View Full Version : Beg Ur Pardon

05-27-2008, 03:12 AM
Grip the pen, taken words in red
Death to those that dishonor my honor/
I found fonder pastures without milk things will still smell
Check the shells the POís leave behind/
Rewind wit ions walk the path toward Zion
Iím armed wit gauntlets like bomb threats/
Taken vixens that was thick and not getting it rubbed off by technology
Trying to be skinny like Paris Hilton and Jessica Alba/
My shit throws farther throw darts harder close your charters
Meet cha maker, see the markers remake your designs wit pens in time/
Grind off the pure passion eat emcees like grass wheat
Beat emcees wit flows that always stay high/
Throw clocks away with time to spare
Check flows that flare after I stared/
Clear the airwaves wit more mics than you got savages
Tackle after averages financial drain to any American/
Look these bums on the block and you just past them by
Donít even take a look or wonder why like another star in the sky/
Relying on wavers wit storms I savor for the proper atonement of anger
Even in the blaze of danger I throw my cards down on the table and wait for a wager/

Whether Iím spitting something retarded
Or half way decent yet guarded
Iím still hitting the margin
Fuck you critics
I beg your pardon

Write cha off wit more fire than a Molotov
My shit be a mix between spits and critics that suck these artists dicks/
Flip your grammar wit skills I never brought to candid camera
Jam these bars down your throat like a bottle of Drano/
But I bet cha canít explain what I just said though
Throw your darts left after I dodge right/
Rewire your mind leaving your faculties
Inoperable unfixable wit skills that ainít clickable/
Flip you off like Bush and Cheney though your still often considered lazy
Maybe being an emcee isnít in your blood baby/
Lay you to rest address the problems, the stress
The sex, the drugs, the Jets, the Nets, the Mets/
The way I speak unleashing heat defeating you sucker emcees
Picking you off quicker than Huckleberry Finn did Cherryís on Trees/
Let the option be more about monopoly
Rather than bettering society/
Thinking gaining notoriety
You can be a propriety with multiple options G/

05-31-2008, 03:19 AM