View Full Version : Lost classic: "Bottle of Whup Ass" (*link inside*)

07-27-2008, 01:22 PM
J-Zone - A Bottle of Whup Ass.. The EP [2000]

I guess alot of people on here have slept on this lost classic so it's time to wake y'all up. I remember buying this on wax before even hearing a single track by J-Zone after Hip-Hop Connection gave it a 5/5 rating, and yes it IS that nice. i've bumped the shit out of it but then forgot about it and just re-discovered it the other day.

The beats is top-notch bugged out shit throughout and J-Zone blesses the mics with loads of funny and clever lines. Skits and interludes are usually just fillers but on here there are all funny as fuck and well executed. Perfect music to bump when you're drunk and smoked out of your fucking mind, for me this is easily J-Zone's finest moment. I'm pretty sure you can't get this in no stores anymore and it was only released on vinyl so enjoy and BUMP THIS: