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08-23-2008, 08:54 PM
I've been researching the scumminess of government and what makes them do the effed up shit they do as well as why they shouldn't be trusted. Usually when this topic is brought up i disagree with you guys, its not cause i don't think the gov isn't scummy, its cause you guys are going about explaining it like 5 year olds. There's no grand master scheme to enslave you, there's not reptials(which im sure even the biggest palehorse doesn't believe), there is no mass grand cooperation of everyone that has ever had money ever. These are the conclusions i've came to using things such as Economics, Game Theory, Psychology, and an intense study of statecraft

Bush Doesn't Care About Black People
The government doesn't care about you, it cares about it's self. I've explained in greater detail about the fact that government acts first and foremost in Self Preservation. The governments true objective, as is everything in the nature of man such as socialization, politics, economics, and so forth is to preserve yourself. Therefore everything they do is to keep the government inplace, there's no mission or dedication to the people out of having a good heart. A government is established to keep a society away from a "state of nature" or anarchy, therefore, by existing it has achieved its primary goal and to continue to exist is to continue to unphold that goal. What DOES keep the government in line is Sustinance Mutuality. Because it needs the betterment of its OWN people to stay in power, or the illusion of it, and because the way it contines to exist is by collecting tax dollars from people, it works to 'improve' the country to get more tax dollars. These improvements are for the people though, it's just a means collect more tax and continue to exist by enhancing power because that is still the main goal. It's like a business and a customer. If your not providing that business its means of sustiance; income, then you recieve no customer service, no food, no table, no anything, your just another nigglet. This is why a resturant will come up to you and say "are you guys ok" and blow your dick but dont go outside and and start sucking up to the people out there.
That concept seems common sense because you're probably thinking "well no shit a resturant employee isn't gonna go help non customers out on the outside", but the reason it seems common sense is because it's human nature, all things created by man function on human nature cause humans made it.

This is why democracy works for the people at the expense of the government, because the people provide more sustiance for the government then in any other system known and therefore the government is entitled to them more.

Prison is an effective economic tool and not a means of correction. It's simple, an economy is about supply and demand, and a government is about economy. If there's a limited supply of money, and a high demand for it you'll see high unemployment, too much competition and a REAL high crime rate. What prison does is simply keep 'undesireables' out of the job market for the demographics of people that provide the most sustiance for the government and therefore have more sway and ability to destablize things if they get pissed off (in america's case middle class white people).
Our economy really isnt enough to feed the countries population, expecially cause our culture causes us to consume at a feverish rate, but if there wasn't population distribution schemes like war, and prison then we would be looking at 20-30%, third world looking umemployment rates and that much more crime and instability.

A country like Mexico on the otherhand would gladly welcome people emigrating the fuck out, poor ppl at that and that's the way we have it today cause it's self correction.


Imperialism in it's past forms is absolutely economically impractical and has proven so. We're not trying to "rule iraq" and afganistan. What imperialism is for an industrial imperializer is creating customers, and securing raw materials. In the "age of imperialism" countries took over country in fuggin bulk, this is because the "age of imperialism" was at the end of the age of merchantilism and during it, if you know anything about merchantilism, you'll understand it was less practicle then finance which we have today and really protectionist. It's basically like if your city only traded with your city, and therefore the get more customers it took over more cities.

But that's no longer the case, countries still try to secure resources and customers, it's essential once industrial, but haven't you noticed we have more efficient ways of selling our shit then taking over and administrating a country? Heres a few
debt- The more a country owns you, the more you trade with it and vis versa, this is the real reason countries buy American debt. The US government doesn't want Saudi Arabia to be it's top oil supplier, they're fags, but the constantly buy up American debt from other countries, and therefore we have to. A lot of countries supply oil, just like a lot of resturants give hamburgers, but if one resturant is dicking around we don't have to say, you can go to another right? Debt takes away that option, and we cannot break dependance on those countries or trade with them unless our debt is paid up.

fixing a country- China has mastered this more then the US cause we're dumb, but fixing a country is a sure fight way to get them to buy your shit. Building roads, rails, ports, all that 'foriegn investment' countries line up for, all it does is create more customers so your shit is purchased. China is building things in Africa at a break neck pace as well as Asia and South America. The British empire went into their colonies, educated them, and introduced christianity for a few main reasons. "civilized" people consume "civilized" shit, and being the 'civilizer', your just securing more customers. Letters from Governor-Generals when they tried getting the queen to claim a land they "discovered" often mentions populaton and how much textile they would by once they're christian. China specializes in selling consumer goods to working and middle class ppl, what better way to get this done by building roads from the village to the city, so the villagers can go to the city, get jobs and become middle class to working.
Now they're not gonna fix a country into being a competitor, just enough to be a customer, like how business pay wages but not enough to make you richer then them.

