View Full Version : KANYE WEST - DIAMONDS (remix) ft JAY Z

06-13-2005, 08:13 PM
yo anyone hear that new KANYE WEST DIAMONDS (remix) with Jay Z...........shit is dope KANYE raps about were diamonds come from in africa, and how africans sufer to get them......

.....fuck it, KANYE is dope.......99% of rappers in the game rap about the same ol shit ie) bitches ass, thugs in love.........KANYE actually has something to say, plus he makes his own beats.....cant believe he gets hated on here sometimes.

06-13-2005, 08:20 PM
Kanye is actually a very dope producer and a decent MC at best
its true that his music gets hated on mostly by fellow Wu heads because of his affiliations and wat not
listen to College Dropout and Be for some classic Kanye shit


Dr Zayus
06-13-2005, 08:25 PM
He KILLS his verse, and the beat. Jay-Z rips it too.

06-13-2005, 08:32 PM
yap - he got some to say ... bout diamonds lol

06-13-2005, 08:38 PM
Post a link, this is off a promo right?

06-13-2005, 09:25 PM
Maynaisse colored car, I push MIracle Whips

And other such lines are why Kanye is one of the best MAINSTREAM artists out there today. People hate on him because hes cocky. But hes a dope MC and an even doper Producer. Dont hate on Kanye, listen to College Dropout. The songs that were never singles and u will understand.

06-13-2005, 09:29 PM
yo someone up that track. Admins said its aight to upload single songs lol just not whole LPs.

Sun Tzu, Tha Soul Controllah
06-13-2005, 09:35 PM
he aight............but when he be sayin shit like "my college dropout deserves 5 mics it's better than illmatic etc etc " that's why niggas hate em, he too damn cocky and not in a good way

06-14-2005, 12:44 PM
He a God by todays standards, but thats because we have nigga like Mike Jones..Who. To me Kanye's shit sounds a lot like RZA's and lyrically well is only average to me..if that.

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