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07-07-2008, 09:36 AM
was lokking around on other forums..and found a bike forum and some on posted a death thread..lsaying his brother died on his bike some lady pulled in front of him killing him

he added alot more to it

but some older meber looked around and found out this guy is lieing even got his phone # lol

any way


make up a new life
set up a new account on yahoo
set up a new myspace for ur new life
a paypale account

set up spme more shit so if some one want to do more digging..like chang ur ip

look for forumes

get in good..letting them know about u and ur life and how poor u are

get like 1000 post or more

and all of a sudden boom

ur brother dies in a freak accednt couse by some one els who aint paying for nothing

and o u cant afford to pay for the costs aswell
so u ask for donations

this is a some what a how to scam..but its also a look out for scammers awell

have u ever sent some one money over paypall as a donation