for fifty g, go figure b, cuz I made a led wig
but truth be told I'm taking over any booth till old
telling whats on my mind, at least the boo's n dro
sharper then a box cutter, stronger then n oxe what
and I'm so damn fat n heavy these spits clog butter
so get real or dealt cause I don't see heart felt
now you see how sick I am kickin peelin apart chests
so now I'm escaping hell on earth waking from the matrix
where plenty rep and props await this cause I made this
and now I'ma spawn of satan trying to warn yall fakin
roastin like the sun, yall like grapes gone like raisen
if you think fuckin straight you might just live first rate
or run into this sun tzu and feel hatred nut n rape

03-06-2010, 01:06 PM
freestyle from another forum I did

ayo, just a freestyle but I get unreal wild
think you know, cause yo hots gonna feel mild
as soon as you step up get body bagged
its catch the buckshot like the shotty ran
shit all through out these badlands
kids be sweatin this out like I smash glands
so turn back if you value your fucking life
cause these darts razor sharp, like ducking knives
and yo now you know who be the sickest
so insane still ain't gotta a clue to who spit it

03-07-2010, 12:15 PM
ayo, fuck a wannabe I'll slit your throat and kick heads
some say this kids dead, nah, I'm just cursed sickly bred
got no time for a nine to five, so I stay shinin takin lives
tell-tale sign of hell inna mind, nah, I'm smilin shakin dimes
not for the booty, for the loot see I'm filthy like doom be
if you get past bars you stepped too far into my movie
but ain't nothings premeditated, I'm too easily elevated
with schemes taking it, all my dreams be celebrated
and it be like you the slut, want trouble? boo's I get drunk
cause I be retarded from the start of this, dudes too damn crunk

quick key

03-07-2010, 09:35 PM
quick verse

ayo, I'm so damn lethal I be spittin exhalin mirages
killin shit, my cars be where your garage is
but I ain't drive, walkin the walk like runway bitches
flowing so sharp I got extra blades to overlay stitches
charged with aggravated assault cuz these faggits stress
creepin outta this world, so I kick head games as I slit necks
hittin harder then battle fronts, blunt like black n white
so I grab the weapon of choice and make yall crack like smiles
can go for miles, but don't wanna make yall cry for me
mad at the world, mother nature pisses me off slightly
so I grab the shadow mic and bust slugs at the seats
turn pretty faces foul, wanna know what I do to a mug that too ugly
first get hardcore pullin teeth out cuttin lips off
fuck it, I'ma blast yall quick for suckin me off
I ain't dig the dick riders that in it to bite your shit
now c.e.o. want my names on dotted lines cuz I'm ripe to pick
but yo, I ain't let off for no amount of zero's
so damn tight, under the classifieds my clout says hero

03-08-2010, 05:16 PM
quick written

ayo, I'm sittin here writing a couple lines for subtle minds
got troubling rhymes for radio heads, lemme crumble designs
an architect cultivating sick shit, ain't made in China though
born in South Korea, American raised, been in the grinder yo
people saying I need to stop spitting, I'm too damn unethical
all I want is cheaper grub, for the elders they need some medical
so damn fat, done cried inside, now I'm leaning like a crutch
now I'm building verses strong as iron, beasting with'a sheiks clutch
call me a fluke or whatever, push enough n the blade will insert
murdering these whack kats, yeah, the kids brain went berzerk
and fame I don't want much, all I need is a good fifteen
lil bitch teens, I'll rape yall on your little sweet sixteen
leave a sperm donation wrapped in newspaper on the top
reading something about how these queer haters need to stop
hoping yall get paper cuts printing my lyrics for the war report
and yo, best believe the drug factory be my type of resort

03-09-2010, 11:56 AM
my little crack at a "story telling" rhyme

"Rude Boy"

ayo, I see you trembling as I come settling right next door
I'm rugged, thinking curfews for ya baby as I was meddling in the whore
see I drink too much, bitch looked fine enough to rape her turf
king of the jungle, killing shit till I looked at her date of birth
minds on high alert, wait, just my dick singing its lil part
rocked the damn boat, now I be spittin I'm king of the world
pops bursting in so I flip the bird and throw a one two
puff the L grabbing my dollar, for his mug I gotta slug too
and I jet giving the bitch a fake name and my two cents yo
I killed the neighbor, nothing sincere, ain't no gent ho
so as I'm driving off the bitch coming off like the top did
and I got nothing else to say to myself then I king konged it

ayo, you got to check the rude boy
(rude boy, rude boy)
breaking bitches hearts like I'm rude boy

take a good look at this boy acting rude, a motherfucking rude boy
reminscing about christmas how I stuck the fat duke for his toys
just to take em back for mad dough, think I made the man show
for being obnoxious, like yall fags know, knocked out cuz ya hands slow
and fuck these rainbow clothes looking like skittles got in fashion
so fasten your self for I'm cashin in, so my funds be everlastin
can buy a yak-back and go on youtube, ain't anxious, not too soon
graduating up in this realm, dominoes delivers to my parts goon

