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July 3 Anti-War Demonstration in Quebec City

Oppose Attempts to Use Quebec City's 400th Anniversary for War Preparations of Bush and Harper!
No to the Militarization of Culture and Public Space!
- Statement of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (PMLQ), June 30, 2008 -

All Out for the July 3 Anti-War Demonstration in Quebec City!

Thursday, July 3 -- 10:00 am
Parc de l'Amérique française (corner of Claire Fontaine and St-Amable)

Buses from Montreal
Depart: July 3 -- 7:00 am
Corner of Berri and Ste-Catherine (metro Berri-UQAM)
Return: early evening
Reserve your seat before July 1 by e-mail: echecalaguerre@videotron.ca; info@echecalaguerre.org. Please indicate clearly number of seats requested. Suggested contribution: $20. Organized by Échec à la guerre.

Depart: July 3 -- 7:00 am
1455 De Maisonneuve W
Reserve your seat by phone: 514-848-7583 or e-mail: blocktheempire@gmail.com, no later than by June 30. Suggested contribution of $10, or more if you can afford it, at time of departure. No one turned away because of lack of funds.

From Saguenay Lac-St Jean
For information or to reserve a seat contact: Bleuets pour la paix, bleutspourlapaix@gmail.com or CRAC Saguenay, cracsaguenay@hotmail.com, http://cracsaguenay.blogspot.com/

From Sherbrooke
E-mail rajestrie@leraj.org.

• Oppose Attempts to Use Quebec City's 400th Anniversary for the War Preparations of Bush and Harper! No to the Militarization of Culture and Public Space! - Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (PMLQ)
• 400 years of Militarism Must Cease! From Quebec to Kabul, No Army in Our Cities! - Guerre à la guerre
• Rimouski Says No to Military Ceremony
• Militant Opposition to Warships in Port of Quebec City
• Visit of Henry Kissinger: Montreal Is Not a Haven for War Criminals!
• House of Commons Recommends U.S. War Resisters Receive Permanent Resident Status
• CANSEC Weapons Fair: All Out for an Anti-War Government! - Pierre Soublière
• Protest Against Lockheed Martin's Involvement with the Canadian Census - Vivelecanada.com
• Note to Our Readers


July 3 Anti-War Demonstration in Quebec City

Oppose Attempts to Use Quebec City's 400th Anniversary for War Preparations of Bush and Harper!
No to the Militarization of Culture and Public Space!
- Statement of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (PMLQ), June 30, 2008 -

The PMLQ joins with all peace-loving forces in denouncing the planned deployment of troops and police in the streets of Quebec City on July 3 as part of Quebec City's 400th anniversary and in firmly proclaiming that Quebecers and Canadians oppose Canada's participation in the U.S. war in Afghanistan.

The demands are clear: Withdraw granting Freedom of the City to the troops! Immediate withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan! End army recruitment and propaganda!

We condemn Harper's pro-war government which once again prepares to use Quebec City's 400th anniversary to promote army and military culture on public grounds. Between 8:15 and 9:00 a.m. on July 3, the anniversary of the founding of Quebec City, a Freedom of the City ceremony in tribute to the 5th Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group is to take place outside City Hall on des Jardins Street, along with an RCMP "Musical Ride Parade" (32 riders on horseback). Then at 11:15 am, between 3,000 and 5,000 soldiers are to take part in a military parade on Grande Allée, between Taché Avenue and the Château Frontenac. These activities are being organized in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the National Battlefield Commission.

The Freedom of the City (Droit de cité) ceremony is one of the highest tributes paid by municipal authorities to a military unit. In granting Freedom of the City, a city allows the military unit permission to parade through its streets in full fanfare, with flags flying and bayonets and cannons displayed, in thanks of services rendered to the citizenry. Such a right is bestowed on a military unit for accomplishing such feats as defending the sovereignty of Quebec and of Canada against such things as military aggression by the U.S. or another power. However at present, the role of the Armed Forces is to occupy Afghanistan at the behest of the U.S. imperialist war machine against the sovereignty of the Afghan people. This is why the demonstration will demand that Freedom of the City be withdrawn. Such tribute should instead be bestowed on all anti-war activists and patriots, the youth and organizations defending international law and the popular will, which has found its expression in every corner of Quebec, in opposition to Canada's participation in the bellicose designs of the U.S. against the peoples of the world.

