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Poetic Death of OgT
07-04-2008, 07:42 PM
Walking Alone The Prophet of Babylon/
A Wolf Amongst The Sheep Lies Low With The Monologue/
Assassin In The Moonlight/
Disciples of The Vatican a Seven Year War/
I'm Seeing Bodies Turn To Ashes The Prophet/
Walks Through Brimstone In White Velvet/
Assassin's On The Roof-Tops Exist With No Skeleton/
Disciples Sing Soliloquies The Wolf Begins To Wonder "Kill The Prophet The Nile
or Disciples of The Judas"/
Meanwhile The Nazareth Is Nailed To The Cross/
And Pilot Washed His Hands So No Crime Could Be Saw/
You See The People Lost Hope/
In The Idea of Self-Consciousness The Year Is 20-12 I'm Waiting On The Revelation/
The Prophet Gets a Vision/
Foreshadowing The Future Sees Assassins On The Roof-Tops and Starts To Quote Scriptures But It's Too Late/
Poisonous Darts Inject The Head/
And The Wolf Is Left Feeding Off The Dead...

What's Good People.
Just Wanted To let You Know That My 4th and Latest Album "Death To The Shogun Chapt.2" Is Out Now For FREE Download On Myspace Page In My Blog. It Has 22 Tracks That You Can Bang as Well Some Upcoming Hip-Hop Headz.
None of That Mainstream Shit...Lets Keep It Underground

MCs Featured on The Album:

- Sleep Sinatra
- Apostrophe
- Nomad
- Vice Versa The Blunted Sultan
- Doctor Cozmos
- Clockwork
- Nameless
- Hollucausto
- Cerebral The Great
- Sneakyness
- Nomatic

Producers For This Album:

- X Rayted Assassin
- Pesticyde
- Keko
- Vice Versa The Blunted Sultan
- Absolute
- Wisdomgod
- Rainchild85
- Kobra Kon
- Vintage Sinn
- Kayoss Sonn

Like i Said Folks It's The Second Chapt.2 To The 30 Track Chapt.1 (Which Is Also Up For Download) So If You Guys Get a Chance Stop By The Myspace and Check It Out!!!


Peace and Respect To The Underground

-Poetic Death of OgT

07-04-2008, 08:26 PM
This is good shit, reminds me of KP...


Poetic Death of OgT
07-04-2008, 08:52 PM
This is good shit, reminds me of KP...

Thanx Famo
If You have a Myspace Hit Me Up

07-04-2008, 08:53 PM
Thanx Famo
If You have a Myspace Hit Me Up

Aight, I'ma be checking out the album.

Watch that inbox.