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True Father Allah
05-28-2008, 08:21 AM

"These rappers are republican!" A conclusion that Saul Williams came to on the Wake Up Show a while back


as he was detailing how hip hop used to be the voice of rebellion and now has become very selfish on some "I'm a get mines" ish by any means regardless to whom or what or at any cost despite what damage may lay in the wake in pursuit of the almighty paper chase. I have to say as much as I stand up and fight for hip hop, which I feel is still the most truthful, powerful and positive musical form of expression and communication………..there is much truth to what the brother is saying. (We won't talk about him getting down with Nike though, talk about hypocrisy) I remember when the discussions about an mc were how swift, clever, witty and innovative one was on the mic or how much science they dropped. Now heads talk about how much money one has, how many cars, businesses they own, what woman they have on they elbow, how many kilos of "snow" they push from state to state and many other meaningless ciphers, basically anything but the music and message. Do cats even recite lyrics anymore? Do they even study what mcs say anymore?

Hip hop's essence has always been immersed in authenticity, there was a time when being a sellout was not cool and was synonymous with being a punk. When heads came into the game misrepresenting, they got ran from amongst us (Vanilla Ice) These days, many rappers are actors to me. Just like movies they come off very fictional, similar to theatrics and cinema that is fake where people ACT, ish is a joke. I feel extremely fortunate I got into hip hop at the time I did. Public Enemy was the kings on the top of the mountain. It was a big movement going on, do yall remember? Everyone had on their X shirts and hats, African medallions, learning about things they never would in school and obtaining knowledge of self. It's like I told Chuck D. who is my father when it comes to hip hop culture, if it wasn't for him, I'd probably be a brainwashed Christian Negro, not doing the knowledge, taking much on face value, deaf dumb and blind playing in the NBA (like Richard Jefferson who I used to own on the court) married to a white woman who would probably divorce me later and take me to the cleaners afterwards. But what happened yall? What happened to the artists that made you go pick up a book or look up words in a dictionary? What other form of musical genre at least, have you heard a song like Ras Kass's Nature of the Thrett?


Too bad his dumb ass can't stay from getting locked up...............or knocked the fuck out! I don't know one person who has heard that song that wasn't affected in a way where they at least discussed it with a friend or relative or it sparked determined ideas for them to research topics of said song though. What happened to the artists that energized you so much, compelling you to want to run up in the White House demanding equality? Where the hell is Immortal Technique at!? Geez, yeah yeah yeah, heads always talking about how corporations own it this that and a third, well where are the artists who will not compromise like Rakim when he was ..math and would not partake in the b s that was requested of him to perform? Is hip hop truly no longer a threat? Have any of these new cats took ANY time to research and study the architects that came before them that had the system and establishment shook? If so, I can hardly tell.

So you really can't knock the pioneers still here putting it down showing how to utilize this hip hop thing properly. KRS who just recently dropped a new one, Adventures in Emceein', is now putting it down on Duck Down Records. Rakim dropped a new live lp with a couple of new heaters, and pioneers like PE, X Clan and Scarface all dropped joints in the past year and a half. Funny how they go widely unnoticed while a recent Rolling Stones issue had the………….. Rolling Stones on the cover. Madonna got a new joint out all the publications and outlets that cover her genre of music are discussing it. Those artists hardly look the same and don't perform like they used to, meanwhile PE on last year's Rock the Bells tour still regarded as one of the best live hip hop acts to date which was real good for younger generations to witness. In hip hop the 20 year anniversary of PE's landmark It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back gets no cover story for any of the numerous mainstream "hip hop" publications. So while these facade entities that come under the guise of hip hop culture will not chronicle that which is important for the babies to know and rather put a spotlight on the latest cocaine rhyming savage, you can't knock our "old skool" artists for still being here putting it down.

Recently someone expressed to me that he feels the vets are putting it down harder these days. As a hip hop fan of 20 plus years who has seen a lot, I have to say he is right. Case in point the last couple of traks Ice Cube has released (more on that in a moment). Seriously though, the focus for many artists these days doesn't seem to be making dope hip hop music anymore. If much of the new school just want to beef with each other and be about who's making the most money, who's a mogul, who got the most extravagant stage set, who got the most NBA teams and hottest chick on some Donald Trump and Bill Gates bullshucks then they can step aside and let the vets show them how it's done, somebody got to do it. And till the new school steps up with more relevant substance in their lyrical content then they can shut up about why these "old timers" like Cube still around doing hip hop. Now of course I'm generalizing, I know there are many Immortal Techniques out there but you understand what I'm saying.

"Don't believe the hype was said in 88 by the great Chuck D!" a line Cube used on one of his most angry tirades on When Will They Shoot off his Predator lp in 92 to remind the hip hop nation about that cautionary song performed by PE detailing what could happen if you allow yourself to feed into what outside sources aim to impose on us as real hip hop so that it would not go the way of Rock n Roll, Jazz and Disco before it.


Well my people, hip hop is the new disco. Some call it hip pop, I call it disco hop, and we all know what happened to disco right? Hip hop has gotten so corny, saturated and meaningless with all these cocaine rappers and Dr. Suess snappers that it has become a joke…………for the most part.