Left: 62 percent of Quebeckers say no to extending Canada's mission in Afghanistan
The Department of National Defence's web site also informs that: "The 400th anniversary of the founding of Québec City in 2008 will be an ideal opportunity for the Government of Canada to highlight the importance of the city's unique military heritage." Over 20 military activities have been announced to promote military propaganda and youth recruitment: canon firing, air shows, a military parade, a festival of military bands and numerous other activities aimed specifically at the youth, such as youth cadet reunions and activities, to ensure the omnipresence of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Under the guise that the military is part of our heritage and history, the government is spending millions of dollars to use Quebec City's 400th anniversary for the extensive infiltration by the army of public space, so that people become accustomed to such propaganda and to the recruitment of the youth as cannon fodder. According to Stephen Harper and the Manley Report, the problem is that the people do not understand Canada's role in Afghanistan and thus do not support it. Therefore the strategy has to be adjusted with increased efforts to justify government participation in aggressive war designs and to create a breach in the firm resolve of the Quebec people against these aggressive aims. These attacks on the anti-war consciousness of the people know no bounds and are being carried out irrespective of cost. The government is spending millions of dollars for propaganda, sophisticated army ads and "documentaries" on the role of the army. On an ongoing basis and in the name of high ideals, people are being bombarded with disinformation regarding the mission's real aims. Stephen Harper, in a shameless attempt to link the nation of Quebec and the Canadian people to the morbid designs of the warmongers, recently declared that war preparations are part of our "values," and our Canadian and Quebec identity.

This must not pass. Quebecers and Canadians have said no to the war in Afghanistan! No to Canada's participation in the Bush government's bellicose plans! Let's raise our voices against the attempts of the Canadian government to recruit the youth as cannon fodder in unjust and illegitimate wars, in the service of the hegemonic aims of U.S. empire. Let's unmask the government's pro-war propaganda! Let's fight against the militarization of cultural and social activities! Let's impose the popular will! Let's provide ourselves with an anti-war government that plays a role favourable to the sovereignty of the peoples of the world and which refuses to place the country's resources at the disposal of empire builders.

Fight for an Anti-War Government!
Troops Out of Quebec City and Afghanistan!
Not a Single Youth for Imperialist War!

Quebec City, June 22, 2007: On the occasion of further Canadian troop deployents to Afghanistan, more than 700 demonstrators, mostly youth hailing from all over Quebec, took to the streets to reaffirm loudly and clearly the opposition of the peoples of Quebec and Canada to Canada's participation in the U.S./NATO-led war in Afghanistan. Their demonstration challenged the attempt of the government, military and NATO to cynically use Quebeckers' concern for their family members being sent to Afghanistan to stage a military parade amongst the civilian population to provide PR that Quebeckers support the war.
Military Program for 400th Anniversary of Quebec City
The military program posted on the website of Department of National Defence shows omnipresence of the Canadian military during Quebec City’s 400th anniversary festivities. The commemorative activities planned for 2008 featuring the military include:

- homage to visitors in the Far North (From January 21-29)
- “Souque à la corde” and winter bivouac at Quebec Winter Carnival (From February 1-17)
- biathlon demonstration by cadets at Quebec Winter Carnival (February 9-10)
- Grand concert Voltigeurs, Quebec City (April 19)
- Naval Rendez-Vous, Quebec City (May 29-June 1)
- Normandy Day picnic (May 31)
- International Air Show, Quebec City (June 13-15)
- demonstrations of military history (July 1-August 31)
- Compagnie franche de la Marine (Naval Reserve) (June 24-August 24)
- Canadian Forces booth, Ottawa (June 14-September 1)
- firing of canons at the Citadel in Quebec City (June 24-September 1)
- “Garde en rouge” at the Citadel in Quebec City (June 24-September 1)
- National Band of the Naval Reserve (June 24-August 24)
- Eastern Region Cadet Band at "Canada Place" tent (June 24-September 1)
- Exhibition of military museums: "The military history of Quebec City" (Summer 2008)
- Concert Under the Stars (June 308)
- military and police parade at “Freedom to the City” ceremony (July 3)
- "Homecoming" Day for army cadets (July 26)
- Grand gathering youth cadet (August 10 2008)
- International Festival of Military Bands of Quebec (FIMMQ) (August 14-24)
- Concert at Dusk (August 16)
- “Rallye des contreforts” (foothills rally) (September 1-28)


400 years of Militarism Must Cease!
From Quebec to Kabul, No Army in Our Cities!
- Guerre à la guerre -

Come out and demonstrate Thursday, July 3 at 10:00 am at the park Amérique française to denounce the "Freedom of the City" ceremony and the military parade of Canadian Armed Forces.