The spain empire fell cause it was made in a time that economics was not well understood. The british empire did better cause it was more understood but still had that merchantile notion of gobbling up more and more land and administrating it. The American empire did better cause by the time they started economics was understood well enough for people to understand owning and governing a bunch of ppl is pointless, if you can just get them to buy your shit with advertisements and improvements then it's the same thing, and china has perfected it cause it avoids the politics the America got it's self invovled in inorder to acquire empire cause by the time it came along there was a greater understanding of economics. This is why the don't 'take over' countries that they already haven't, get involved in internal politics like the US does or take a direct "stand" for or against shit, they're just trying to get skrilla'd up like all the other empires only they let habit, ego, and politics get in the way.

One world government
It's not practical, countries are in steep competition like peoples, and according to game theory yeah they will ally when its advantageous to their common goal, but will the surrender nation states? heeelll no. The objective of a government is self preservation, this is would be ultimate loss. It's not practical, and they thrive off competition not cooperation. If a one world government is established then that's a miracle, but would shatter the minute the core intentions of both sides negate eachother, game theory. Same with business and tha rich, they do their scummy shit for self interest, and if you self interest is self preservation you're not going to surrender your soverinty(sp?).

these are a few of several chess pieces that governments operate by, and many don't. Its just the difference means success or failure for them.
They're played in combinations and not in singles, and most of the time a
decision by government operates on a combination of these elements to
reach the best out come for self preservation. for instance.."who do we make ppl not think our economy sucks that much?"

first question: why don't we want ppl to think our economy sucks?
A: It breaks confidence in the economy and leads to depression in the economy cause ppl are great depressioning out, in situations like that they
will be giving use less money and support, our two main dishes for sustiance

Second question: Ok so what gives?
A: Well we will never be able to employ everyone, and full employment leads to inflation which will shoot up prices and cause everyone to still think the economy sucks.

Third question: Ok so how do we keep everyone from being unemployed comfortably
A: We make sure theres enough ppl that don't matter not looking for jobs.

Fouth question: Who doesn't matter
A: niggs, poor people really, but everyone has the notion niggs are no good and doing it to themselves, plus they aren't the demographic that gives us the bulk of taxes and their small enough in number to not matter if they do or don't.

solution: Keep niggs for getting jobs, poor people mainly but white poor ppl still have the sympathy of white ppl, so if there's any white ppl we're keeping from getting jobs keep them out of the public eye but make it comfortable to keep niggs and poor out of the market

Welfare: ppl loose welfare by making too much money and having jobs, keep them poor, give them what they need so they won't go looking for it.

Prison: Poor people do fucked up shit to poor people, keep this cycle continuing so that they can go to jail and keep the market open

War: Poor people fight in the army, not rich people. In times of high patriotism they join the army. If we have a war we an achieve 2 things, keep the market small while increased productiong because of the increased demand for shit like guns and textiles and all that.

Healthcare: If more poor people die younger we won't have to do shit like paying to keep them alive through social security or worry about them getting all the jahhbs.

End child labor: We don't need those faggots taking all the jahhbs either

Retirement: We don't need those old faggots taking all the jabbs either

all a combination of rational axioms that lead back to self preservation of government. So yeah, they're not trying to use flouride, one world governments and microchips to 'control' you cause that's not the objective. They're just trying to stay alive and keep the money flowing in a very human, economic and rational way.

there's no reptilians either, i've asked them.

08-23-2008, 08:57 PM
oh and they keep you from seeing poor whites cause that'll fuck up da plan.

the show Rosanne is more damaging to the government then 100 blogs about 9/11 conspiracies.

08-23-2008, 09:18 PM
yes, with detail, if you have thoughts about the federal reserve don't ask blackmanesque questions and make yourself look arrogant, express.

what i have given you is the formula to understanding something you're very concerned with, you can listen to ration, debate it, and so forth, but don't assume that i typed all that out of a lack of knowledge.

