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08-26-2005, 12:02 AM
I know...I know. I had this thread already,but some dick came in here when nobody was around and fucked my shits up. Here we go again. This is a serious thread with some humour to it. It's so that we can possibly talk about relationships and what comes with them. Or whatever but not no grade school shits. If anything, ya'll lil preschoolers that don't ever be talkin to girls can get some knowledge.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^

This here is a thread where I be introducin shortys and interviewin them. It is what it is. If you want pics of these here chicks then you can request them and I'll lead you in the right direction. Basicly , I'm a post the interview an then sum them up. They screen names will be on here so if you get the urdge........well ...you know. Aight, let tha games begin. In this interview we have Katya from Cali. She 25 and fine as hell. We stay in touch all tha time an she my best interview yet. I got six more in the vault and the number grows eryday so stay tuned. My intern -Christina- was supposed to tag along on this one so we can start getting double the interviews done but she had a unexpected call so she missed this one.Enjoy.

infinity_4269: greetings
sirenesea: uhum..*comes in with a skirt suit & 6 inch heels hair in a bun and puts on her glasses*
sirenesea: so where is she?
infinity_4269: she is on the phone with a chick that got dumped and will be here in a minute
sirenesea: oh okay!
infinity_4269: lets just start now and then let her jump in
infinity_4269: i like it like that anyway
sirenesea: well it'll give me time to prepare
infinity_4269: haw haw
infinity_4269: okay, how many sara's do you know
infinity_4269: ?
sirenesea: ok so what line of questioning did you have in mind?
sirenesea: I don't know any saras
infinity_4269: fucked up yet conservative
sirenesea: How many dicks do you know?
infinity_4269: no saras eh? what about sarah's
infinity_4269: none, no dicks except this dude that think he a robot...think his name fraz or sumthin
sirenesea: sarah brightman?
infinity_4269: but do you know her personally?
sirenesea: no I do not
infinity_4269: well that doesnt count unless u have had sex dreams about here
infinity_4269: *her*
infinity_4269: have you?
sirenesea: i have not
infinity_4269: hmmmm
infinity_4269: point well taken
infinity_4269: moving on
sirenesea: ok
infinity_4269: colored codoms or regular rubber glove white?
sirenesea: regular
infinity_4269: hmmmmm....have you ever had the colered ones though?
infinity_4269: *colored*
sirenesea: wait up
infinity_4269: *checks watch and taps foot*
sirenesea: sorry bathroom
infinity_4269: thats cool
sirenesea: ok im back
infinity_4269: ok
sirenesea: and where ar you now?
infinity_4269: so.....have you ever had a partner that used a colored condom?
sirenesea: *leans back on the chair and whistles*
sirenesea: we never used condoms
infinity_4269: *loosens bow tie*
infinity_4269: okay,good answer. Next Q,how do you cope when the one that you love is with somebody else and there is nothing that you can do about it?
sirenesea: Go dance and fuck the hotest guy there
sirenesea: or girl
infinity_4269: That's funny because I was going to say the same only with an ugly ass chick in place of the guy.
sirenesea: why ugly?
infinity_4269: They never say no.
sirenesea: oh okay
sirenesea: so what is the flavor of the month?
infinity_4269: The flavor of the month? Try week.
sirenesea: ok week?
infinity_4269: That would be my lil young chick,Andria. She's a country chick and I like to have sex with her with her father's Klan hood on her. It spices up the inter-racial relationship.
sirenesea: ah so the flavor of the week is sexually charged and highly racist thereby envoking danger...*crosses her legs and leans foward* interesting.
infinity_4269: So.........you are at a place of business and you notice a onee-hundred dollar bill on the ground right next to a person that looks like they might be looking for something. Do you pick it up and if so what do you do?
infinity_4269: Nice leg cross by the way.
infinity_4269: That would be one-hundred not onee.
sirenesea: hmmmm....I'd take it! It's the bad thing to do.
infinity_4269: Would you brag and yell out about your new finding?
sirenesea: *whispers*no of course not
infinity_4269: Hmmm........
infinity_4269: Sugar or spice?
sirenesea: Both!
infinity_4269: You may only pick one. Sorry.
sirenesea: Spice
infinity_4269: Good answer! Bullets or kisses?
sirenesea: ohhh
sirenesea: i wanna pick both
sirenesea: but kisses
infinity_4269: Okay. French kisses or grandma kisses?
sirenesea: oh la la French!
infinity_4269: *takes bow tie off*
sirenesea: *gasps*
sirenesea: you have to wait for the interviewie first before taking off your tie!
infinity_4269: Okay, you are at home and eating a meal that you made yourself and then you find a hair. Do you pick it out and continue eating?
sirenesea: if its mine I know its clean so i'll just pick it out and continue eating
sirenesea: Bunnies or kittens?
infinity_4269: What if you can not tell and it is kinky? The hair.
infinity_4269: Kittens always.Kittens are mad gangsta.
sirenesea: then I wont eat it
infinity_4269: Even if you are really hungry and it is your favorite?
sirenesea: ahhh
sirenesea: i still wouldn't
infinity_4269: Very well. Baseball or watching the show cops?
sirenesea: none
infinity_4269: Playing cards or walking a mile?
