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Born Ruler I
08-19-2005, 11:24 AM
I believe in the christ
In the essence of Heru striving to be Ausar before the heist
Original People with knowledge of themselves and God
before the Council of Nice
before Abraham's seed was spliced
the ebodiment of the Garden of Eden's paradise
the measure of if a Mason's geometry is precise
I ran the devil accross the hot sand cuz he's sheist
equality, limited, weak and timid, livid snake
whipping a tail with a rattle that shakes twice
the third time? he would surely put you on slate ice
that he came out of
from the light he was roped off, wait, christ
is who they came to see in paradise
the truth, within, there it lies
we all wear a disguise to a certain extent to hide our lives
but it belies our potential not to strive
always in all ways to be all wise
let your right brains work, you'll realize
the devil and God are like Gremlin and Magwai
who wins internally when y'all collide?

this is hell
this is heaven
this is hell
this is heaven
this is hell
this is heaven
this is hell
this is....

08-21-2005, 07:52 AM
That's quite a constructive verse, and it showed you tried to be creative with the word content. And you put it nice. Good verse generates some thought to it.

PS: Keep posting