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08-26-2005, 02:26 PM
Illuminati :
Days i look don't pass
Gotta escape by a flight
Cool rapper guy ? brain assed
All I need is smoky night
Blood filled herroin
Icy chillin' coccaine
Wanna commit suicide
Fuck ugly Armenians
Long live the genocide
Give a break man, crazy
Takin' my next extacy
World conspiracy!
Rhymin' superemacy
Runnin' outta drugs
Let's findda pharmacy.
Craig David - Seven Days
Don't regret and don't confess
I don't hate her
Just stressed
Was not a lovely dream,
Together havin' some ice-cream
She'd loved chocolate dea
Pour it over,
Freeze the sea.
Why didn't you give a call?
Don't shout, her mask's about to fall
Where the fuck have you been?
Oh shit I forget, she was only eighteen.
Leave me alone and my broken heart
I'll cut my wrists and all my throat
I worth nothing up to her
She is dating some guy up
She is laughing and jumpin up
I can't scream and shout her up
Did you forget?
I had cut my throat!
Mete :
You are on the wrong way
If you are sad dont pass any day
I must to simulate you
Open a white page so
You have to live lets go
Say to her you'r angry
Mind dont act peacely
She is 18 its never mind
This's your life you cant find
Again you must vomit your hate
Thats an important date
Dont worry please wait
Its your lifes gate
You will meet lots of peaople
You are not in the world single
Illuminati :
Single guy in da hell
Nucleons of the demon's cell
Lyin' on da burnin floor
Want to escape?
Haha!There is no door.
No rain, no heroin
No mind, no shape
Hey naughty,
Wanna join?
A new challenger comes
It's all dead
Insert coin
God's uppercut and knocked down
That's not a fair game to play
We all lost and shouldda stay
The ones who want to choose
Are the ones who always lose
Mete :
choose a password yourself in the danger
dont loose cause
ı need your rules
ı wanna be with you forever
we must battle together
dont dispise your hostile
while you are living with trust
there is some crime file u must
be ready for last attack
thats no back
you pass the death date
but its too late no
its a last chance go
for the impossible
you can win the big trouble
if there is no pill
you dont have a death feel

08-26-2005, 02:46 PM
Illuminati :
Fuck ugly Armenians
Long live the genocide
I aint feeling it!!

08-26-2005, 03:10 PM
i agree 110%

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08-31-2005, 12:26 PM
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