sirenesea: walking a mile dear. gotta keep those legs in shape!
infinity_4269: Good answer which brings me to the next Q. Spit or swallow?
sirenesea: *gasps*
sirenesea: depends
infinity_4269: That's right, you heard me.
infinity_4269: Depends?
infinity_4269: on?
sirenesea: *nods*
sirenesea: on the hotness factor
sirenesea: and what I get back in return
infinity_4269: AAhhh
infinity_4269: So if there is spiting then where does it get spitted?
sirenesea: woah on the floor
infinity_4269: Wow! is that vaccum cleanable?
sirenesea: im sure it is
infinity_4269: Right right.
infinity_4269: Fish or Steak?
sirenesea: Steak!
sirenesea: cotton or silk?
infinity_4269: Cotton
infinity_4269: wait
infinity_4269: on what
infinity_4269: ?
sirenesea: in general
infinity_4269: that is a vast Q for somebody that is getting interviewed
infinity_4269: coming from ,I mean
infinity_4269: I'm stickin with cotton
sirenesea: ok then on panties
infinity_4269: oh shit
infinity_4269: panties? Silk!
sirenesea: hmmm good answer
infinity_4269: How many is too many partners at the same time.*winks at you*
sirenesea: wow two is enough.
infinity_4269: Plus you?
infinity_4269: *leans forward*
sirenesea: you devil!
infinity_4269: Muhahaha
sirenesea: *laughs*
infinity_4269: So...do you always match your bra with your panties?
infinity_4269: Or do you just say fuck it sometimes>?
sirenesea: i say fuck it at times
sirenesea: but matching makes it preety when you undress in front of the mirror
infinity_4269: Could the colors be way off or are they some what in line?
sirenesea: the have to be in line
infinity_4269: Any advice for the readers on teen sex? We have some frisky minors out there reading.
sirenesea: buy condoms and for the girls get birth control!
sirenesea: bottom or on top?
infinity_4269: Good words.
sirenesea: *nods*
infinity_4269: Sum yourself up for me in a few words.
sirenesea: so whats your answer?
infinity_4269: oh,ooppps.
infinity_4269: Bottom.
infinity_4269: I'm an ass graber.
infinity_4269: Grabber
sirenesea: oh okay
infinity_4269: So..about yourself.....
sirenesea: latina chick who looks italian, dancer , and overall nice to people
infinity_4269: Good Good. Me likey.
infinity_4269: So .....what do girls want and need?
sirenesea: we want money and we need sex
infinity_4269: that isn't what I think too, that is what I know.
sirenesea: so, metal or lace?
infinity_4269: So...any last words to leave the readers with? Oh..and ...metal? wtf? for what?
sirenesea: *laughs*
sirenesea: maybe leather would be more suitable?
infinity_4269: *lays hand on your leg and laughs with you*
sirenesea: oh my
infinity_4269: now ,I wanna know about this metal thing.
infinity_4269: This brings about so many more questions. We might be bringing you back soon.
sirenesea: handcuffs!
infinity_4269: We are definatly bring you back soon.
infinity_4269: Metal.
sirenesea: *laughs*
sirenesea: you better!
infinity_4269: *puts arm around you minus the fake yawn and laughs with you again*
sirenesea: so did I pass the test?
infinity_4269: Oh yeah, your great! I would expect no less though. Would you like to do a quick wrap up tomarrow of about 3 more Q's?
sirenesea: sure
infinity_4269: I need to get to sleep
infinity_4269: you were great
sirenesea: ok sleep well dear!
sirenesea: thank you!
infinity_4269: im gonna edit the talking but leave everything else
sirenesea: too bad the other couldn't show up
infinity_4269: she should be back for the next one
sirenesea: i would have grilled her!
infinity_4269: she had some friend calling her crying
sirenesea: *winks*
infinity_4269: haha
sirenesea: aww well she has to be good friend
infinity_4269: we'll get her
sirenesea: we will!
infinity_4269: yeah that is a good friend
infinity_4269: she really wanted to be here
sirenesea: well good night dear. sweet dreams!
sirenesea: i can't wait to meet her
infinity_4269: ill except her award on her behave tho
infinity_4269: sweet dreams to u too
infinity_4269: *kisses ur forehead*
sirenesea: *hugs* ciao!
infinity_4269: nightnight

Now as you can see, this interview was rushed but I left it raw to see if anybody really wants Katya to come back. She got away without the word association part of the interview. Anyway, hit this up with ur comments and stay tuned cuz I'm fixin to make this thread last a minute. It's in raw form right now so that you can see the realness and also see where it is going once I post a few more. One.

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maybe its me but wots the "aim" of this thread?

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i know what you want i know you neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed SAUSAGES

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Can't live without sausages. Proven fact.

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Guess I shoulda took my time editing this shit but I still seen longer post. I know ya'll had to at least see where I asked her what girls want and need and she said -sex, and money. Anyways, I'm gonna stick to this shit. The feed back so far has only let me know what I should do to better this thread. There ain't nobody that can make me give up on somethin once I have a good idea and contrary to what some idiots believe, I am going somewhere with this one. It jus got a few kinks to get worked out that's all. One.

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Rock the Bells

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