The ceremony gives the military's 22nd regiment the city's permission to enter its grounds. This masquerade aims to boost the popularity of the army in Quebec and promote the Canadian mission in Afghanistan. It is our duty to take acttion to reiterate our opposition to this war and this celebration, which entitles the soldiers to move freely in the city.

The war waged in Afghanistan under the pretext of humanitarian assistance is not significantly improving the situation of Afghans and Afghanistan. Driven by strategic and economic interests, it is only intended to extend the control of western countries on the Middle East.

We demand the withdrawal Freedom of the City!

We demand the immediate withdrawal of Canadian troops in Afghanistan!

We demand the end of recruitment and propaganda carried out by the army!

Endorsers of the event:

Échec à la guerre
Coalition de Québec pour la paix
Bloquez l'Empire
Regroupement autonome des jeunes de l'Estrie
Les Bleuets pour la paix
CRAC Saguenay
Comité Fahad
Le Parti Communiste du Québec
Le Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire
Organisation québécoise de solidarité internationale pour les droits humains
L'Union locale de Montréal de la NEFAC
Parti marxiste-léniniste du Québec
Le collectif anarchiste la Nuit
Le collectif Piranha
Le collectif du 19 juillet
Union régionale du Québec de la NEFAC

(Translation from original French by TML Daily)


Rimouski Says No to Military Ceremony
The newspaper Le Rimouskois has just published a poll it conducted on its blog regarding a proposal from the mayor of Rimousksi to hold a flag exchange ceremony between the city of Rimouski and the 22nd Regiment of the Canadian army. Ninety-one percent of respondents said they are strongly opposed it.

Since the winter, there has been a lot of publicity surrounding soldiers from the Bas Saint-Laurent region fighting in Afghanistan. The presence of the army in Rimouski is greater than elsewhere because there are naval reserves, air cadets, the Fusilliers du Saint-Laurent and members of the army reserve in the city, who are highlighted by official circles at every opportunity. Thus, the mayor of Rimouski and his coterie organize activities to support military activities and especially the army recruitment in the city, based on the promotion of the military's "humanitarian" mission.

Despite these efforts, the general feeling of the population is that the Canadian army has no business in Afghanistan or elsewhere. Parents of young soldiers are worried about their sons and daughters. Workers point out that military spending would be better used for health care. The population of the Bas Saint-Laurent is particularly affected by the crisis in the health system in Quebec. The lack of doctors and physical capacity to accommodate all patients who require hospital care quality.


Militant Opposition to Warships in Port of Quebec City
On May 29, anti-war activists demonstrated against the presence of seven international warships from the USA, Canada, France and Ireland in the port of Quebec, with a total of 1,500 sailors. These ships docked in the port of Quebec City from May 29 to June 1 as part of the naval Rendez-Vous organized for the 400th anniversary of Quebec City. The vessels were connected by bridges to "welcome" the population, ultimately leading visitors directly into the arms of a booth to recruit young people as cannon fodder for war. News reports stated the military was hoping for up to 60,000 visitors.

Bystanders welcomed the protest and many turned their backs on the vessels, refusing to participate in their visit, this war propaganda and recruitment of young people for war.

TML is posting below the statement of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (PMLQ).


No Harbour for War! Warships Out of the Port of Quebec City!
- Statement of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (PMLQ), June 29, 2008 -

The Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (PMLQ) vigorously denounces the presence of seven warships which are taking part in a naval "Rendez-vous" from May 29 to June 1 on the occasion of Quebec City's 400th anniversary, under the pretext of a providing a tourist attraction to visitors and residents of Quebec City as part of the festivities. These seven warships represent Canada, the U.S., France, England and Ireland.

The U.S. vessel Mesa Verde is a San Antonio class battleship, measuring 208 metres long. It is carrying more than 400 crewmen and is capable of transporting 720 marines and 14 combat vehicles. England is represented by the frigate Richmond; France is represented by the anti-aircraft frigate Cassard; and Ireland by the patrol boat Roisin. The Canadian navy has three ships in port: the tanker Preserver, the frigate St. John's, and the maritime coastal defence vessel Summerside. Notably, their weaponry includes missiles, guns and heavy machine guns. On May 29, all the ships arrived together at Quebec City. They are moored side by side in an estuary of the St. Lawrence River and are connected by walkways to facilitate visitors.

