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Storm Shadow Samurai
06-28-2008, 04:47 AM
Them to find a new home. I dont know if the hackers will follow here but expect a flood of new posters like i have seen on UGHH and other boards. Popular Hip-Hop news and editorial website SOHH.com was attacked earlier this morning by the notorious hacking group known as anonymous or simply 4chan. The details surrounding the cause of this attack is sketchy at the moment, but it has also been reported that other rival Hip-Hop sites such as World Star Hip-Hop, Dat Piff, and All Hip-Hop were under siege by the hackers as well.

Was it an act of hate or random internet warfare? At first thought, it may seem likely as rival message board sites do in fact spam and attempt hacks on one another. But nothing seems to be on the scale of the devastating attack SOHH.com’s forums received.

From the information we’ve gathered here at LvLselect.com, the attack was coordinated by the hackers in retaliation due to the taunting from several members in SOHH’s JBO (Just Buggin’ Out) forum, which is designed for general discussion.

The attack begain with simple spamming and defacing of the website with grotesque pictures and derogatory terms, assuming this was enough for SOHH’s forums until members continued to provoke them.

According to 4chan’s unofficial encyclopedia, the time line of the event is as follows below:

It all started in the ‘Just Bugging Out’ (possibly n*ggaspeak for “Low Blood Chicken”) section of the SOHH forums with a thread titled *Stands in the middle of street and calls 4Chan out* here. They’ve made a new thread. It’s Here. Judging by the sheer volume of African Americans in jail, this sort of ‘goading the hurricane’ behavior makes sense. Typical zzzzzz interactions include bragging about how much money they (don’t) make, the speed in which their WalMart plastic hub spinners rotate, and how many whyte wimmenz they’ve given the African-Injected d*ck Sickness (AIDS) to. However, Anonymous has no regard for ones material gains, a loud-mouth, and how “nannified” a racial demographic is. Anonymous only exists to destroy. That lesson has been made abundantly clear to SOHH.com.

First Wave

The campaign opened up with standard Shock Pic procedure, followed up with spam posting. By keeping the admins and moderators busy, they were too distracted to see the Low Orbital Ion Cannons put into place. Gigs of needless bandwidth was taken from them, achieving a quasi-DDoS on the target. The well-known vulnerabilities fo vB were utilized to kick people off the board, and their md5 hashes were stolen when they logged back in. Rainbow tables and brutes were utilizes to crack them until a few admin passwords were taken. With such a tremendous force thrown at them in such a short amount of time, the Negroid mind’s natural response was to fall back on what gets it through the average welfare day: More tough talk and absurd claims of a Pyhrric Victory. Anonymous immediately responded by taking down the entire forum.

Second Wave

SOHH.com refugees spread to the remaining Hip-Hop communities, such as AHH.com and DatPiff.com. A few Anon strike teams independently followed these people to their new sanctuaries to measure resistance and provide proof of the viciousness of a wrathful Anonymous. A few zzzzzzs were part of 4chan culture and tried to spread counter-intelligence on 4chan by saying the Newfags are ruining the raid. In reality, The Low Orbital Cannons were ordered to retreat, and the strategic zerg rush of Anonymous was brought back into the planning stages for the next devastating assault on this atrocious cultural blight on the internet. Many zzzzzzs became downright fearful and ratted out their fellow kin while others were even were baleeting their accounts in fear.

Third Wave

As of 3PM EST on June 25th, the SOHH forums were down. In the meantime the BWRAEP turned toward the SOHH main page. The main page was brought down for around 20 minutes at 3:30PM. The forums popped back up just in time for the planned 6PM raid and were promptly shut down, and as of 9:30PM they are still down. /b/tards are purposefully leaking the main page’s bandwidth instead of taking it completely down.

At some point between 8:30PM and 10PM the /b/tards redirected their attention to AllHipHop.com: We Hate Nose Hair where many of the souljahboy cock suckers had taken refuge. It was BWRaep’d in the same fashion and was down.

If you were to visit SOHH’s website at this time, it is avialiable to view and read news articles as normal but their forms are left unavailable. Earlier today there was a message simply saying “BRB”, but in reality this may just be R.I.P. for the forums.

This is nothing new for these hackers. They have reportedly known for hacking into random Myspace accounts, flooding them with homosexual pictures and other various forms of content with the intent of disgusting visitors. Stealing information from users has been speculated, but none knows the true depth of these attacks. These hackers are also known as terrorists for their numerous bomb threats that have “promised” in the past. None have actually occurred in relation to them at this time.

SOHH is this just the beginning? No one is sure at the moment, but sites are taking precautions as All Hip Hop has reset user passwords for accounts and other forums are prohibiting the discussion of any hacking attempts or 4chan in general.

this is some fucked up shit....all i gotta say is.....who's next? DJ JON

06-28-2008, 06:19 AM
hahaha thats some funny shit, i've never been on sohh but the site probably deserved to get hacked. if 4chan came here and hacked this site then it probably would'nt faze most of us cos we'd be too stoned to notice :b

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