[little chorus - here (got to make it up)]

ayo, heres a part three out from my heart, just to stun you tards
kids be trying hard holding they breath tearin they lungs to shards
I'm here to tell you, I'm one of the rawest, minds the sharpest
ruling like times is lawless, under the carpets lines of caucus
might feel funny under ya feet but you grow to like my ways
robbing you n your lady friend ditching yall going eighty on highways
so who the fucking best that you know? if you try n rap my flow
I'll drop you like sack of potatoes hittin hard like ho's before bro's
and before you write a response, this just my story telling
about a rude boy dwelling inside ya head, where my n your thoughts gelling
and yo, I've done write a few rhymes but this be the dumbest like
I ran outta enthusiasm midway half verse but still sonning dykes

03-09-2010, 09:22 PM
another crack at story telling


ayo, what the fuck is this shit? I was lounging, now I gotta pop quiz
somebody come through n stop this, all I wanna do is drop hits
think I done drink past my limits, asking people to pinch me
so its like might as well, got to get big see, in this sick dream
stepping enforcing my wall, everyone acting all appall
looking real slick as I ball, changing jewels like its the fall
selling much drug, weed to inhalents, plus the shit that make you bug
with one common denominator, everyone would feel burned
what the hell do I care, its my dream so lets see how punks fair
grab the weapon n dare the nobody, but all I could do is stare
yo, I can see myself, seeing the tiny details, even a happy trail
so I'm thinking somehow times two, yo I got to bail, throwing up for sale
this nightmare ain't for yours truly, feeling like someone else ruling me
now the brain waves kicking in see, damn, waking up during a lame ass movie

ain't a dreamer, just a plain schemer
ain't got schemes, yea I'm just a dreamer
(yo, yo, wake the fuck up b!)

sitting here at the desk writing rhymes when fear grabs my neck
got a battle outside nearby the deck, but the beer got me wreck
cranium pulsing crazy with the vision hazy, they all hatin me
cuz I ate me a punk, a wannabe, kids should be thankin me
but nah, kids want a war, rest the attire on the rail, slap a whore
trying to hog mics dawg, I'ma snap a jaw, then scratch ya car
break a damn leg ho, I know you fruity, house looking like legos
catching mad props with no set though, yall get holes with no tek, yo
mad rugged, I'll work for some ribs n sauce and some fast food
cash cool, just be able to pay up or I'll blast dude
cuz these rhymes coming slower then grams in the whip
writers blocks a bitch, so I got to grabs me a trick
through methods of madness I got to relieve the stress
shits like ripleys, one percents opinion gotta believe the rest
so as we approach the deadline, mind gets mad foggy like I'ma red line
scared to death, I ain't lien, now its time to get shine

03-12-2010, 09:01 PM
just a written I did on another site

ayo, I'm not gun talking, I got to do me till I r.I.p.
gotta use force to be seen, I'll close the door on ya feet
words don't describe me, lyrics, best make a photo album to describe these
gotta get grimey, fuck finding the right one, thinking like some siamese
rolling alone, some say I'm brave, others moan I'm insane in the brain
I ain't give a fuck, I'll die in vain, run miles limping without a cane
in a battle I'd tear limbs pound mugs n take your money
hate not honey, and yo, no hate, when I rape you funny
cuz I be the sickest there is, and casper don't scare this
most murderous, most skilled, even monsters won't fair kids
I be on that cloud nine ish, where yall sound real bitch
and your average joe, you best know I'll drown n ditch
then blend in like dough leaving n unsolved mystery
with the knowledge I'm spittin I be evolving history
and I be underground till the end of this earth
fighting satan and angels just to defend all my turf
so when you out you best be running or killing ya self
n you know lyrically I'm punishing n killing ya men

03-15-2010, 04:50 PM
listening to 2Pac..