One of the recommendations of the pro-war Manley report, denounced across the country by the working class and its allies, concerned the need to increase "efforts at persuasion" of Canadians and Quebeckers to achieve the military objectives of the Harper government in the service of the U.S. empire. The report stated, "...from the start of Canada's Afghan involvement has failed to communicate with Canadians with balance and candour about the reasons for Canadian involvement, or about the risks, difficulties and expected results of that involvement. [...] The Panel believes that this information deficit needs to be redressed immediately in a comprehensive and more balanced communication strategy of open and continuous engagement with Canadians."

In short, the small minority which hold power in Canada decide what is good for the country and those who oppose this agenda are "in error." The fact that the majority of Canadians and Quebeckers are opposed to Canada's mission in Afghanistan must be "corrected" according to Harper, though means of ubiquitous propaganda, sophisticated public relations campaigns for the Canadian army during primetime television and a growing presence of the army and militarization of culture in sporting and cultural activities. The army, say the television commercials, offers the chance to do "something useful," to "fight fear, chaos and insecurity."

This propaganda campaign is part of the constant disinformation about the true objectives of the mission which includes the silence on the broad opposition to it. It is part of the efforts to exploit the tragedies of families of soldiers killed or injured in Afghanistan to create the mentality that we should not question the reasons for the war.

The "open and continuous engagement" and the "communication strategy" recommended by the Manley report include millions of dollars invested by the Harper government in the celebrations and the warships in Quebec's waters on the 400th anniversary of Quebec City.

Denounce the efforts of Canada's government to recruit the youth as cannon fodder for unjust and illegitimate wars. Reject the government's pro-war propaganda and the militarization of culture! Quebeckers and Canadians want an anti-war government which plays a role in favour of the sovereignty of the peoples of the world and which refuses to put the country's resources at the disposal of the empire-builders.

No Harbour for War!
Warships Out of Quebec City!
All Out for an Anti-War Government!


Visit of Henry Kissinger:
Montreal Is Not a Haven for War Criminals!

On June 11, activists in Montreal took part in a spirited demonstration called by Collectif Échec à la guerre against the visit of war criminal and former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to their city.

In the call for the demonstration, Collectif Échec à la guerre points out, "The former Secretary of State to the Nixon and Ford administrations has reinvented himself as a private consultant and will be speaking in Montreal as part of the International Economic Forum of the Americas. The forum itself has been denounced by social justice groups in Quebec for its neo-liberal, anti-environmental, pro-military orientation.

"Kissinger has been condemned by human rights organizations the world over for the total contempt he showed for human life that characterized his foreign policy decisions. Our action aims to both draw attention to his numerous crimes and denounce the invitation extended to him by the International Economic Forum of the Americas.

"Because he is wanted for questioning by judges in Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, France and Spain, Kissinger has a hard time traveling and speaking in public. Canada should not be an exception.

"Henry Kissinger should not be given a red carpet welcome in Montreal and a seat at a prestigious conference. He should be tried in front of an international tribunal for war crimes.

"[...] Join us in asking for justice for this man's crimes around the world.

"No red carpet for war criminals!"

A few of the crimes against humanity of Henry Kissinger:

1970: as the U.S. was increasingly humiliated in Vietnam, Kissinger pushed for the expansion of the war into Cambodia, authorizing a secret bombing campaign to expand the war

1971: gave tacit approval to the Pakistani military to commit massacres against the Bangladeshi population in the east of the country, leaving hundreds of thousands of civilians dead.

1973: directed U.S. involvement in Operation Condor in Chile, giving orders supporting a coup by General Augusto Pinochet against the democratically elected government of Salvadore Allende that led to the persecution, disappearance, torture and murder of thousands.

1975: approved and supported the invasion of East Timor by General Suharto of Indonesia, which led to an estimated 200,000 deaths.


House of Commons Recommends U.S. War Resisters Receive Permanent Resident Status
On June 3, Opposition parties in the House of Commons adopted a joint recommendation to the Government of Canada that U.S. Iraq war resisters be permitted to obtain permanent resident status in Canada. The recommendation was moved by NDP MP Olivia Chow (Trinity-Spadina) and passed 137 to 110 with the Conservatives voting against.

The motion is nonbinding and based on a December 2007 report by the House of Commons immigration committee. It calls on the government to "immediately implement a program to allow conscientious objectors and their immediate family members...to apply for permanent resident status and remain in Canada; and...the government should immediately cease any removal or deportation actions...against such individuals."

Speaking against the motion in the House on May 29, Conservative MP Laurie Hawn (Edmonton Centre) argued that U.S. deserters should state their cases before a U.S. court, according to the Hansard.