08-23-2008, 09:38 PM
That's a good question.

and there's places where you don't have to pay for being alive

like villages in Nigeria where i lived.

From that experience i can easily assume you would rather pay to be alive, trust me, unless you find completion through the spirit, which is the most natural way, then you'll be fine seperating yourself from babylon

im just letting you know how it works, this isn't the way i want it or the way it should work, this is just they way it works from what i've found out so far.

The federal reserve is a private business, so is the government.
you also don't trust the government so why would you want the federal reserve to be governed?

08-23-2008, 09:56 PM
power doesn't corrupt, power is corrupt because power is a concept in the human mind as is good and evil. If you assign a curtain set of things good and another evil which is entirely nonscientific and more religious then you're probably aware of then yeah, things like corruption start to take form

but in truth every single person on this earth is striving for self-preservation, and therefore the things they make will be of the same nature, and the things you think is "evil" are just "evil" cause they go against your own naturally selfing self interests with tie back to self perservation.

when people help ppl it's really about themselves, but it's 'good' cause it's benefitting 2 self interests as opposed to 1. There's things in the government that do this because of mutual sustiance

they need you more then you need them, and they're goal is to keep living, so they're doing shit to keep living as an entity and those things sometimes benefit you and sometimes don't.

it wouldn't be more horrible to exist without money if people weren't driven by self interest, money only a means of collaborating these self interests, a trust or a quick alliance. Theres also complexed issues in the human mind that make it impossible to 'get rid of money', and even if it was gone what's going to keep 1 persons self interest from clashing with your own and therefore being 'evil' or 'bad'?

There's money in Nigeria, it exists with money obviously but when you said 'pay to live' i thought you meant taxes. taxes are the only thing that's keeping the government from truely clashing with your self interests and therefore truely being 'evil' without remorse or reprocussion and not wasting their time with trivial shit like having you alive.

but yeah, nigeria has money, its just villages don't pay taxes that often and it shows.

08-23-2008, 10:27 PM
Very interesting discussion.

I'm also starting to think the NWO thing will not work in the long run ( I've stated this in another post about the Georgia/Russia conflict). People are divisive and this is human nature. We would have to be assalted ( or convinced of being assalted) from alien forces attacking the world or some other world wide threat before all humans would accept a World Government. And if it gets done, it would not be long before sedition.

As for tha microchips, I think a look back in history should tell us how they might be used. In Germany before tha Jewish slaughter, they were imprinted with marks or numbers on their skin. I'm not sure what the significance of marking them was, but whoever the government decides they wanna slaughter in their concentration camps all across the U.S., would probably get a barcode/microchip in them (to organize the process?).

This NWO thing never happened in world history to the best of my knowledge. The planners of this are trying to do something against human nature in my opinion - like water and oil.

08-23-2008, 11:01 PM
Strange how technology is first used for the destruction of mankind and then is used by commoners like us. A lot of technology starts like that.

08-25-2008, 07:59 PM
also if government was microchiping everyone at birth what do they do about immigrants and ppl that weren't born in public hospitals

08-25-2008, 08:34 PM
what are these microchips going to do?
please don't say mind control

08-25-2008, 08:42 PM
whats their grand purpose?
and what drives them towards this purpose
and if they're as poerful as they are why do the stage outrageous events like WWII where nobody wins?

08-25-2008, 08:43 PM
and they have the money to make 300 million of them, plus presumably everyone in europe, and every world leader is perfectly on board and intune with this program and have been since before the invention of the microchip?

08-25-2008, 08:53 PM
all tue but what the fuck dose babylon have to do about it

08-25-2008, 10:11 PM
Babylon is the system of confusion man depends on to trick himself into thinking he's finding actualization. It should be a well known fact that Civilization means Romanization and Rome was a continuation of tradition as we Britian and America(fuck yeah). Babylon was the first civilization and thus the first to pioneer this tradition that was adopted by nation state after nation state

its the perfect symbol of civilization
and babylon g'wan fal

08-25-2008, 10:54 PM

AHAHAAHAHahHAHAHahHAHAhahAHha, you're a douche! AAHhahaHAHHahahH!!1

08-26-2008, 11:56 AM
Well, the so called "families" whom you claim to be "controlling" world leaders, are simply the people who have decided to make the most money throughout many generations, and because of the Tax system, they are the people who have the most influence. It's quite simple really. Money Over Power -Power Over Money. And as for symbolism, whose to say if all those things weren't simply planted there by a Genius to confuse weak minds, and lead them astray from what is really going on? No Disrespect Palehorse, your understanding of symbolism is apparently great, but the next step is to question yourself: "what does it really mean?" and maybe "does it really matter?" everything that portrays Women as the Devil are false deviatations from the Original Religions. (Mother earth, Father Sun, all that jazz) and are made to make men into homos with little or no will to live...