"Me, Myself, & I"

daydream, what I do to help pass time like clouds in the sky
shout I can try, but nobody hears this lasting sound so I die
I done tried to hide from hell, tried to gather pride to tell
about me myself & I, but I tried running before, I cried and fell
so I'm here looking so damn mad, trying to get by like an ad
even when I pray towards heaven, feeling like satans glad
he's taken my soul, turning to unnecessary means baking the bowl
thinking immaturely, a scrooge like figure, surely life's shakin my whole
so now I got dirt on my mind, praying for a new thought process
always afraid as a kid to reach out, so never assured success
crawling up mountains, what it felt like as I'd be mauling my confidence
creating fear, putting up walls, feels like I'm falling to arrogance
but I got to do me, what I think is right until my last breath
and everyday people dying, so will it be tragedy when I'm passed dead
I don't know, but as I'm writing thinking about something greater
in my mind asking did hell mold me,if not was I loved by my creator
hanging on the fence about what am I, so I'm banging out the sess
knowing I'm far from perfect, even now I'm arranging my lil mess
guess I got what I deserved, sticking solo in these hollow dark times
so when I die, if there is an afterlife, not all about me myself and I

03-16-2010, 04:17 PM
quick ish

ayo, pussy's best get in the know
no contesting, I'm best in the show
spitting darts laced with death notes
who's stepping up? is that ya best joke?
I'll body my own shadow and a clone
fuck ya stature, I'm breaking kids bone
leave beef alone if you wanna survive
should feel lucky, pins n needles usually in punks eyes

just a whatever freestyle

03-18-2010, 12:03 PM
just a key I just did

ayo, smoked high but I'll break a body like a b-boy
best know I'ma take ya dough and that smelly joint
gotta get set before I kill fucks cuz they soft like pussy
and know I got the best pedigree like I taught a puppy
genius be the motto, hitting twice like deja vu son
bury suckers alive, this kid best start n pray for the sun
I'm the type to scope a punk up in their face, yo
like I'm alien, high and rapping how the human race blow
if you wanna escape hell you best bring guns n troops
deadly like a knight, I'ma have to rape kings, nuns, n dukes
cuz I spit tight words on the street type tv bleep mine
and call me g.o.d. cuz I turned many minds into sleep time

03-18-2010, 08:04 PM
ayo, before you step too, know I stay connected like four
you know when I'm through, couple million bodies is projected gone
cuz you weak kid, while you hating ya friends all peep it
my styles unheard of nowadays, swear I'm the best kept secret
while I stay n lounge you in neck deep as I say my nouns
and you hard kid? you'll be kicking shit cuz the grave will drown
all your emotion, who's next? I'll throw short and tall in oceans
and juicy or slight I don't hate, I'm magic like balls got potions
if I were you I'd pray to the sky, and you know I can play with out lies
damn I hate these flakes on my eyes, now I gotta fillet all you guys
I'ma John Gotti, flaunt my power, a terror like I brought down towers
you ain't stand a chance in jenga, I'm getting floored with honors
unknown MC with skill of'a greek god, scriptures, yea I speak that
virtues, I break them, leave pussy's talking when I p.i.m.p. slap
one of a kind rap flow, got all types looking but I ain't waldo
and know my sides greener, all natural like you got ya pot sold

03-18-2010, 11:01 PM
ayo, I leave spots hot from my verbal offerings
got so many rhymes, I gotta ration into proper portions
my heat don't dissipate, it stay around like ego
sport some sort of animal skin, no fleece though
got bear rugs and you should give up for good rookie
and you I'm packin more chips in my stacks then cookies
dreaming yea I know, but yall ain't touch my words
see I spit off the top but I stay nicer then nerds
right now I'm rapping half asleep so you know my thoughts steep
but nah, still I hit heavy within the darkness like I creep
if you want some more, light it up
if you want me to stop my ish, best light it up
if you a non believer I'll get you in the know
my pay will be too numerical like Peyton jersey yo
n you know I'm coming faster then geeks fail
and I'm n addict, lines on the inside like e-mail

quick key'd verse

03-19-2010, 06:31 AM
quite nice, keep it up

03-19-2010, 10:01 AM
thanks for the feed yo

doing a quick key before I gotta jet for work

ayo, I be worth every penny like I be wanted for killing you
battlefields clear as day, so I'll be fucking ripping you
and you know I throw some darts, kids better get home by dark
and I'm lurking anywhere, like I'm gettin stoned in parks
see there ain't none nicer, and I'm the fun splicer
you pacing from the heat, motherfuck like someone hyper
cuz when I throw i.q. shit out kids calling for a d.q.
if you wondering am I alone, I'm just a beast duke
see if you wanna avoid trouble best look elsewhere
and I can hit that ass too, like the belts there
see I pound faces till they looking n sound basic
and fuck this, I'm out, feds ain't found basement