Diane Finley, the minister for citizenship and immigration, said after the vote, "The emotion in the House does not change the law in the country. Once someone has gone through the legal process, we expect them to respect the results and leave the country when asked."

Corey Glass, 25, a war resister who came to Canada in 2006 and was recently told to leave Canada by June 12 or face removal to the United States, welcomed the vote. "I'm thankful that the MPs voted to let me and the other war resisters stay in Canada. I'm also thankful to all the Canadians who urged their MPs to support us."

"This is a great victory for the courageous men and women who have come to Canada because they refuse to take part in the illegal, immoral Iraq War, and for the many organizations and individuals who have supported this campaign over the past four years," said Lee Zaslofsky, Coordinator of the War Resisters Support Campaign and a Vietnam War deserter who came to Canada in 1970.

A June 3 press release from the War Resisters Support Campaign calls on the Harper government to "respect the democratic decision of the Canadian Parliament and immediately implement the motion and cease deportation proceedings against Corey Glass and other war resisters."

(Sources: War Resisters Support Campaign, Georgia Strait, LA Times)


CANSEC Weapons Fair

All Out for an Anti-War Government!
- Pierre Soublière -

The CANSEC weapons fair took place in Ottawa on April 9-10. A few years ago the fair, known under the name of ARMEX, temporarily disappeared, mainly due to strong popular opposition year after year. Unfortunately, from of the ashes of ARMEX comes CANSEC, the only difference between the two being six of one or a half dozen of the other.

CANSEC is organized by the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries in close collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works and Government Services Canada. The Association has 500 members which include all the industries linked to the production of technologies or weapons for whom wars of occupation such as in Iraq and Afghanistan or the increased surveillance of people are looked upon as business opportunities.

The Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries is described as a means to bring "security practitioners" together with their "supporting" industry counterparts.

What made the event even more repugnant this year is that it was held just weeks after the vote in the House of Commons extending the occupation of Afghanistan by the Canadian armed forces, an occupation headed by NATO, the U.S. imperialists' main military tool in attaining their goal of world domination. The vote took place on March 13. The Liberal-Conservative consensus was presented by the government as well as by the media as a "Canadian" decision. However, Quebeckers and Canadians are opposed to such wars of aggression. They are also profoundly concerned about the increasing role of the military in decision-making as part of the machinery of Canada's war government.

It was astounding that General Rick Hillier took part in the so-called debate on the issue. Hillier threatened the political parties who were not in step with extending the occupation of Afghanistan by saying they were encouraging the terrorists. It was like listening to Bush.

A number of concerns arise from such decisions: who decides what goes on in the country? Who is accountable to whom? Isn't the military subordinate to the civilian authority, i.e., the government? Isn't the government accountable to the people? What does it mean if the Party in Opposition shares the same warmongering aims as the Party in Power? Why are billions of dollars taken out of the social economy and handed over to companies who wait with baited breath for news of the latest atrocities committed against the peoples to see how it will increase their profits or standing on the stock market?

Demonstrations against CANSEC weapons fair in Ottawa.
In light of the recent sponsorship "scandal" and current revelations of the envelopes of money received by former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney for promoting "peace" on behalf of weapons manufacturers in the form of arms peddling, haven't we every right to be asking what such "lobbying" is all about? What is a conflict of interest? Is it just a matter of whether or not a government representative or MP is in sync with the Parliament's "ethical" guidelines? Who established these ethics? Who do they serve?

In terms of "lobbying," the weapons industries have their representatives well-positioned. The main mouthpieces during the April 9-10 events at the Westin Hotel were NATO Commander General Gene Renuart, former U.S. Secretary of Defence William Cohen and Minister of Public Safety Stockwell Day. How can anyone believe the nonsense about Canada's humanitarian mission in Afghanistan or about reconstruction when our so-called political representatives prostrate themselves before one of the most powerful and most dangerous "lobbies" in the world? There is no better way of describing a "conflict of interest" as when such political representatives are prepared to violate the sovereignty of the country in such a way. The main problem by far is governments who have abdicated their social responsibility so as to serve the monopolies and the U.S. imperialists, with tragic consequences for the peoples of the world. These goverments block the working class and their allies from political power, so that measures that favour the people cannot be taken, such as refusing to pay the rich, increasing funding for social programs and establishing just and peaceful relations of mutual benefit with other countries.

