View Full Version : They Don't Dance Nomo'

08-10-2008, 02:23 PM
This Thread is mostly related to the Euro Hiphop massive, but anyone is welcome to chip in :) .
I recently had my first professional DJ-gig (7+ hours, got paid about 90 Eurodollars)
And though the crowd seemed to dig the selection (only got about two, somewhat informed, but, drunken requests), nobody, except some old friends (who are notourious for their partying steez) seemed to care to dance. I played up to the crowd, mixing in MJ and Billy Idol and stuff like that at a regular basis, but the reaction consisted mostly of head nodding and random shouting whenever a song that has been popular for the last 20-30 years came up...
I know that Copenhagen isn't the biggest city in the world, and the venue was somewhat of a dance-cafe, rather than a full-on club. It seems to me that the only place where uninhibited dancing is the norm in this town is the pirate-raves, which unfortunately are full of young wankers who get maaad aggressive when the po-po eventually shows up.. Any thoughts?