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08-30-2008, 07:58 PM
Bolo swing, sinco ring Greco-Roman dart thrower, rockin gold bling>>
art-deco/gothic thinker onboard a Boeing solo, going home from Beijing>>
world-class traveler who hurled brass-tip javelins at asps in Babylon's gravel pits>>
cracked Sabbath-attackers clavicles in Damascus with savage back-fists and hammer kicks>>
struck opponents with fencing swords like Mr. Sulu and Holocaust>>
the war commences but your arm's too short, my cocktails are Molotavs>>
wield hell's wind-pole well>
whole fields of opponent's gold shields fell>
behold the noble toll of the old war-bell>
noels composed of heart-felt rebel yells swell>
co-op ghost in the cyborg shell>
OTB overloads the Lord of Lord's citadel>
red dawn sky, lawn filled with napalm smell>
Normandy's shores felt the stormy weather quell>
deadly quests for justice and vengeance gel>
leather belt welt the devils who held Nelson Mandela in a cell>
high-level Pentagon intel>
words excel, cerebellum with more memory than Michael Dell>
delve with stealth into life cycle 12>
with a knife, rifle and Holy Bible in the psycho realm I dwell>


08-30-2008, 10:03 PM
Let the sword swinging begin
Genghis Khan Napoleon armed Franco tank low/
Hang no white flags in my window
Slang atrium accurate pin needles stand on virtual camera angles/
Wrangle angle saber tooth wildly mammoth rhyme campus
Never more apparent when I Che Guevara your hamlet/
Rebel yell dark nemesis Data transmitters Al Sharpton
Masked marksmen classical Packard Hewitt words I view with/
Skills I chew with Thomas Jefferson brew filler flows
Killer bee honey comb bars I Rome like Caesar bones/
Off the throne Malcolm X out the window wit the chrome
Chose my armaments wit bombardments without alerting any congress/
Tai-chi mind flees with styles I breeze with stars I apt given right motive
Tack power tracks shadowy facts figure wit bear cats wrote/
Mastering maps cancerous saps be trees we never touch just stack
Breaking backs, shoulders, lats and abs leaving sluggish when I’m back/

08-30-2008, 11:22 PM
Rebel Yell with a purple swell, a crimson tide in the depths of hell
ominous visions of a world begotten where all the past has been forgotten
and those all smitten with gothic visions cleansed of depth and faced derision
bygone masters sworn with vengeance the legal death which all avenges
our brains lobotomized and hypnotized with anal probes to sodomize
broken down to reconstruction empty vessels cleanse corruption
rules to bind, control, and fuse us rules to kill, destroy, confuse us
a world without ultimate hypocrisy Rebel Yell the guise of humanity

08-30-2008, 11:45 PM
our styles are unmatched nice verses all

Prophet Picasso
08-31-2008, 12:09 AM
Can I contribute?

A rebel yell at the highest decibel, peircin ears of the finest Jezebels/
we dwell in cells parallel to hell, fleshly shells ever since the devil fell/
Lucifer and the stars, fell onto police badges, gold fleece fascists/
Jupiter and Mars, gods of the Nazi faggots, read the Commie adage/
we the vocalist Socialists, hammers and sickles carved onto obelisks/
cardinals pose motionless as we all overthrow the pope wit this/
takin global risks, readin scrolls and scripts to the pagan peasants/
eatin cake wit leaven, welcome to New Jeru, this place is heaven...

Guarded By Martyrs
08-31-2008, 10:49 AM
Welded From The Ancient Secret Methods Of Retrobution
We Orginaize The Konfusion Like Wards In Mental Institutions
The Ones Who Came First Like Summerians...Beware-Of-The-Sun
We Will Shun All Those Who Hold Crosses And Holy Guns
Derranged With Cold Hearts Stand Strong As Ship Masts
You Can't Match Or Catch My Speed It's Too Fast
Firing Shells Like Mario-Kart...With The Devil I Dance
And Get Head From Teenage Girls In France It Only Takes A Glance-
For Everything To Burn Inside My Shadow's Stance
It Is The Methods Of Darkness I Have Been Able To Harness
The Savage Weapons Of Heaven Are Harmless
You Get Consumed Like Mammoths In Tar-Pits...
While Driving Your Car On A Cliff Traveling Through A Harsh Mist
I Will Continue...As One Of The Chosen Few To Leave Your Eyes Filled With Dew
Vision Is Blurred Like Kettamin Symptoms - Severring Victims In Duel
You Need Food For Fuel And Food For Thought...
I Am Above It : Nothing Else Need Be Taught...
Because The Best Train Every Day Of The Week
You Run The Risk Of Being Called A Freak
But You Are Far From Weak...The Only Question Is The Depth Of Your Level ?
Deep ? Untill The Cousin Of Sleep Comes And Takes Us From Our Bedsheets
We Wander With Pens And Swords In The Underground Beneath As A 9 Man Fleet

09-01-2008, 12:55 AM
screamin on em like a banshee, our warcries damn fleets
of thousands straight to hades, tearin tracks like a track meet
turn crews to scrap heaps, white kid with black feet
walkin on hot coals, settin fire to my rap sheets
buckin at the devil's melon, section nine rebel yellin
top level felons drinkin straight shots of penicillin
here comes the ass-kickin tactitician on his last mission
gats pissin fast-whizzin shots, cans of ass-whippin
cats listen with a deaf ear, i'm the god that men fear
dead-seer, leave your head's rear with a red smear
the end's near, epic with the pen since my tenth year
("i'm serious man im sssso sincere")
yo, peace to whers, OTB and the lord of chaos
i'm terminally ill but i'll never take a day off
say peace to cats who rock tecknowledge-knowledgist
street astrologists, pick up the mic god knowledge this

09-01-2008, 04:42 AM
Damn Everybody Just Killin' It Nice Work Otb,teck, B-rock,whers N Prophet P
Glad 2 See We Uplift Each Other

03-04-2009, 09:23 PM
I feel a bit out of place here....

DETONATE THE CHROME! Spit heavenly poems and hold the phone
Or you'll take a verbal dart right up the side of the dome
You realize that I was resurrected by fell magic unknown
Stealing Satan's flame and crunching cereal dragon bones
Tapping phones, cracking codes, like a psychoanalyst
See ten steps ahead of your thought like BIST
That be the Brain Injury Society of Toronto
More strung out than Chuck Norris snorting seven tons of blow
I finish the job, I schellack the mob, unchain my dog
And let fourteen years of knowledge right out of the bog
Grab the nine iron, drive your soul like Tiger Woods
and then unleash the Lion King to lacerate all your goods
I'm shameless, I have five thousand souls down on my name list
My rhymes are packed with layers like fresh-mined schist
A blasting Rebel Yell flying Mach 5 straight out the gate
And let every single biter and poser just evaporate