03-19-2010, 09:40 PM
doing another key

ayo, flashes causing terror in my brain into paralysis
breathing n kicking n crunching numbers bring ya analysts
there's no classification or category for this one man army
try n harm me I'll let loose and make a fool gone see
brothers try n bomb heavy artillery but I never be quitting b
I'm bad g, drugs be a vice to me, watch the henny rid of me
not even set right but I can still rep tight like the teks light
cuz I'ma fat s.o.b. punks looking soft but I ain't jet tonight
if you ain't get the above you ain't fit enough to be spitting
when I bluff you start wilting, now you smelling like funk so get splitting
I sever heads from necks while you stayed n bled up checks
cuz you ain't half of what you talk so I had to blend some teks
scare the shit outta many like there's plenty
wanna come get these you'll be r.i.p. like I lay shit down gently

03-20-2010, 08:47 PM
just a quick written

ayo, I'm here spitting doubt about how I came from above the clouds
and fuck a radio hit, I'm bringing suckers back like mouth to mouth
cuz I gotta get straight, when its a pussy's senses I gotta rape
gotta get ape, now ho's saying I'm vivid, like I knocked a blind date
now you know few's better with the mic spits, go on n hype this
so rugged I gotta light his, fucking up heads as the pipe hits
you the epitome of slain well, dick rider is what ya slang tells
watch my brain swell, well writ intelligence, yea my bangers sells
club hit or street record, I'm hitting first like bootlegs
taking down hero's n villains, just after I emptied a few kegs
the average joe can get the treatment too, I ain't mean kid
when you see the needles ya gettin sweaty palms, wanna beat it
and when you get a head start don't get thinking I forgave jerk
been big since my first nine, kicking pussy's like moms gave birth
and I'm real no joke, b2b be the name that go n freeze ya frame
wanted for living large, drugs n dough, I'm gonna breeze through fame
close to flawless, so fresh so clean, close to edible, don't canniblize
haters try n resist this n I swear I'll beast up like jekyll and hyde
I'm just roaming the plains busting flow while zoning like lanes
lining suckers up with the inf red, n start al caponing I'm insane

03-21-2010, 12:36 PM
ayo, whoever testing better just hit n runs
I'm busting, deaths cold you gonna need mittens n gloves
see hell's a non stop cycle a fucking time loop
death n misery be its contents, and you gotta have crime too
similarities to hell on earth be scary, no lie
and if you wanna test satan I'll make a ho fly
cuz I be clapping ferocious while ya heart n soul corrode
then I'ma hack ya like you went n violated the code
don't think mercy is a weakness
got many deafening styles that tv forced to bleep this
you know I'm on that ish, that head colliding type
swear I'm of a dying breed, words providing insight
to the worlds largest questions when I zone
is there a heaven? damn pussy only when you moan
my head be twisted as I get me spliff kid
a classified goner when I be getting my bread n give it
damn, I think this the life of an inspired
why the fuck am I still hired, I need to get fired
start my own business n study chronic depression
its like this, get me set and I got this aggression
start a world war original
cuz I got so many motherfucking lines its criminal

03-22-2010, 12:56 PM
just about to do some quick shit

fuck singing rhymes, I'm busting
off with ya heads yo, I'm cussing
fuck looking fly, I'm stoned son
fuck the talking, I'm on the run

ayo, I'm fly bitches, without the butterfly's I'm zoning
I be damned if you ruin this ish with ya crying n moaning
unleashing the beast within to conquer human emotions
fuck heart felt, I'll be piss drunk off'a that magic potion
cuz I'm tired, tired of all these money hungry kids
cracking domes wide open without all that funny ish
smacking a wannabe up sporting my sleep wear

03-22-2010, 08:08 PM
I'm here to take ya money
not here to joke, fuck funny
you ain't here to stay focused
bitch, I'm here to get noticed

ayo, I'm banging up new shit sound like swords clashing
I be standing strong in hurricanes while ya forts crashing
I'm on that cocky flow you know I'll get up n smack fans
fuck making a point, I'll eat ya circles, call me pac man
knock knock, its a demons soul exorcised that formed
yall can't stop me, hell, even angels tried to harm

to be continued

03-25-2010, 06:46 PM
quick key

ayo, i be in it to win it so my words be sticking
slit wrists cause pain you know i'm kicking
superb rhymes, sick down to the dumb lines
making it rain n yall ain't reserve mines
any foe can get blown out the motherfucking dome
cuz i be known to own yall with the microphone
so stop, get with the program
i'm battle worthy along with gold scams
when i be on the mound with ill sound
i ain't getting no loss, be like i'm from the lost n found

