View Full Version : Hip hop production Q's

05-26-2008, 07:32 AM
Just listened to Ultramagnetic MC's "Moe Luv's Theme", uses the same sample as Wolves (original "disco" version).

I'd like to know your thoughts on what u/ppl think about how old school 80's production compares to more recent trax (90's and 2000's).

Producers, feel free to drop your thoughts on how the decades compare production-wise, does state-of-the-art technology really produce better tracks than "older" ones, could you get away with older technology nowadays, has legislation on sampling dealt a heavy blow to hip hop music? Or is it better to move on to new and innovative methods when styles start to get stale (do they ever get stale)?

I know that there are some obvious answers to these questions but I just wanted to read ppls opinions.

BTW this is not a "this producer better than this producer thread" so Im not taking shots at anyone, please refrain from the usual "nowadays music sucks/Soulja Boy slagging off/RZA sux/everyone who isnt RZA sux" comments (as hard as it is to resist), maybe compare tracks u like from back then to tracks u like from now.

Also another question for y'all producers: how many tracks do you need to make before you get any that are worthy appearing on an LP?

Fans and MC's also drop your thoughts as well (what tracks you like to listen to/rhyme over).