View Full Version : Team Ico's Third Game

07-02-2008, 06:28 PM
now around launch there was a PS2 game named "Ico" that 700 000 people around the world or so took note of. hailed as a game as an artistic experience it gained cult classic status. you're a boy, trapped in a castle for being born with cursed horns, and you try to escape with a girl who speaks a different language than you who was also trapped.

a few years back they released Shadow of the Colossus which sold much better, and was another experience in gaming as art. you're a guy who's trying to revive an unknown girl, and to do so you must slay 16 Colossus.

and now they're working on their third game for playstation 3, which all we know about is this:

i read on a website that someone had been invited to a Sony Playstation press event, and had been given special clearance to watch a trailer of an upcoming game. swearing to secrecy he told us that what we think about interactive entertainment and the experience of gaming will change with this new game. some think it may be Team Ico's third game.