Heads don't want to do the knowledge. When an industry shuts down an act like PE, putting them on don't play lists by Clear Channel and what not, you know what that means? That means YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THEM!!! Many cats say they hip hop and don't even know what hip hop is about, THIS IS A CULTURE, IT IS A WAY OF LIFE, heads lettin the industry dictate their whole perspective and influence them. You here to be changed by the devilish made world around you or are you here to be godly and change the world around you? You going to be a product of your environment designed by devils or be godly and change your environment? Basically are you going to build or are you going to destroy? What will be your legacy when you die, that you made a lot of money? That's nothing, MAN UP!!! Tired of weak cats and they weak excuses, "…well um, True, you have to understand this and that and everything gets bastardized, what makes hip hop so special that it is exempt of….", man, sick my duck with that b s! All the long inches of the 4 9 3 11 with that one you easily lead in the wrong direction robots, lemmings and pawns! Hip hop got too many suckaz these days, need some real men like Black Ice.


Feels like all our best are poets these days, not mcs. You hear a lot of the poets talking that real ish, (Saul, Black Ice, etc etc) but not the mcs.

Cats don't even know the source, the foundation these days. Here let me do a favor for yall, go here http://www.zulunation.com/ Do some research! Do some studying before you say you hip hop. Know the history and what you are trying to be a part of and heads like me won't have to remind you so we can move on with our lives trying to save the babies, I'm talking real research though, leave wikipedia alone, go to the source, the TRUE source. Clowns talking about they hip hop and don't even know who Bam or Herc is, get the wut outta here! Heads better not hope I cut my dreads grow some cornrows and put back on the dickie suits and start banging on these rookies cause I'm still nice and will eat these crumbs Cookie Monster style.

Heads got a problem with anything stated here, oh well, sounds like a personal problem. Call me Petey Greene baby, I'm a master in the art of P.O.P. Pissin' People Off and I'm a keep on tellin' it! I tell it like it t-i is, like it 'tis, if I can't say what's on my mind, what's the damn point!?

I tell it to the hot I tell it to the cold
I tell it to the young I tell it to the old
don't want no laughing don't want no crying
most of all don't want no signifying

Yeah, check out Talk to Me starring the phenomenal Don Cheadle to get a better understanding of what it means to be hip hop, heads like Petey Greene, Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X personified hip hop. They were real men who were not afraid of the system and didn't hesitate to speak truth to power. Hip hop got a lot of cowards (who think they soldiers) that won't stand up or speak out on anything. Maybe this is why old skool cats used to beat up mcs for being wack. Just think about that, who's going to come wack if there's a chance they might loose some teeth over it? Is that what we need to do, revert back to the days KRS ONE was rushing PM Dawn heads off stage, do we have to actually, dare I say it………..fight to keep this artform powerful and not diluted with the Bamboozled movie, hip hop dalmations in Brown Sugar buffoonery?

When you hear Rakim on his latest jewel he dropped that hardly any hip hop outlets play or speak about and you hear the hook talking about "they got my phone tapped" You think he afraid? Emphatically now cipher! That's why the next part coming in says, "it's nothing!"


And a lot of these so called mcs in the game is nothing! Rakim on the mic though, that's something, too bad hip hop outlets have failed in acknowledging that with his latest release b.u.t. best believe Art of Rhyme was on top of they biz posting the song up when it dropped (what up Kendrid!)

I will end this rant with some good news though yall, the old Ice Cube that had been held captive by the plague known as "the Cool" (check the intro to Lupe Fiasco's last lp) is back! Just check his latest It Takes A Nation, word to Public Enemy! (Cube hangin out with Chuck D again?) YES!!!
Do not read the rest of this till you listen to the song here


feel free to read the rest as you start listening though, kind of goes good with the rest. That's the Ice Cube I know, that's the Ice Cube I grew up on that taught me how to rap. Hopefully this will wake some of these zombies up and show them how this hip hop music was meant to be used. He is not the only rapper wanna fist fight the president though, lol. But it's about time mcs get back to getting cats hyped wanting to do something and just stop trying to sound cute and pretty with "swag", Cube smashing all these lame ass rookies, killin em! killin em! killin em! "I got god on my intellect", ha ha! Like a recent story on Cube in Source magazine alluded to, the ability to give that feeling to provoke thought and elicit anger, shock and political focus has been missing for too long. After mind-numbing hours of the candy jingles and strip-club anthems that flood the radio waves, Ice Cube reminds you that hip-hop isn't dead, the 1.2 million Youtube views of his Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It video (another indication of classic Cube back in rare form) can attest to that.

"Where the f*ck is AFrika Bambaata at?, we need to take it back, fuck Viacom! Clear Clear Channel and radio One YOU MUTHAFUCKAZ PROGRAMMED BY THE PROGRAMERS that's why you getting locked up by the dope slammers, not me!"

That's a real black man on the mic, tired of this fluffy popcorn ish. Man it's got to feel good to be independent like that. "Signed puss nigg*z can drink lemonade." Favorite part was when he said he was doing it for the love. Heads always talking about how much an mc getting paid, what type of man is concerned with how much another man is making? I'm saying!, it's not about that. This is even better than Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It.


I'm a say it right now, Raw Footage will be the hip hop lp of the year, you heard it here first, True said it bitch! That means it's the truth and WORD IS BOND!

"Trying to give you brain food, not booty food. That's the motto"-Ice Cube

Alright that's all, I'm a go listen to When Will they Shoot


Naw, today I'll make it some classic Lench Mob ish