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06-23-2008, 02:28 AM
Iím on a renaissance from my own life to Benetton
Spitting lyrics beckons knowledge that canít be translated/
Ink pens mind raiding face forces from the general fader
Audio boards get juiced until pro tools get used n abused/
I come wit more candor less logical
More unorthodox less political/
Open minds like clocks to digital
That cease to tick when they donít tock/
Drop bombs whatís wrong with rocking arms
These cops putting beating on us nonstop/
What the fuck I canít get a job, go home and rock
Why do I gotta be a statistic and obedient like a dog do
Why canít you respect me like a human being duke/
This is why people donít respect people
I rhyme wit a thesis that wasnít published in magazines or features/
Thatís why I have to reach through song and poetry
Now do you notice me through various images/
Scrimmaging on the front line or dodging those M4 Carbines
Whether weíre block rocking, school shopping or studying n plotting/
Now Iíve been given option Iíve taken college courses forged lessons with a breath of wind
Skillful used rhymes combined wit books from the sublime to the grind Iím online/
My mind be complex like a word search and a maze taken stages
Phased through walls of victory just to get door shut in my face/

Back to stage one
Back to day one
Back to faze one
Back to the day
Where weíre all one

Dead from the seas I rose like manís mythic origin
I pour flows in wit gold chose bars that shielded me bold/
Grew from concrete, every time someone dies
Their just get re-planted in the ground/
Sound off wit the gods and earth throughout our rebirth
Now Iím watching TV priest thinking they preaching
When theyíre just defeating the purpose of church/
I sit atop a perch visualize the rest of my life
From Christian to being just plain spiritual/
Equally lyrical made man blades scraped the days land
Face the glass made from sand elements became relevant/
When the planet decided it wasnít supporting you no more
Like welfare kicks people off after five years/
I did my knowledge like M. Nightís ďThe HappeningĒ
Now thatís capturing an audience like ďThe VillageĒ
Itís all a mental pillage upon them/

06-26-2008, 09:40 PM