View Full Version : what ever happen to writing rhymes

08-20-2005, 09:19 AM
every fucken thread i look at is filled with chatting, motherfuckers if u want to chat go in some aol chatrooms, this is the battlefield, who the fuck wants to battle (and i am saying this in a nice way) for real people just drop some fucken rhymes, forget all this drama shit

08-20-2005, 12:00 PM
hollywood speaks realty, my life is reality tv
mc bust rhymes from fl to dc
im at my pc, typen, electronic writing
always fighting, you little kids say it's frightnen
aight then, stop your biting, you big mouth snooks
you get shooked, did u see a ghost, you look spooked
chicken flying the coop, i drop shit like dog poop
rap's ben and jerry's, ya ya you get the scoop
ya ya you get the boot, either the timberland
or u can get the hook, close the curtains
for certain, ill damage you, the king about to banish you
cut you up to pieces, the nurses trying to bandage you

08-20-2005, 12:25 PM
I spark up the dart, Slay this sweet tart, Butcher his heart,
train of thought powerful enough to rip your body apart.
Swift spit, comin into the battle ground's to rip shit,
kick lip, leave him smoked out like a maple honey diped spliff.
fourty-four calibre lyric's, Upliftin' you're spirit,
fear it, better you're body, stay clear and near of it.
Add the mathimatic's, add shit, subtract it,
but multiply the message, weither I slang it, or rap it.
fuck the weak lyric's, I come forth like a cross-refrence,
scatter you're presence, turn you from a man into a peasant.
I'll make it even, 12 bar's to kill the unheard of silence,
no alliance, shatter you, killin you quick with this act of defiance.

08-20-2005, 12:28 PM
And I feel you on the talkin shit thing man, that's peace.

08-20-2005, 01:54 PM
Verbal art, bodies drop from the force of verbal darts,
rap slugs, forcing your brain material apart,
prophets the gospel, study the words of a true apostle,
The amount of emcee causalties is truly holaucostal,
I'm hostile, front on me i'll leave you prostate,
lying dead on the ground in a pool of red substrate,
thoughts travel fasta then the winds of a hurricane,
bring the apocalyptic styles with fire and heavy rain,
I maintain my thoughts so I spit concise and affective,
irrespective of you im spittin gems that are infective,
my ancestors came from the dark realms of outer space,
bringing deep mental rap thoughts to confound the human race,
bodies laced, with the bullets of fine rhymes,
I drop fine lines, define the meaning of mic crimes,
I'm deadly, my rhymes reflect my mental,
precise with intellect with acres of rap potential........
peace to both SurreaL and Da Butcher both tight verses is there another round or ya want votes

08-20-2005, 02:37 PM
the battlefield is defined as a region where a battle is being fought
thats when the butcher starts to plot
plan against my enemy, im one step ahead of u
fuck with me, im one slice from beheading u
the butcher knifes been sharpen, i could split a hair
i can spit a pair of rhymes with plenty of time to spare
im 4 sprewels spinning, your just a spare tire, a donut
your head is hard but ill still split you like a coconut
now what, we can handle things 2 ways
either you cooperate or meet your fate when my luga sprays
i hit the hooka, im in a daze
and ill still hit u from 500 feet away, even if my eyes are glazed
once again, im smoken blunts again
evil keneivel, always pullen stunts again
the beginning of the end, apocalypse, a full eclipse
a full clip to spit rounds with, now your like holy shit

08-21-2005, 09:33 AM
eiffel tower devour, i do it now fuck later
rifle power from broward, the shot gun sprayer
triffled cowards get shattered, i lay it on you punk playa's
life filled with power to shower you with hope for your prayers
but its too late fool ill slay ya, you dragon's stop your braggen
stop your macken, ill fold u up like some napkins
im the captain, ill direct your ship into an iceberg
titanic rhymes bring frantic times, ill kill u with my nice words
throw rice choke birds, your wedding is your funeral
u said "i do" and now you're married to the blue devil
he's got on a dress, i sling hockey pucks at you tux
you call for distress, but what the fuck u got no luck
i cause amuck, berserk demoniac murderously possessed
i cause a ruk, addicted maniac, i cant resist
you cant confess, hail mary's wont save you
dont wear a vest, my verbal bullets will do more then graze you
ill amaze you, the same way the prophets did
im taking out the rubbish, close on you the garbage lid
the end is near, closer then u think
ill snatch the life out of u before you blink

08-21-2005, 01:37 PM
enough drama people, lets get back to battling

08-21-2005, 09:01 PM
the battlefield is ma home/
hollywood droppin real shit from the dome/
its time for rhymin , keep the chattin to urself wen u alone
only masters wit the words can talk in poetry/
i kno how u posers be/
thinkin u got flo like me/
u betta check yaself wen u step to this emcee/
30 sec thought on this shit that i brought/
i beat many that i fought/
its my style that u sought/
u tried to catch up to me but u got caught