And as for that Owl Melon and Dubya... Who wouldn't be joyful, when surrounded by worshippers, and such a nice little piece of culinary art to boot...
He is a douche, yes, but he's The Decider. And he's sorrounded by The Lords of BullShit. And he's rich. And that's that.

08-26-2008, 12:05 PM
or why, if tyou had a very intricate plot to dominate the world, would you leave hints and clues? this ain't I spy, this is real life. If you see symbolism like ^he said ask yourself what it really means THEN if it really matters(which most of the time it doesn't) before jumping the gun on assuming that every single humanbeing with a lot of money or a position in a government for generations upon centuries have all been one part of a highly elaborate, expensive, and irrational plan to dominate the world together, and as you said, "become immortal"
what good would a quest for immortality be if ppl like Theodore Roosevelt, FDR, Andrew Carnegie, and the dead kennedys were all a part of it? How come there be a mass collaboration to become immortal and rule forever when everyone that was alive when the plan was hatched is dead and continue to die?

i think you just have a hard time excepting your childish search for shadow governments as a failure cause it's your life work, you a smart dude, invest you energy into real shit, not shit you think might exist based on where is waldo clues scattered allover the world for eager young cadets to find

08-26-2008, 05:31 PM
For some, Truth hurts. For me, it makes me laugh my ass off..
And you can qoute me on that.

08-26-2008, 05:40 PM
oh and they keep you from seeing poor whites cause that'll fuck up da plan.

the show Rosanne is more damaging to the government then 100 blogs about 9/11 conspiracies.

I always thought the fictional characters in Rosanne lived plush.

But I grew up in da gutter with the used rubbers and whinos with big red noses.

Now this is someone I can relate too...


Motherfuckers fighting over crumbs and shit. And there house was still nicer then mine.

08-27-2008, 12:36 AM
oh fuckin stop, you're tasteless

08-27-2008, 03:19 AM
What did you want to say oh Palest of Horses?
Fuck the Police?
Of course most people in the Force are a bunch of fuckedup ignorants; It makes it a lot easier for the Lizard People to control them!

08-27-2008, 03:45 AM
there is power in symbolism.
take your whole wucorp steez TSA.
you get power from the nature boy. it is a mark that identifies you and adds a dimension to everything you post. this is a minute example but i did the same shit with the superaptor. its all symbolic.
the cross.
the star of david
the pentagram

now if you want to get even deeper. geometric shapes have other qualities that manifest power as well. but i think you will just disregard that so i'll refrain.

power structures...
take wucorp as a microcosm of the global politic.
there are distinct power structures in each forum, these are nations.
there is the vat a UN type organization that is limited in its power, but as a collective can put pressure on the powers that be.
mods are the heads of state. they are the hands that wield the power but take orders from the powers that be.
Tomb is the leader of the mods. pres of the USA
Cilva is the owner. he collects the checks. his hand is on the on/off switch to wucorp.
Cilva is the head of the wealthy family that could care less if you like him or not. just keep posting. but if you are a problem he can get rid of you.

now we are starting this usergroup thing which has yet to manifest its true power but it is basically a new UN that aims to do what the Vat is failing to do but we can never get our hand on the on/off switch nor collect any checks unless a serious power move is made. (not that that is the goal) but my point is that no matter what happens below cilva, the power structure remains intact.

08-27-2008, 08:05 AM
Heery heery... I do certainly not want to get into that at a deeper level(symbolism, geometry) Outside of University grounds. I know I'm a New Jack in the Cipher, and may come off as a little "Poh" (Translate into chinese) sometimes, but I have 1st hand knowledge of a lot of these things, and a lot of other nifty gadgets to boot.. (I would like to help moderate, I'm thinking maybe like one of dem Regulators) =D

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