03-26-2010, 08:44 PM
ayo, i'm leaving competitors missed, ain't none better then this
leave foes wetter then drips, you best go getta sicker spits
i'm straight stupid killin most enemy with no click clack
fuck a wrist snap, i'm hanging motherfuckers like nik nak
quit acting like you armed, i be setting you straight gawd
bitch made could be hazardous still ain't harm
i be smoking that hydro long as the pipe glow
so let ya mind go as lines blow i'm just to hype yo
strong enough to catch silence watching flicks
you into dicks while i open beers up like gifts
act up i dare you i'm to damn electric
and yo, you know reactions i'ma set it
stomp holes til domes swolle
you cool, you sweatin, just a mole


03-27-2010, 12:08 AM
keying shit up to b.i.g. 'hypnotize' instrumental

ayo, my flow stay deep creep in a catacomb
lay a beat down and i gotta zone
how i do is scarface back up against the wall
mc's try n stall as i act up willing to maul
never catch me bitch walking
catch me six feet before i shit talking
you can witness my business
yall stay witless, i'm strictly fitness
on microphones i stick like hydro
looking for a foe so i can fight yo
bare feet bare fists i dare yall kids
i play yall once just only like skits
see i get deep ya best cease
strap in ya seats i conquered many feats
while you wear tight clothes looking faggy
i be rocking baggy apparel gladly
looking high as hell yea i'm doin swell
troubling heaven while you go n tell

03-31-2010, 08:22 PM
"My State Of Mind" - key'd

ayo, spitting rhymes about my mentality, fuck a quantity
ho's money n hydro, all cool but i'm past that, i want quality
got to revolt radios revolution, gotta grab a form of evolution
damn i'm crazy son, a hit out, hiding in mental institutions
to these companies i be sounding looney, out there like booney's
so sue me, gonna need a ten on richters to move these
get scandalous with sound waves that pound ear drums
gonna have to hit harder, til these fuck heads fear one
cuz punks ain't listen til you scare the life out them brain
watch this minimum wage kid make it rain out the membrane
acidic thoughts leak til the whole earth whimper
got touch like i'm sensitive plus i'm colder then winter
yea, you know the deal, i'll make the new age squeal
sweat me out from the feel, i'm spreading with mass appeal
slithering in the clouds, lighting shit up loud with thunder
don't test my game, like you know i got ya bitches number

done. went off topic. since once i leave a zone, i can't get back in to complete a topic

07-12-2010, 12:40 PM
ayo, I'm looking funny trying to get my green
many scheme until they see me break it down like no seeds
I'm ready for a cage fight so get prepared for a spinal loss
know I see credit but I ain't gotta beat no final boss
catch ya cranium mad crazy son, and yo I'm straight
hit the bulls eye perfectly cuz son the flow is great
peaking on my MJ type shit, I get it foul lines
son check it I drown in lye as the motherfucking crown shines
I'm too damn high so yo get low or get cold
swing ballistic grenade etc get ya mind blown
seeing massive damage as I proceed to bag it
I'll be home in a second but I light shit up like faggit

07-14-2010, 02:19 PM
ayo, check it I'm smoking heads as I got shells out
cuz I stay smoked, clear like the vape bag I get now
murderer too I got to let yall know I'm part of the best
and you want more, I'll show up draggin arms and the legs
so fucking nasty with this rapping stuff I'm back yo
no crack though as I proceed to smack domes
freeing to my mind I'ma prey on hanibals level
and yo I got teeth, I got no need for a shovel

07-26-2010, 01:01 AM
something i just wrote

ayo, i be looking magnified as i get big
your life i wouldn't bet it fucking guerillas setting
so i light yall brains to ashes you can't touch this
dumpin in water so the sharks can swarm like blunts lit
can't touch the flow as my mind radiate projectibles
razor sharp, try n react i get big like herbals
if you reach for the dough off with yall dome
i bring the roughest, if i could i'd sold my soul
take a step back like no memory of your life passin
i be taking all your land, plus i got your wifes passion
call me king i got the crown sported with bling punk
aimin for me is guess work while i got battleships sunk
laying down the blue print i got more then a few spits
my world be realer as you see my mugshot in every news clips
while yall barely survive i be making a highlight reel
i'm declared houidini cuz i know how the twilight feel

08-09-2010, 01:34 AM
"after thought"

ayo, what the fuck, so many fake actors talking
its punk wiggas i'm stalking blading fucks walking
no fronts or machine gun automatic fire from me
face to face like fucking reflection, god i wish i were free
end faggits life, talk shit behind yo back, who soft
stomp heads till it mushy, shatter glass in your heart
praying you burn forever, torture fucks moms and baby
writing this cuz i'm so damn crazy, gettin heavy like airs hazy
a fucking schizo, i know how i feel n think
'fore my demise i woulda killed quicker then yall blink
shade yo brains into a bottomless pit, gimme the rusty