View Full Version : so i was shopping at this mall and.......

07-22-2008, 01:17 AM
i fucking shit all over myself... ;$

i was shopping for cd's when the feeling suddenly hit me, i didnt have to go before but FUCK did i go bad...

i clamped my ass and wobbled toward the register and faster than you can ask 'wheeeeeeeres the bathroooooom?' i fucking exploded.

luckily i have previous experience in the matter so i was able to get away with it without anybody knowing, of course there was suspicion from the people i was with but any smart person knows when you get caught lying you cover it up with an even bigger lie.

im not proud to say that i did but i think i just need to get it off my chest to numerous anonymous wu tang fans over the internet in all parts of the world...

it seems im gonna be posting here more so i figure i need to start gaining a rep. it also seems that this sort of thing happens often, i just figured out im partially lactose intolerant and realized the shit i eat scrambles my fucking stomach up.

anybody with similar experiences please share :) haha dont be a gooey chocolate chip cookie