Such indecent behaviour between war lobbyists and Canada's war government brings to mind the Harper government's actions on Bill C-3, the renewed security certificate legislation. Not only did the government refuse to address the anti-constitutional nature of the security certificate, it re-introduced it virtually intact. This determination of the Harper government to apply the unprincipled dictates of "shoot first, ask questions later," "guilty until proven innocent" and "might makes right" of the war industry and the U.S. imperialists warrants the greatest contempt. All of it is done in the name of "defence" and "security." This only reaffirms that our security lies in our fight for the rights of all, a struggle that we must intensify. At the same time, we are presented with the urgent reality that an anti-war government is an immediate need which everyone must address in order to put an end to this warmongering hysteria.


Protest Against Lockheed Martin's Involvement
with the Canadian Census
- Vivelecanada.com, April 11, 2008 -

At least one Canadian who refused to fill out the 2006 census forms in protest against U.S. military giant Lockheed Martin's involvement is being called to court, and may face a $500 fine and up to six months in jail.

The popular pro-Canadian website Vive le Canada (www.vivelecanada.ca) ran a campaign from 2004 to 2006 to protest Lockheed's involvement with the Canadian census. The campaign, called "Count Me Out" as a response to Statistic Canada's census campaign "Count Me In," offered information on Lockheed's involvement with the census, an email form letter visitors could edit and send to Chief Statistician Ivan Fellegi opposing Lockheed's involvement, and information on other actions, including the option of refusing to fill out the census forms.

Vive le Canada founder Susan Thompson says that her site started the campaign after receiving requests from members. She was recently contacted by Sandra Finley, a Vive le Canada member and Saskatchewan resident who will be going to court and entering a plea on April 15 over her refusal to complete the census. Vive le Canada is spreading the word and helping organize support.

Thompson says she is certain that there are other census boycotters across Canada because of the tremendous response the website received while running its campaign. According to Thompson, most boycotters felt that a U.S.-owned company, and in particular a military contractor such as Lockheed Martin, should not be involved with the Canadian census, especially during the unpopular Iraq war. Another concern was privacy. It remains unclear whether information gathered by the Canadian census falls under the American PATRIOT Act if gathered in part by a U.S.-owned company. Through the PATRIOT Act, the U.S. military potentially has access to any information held by a U.S. corporation.

"StatsCan did respond to our initial boycott of the census testing in 2004 by limiting Lockheed's involvement in the 2006 census and later firing Lockheed Martin employees. However, as many of those employees were hired back according to StatsCan itself in a 'fair competition' for their old jobs, and Lockheed was still involved in creating the software which processed the census results, our concerns were not completely laid to rest. Two years later, they still aren't."

As for the potential legal consequences of boycotting the census, Thompson says that many Canadians such as Sandra Finley are willing to face them.

"We made it clear that not completing the census is illegal in Canada, and that the consequences for boycotting could be jail time and/or fines. However, Canadians across the country were upset enough to make the personal decision to boycott the census despite the potential consequences," she says. Thompson herself was one of the census boycotters.

She says that the boycott was larger than Statistics Canada has acknowledged.

"Our opinion is that the boycott was widespread, and that one of the main reasons many Canadians refused to participate in the census was Lockheed Martin's involvement. Even more people across the country didn't boycott, but agreed that Lockheed Martin should not be involved and sent emails, letters, and other statements in support of our campaign. However, StatsCan probably felt the boycott was damaging to its image, and has done its best to downplay the sell-out of our census and the subsequent outcry."

"Now that census boycotters are going to court, StatsCan should finally acknowledge that Canadians did not want Lockheed Martin involved with the Canadian census, and don't want the company involved in any future census information gathering either."

Census boycotter Sandra Finley says that her refusal to complete the census was, and remains, a matter of principle.

"Through the outsourcing of the Canadian census, my tax money is now adding to the profits of Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin is the largest U.S. defense contractor. Why would I participate in the census and be a collaborator with Lockheed Martin? Lockheed Martin makes huge profits from killing. I do not believe in increasing the hatred in the world through killing other people and their children."

"The out-sourcing of Canadian census work to Lockheed Martin was unnecessary and immoral. I will not be complicit with the Government of Canada in enriching this American corporation. We are supposed to have democratic government, so I am responsible for the actions of my Government. Their use of the threat of jail time to make me conform to an information-gathering document is odious."

Finley says she would rather go to jail before completing the census form or paying a fine.

For more information contact:

Susan Thompson (780) 322-3325 cell (780) 618-5314 email: susan.thompson@vivelecanada.ca

Sandra Finley (306) 373-8078 email: sabest1@sasktel.net